Chapter 77.1 – I will become the Demon King sooner or later

On the day of the release of “The Evil Monarch”, many young people were on the edge of their seats as they waited for dusk to see the movie.

The only imperfection in the current shopping mall is that there is no place to park carriages, Hill forgot to consider this at the time. However, the large shopping malls on Earth are always like this, every weekend, even the underground parking lot is full. Hill wondered whether he should also try to build an underground parking lot. With magical assistance, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

He told this idea to Joan Baker, and was praised as a genius idea by Joan Baker.

Some large-scale banquets do have such distress when they are held. Generally, when this happens, only the nobleman with the highest rank can park his carriage at the entrance of the banquet. Other nobles need to walk a distance. Some people have tried to solve this problem, such as expanding the scale of the building and building a new place for carriages… But no one has thought of solving the problem from underground.

“In fact, sometimes I can’t help but think, Mr. Grindelwald, how did you think of this?” said Joan Baker.

Because I am from Earth. Hill laughed haha, “It may be that the brains of the demons and humans are different. As the saying goes, a dragon gives birth to a dragon, a phoenix gives birth to a phoenix, and the son of a mouse will make holes… Wait, I seem to have scolded myself.”

Joan Baker was speechless for a second, and said, “…and you also scolded the Demon King.”

“Ah. It seems so.” Hill said, but the Demon King himself is also him. Hill is also smooth. At present, he is getting more and more open in front of Joan Baker, which makes this cruel profiteer a little bit painful.

But speaking of it, Joan Baker thought that Mr. Grindelwald was really disrespectful to his father, the Demon King.

Later, Joan Baker also tentatively asked this point. Hill thought for a while, and replied: “Because we demons are more pragmatic, a demon king is not respected and revered because he is a demon king, but because he is revered enough to be a demon king.”

This is of course a rebellious and unruly remark in today’s human world. At this time, it is the same regardless of the East and the West, everyone is advocating that the bloodline is naturally noble, and the sovereign is the god/heaven. But China is the sovereign power of heaven, the West is the sovereign power of the divine which have certain differences, but also have certain common ground – to provide support for the theory of lineage.

The king is born noble, the gods will give him blessings, and he has the royal and noble blood in him.

This shows the great incompatibility of Hill’s statement.

Joan Baker couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

“The other thing is that I will become the Demon King sooner or later,” Hill said, “So there is no need have much respect for, uh… the current Demon King.” He wanted to say ‘my father’, but he was a bit ashamed.

“Hmm… do you demons also inherit the throne?” asked Joan Baker.

“I don’t know,” Hill said.

Joan Baker: “…Huh?”

“Just kidding.” But Hill was actually telling the truth. He really hadn’t checked the relevant information. “I understand your desire to get more information.” He said that with a smile. “No matter how our demon king position is passed down, but at least now, it must be hereditary.” He said indifferently, his voice carrying some dominance of its own.

What needs to be explained is that when Hill just crossed over, he faced a bunch of bad things. At that time, his domineering spirit was basically fake, but because his body was originally strong, he easily bluffed people. Later, as a high-ranking person, he became a little bit refined after a long time. He could determine the life and death of many people and even the cycle of fate. He also made a dizzying amount of gold coins in and out of random decision-making. Judging people’s life and death, over time, the aura of the real uppermost person became natural.

But after all, Hill used to be a human being. He has lived for more than 20 years in the era of information explosion. He has seen many stories, but he did not expect that he would actually live in the story one day. Therefore, his mentality has always been very stable, he is not overly proud, he will not be too arrogant, and he will not be ignorant of himself.

To put it simply, the Hill at this time is just like the heroine Mary Sue in the old days, both pure and charming, full of wisdom, simple and lovely, both chic and wanton, and traditional and conservative. Anyway, all the words piled on him seems to be okay.

At this moment, when Hill said this, he was really just making a basic statement, but the domineering aura in it was exuding from the inside out. His red pupils were always calm and indifferent. They weren’t a pair of human eyes, whether its color or gaze, it is not what humans would have.

“Good spirit,” Joan Baker couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Don’t tell me you’re keeping the same ideas as those people up there,” Hill continued, gesturing to the ceiling, “that people are born into a hierarchy? Let me ask you, Baron Joan Baker, how did you become a nobleman? You should understand very well, that’s just a word that deceives people’s hearts. In our demon world, a dark elf assassin who is quietly practicing may not be unable to kill a naturally powerful magic dragon, and those weak goblins and tentacle monsters may not be unable to become the main character of this book.”

Joan Baker listened carefully to Hill’s words, and then humbly asked for advice: “What does it mean to be the main character of this book?”

“……” Hill said after a moment of contemplation, “A solo comic book protagonist, I guess.”

“Okay,” said Joan Baker, “I look forward to Mr. Grindelwald becoming the main character of this book and writing a solo saga.”

“…” Hill continued to meditate. This is probably just lifting a rock and smashing himself in the foot.

Yes, all kinds of adjectives can be used to describe him.

Wise, intelligent, handsome, and… sand sculpture.


At dusk, the old Duke Jackson was standing on his balcony, holding a cup of black tea, watching the flow of people coming and going on the streets of Magnolia City.

At this time, the streets of Magnolia City were bustling with hustle and bustle, and there were black birds hovering in the sky making clear cries, but the people below couldn’t hear it. Vendors on the street pushed bread carts, while women hurried past holding one or two pieces of hard black bread that could kill a man. In those days, black bread was indeed a murder weapon, and there are accounts in wild history of women using black bread to knock out muggers at the door.

At that time, the black bread was similar to the high heels on Earth. Once a European and American police officer received a call from a woman about a home invasion and robbery. When they arrived, they found that the woman had subdued the robber, the robber fell to the ground, with a high heel… inserted in the head, yes, inserted. There is still a lot of news of this kind.

The magic silver fountain on the central square of Magnolia City does not freeze all year round. This is one of the most famous sights in Magnolia City. Another famous landscape is the magnolia blossoms all over the city. Hill is waiting for summer, and then use magnolia blossoms to make some special seasonal delicacies.

Old Jackson was enjoying the scenery leisurely. Under the balcony, the maid was chatting about something. The words “Shopping Mall” and “Arman” floated into his ears.

In addition, it was the carriages of the nobles. Old Jackson could tell which family those carriages belonged to without looking at the family crest. It is rare to see so many noble carriages passing by the street during the day. Old Jackson understands that this is because they are going to watch the premiere of “The Evil Monarch”.

All the noble banquets avoided this day because they knew that holding a banquet today would only make their own humiliation—not many people would come to attend. Of course, there are some nobles who want to go to watch movies.

Old Jackson was a little bit emotional. In the past, when there were many carriages like this, it was only when they were attending celebrations on large festivals, or when the royal family had banquets outside. But at present, this is a fixed event in Magnolia City that happens every once in a while.

And the reason for this situation is also very simple, the nobles go to see the premiere of the movie.

Except for a few tickets for the premiere of the movie, the rest were naturally contracted by the nobles at high prices. Not only the premiere, Magnolia City will maintain this situation for a few days after the premiere.

This influence is too great… Old Jackson thought. Without knowing, that influence has almost caught up with the royal family?

Although it seemed that everyone is going to watch the premiere, Duke Jackson was not ready to watch the premiere. He felt that he was a calm person, so he wouldn’t rush to watch it. In fact, Old Jackson is a bit rebellious. He doesn’t want to do what everyone does. He thinks that this can reflect his own maverick, wisdom, and calmness…

“Dad, I’m going to the movies, are you sure you don’t want to come with me?” Jefferson’s voice rang out from outside.

“I’ll go later,” Old Jackson said calmly.

“Well, it’s a shame, Dad, I thought I could go to the movies with you. The last time we went out together was at the coming-of-age ceremony of Prince Caesar,” Jefferson said.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have these sentimental emotions,” Old Jackson said, “My son.”

“The strong will show the weakness, the weak will only show the strength,” Jefferson Jackson said. When his father looked over, he added with a smile, “I like this sentence from the “Demon Realm Magazine”. After all, you are my father. I can be infinitely honest in front of you, because in this world, only you and Olivia can accept me unconditionally. For those who are around, all we can do is cherish them. This quote is from…”

“Natsume’s Book of Friends,” Old Jackson said.

Jefferson laughed, “Yes, Dad.”

He feels that his relationship with his father and sister is much more harmonious because of the animation and movies, which is very good.

Then Jefferson lamented, “Finally, a movie with a male lead, and the synopsis in the magazine was really intriguing.”

Of course, Old Jackson had seen the slogan, he wouldn’t admit that he also found it attractive. No, Old Jackson thought. He had to be calm.

“Brother, wait for me. I want to go, too!” Olivia’s voice also rang.

“Didn’t you watch the movie at the finale banquet?” Jefferson asked, “And you said there was a lot of good food…” Jefferson’s voice was tinged with resentment.

“I want to watch it again. Many scenes in this movie are so grand and exciting.” Olivia said, “And even you, my brother, every movie, you watch them more than once, right? At the beginning, you have watched the “Daughter of the Sea” nine times…”

“Okay, well, then go together,” Jefferson said. His sister is revealing his old things again… Isn’t it just watching a few more times…? By the way, the “Daughter of the Sea” theme jewelry necklace has a new batch of new designs. His sister doesn’t seem to be very interested in that, or he will give it to her after he buys it.

Seeing that his son and daughter were going to the premiere with great excitement, the corners of Old Jackson’s mouth twitched again.

“And my acting is good, I’m telling you, my brother, His Highness Grindelwald praised me,” Olivia said happily.

“You’ve said that so many times my sister.” Jefferson shook his head, “Just let me enjoy your acting skills.”

“Okay~ Let’s go, Dad~”

“We will endure the impulse of saying spoilers when we come back, but we will definitely say some spoilers, which will affect the later movie-watching experience. It is really a shame that you don’t go with us, Dad. “

Old Jackson finally couldn’t sit still.

“…Help me up.”

This is to watch his daughter’s first screen show, Old Jackson told himself, it is not for the movie…

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A dragon gives birth to a dragon, a phoenix gives birth to a phoenix, and the son of a mouse will make holes… – DNA, a mouse can make holes so his son will also make holes, gene and skill inheritance.

The part where Hill said he was scolding himself is probably because his dad was a demon so he was also a demon which sounds bad, like scolding or cursing someone, (like being called a criminal coz his dad’s a criminal)

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