Chapter 75 – The filming of “The Evil Monarch” is finished

“Demon Realm Magazine” continues to sell!

The sales of “Demon Realm Magazine” has actually increased a lot when the movie has been bounced (…). After market research, Joan Baker discovered that this is because some people who do not like to read feel very empty without a movie to watch, so they had to buy a magazine produced by the same demon realm to fill themselves. As a result, they seemed to be unable to stop, and then they bought the previous magazines one after another.

Serialized novels are really a great tool for stabilizing magazine sales.

The first volume of “A Song of Ice and Fire” has been published for some time, which has brought Hill a lot of income. It is estimated that the second volume of the first book will be published at the end of this year. So, the first book of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, “A Game of Thrones”, will also be completed.

The response of “Lord of Mysteries” can only be regarded as general at present. It has not attracted as much attention as other long-form serials, but Hill is quite confident in this book, and what this book builds is quite novel and grand. In this world, the design of each character is quite exciting. The background of medieval + steampunk + Cthulhu + SCP Foundation sounds pretty cool. After all, this is the work that made him stay up all night. Hill intends to stop the serialization of “A Song of Ice and Fire” once it has gained momentum and attracted widespread interest, and then put out the individual books of A Song of Ice and Fire in turn.

After inventing photocopies and new paper, the cost of selling books was quite low, Hill naturally wants as many books as possible.

The papers of magazines and booklets naturally attracted the attention of many people. Hill said that this paper is specially used for the demon realm. And to encourage everyone to write more, Hill added an extra gift to the magazine—a notebook. The cover painting of the notebook is related to movies and animations, and the demon realm paper is naturally used.

This act made the sales of the magazine rise again a lot.

After all, parchment is expensive, and papyrus is too fragile. This kind of demon realm paper is relatively easy to use.

Some people want to read magazines, but they are a little reluctant to spend money, so they borrow others to read them—for example, some middle-class students, but this extra notebook seems to reduce the price of the magazine, so they will choose to buy their own.

As for the pen… Hill originally planned to make a ballpoint pen first, but he checked it and found…the ballpoint pen to have such a high technological content, forget it, let’s make fountain pens first. However, the manufacture of the pen is not going well at the moment, and Hill can’t spare time for further research, so let the dwarves do it first, and he will do other things first.

The cover of this issue of the magazine has encountered a problem, the pictures of the most famous actors have already been used. After thinking about it, Hill pastes up his own photo. The photo shows him sitting at the top of the Blackrock Tower, his black cloak and silver hair flying in the wind, a blood moon above his head, while the background is the deep night and the endless wasteland, he looks into the distance, his gaze far away. In fact, he is thinking about what is better to eat at night.

At this time, Hill perceived the benefits of acting in the film—posting himself on the cover when the magazine didn’t have a cover. But this kind of goofing up is considered by everyone to be like a treasure… It can be said to be quite sour.

Based on this, Hill plans to star in another movie by himself in a while, so that he can stay hot, but he hasn’t figured out what to play.

Sure enough, with the residual influence of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, the cover of this magazine was well-received by readers.

The cover is done, the next is the editor-in-chief’s note.

“Hello everyone, we haven’t seen you for half a month, did you miss us?

Okay, I know what you are most concerned about right now. I can also tell you the good news with joy. I believe you have guessed it too—YES! We have found a suitable replacement actor and the movie can continue to be shot! Let’s all cheer! – Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! – As much as I would love to “Ohhhhhh!” the whole editor-in-chief’s note, I think our Deputy Editor-in-Chief Theodore will pinch me to death for this, so to avoid such a tragedy, I’ll have to put pen to paper and continue writing the editor-in-chief’s note. “

When they saw this, all the readers were originally immersed in the excitement of the film’s resuming shooting, but they all laughed out loud.

Mr. Grindelwald is too cute!

Wow, I didn’t expect the deputy editor-in-chief Theodore to be so majestic, hahaha!

Many people are still familiar with Theodore, after all, Theodore used to circle around the city for interviews.

Speaking of this editor-in-chief’s notes, Hill would write it every time after reading the content of the entire magazine. He wrote very carefully, and his intentions have also paid off — the editor-in-chief’s notes have become one of the most popular columns. Before this, readers have never seen such humorous and exaggerated writing.

“You must have noticed the cool cover when you saw the magazine! I’ve been slurped by so many humans/demons after this cover was put on the magazine, even Arman came over to me and said, “You’ve finally started selling meat here too.” “Me: !!!” So, I put Arman’s large-scale photos on the agenda again… (Arman: ???)”

After seeing this, the readers laughed again. Mr. Grindelwald is really cute, and Arman the dragon is so cute. The daily life of the demons is really interesting. So, much so that they can’t help but feel a kind of yearning for it. Everyone can’t help but think so.

Just let humans have this idea. What is shown right now is a positive and optimistic side, and crying poor later after being bullied by the church so badly… At that time, hehehe.

“In addition, the magic camera is already on the shelves in the shopping mall. The price of the normal version is only 1 gold coin. Yes, you read that right. As long as one gold coin, you can have a magic camera that can directly take photos and automatically print photos! Its main designer is Mr. Binns, the ghost who is now a professor at the Magnolia School of Magic! If you like the camera, you can vote for him on the most popular professor at the end of the semester. Hahaha!

Record your happy life, freeze your good times—this is our definition of this magic tool. And it is available to ordinary people, but it needs to be powered by special magic crystals. “

Only one gold coin? One gold coin? It’s too cheap, right? Buy, buy, buy!

This is what the nobles think.

You can get that kind of photo directly, one gold coin seems to be manageable.

This is what some commoners think.

But Hill played a trick here. He wanted the magic camera to be popularized by the people, so it was sold at a price lower than the cost—much, much lower. Of course, this price is only for ordinary magic cameras. Hill divides the magic cameras on the shelves into three levels, advanced, intermediate, and normal. In fact, the principles are the same, but the appearance is quite different, and the advanced ones also have filter functions. Of course, this also requires special magic crystals… Oh yes, this is to satisfy the vanity requirements of the nobles.

Let the nobles use the same things as the commoners, they are definitely unwilling.

In order to be “considerate” to them, Hill specially made something with the same principle but many times more expensive.

After all, we need to be understanding of each other~

Yes, you can see it even here. The camera is very cheap, but the special magic crystal and special film are expensive ah! The camera is a one-time purchase, but the special magic crystal and special film have to be bought continuously! This is the reason for putting a long line to catch big fish.

Of course, the special magic crystal and special film are also divided into three levels.

Hill had some different thoughts here, trying not to earn commoners’ money as much as possible, no need, they didn’t have any money anyway. If he can use this to further expand the influence of the demon realm, then it’s already good enough.

However, it is worth mentioning that after the magic camera was put on the shelves, private detectives were the first to buy them.

Soon after, some pictures of aristocratic masters feeding their lovers were placed on the ladies’ dressing table.

Some pirated posters appeared soon after.

Joan Baker took advantage of the latest copyright law to catch all those who engage in piracy.

Che, trying to pick up money from him, what a joke.

Hill estimated that at this rate of making money, the next batch of indemnities will be paid after the end of this year, which is to the Magnolia Empire… However, it does not seem to be very good if you earn money from the Magnolia Empire and then pay the Magnolia Empire. But he likes this feeling. Hahahaha!

“Here, the Demon Ream Magazine has also begun to collect photos for submission. Each selected photo can get at least 1 silver coin.”

The prices of the things Hill touched were so expensive that Hill almost forgot that there were copper coins and silver coins. When he finalized the remuneration, he said directly: “Is one gold coin for a photo, okay?”

The words frightened Theodore his hat almost flew out, “Your Royal Highness Grindelwald, can I resign and go to photography?” Theodore asked.

Hill knew that the price was too high when he heard Theodore’s words, so after discussing it, he decided “at least one silver coin”, which was high enough for many people. Of course, if you have a good photo, a gold coin is not a bad idea.

“The magazine has received more and more manuscripts, and more and more high-quality submissions. This makes me feel very happy. Your support can bring us unlimited motivation. It is our biggest wish to make everyone happy.”

Hill shuddered after writing this passage. It was a little too polite, but it was the only way to go.

When the people of the church saw the editor’s note in the magazine much, much later, they were almost stunned stupid.

What a shameless statement this is!

What a terrible demon this is!

Of course, this is a later story.

And now, there is a similar situation… In Jackson’s house, Old Jackson’s expression stiffened for a while after seeing this line of words, and then he closed the book with shame on his face and prepared to read it later.

“This issue of the magazine has a new revision: an author column. The original column remains unchanged. Two to three columns are added in each issue after the editor’s notes. Some famous people will be invited to write articles. There is no limit. You can write whatever you want. You have more freedom than the editor-in-chief aka me. After all, I want to “Ohhhh!” the whole page and was ruthlessly rejected. Sigh.

The two columns in this issue are Eric, the author of “The Mage’s Book of Songs”. He named his column “Ukiyo-e”, and then he wrote some of his own experience in the tavern. It’s very interesting, the scale is larger than I thought, but the real world is originally a world with no restraints and no limits, so I can understand. But I can’t imagine that Eric, who has a clean style of writing, actually has such a side, hey.

The other column is a more perverted content, which was brought by our Master Binns. His column name is also very literary, called “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. I helped him with the title (in fact, I copied it), and the title of his column this time is “I Think Everyone Should Learn Mathematics”… Right! Isn’t that super sick!”

Hill intended to gradually launch all five elders, even if they weren’t involved in the audio-visual aspect of entertainment, but to make them public figures and stars, so they could gain their own fans.

#The five elders of the demon realm are forced to be in business#

“The special interview in this issue of the magazine is Xiaohuo’s interview with the familiar Baron Joan Baker! The questions in it are personally handled by me and are incredibly vicious. Our Baron Baker has had the urge to kill on several occasions. Hahaha Fortunately, he can’t beat Xiaohuo… Please look forward to it, hahahaha! Thinking of this, I can’t help but let out a devilish laughter Mwahahaha…”

At that time, Albrecht had a nosebleed on the spot after seeing this, and then he covered his nose and said: “My King, do you want to cute everyone to death?”

“Yeah, I want to kill all humans by selling cuteness.” Hill said, “A soldier who defeats others without fighting.”

Ah, how nice it would be if delusions could come true.

“This photo column is a beautiful picture brought by Al, the Prince of the Dark Elves, who photographed the forest where his clan lives, with their charming tree houses, beautiful bridges across the clear river, flowers in full bloom, grass as soft as a carpet, and Dark Elf children playing and rolling on it.

The war has not spread here, so it is still as beautiful as a paradise. I couldn’t help thinking after seeing Al’s photos, I hope there will be no more wars in the future…”

Hill doesn’t like war, but he doesn’t fear war either.

But if it’s really like the usual joke of a soldier who defeats others without a fight, then, of course, it is the best.

After all, conflicts with the church will arise sooner or later.

Anyway, bury all kinds of seeds in the hearts of human beings, and wait for the day to break out and bear fruit.

It is best to produce black and bright poisonous fruits.


“The Evil Monarch” is going to continue filming!

This news made many people cheered.

Hill didn’t dawdle this time and directly led the actors to the demon realm to film. The succubus playing the princess pretended to be a human mage under Hill’s orders.

The protagonist played by Theodore has magic and martial arts dual cultivation skills. As the protagonist of an ancient male yy cool article, magic and martial arts dual cultivation skill is certainly the most basic skill. In order to ensure the effect, the paladin in the demon realm taught him some basic swordsmanship. In fact, it was just something fancy. When the fight really started, Theodore used a stand-in.

Hill plans to let Monroe go out in the battle with Gormund, and the two fight with real swords and magic, and then Hill carries a camera next to them…

This kind of battle scene can only be recorded by Hill directly holding the projection stone, otherwise, the aftermath of their energy will destroy the projection stone.

Actors are naturally very curious when they first arrived in the demon realm, but Hill can only curb their curiosity now. After all, many places in the demon realm are still too poor for people to see. What if they are exposed… But filming aside, Hill also took them to visit the palace of “Daughter of the Sea” and the territory of the dark elves, and let them observe up close how the jewels were made.

When they go back, they will become one of Hill’s propaganda outlets.

By the way, Olivia has been very excited since she came to the demon realm, and her interest is high. Even her acting skills are high during this period of time, she has been compared to other female characters for a while.

Hill now knows that Olivia will host the shopping mall in the Ice Empire, and he thinks it is necessary to praise Olivia in the movie, so that Olivia will be a lot smoother when carrying out operations there… But there may also be some big guys coming to “raise” her, after all, she is a “famous actress”. But because Olivia is also a big shot, it’s impossible to say who’s raising who.

What surprised the human actors the most was that during the filming in the demon realm, the food provided by the crew was really good… Hill was still trying to make some foods with agar, such as cream pudding, fruit pudding, and all kinds of food. The kind of cold cakes: pumpkin cold cake, purple potato cold cake, snowflake coconut milk cold cake… These are not yet mass-produced in restaurants in the shopping mall, but he can give the actors a taste first.

As a result, during the two weeks of filming, the human actors have gained a lot of weight.

Speaking of it, Hill recently discovered something when studying various fruits of the demon realm. Bayberry is actually a rare fruit with meat and vegetables. The white worms in it are fruit fly larvae, which are edible and do not harm the human body so no need to panic… Of course, if the hurdle in your heart is really overwhelming, you can soak it in salt water and eat it. However, after most people watched the dense worms soaking in the salt water, the hurdles that could have passed through really couldn’t pass this time…

Outside the blood clan’s palace, Theodore turned his back to Olivia and said indifferently: “Tonight, I will kill a lot of people. If you don’t like blood, you can close your eyes!”

Then there was a timely narration, which was said by Lich Aligeli: “At that moment, the moonlight illuminates the figure of the evil monarch, solidified in the eternal legend after thousands of years.”

“Pfft… cough cough… nothing, nothing you guys don’t look at me, you guys continue.”

Hill waved his hand and rearranged the projection stone that almost fell out of the air due to embarrassment.

Let’s post-process this paragraph… but it’s really a bit awkward hahaha…

The next filming went smoothly, and Hill finally got over his embarrassment. Last time, he was not so ashamed because he himself was acting, trying to get into the role of the overbearing demon. This time, he was a pure spectator and a director, so the shame brought by that ancient male yy cool article is even higher…

By the way, should he shoot a transmigration drama in the future? The female protagonist returned to ancient times with popular songs and dance… This seems to have been popular for a while ah. Hahahaha…

In such an overly pleasant atmosphere, after the filming of “The Evil Monarch” was finished, Hill set aside one month for post-processing.

Then, there are the simultaneous premieres in two cities!

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Ukiyo-e – often translated as “pictures of the floating world”. Ukiyo-e is a genre of Japanese art which flourished from the 17th through 19th centuries. Its artists produced woodblock prints and paintings of such subjects as female beauties; kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers; scenes from history and folk tales; travel scenes and landscapes; flora and fauna; and erotica.

Xiaohuo – Little Fire (really don’t if I should be using the Chinese name or the English translation)

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