Chapter 77.2 – The premiere of “The Evil Monarch”

Princess Delia also came over in a carriage, and next to her was a new servant, but that servant was not a personal servant, and had a much lower status than Vera.

The carriage stopped in front of the shopping mall, and there was a clear voice outside, “This lady, I am a reporter from “Demon Realm Magazine”, can I interview you?”

Delia couldn’t help but smile.

Her maid spoke first, “We don’t welcome you here, commoner.”

The owner of that voice was not angry, but said with a smile: “You let me get what I want, and I will leave here immediately.”

“What do you want?” Delia raised her hand to stop the maid. She opened the curtain of the carriage and asked.

“I would like to invite this beautiful young lady to watch this movie with me.” Theodore, standing in the dusk, gave a gentleman’s salute, then held out his hand to her, “May I have the pleasure?”

“In order to avoid you haunting us, it seems I will have to oblige you,” Delia said so and put her hand on Theodore’s. With that, he helped her out of the carriage.

The maid next to him was stunned, “Your Royal Highness…”

Delia didn’t care about her, but went away with Theodore.

Theodore said with a smile, “It looks like I’m lucky to be favored by the princess today.”

“You were not lucky today,” Delia said.


“Because I have always liked you,” Delia said.

“Oh…” Theodore smiled, “Okay, I get it.”

The two went into the cinema together, and then into the actor’s box that Hill had prepared in advance, where Old Jackson’s family had already sat in.

Oh yes, Old Jackson didn’t book a ticket because he was carrying himself high, and now he had to rub the box with his son and daughter. Hahaha!

After seeing Princess Delia, Old Jackson leaned slightly, “Your Royal Highness.”

Delia returned the courtesy, and then said, “Today, there are no Lewis and Jackson. Today there are only movie audiences, Lord Duke.”

Old Jackson smiled and nodded.


However, not all nobles have this consciousness. There is a buzzing sound in the audience. These nobles all know each other, so it is inevitable that they will greet each other and chat. Once, when Hill was watching a movie on Earth, he sat next to a big family, and what happened was that those seven aunts and eight aunts chattered for a whole hour… Hill almost died of a headache. The scene in front of him now is certainly not so unbearable, but also not much better.

Olivia couldn’t help but frown.

The movie had started, the first thing that appeared on camera was the vast mountain range in the dusk, and the scenery was quite magnificent.

But the buzzing sound continued.

Princess Delia frowned.

Several teenagers were laughing and walking in the forest, they were embroidered with the same clan crest, obviously with a teenager named “Renault” as the core, and the outcast teenager named “Theodore”. However, Theodore did not seem to be bothered and was enjoying the scenery leisurely.

Theodore appeared! Princess Delia’s eyes lit up.

Buzz buzz buzz…

Still going on.

This time, the Old Duke Jackson frowned.

They walked to the edge of a pool of water, and through their conversation, they knew that they were here to hunt a monster, and they were going to kill it and hand it over to the adults to ask for credit.

“There will not be a problem, right?”

“No, it’s just a second-level magical beast, we are the proud sons of the clan! Besides, there is still Big Brother Renault, so it’s absolutely fine!”

“But isn’t he the proud son of heaven…” The speaker squinted at Theodore next to them, and everyone else laughed mockingly.

“He’s just a waste.”

“Obviously, the physique is so good, but he can’t practice magic and fighting spirit. It’s too wasteful.”

“It’s a shame for us to be in the same clan as this kind of waste.”

Theodore did not take their words to heart. He has been used to hearing them all these years. He frowned and thought: Even if it is a second-level magical beast, it is still very different from the first-level magical beast. He is worried that these people will take the initiative to provoke it. However, it shouldn’t matter, after all, Renault is not weak, he is indeed already a second-class magician.

At this moment, Theodore’s mental activities were in sharp contrast with the words of the teenagers.

The chattering sound in the movie theater has completely disappeared, and everyone is attracted by the opening of the movie.

The genius who fell… Is the person who was laughed at by the group at the beginning the protagonist? Is he the future evil monarch? Surprisingly so ah…

The opening accounts for the contradiction, throwing out the ambush, and foreshadowing, the golden three chapters of male yy cool articles… is also applicable in fast food movies.

“Brother Renault, what do you say?”

The young man named Renault froze for a moment, and did not answer immediately. Then he began to remember. On the Ash Continent, at the age of eleven, every child can test his own magic talent and fighting talent. If he has magic talent, he can become a glorious mage, and if he has fighting talent, he can become a powerful martial artist. Before the age of eleven, children generally do basic practice in their own family.

Theodore was known as the peerless genius of the family before the age of eleven.

His understanding of magic theory is quite high, and his memory is also very good, reaching the point of not forgetting anything. His mental power is also very strong, the physical fitness is also very good, and he is born with divine power… He was thus held up by everyone. In the beginning, Renault was a skinny boy who was always bullied. Theodore once rescued him from someone else and told him: ‘you will follow me from now on’. Then he secretly taught Renault some secret techniques that were not taught to ordinary children in the clan. Renault’s body became stronger day by day, and he gratefully recognized Theodore as his boss.

Then at the age of eleven, everything changed.

After testing, the old mage of the Ash School of Magic announced that he had neither magic talent nor fighting talent. And Renault has an A-level magic talent—this is a rare high-level talent on the entire continent.

Theodore instantly became the laughing stock of many people.

Renault has become the new favorite in the family.

“What? Brother Renault, you actually have a good relationship with that trash? He doesn’t deserve to be your friend.”

“Renault, my son, you should know that things come in different categories, you should choose the right person to associate with.”

“The other party actually came over with his thick face to talk to Big Brother Renault…”

“Brother Renault, you and him are not in the same world.”

Over time, Renault was also affected.

Once again, Theodore was ridiculed by the crowd, and he also laughed along with the crowd.

Under the scorching sun, Theodore looked at him quietly, his eyes calm, calm enough to make Renault feel guilty. Renault wanted to back down, but a person next to Renault stepped forward and kicked Theodore down, “What are you looking at? You trash.”

The blond hair covered Theodore’s eyes, and Renault saw him smiling, his mouth had a sad and self-deprecating smile.

Then, the light of the scorching sun became stronger and stronger, the whole picture was blurred off, swirling into the water ripples, and then the water ripples spread in the black lake, and the big screen picture changed back to the present, and the memories ended.

This is a fairly beautiful transition shot.

“I don’t know why Big Brother Renault would let that trash join this team…” a young man murmured with his back to the Black Lake.

In the next second, a monster suddenly appeared in the Black Lake and attacked the person directly!

This shot turned particularly fast, the monster was quite hideous and scary, which made some of the ladies in the cinema scream out in shock.

People who hadn’t been startled were also startled at this time.

It happened to be that sentence, watching a horror movie in a cinema, the most terrifying thing is not the movie itself, but the other audiences. But after the first scare, the audience resented again.

It’s better to let this monster eat all these people! These people dare to mock the protagonist! And this Renault is really scumbag!

At this moment, regardless of men, women, young or old, the movie theater has produced this kind of indignation within less than ten minutes of the opening.

This is the first time in several movies.

Loopholes? Routine? Stiff plot?

It doesn’t matter, this is the first time people in the other world have come into contact with such a setting. Most people have no energy to find the flaws, they are all attracted by other aspects, and everyone’s emotions have been mobilized.

This is the beginning of the ancient male yy cool novel showing its power.

—Let’s start with a collective intelligence reduction blow first!

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