Chapter 78 – First part of “The Evil Monarch”

Perhaps everyone’s thoughts have played a role, the teenagers on the screen really lost to that monster! Everyone was beaten and fled, Renault was also very miserable.

What should I do next? Some teenagers have shown desperate eyes.

“They deserve it.” Someone said, “They deserve to die.”

“But if something happens to them, Theodore will have a problem,” someone said.

“Is Theodore really a waste?”

At this time, the scene on the screen is quite dangerous, the hideous monster, the injured teenagers, the critical cut scenes… Suddenly, Theodore, who has been ignored, spoke, “Cliff, Jace, use wind shield; Carter, Conrad, use water spell; Daniel, use holy light spell to attract its attention, Renault, use the second level of the lightning spell! You know the second level of lighting spell, right?”

Everyone looked at each other…this waste actually started to command them?

So, someone immediately questioned: “What are you adding to the chaos?”

Okay, they are currently infighting in the face of a great enemy. This is the routine of the current novels and movies, but it is not a routine familiar to people in other worlds.

There is a sentence in many people’s minds: This is human nature.

Helen Lestat also wrote this sentence in their notebooks.

“At first glance, this movie feels completely different from the previous movies. It is completely the opposite of my favorite “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.”

The movie continues to play, not hurriedly or slowly, and not subject to the will of others.

Theodore on the screen finally showed an eager expression at this time: “You guys do as I tell you, do you all want to die here?”

Everyone looked at Renault, and Renault gritted his teeth and said, “Do as he said!”

Then, everyone began to cooperate in accordance with Theodore’s statement.

“Conrad, water flow spell!”

“Renault, lightning!”

Under Theodore’s command, everyone’s cooperation gradually became orderly. These actors were originally students of the Magnolia School of Magic, so the magic is real, plus some post-production special effects, the effect presented on the screen was quite an experience.

Olivia clearly saw the admiration from the audience below. She couldn’t help but feel proud. This is just the beginning. Later, more powerful magic is involved. The special effects and scenes are really awesome!

The group finally defeated the monster under Theodore’s guidance. They rested a bit, and they all showed smiles full of innocent youth… At this time, the audience felt that they could also forgive them. After all, they are all children too.

At this time, the monster suddenly hit Renault with its last dying blow, Theodore directly stepped forward to block Renault, and Renault blurted out: “Big Brother!”

—This is exactly what he called him many years ago.

At this time, the audience was full of emotions. This is reconciliation. With Renault, Theodore’s situation should be better. Everyone’s thoughts are different when they see this scene. Some people think Theodore shouldn’t save them and should let them die. Some people think that your big brother is still your big brother. Some people think Theodore did a good job. Some people think that the turning point of the movie has come.

“Now, Theodore has also proved his own strength, right? His status in the family should rise in the future?” In the box, Jefferson Jackson said with great interest.

Olivia smiled implicitly: “I won’t spoil it.”

Old Jackson said lightly: “It’s not that simple.”

“What?” Jefferson Jackson turned to look at his father.

“If it’s that simple, how can he become an evil monarch?” Old Jackson said.

“Ah…” Jefferson Jackson knocked his head annoyedly. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Olivia looked at her father in surprise: “Dad, have you seen the movie beforehand?”

“No.” Old Jackson continued to maintain a calm attitude: “It’s just the most basic reasoning.”

There was a little smug in his voice.

When they were young, children would regard their father as their idol, but as they grow older, they also have their own ideas. Gradually, Old Jackson has not been watched so admirably by his children for a long time, so he can’t help but feel a little bit proud now.

“Dad, you are so amazing~” Olivia said wholeheartedly.

“No, no.” Old Jackson said modestly again, but the smugness in his voice became more pronounced.

Movies and novels really built a bridge of communication between their family.

Theodore next to them was holding back his laugh. As someone who climbed up from the bottom of society, he was naturally more observant than ordinary people. The scene before him made him feel very interesting. Didn’t expect that Duke Jackson has such a side, it’s quite cute.

But Princess Delia was full of envy… She and King Magnolia didn’t have such a time. Being in the royal family, while enjoying all kinds of conveniences, you must also pay some price. She thought.

The movie is still going on.

Theodore fainted after suffering for a while. After Renault returned home, he reported the situation truthfully. The elders looked at each other. Renault’s father sighed, “Renault, I know you have always been a kind child, and you deliberately gave credit to Theodore in order to make the clan pay more attention to him…”

“No Dad, it’s Theodore really…” Renault argued.

Renault’s father sighed again, “I know, Renault. But you should understand that the family resources cannot be tilted towards Theodore. To put it more seriously, even if he is a waste, the family will not abandon him, but if he keeps approaching you like this in an attempt to borrow your light… The family does not allow people with unpredictable intentions to exist.”

Renault’s face turned pale.

“You are the best, Renault.” Renault’s father said with a thick compulsion, “You deserve the best.”

The pale face gradually disappeared, and Renault nodded, “I see.”

The hearts of the audience sank.

Some people are calling Renault ungrateful, some are silent.

In the box, Jefferson has clenched his fists. Then he suddenly turned his head to look at Theodore: “Brother.”

“Huh?” Theodore was at a loss.

“You have suffered.” Jefferson reached out and patted Theodore on the shoulder.

Theodore didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Well…”

This movie really made him gain a lot.

In the movie, Theodore woke up, and he was greeted with more ridicule. He learned from his cousin Elena that everyone thought Theodore was too confident of himself and as a result, he was seriously injured. While Renault and his team defeated the second-level magical beast with Renault’s calm command and strong strength.

Theodore once again became the laughing stock of everyone.

This time, all the audience became angry.

Then there was a series of repressive plots… The audience was so angry that one by one, some even wanted to walk away. At the same time, in Theodore’s all-round abuse plot, everyone thus produced a deep empathy.

The Magnolia Empire at this time is more delicate. And like every country in the Middle Ages, the ordinary people here, the civilian life is quite depressing, but because the imperial government itself is dark and corrupt, people like the old duke are also oppressed. It’s just “up and down together”… In this case, the more stressful the place, the more able to accept this fast-food entertainment.

—I am so tired in real life, can’t I indulge myself in movies/novels/anime?

This kind of fast-food entertainment has a larger reach than the classic-oriented ones, that’s for sure…


The last scene of depression appeared, the withdrawal of marriage.

Theodore has a fiancée who is engaged to him when they were still young. The other party is a genius cultivator. After investigating Theodore’s affairs, she came to the door to withdraw from the marriage.

Theodore clenched his fists and said coldly to the ex-fiancée: “Thirty years in West River, thirty years in East River, don’t bully the young and poor. You will regret it.”

This sentence is the real turning point of the movie.

“What a hot-blooded phrase!”

“It’s too unforgettable!”


“It’s so striking!”

At this time, the audience was full of hostile breath and an urgent need to vent. Hill didn’t continue to suppress, but happily advanced the plot.

Theodore began to practice purely physical training, and then he found a ring in an ancient forest which was inhabited by a lich named Ali. Lich Ali told him that his physique was not suitable for practicing human magic, but he could practice demon magic and that he was actually a rare genius.

“But after choosing this, you are destined to be alone forever,” said the lich.

Theodore looked at the bloody sunset for a while, and then smiled slightly, “I was already alone.” Then he said, “What I have experienced tells me how vicious humans can be. I know you are a demon, but it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Lich Ali’s eyebrows softened: “It looks like you are a child who has experienced a lot… Don’t worry, you will become very strong and powerful. This is a world of the weak and the strong, both in the human world and the demon world, as long as you are strong enough, you can get everything.”

Seeing this, many people nodded silently. Yes, they have also seen all kinds of vicious appearances of human beings, what exactly can the demons be like? It seems that human beings are already brimming with so much evil. In this way, the demons are nothing to be afraid of. Hill once again smashed the boundaries between humans and demons.

Next, Theodore went to find Elena, the only cousin in the clan who treated him well, she was played by Olivia. Theodore asked: “In fact, I’ve been meaning to ask you why you’ve been so nice to me?”

“Because you are my cousin,” Elena smiled sweetly.

Theodore shook his head, “I mean I am a waste now, and I don’t really have anything to offer you.”

“I want to be with you, not because you are a genius or a waste, but because you are just you.” Elena raised her head to Theodore and said seriously: “You helped me unconditionally five years ago, something I always remember. And,” she winked playfully, “I’m also a cultivation genius, I don’t need to befriend other people, so I can go out with whoever I want~”

Theodore smiled. He put his hand on Elena’s head and gently rubbed it twice, “Well, you are my sister forever.”

Elena pursed her lips and whispered: “I don’t want to be your sister…”

The cute and pretty Elena makes the mood of the audience brighter.

In the box, Jefferson Jackson looked at Theodore silently.

Theodore squirmed.

Old Jackson also looked at Theodore silently.

Theodore squirmed a second time, then coughed.

It was so awkward, there was a sense of flirting with someone’s daughter in front of her brother and father…

The next plot enters the routine of face-slaps and cool plots.

Theodore practiced hard and disguised the magic spells of the demons as humans. Various hard-working montage shots passed. When it was time for the enrollment of the Ash School of Magic, Theodore also went, and naturally was ridiculed by the crowd. What surprised everyone was that he actually tested the S-level talent in this test!

“No! He must have cheated, how could he! My Lord, check it again, he must have cheated, he’s a waste!” A C-level talent teenager attempted to pull that mage’s sleeve in shock, only to have him raise his hand and knock it away, “Get lost!” The other party’s cold gray eyes carried a bitter chill and an imposing aura. Then when he looked at Theodore, he… suddenly put on a flattering smile: “Well, this young master, are you from the Baruch family? According to the regulations, when people with S-level talents are enrolled, the Ash School of Magic will protect the family for ten years, and provide limited herbal medicine and…”

The elders present were shocked.

Their Baruch family is indeed a local snake, but at best they can only dominate in the small town, but the Ash School of Magic is the highest magic academy in the entire continent, and their conditions are really incomparably attractive! So, the elders looked at Theodore with fiery eyes…

“I used to be.” Theodore interrupted the mage lightly.

“What do you mean?” the mage asked.

“Now, I am not anymore.” Theodore said word by word, and then he said: “Didn’t you always want to expel me from the family? Okay, now I take the initiative to quit.”

This time, everyone in the Baruch family was in shock.

Renault’s face was miserable, and Elena’s eyes widened beautifully.

“Theodore, you, you…” The First Elder pointed at Theodore, his voice trembling, “How dare you!”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Theodore turned around and looked directly at the First Elder, smiling coldly.

The Second Elder showed a gentle expression: “Theodore, the children did some wrong things before, and us elders will punish them. After all, we are a family, blood is thicker than water, right?”

“When I was bullied, when I was scolded as a waste, when I was discriminated against by everyone, what were you doing?” Theodore asked a lot of questions.

The mage from the Ash School of Magic listened, his expression gloomy: “So that’s how it is… I see, no need for your clan to enroll, the Ash School of Magic won’t want such low-ethical students!”

Then the movie screen flashed the memory clip.

This remark coincides with what Renault’s father said many years ago, but the person referred to is completely different.

Theodore clenched his fist and said: “Thirty years in West River, thirty years in East River, don’t bully the young and poor.”

Theodore practiced hard.

The memories ended and returned to reality.

At this moment, the thrill of face-slapping made the audience feel excited.

“My Lord, listen to our explanation!” The three elders let out a startled cry and said nonsense after nonsense under their breath.

“Wait a minute, My Lord,” Theodore said.

The mage looked at Theodore’s expression and immediately became gentle again: “What’s the matter? Child.”

“I hope my cousin Elena can go to school.” Theodore said, “she is very talented.”

“Okay.” The mage said, “As long as you are willing to go to school, everything is easy to say.” Then he thought: If this is the case, we will have three S-level freshmen this year, and we can definitely crush the Regur Continent.

This time, everyone looked at Elena, jealous, envious… Elena remembered Theodore told her that you are my sister forever, and then she smiled with tears and gently Say: “Thank you, Brother Theodore.”

“Is this the heroine?”

“So cute~”

“It was played by Miss Jackson!”

“Is it the Miss Jackson who was kicked out by Old Jackson?” (…)

And in the box, the Jackson father and son looked at Theodore again.

Theodore was already coughing so hard.

Mom, this is really terrible…

Renault’s fist loosened on the screen, and his expression was full of regret. At this time his father suddenly spoke: “Theodore! Do you remember the time when you hunted the second-level magical beast together!”

Theodore frowned: “Remember, what?”

“At that time, Renault told us that it was your credit. He tried to correct your name. I was greedy for more resources. So, forcing Renault to change his words was my fault. Renault wanted to help you at the time.” Renault’s father continued, “I am shameless, but this kid Renault is innocent. You should let him go to school too? Please…”

Renault shook his body and shed tears.

At this moment, the audience is undoubtedly mixed.

In the early stage, Renault’s father was undoubtedly a big villain, but at this moment, the villain suddenly said such words, which can be said to be quite shocking.

Mrs. Helen’s quill quivered, and then she wrote silently:

“I still underestimated this movie. I just thought that dark, evil, and greed is the essence of human nature, but now after seeing the performance of Renault’s father, I can’t help feeling that this is the real human nature.”

In the end, Theodore agreed to let Renault enroll, and Renault’s father was deprived of his elder status and was severely punished. Despite this, Renault’s father still smiled with joy, encouraged Renault to hug Theodore’s thigh from now on.

Renault moved his lips. He wanted to say ‘Dad you’re wrong’, but looking at his father’s old face, he couldn’t say it…

The pleasure of face-slapping and the inexplicable sorrow and sourness merged together, and this scene remained deep in the hearts of the audience.

In fact, some plots and other arrangements are relatively clumsy, but this kind of plot has always been the reader and audience’s first-time collective intelligence-reduction blow. Even girls are the same, the first time you look at it, it is easy to be excited by the hot-blooded plot.

At this time, these movie theater audiences are about to fall into a frenzy.

Join the best school of magic on the continent! And got very good treatment! Looking forward to the following plot!

By the way, the premiere of Josh Kenny’s “The Evil Monarch” was terrible, and everyone’s viewing experience was not very good, because these bandits and villains are the ones who do not keep their manners, this movie greatly mobilized their emotions, so they cursed endlessly… Finally, a certain boss finally couldn’t stand it. He directly released his momentum and overturned many people, and then said coldly: “Shut up for this Lord and watch the movie well or I will chop you all off!”

Someone recognizes that this person is actually the Pirate King, Willie.

Sarah, the female pirate captain over there, was taken aback… Didn’t you expect this person to watch the movie too?

Later, when Joan Baker got the news, he subconsciously wanted to promote: the movie that made the Pirate King want to draw a gun and shoot—this kind of advertisement, but later, he felt that he should not provoke the Pirate King for now… It’s a pity that he can’t run this kind of advertisement. He thought.

But the advantage of this bad movie-watching experience is that the people who attended the premiere watched it again because the premiere was too noisy. After the incident, Hill introduced a policy that everyone who made loud noises in the cinema would be thrown out directly, and the executor was the chef of the restaurant.

At first glance, this announcement is a bit funny, but when they think about it carefully, it scares them to death.

The chef of the restaurant is the terrible fire elemental spirit!!!

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