Chapter 76 – Finale Banquet and others

The banquet.

The finale banquet was held in Deathstroke Town. The buildings in Deathstroke Town have been renovated, so for human actors, it is full of exotic atmosphere. In addition, even in the demon realm, the scenery of Deathstroke Town is quite special.

The night here is brighter than the day, because the light of the stars and moon will disperse the dark green fog. The night sky turned into a bright green, somewhat like the aurora Hill had seen on Earth. The black trees had twisted trunks that hung down like they were dead, as Gormund had once told Hill, and that’s how the trees looked.

This kind of tree draws nutrients from the land to live, this nutrient refers to bones and blood. If a war breaks out here and many people die, then this kind of tree will immediately flourish and grow taller. There are many trees of this kind on the front line, and they even cover the sky—because there are too many people who died on the front line. Hill thought it was really creepy at the time. He feels that this sparseness has a thrilling dark beauty.

The beautiful female spirits danced in the banquet, their bodies burning with cold blue flames, trailing bright trails as they danced, the flames spreading out in stars, drifting in the wind, dreamy and beautiful, so that one could be lost in the spectacle and reality.

The ghosts played the flute together, and the fallen angel played the organ. It was light music that Hill copied from the Internet. Now, Hill has figured out how to write music in this world, so he can be a happy porter.

There are more flowers in the garden of Deathstroke Town than at the last banquet. There are many flowers blooming everywhere, with many stamens floating above the bright glowing fire, like stars spilling on the ground.

The humans in the room were already mesmerized.

Olivia said this more than once: “It’s really too bad that Princess Delia couldn’t come.”

“Yes,” Theodore said. He feels sorry for the girl he likes, it is really beautiful here, even a princess can’t see such a beautiful scenery.

Then there are all kinds of delicacies.

The banquet is prepared in accordance with the customs of Magnolia City. The first big meal is a Western-style thick soup with carrots, ham, mushrooms, and cheese as the main ingredients. This is a modified typical Chinese Western food, with the aroma of condensed milk and the taste of the ingredients themselves. When mixed together, the soup is thick and delicious. Then came the famous creamy mushroom soup and potato soup. In addition, Hill also served a refreshing vegetable soup. He couldn’t stand the fact that all the meals were heavy.

Next are a variety of pastries and pies. Hill modified the roasted pears commonly seen at noble banquets. He removed the selected pears and stuffed them with rock sugar, then added white fungus, red dates, and licorice water, and then bake them in the oven for three or four hours. The black dwarves made a portable oven so that the fire elemental spirit chefs don’t have to put ingredients in their bodies… it sounds weird. This kind of roasted pears tastes much better than the original roasted pears. It is very suitable for drinking in this season.

Of course, the rock sugar was also made by Hill a while ago. Hill originally planned to introduce sugar cane into the demon realm, but later discovered that the demon realm itself had a sugar-producing tree, which just saved a lot of things.

And when Hill went out last time, he found a mutated maple forest, where some goblins lived, and the goblins usually drank the sap of those trees directly. So, Hill gave the job of artificially planting mutant maple trees to the goblins. He talked to the Tauren tribe and asked them to provide meat to the goblins here regularly.

As news of Hill assigning tasks to some demon tribes and giving benefits spread, many demons from the tribes took the initiative to find Hill hoping to get tasks. Hill really didn’t have many tasks for them for a while, so he let some of them work in Hutchinson’s Encyclopedia, they need a lot of research personnel anyway. The other part was taken away by Hill to work in infrastructure – Hill was already preparing to start working on railroads and trains, the black dwarves’ research on steam engines was progressing rapidly.

Except for the menu recipes on the Internet that Hill copied, all the food in the demon realm is his improved human food, including those pies. In fact, Hill currently has a plan to open a breakfast shop to sell pies, cakes, and pancakes…seems like it will be very profitable. But this seems a bit indecent.

Large barbecued lamb chops, Mediterranean-style grilled fish, grilled Bayer beasts, beef marinated with various spices and seasonings, black pepper steak, honey-glazed chicken wings… Speaking of which, Hill is really thinking about researching a chicken with multiple wings, and in the demon realm, it is possible to realize such a mutant species. The cut roast suckling pig is next to the sauce that has been blended quietly.

A large part of the food is not provided in the restaurants of the shopping mall, these are only available in the banquet.

Olivia put a piece of beef into her mouth and was immediately overwhelmed by the tender texture and delicious black pepper. The steak’s heat was just right, and it was a great treat to chew. The gravy poured into her throat and Olivia felt reluctant to swallow it…

“Steak is better with red wine.” Hill smiled faintly, the red wine bottle next to him flew up under the control of his mind and poured the glass in front of Olivia. The taste of red wine can stimulate the taste buds, thus making the taste of steak seem more delicious.

The next dishes were served more quickly, smoked chicken, spicy grilled fish, citrus fruit ice, a variety of fresh bread, you can match it with cream and jam, candied fruit, and a variety of jam smoothies… In addition, hot milk, honey wine, dwarf ale, special ice wine from the dark elves, and various juices were provided on the banquet. By the way, Hill used agar to successfully make the kind of juice that suspends fruit particles.

The meal was naturally a happy one for both the guests and the hosts. These human actors’ yearning for the demon realm had reached its peak, but Hill did not give them much time to express their emotions, and sent them back to the human realm overnight after the banquet was over.


At present, “The Evil Monarch” has entered the post-production stage, and Hill has a new idea: to open a sentimental quotes section in the magazine. Oh yes, specifically, excerpts of those sentimental quotes from QQ ten years ago.

These things embarrassed Hill himself, but he actually released it mainly for two reasons. First, this kind of thing is really magical, and people who have not been in contact before will be attracted by first contact; second, this will the groundwork for the further introduction of aesthetically high things in the future. If you push something with high aesthetics at the beginning, you won’t be able to push it out in the future. Hill has to complete a completed evolutionary route so that he can make more money and produce the effect that the demon realm is always leading the latest trend.

“The so-called stranger means not knowing each other at first, and eventually not knowing each other in the end.”

“If the past can be served as wine, memories are a hangover.”

“Our broken love is like broken glass. The tighter you hold it, the harder it hurts…”

For a while, these quotations were hung up every day by the young people in Magnolia City, talking about vain and loneliness, and it became a trend. Hill felt pain when he saw the beauty of the wind and snow. He temporarily gave up the idea of putting some youthful sentimental literature, it’s not good if it goes too far and causes resentment among parents.

Hill was a literary boy back then. When he was in junior high and high school, he hid to read some youthful sentimental literature, and then wrote in the weekly diary “I tilt my head 45 degrees to look at the sky, because then the tears will not fall. But if you come here and see a teenager looking up at the sky, it’s definitely not me, because when I look up at the sky, no one can see it.” Wow, now that he thinks about it, it’s shudderingly cringy! Come on, put this sentence in the magazine’s sentimental quotes as well. Hahaha!

During the post-production of “The Evil Monarch”, Hill also dealt with rice planting. The main planting conditions of rice are three, one, heat; two, light; three, water. Hill divided the rice seeds sent by Joan Baker into three batches. The first batch was planted around the Blackrock Tower, but he does not know if the wind will blow the grass low to see the sheep… Wind will blow the grass low, right, ah, it kind of rhymes.

The second batch of seeds was handed over to the Slime clan and planted in a place where the overall temperature of the demon realm is relatively high. Hill found a method of raising fish in rice fields on the Internet, which means that it is like using rice paddies to raise fish, so that they can be harvested. They can also use the fish to eat the pests in the rice, and the feces excreted by the fish are also natural fertilizers, and the fish themselves can also turn the soil… Anyway, it is a matter of killing two birds with one stone.

Hill intends to try this method.

As for what kind of fish to raise, it becomes a problem, if the fish eat the rice, it will not be good. The Internet talks about suitable species for breeding, but those fishes are not available in the other world. So, Hill directly threw Hutchinson over and asked him to solve the problem. Hutchinson was the one who wrote the encyclopedia.

Now, Hill has assigned some subordinates to them and established a department. The compilation of the encyclopedia is currently in a bottleneck, and some species require repeated experiments to determine their characteristics. For example, what kind of nutrition a certain fruit has, whether it contains toxicity, and so on and so forth. This is also something that Hill expected.

It was necessary to clarify the various creatures in the demon realm, so Hill met all of Hutchinson’s requests as much as possible, and he even allocated some high-ranking lich demons for them.


“Demon Realm Magazine” column “Demon Realm Investigation Bureau”.

——Exclusive information from Demon Realm Magazine!

——All voters and commentators are anonymous.

The first question: Who do you think is the most difficult to get along with in “Demon Realm Magazine”?

First place: Al

Race: Dark Elf

Voter comments:

[…] Although he has always been very easy-going in front of the prince, he is actually quite difficult to talk to!

[…] I always feel that he is a guy who may violently kill at any time

[…] The way he doesn’t care about the existence of people he doesn’t care about, even if they are his colleagues. Not happy.

[…] I have only met Mr. Al once, he is really terrible, but he is obviously much gentler when facing Mr. Grindelwald

Second place: Arman

Race: Demon Dragon

Voter comments:

[…] Too unsmiling, the aura is too strong

[…] I think he is peeping at my big golden chain

[…] As long as there is him, all women are watching him… even the princess… Damn it

The second question: Who do you think has the best interpersonal relationship in the magazine?

First place: Theodore

Voter Comments.

[…] Very nice human, always smiling

[…] He can talk to everyone

[…] I think I have the best interpersonal relationship! So, I voted for myself!

[…] Very enthusiastic and infectious

Second place: Grindelwald

Voter comments:

[…] Mr. Grindelwald is a very charismatic demon. Although he can sometimes make people speechless, some of the wise words he often says can also make people ponder.

[…] Everyone has a good relationship with him, or in other words, who dares not to have a good relationship with him…

The third question: Who do you want to spend Christmas Eve with?

First place: Grindelwald

[…] I want Mr. Grindelwald to take me to the demon realm to see the scenery there oh oh oh oh

[…] If we can spend the whole night together, we can discuss a lot of useful development strategies, right? I don’t think about anything else. I really don’t think about anything else.

[…] Hearing the Fire Elemental Spirit Chef said that many dishes are made by Mr. Grindelwald, I want to spend Christmas Eve with him to eat his own meals… Okay, I’m dreaming, I’ll wash up and sleep

Second place: Xiaohuo

[…] I was taken aback when I saw Xiaohuo’s figure for the first time, so handsome!

[…] Spending Christmas Eve with a beautiful boy who can cook, it’s nice to think about it

[…] Xiaohuo is very cute. If you spend Christmas Eve with him, it would be very warm to stay by his side.

After the publication of this issue of the magazine, the popularity of Albrecht and [Xiaohuo] Irvine, who have only lived in the magazine and did not show up in front of the public, has also risen a bit. It seems that some young girls think that Albrecht looking violent and may kill people at any time, is very handsome… But his indifference to others and enthusiasm only for Hill, does poke a lot of people’s cute points.

Daily brushing the public’s goodwill towards the demons, and at the same time, promote some representative figures of the demon race from the windows of movies and magazines to make them popular icons. Hill’s daily life continued to be overly fulfilling.

Day by day, the later stage of “The Evil Monarch” was finally finished, and Hill felt very satisfied after watching it. The finished product actually looks less awkward, but full of a kind of handsome coolness…

Well, let the people in the other world taste the power of the old male yy cool texts!

Tomorrow, “The Evil Monarch” will be released!

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