Chapter 33 – And Ying Chen still has only him

The thank-you gift, that is, to kiss him on the lips.

Wen Yu had promised Ying Chen before.

Now, Ying Chen’s deep eyes stared at his lips, as if he was about to kiss them the next moment.

Does he want the thank you gift now?

Wen Yu’s brain is blank, and his heart beats sharply. He didn’t move as if waiting for Ying Chen to kiss him quickly so that the matter would end soon.

The young man blushed in panic, his body solidified into a ball, and in Ying Chen’s eyes, he was like a little rabbit who was caught in his hands and wanted to escape but did not dare to escape.

Ying Chen smiled. Retreated his lips and kissed his forehead lightly: “After Lin An wakes up, can you give it to me?”

Wen Yu: …

He was so nervous that his forehead was sweating, and Ying Chen actually let go just like that. It was like he was deliberately playing with him.

He was angry with himself for being teased unilaterally by Ying Chen, pushed away Ying Chen’s hand and stood up to ask: “When will Lin An wake up?”

Ying Chen: “So anxious to give me a thank you gift?”


Wen Yu blushed even more. Turned around, left the library, and walked towards the classroom without looking back.

Ying Chen was really playing with him on purpose.


After going home from school. Ying Chen took him into a bedroom on the first floor. Lin An’s body was lying on the bed in the bedroom.

In the body of Lin An he saw before, there was a gentle butler that could not give him a sense of it being real.

But now, the thin boy lying on the wide bed and sleeping, looking quiet and calm, his stretched eyebrows and slightly raised lips resembled the smiling and diligent Lin An in his memory.

The person did not wake up, but Wen Yu could already see that it was his Lin An who was sleeping in this body.

“How long until he wakes up?” He asked Ying Chen.

Ying Chen: “It takes a while for the fetal spirit to adapt to the adult body. It may be a few days or dozens of days. But it will definitely wake up.”

“Will he have memories of his previous life?”

“Should need some kind of stimulation just like you to remember some. So, he won’t remember you. The soul age is the same as that of human beings. He only has an IQ of 0 when he wakes up.”

“0 years old?”

Wen Yu looked at the 17-18-year-old boy who was sleeping on the bed in astonishment.

Ying Chen: “We need to teach him how to speak and survive. But his brain is mature, it will probably take him a year to learn how to take care of himself.

“It’s just that he still has to learn the knowledge and skills he should have to live in this world.”

Wen Yu: “I can teach him.”

Lin An was his book boy when he was five or six years old, about his age, but every day, he helped him carry heavy schoolbags, lay paper and grind ink for him, and accompany him to read and write. He also took care of his daily life, busy with trivial chores every day.

In this life, he should also take care of him.

Wen Yu: “But, what about the soul of the original person?”

“Young Master Wen, I am here.” A middle-aged man in a neat suit and shirt suddenly appeared beside Wen Yu: “I will continue to take care of Young Master Wen’s daily life. Young Master Wen can call me Zhao Boyang now. This is my original name.”

The steady and gentle attitude is closer to the temperament of his original soul.

Wen Yu wondered another thing: “Where did you get Zhao, Uncle Zhao’s body?”

“He’s made of paper. His spirit is still in your hands. Just like before, you can decide whether he stays or goes. You can also call on him to do things for you anytime and anywhere when I’m not around.”

Ying Chen waved his hand, and the man standing perfectly fine suddenly turned into a human-shaped piece of paper with symbols painted on it, wobbling and floating down into Wen Yu’s hand.

If it didn’t happen in front of his eyes, Wen Yu would never believe that it was really the same as in the anime he had watched. He can turn a paper into a person with supernatural ability and also give it to him to be his driver.

“So powerful.”

He held the paper and said sincerely.

Ying Chen: “What?”



Ying Chen also knew that the college entrance examination was very important for humans, so he didn’t sleep with Wen Yu these days, let alone make any behavior that would make him nervous.

Even, the few times Wen Yu came home from school, Ying Chen was not at home. Uncle Zhao told him: “The Master said that you should study hard and take exams.”

Wen Yu: …

Until the end of the exam a few days later.

Outside the campus gates is a crowd of parents waiting for their children, eagerly looking for their children among the many candidates.

Some of them held flowers in their hands, hugged and celebrated after receiving their children. Others cried with joy and took the child’s hand and said that it was hard work.

The lively and emotional scene between parents and children is the most uncomfortable for Wen Yu. Holding his backpack straps, he lowered his head into the crowd, and walked quickly toward the station.

“Bam” and crashed into a person’s arms.


Wen Yu didn’t lift his head and turned around to continue walking.

But the person pulled his arm, and then Ying Chen’s voice with a light-hearted laugh sounded: “Little devil, are you in such a hurry to go home?”

Ying Chen?!

Only then did Wen Yu see that Ying Chen in a straight suit was standing in the crowd, looking at him and smiling.

Ying Chen held a handful of bouquets in his arms and said, “Congratulations.”

It is a handful of golden sunflowers, dotted with white gypsophila. Such a bouquet of gorgeous colors made Ying Chen, who is in a black suit, even more outstanding.

“You, why are you here?” Wen Yu mechanically lifted his arms to take the flower bouquet.

After reacting, he hurriedly looked around.

For the first time, Ying Chen appeared in his real state, and there were many students and invigilators here who were in the same examination room as him.

He has a secret sense of tension that he is afraid of being seen with Ying Chen.

However, Ying Chen’s body and appearance can’t avoid the curious sight of human beings. There are already many parents and classmates around them watching them and whispering.

“How did you get here?” Wen Yu hugged the flowers and led Ying Chen quickly out of the crowd.

“I drove here. The car is parked in front of the intersection,” Ying Chen explained: “Zhao Boyang said that you studied very hard and you need to relax and celebrate after the college entrance examination. So, I prepared a celebration banquet for you.”

Ying Chen was talking, and suddenly there was another shout from the crowd: “Xiaoyu! Xiaoyu!”

It was Liu Yiming. He waved his arms and squeezed in the crowd: “Xiaoyu, I finally saw you. I just called you and your phone was off. Fortunately, I saw you. Let’s go, I booked a table, I also called the boy Xu Cheng to come together. Let’s celebrate the end of your college entrance examination.”

“Uncle Liu, I…” Wen Yu hesitated and looked at Ying Chen.

Only then did Liu Yiming notice that the outstanding man he saw at a glance turned out to be with Wen Yu.

He wondered: “Hey, is this gentleman looking for our Xiaoyu?”

Ying Chen smiled: “Hello.”

Wen Yu: “Uncle Liu, he, he is Ying Chen.”

“Mr. Ying!” Liu Yiming’s eyes lit up with surprise, and he quickly shook hands with Ying Chen: “So, you are Mr. Ying, thank you for your financial support to our Xiaoyu.”

Like showing off his child in front of outsiders, he praised Wen Yu: “I tell you, this child is very hardworking, very sensible, and very good in every aspect.”

“Although he came to take the college entrance examination today, he already got the admission letter from the S City Art Academy a few months ago. The S City Art Academy is a school that you can’t necessarily get into even if you work hard. Our Xiaoyu is a child with real talent.”

Wen Yu blushed with the embarrassment of being praised. You know, Ying Chen knows himself better than anyone else, even including his past life.

He interrupted the gushing Liu Yiming and said, “Uncle Liu, he knows it all.”

“He knows everything?” Liu Yiming suddenly realized: “Yes, you came here to find Xiaoyu and investigated him before. Hey, did you come to congratulate Xiaoyu on the end of the college entrance examination? Thank you very much.”

Ying Chen continued to smile: “You’re welcome.”

Liu Yiming took Wen Yu by the arm, “Then I will take Xiaoyu to celebrate today. If Mr. Ying doesn’t mind, let me treat you to a meal some other time.”

In Liu Yiming’s mind, Wen Yu is the child he needs to take care of when he grows up.

Ying Chen is just a guest who came out to repay his gratitude. He should talk to him as Wenyu’s parent, and it is only natural to take Wenyu away.

But Wen Yu understood. He felt embarrassed and was even more afraid of what Ying Chen would say in front of Uncle Liu.

But he saw the stiff smile on Ying Chen’s face remained unchanged, he said: “Yes.”

At this moment, Xu Cheng also rushed over, holding Wen Yu’s shoulder directly, and said happily: “You finally finished the exam. Our studio has saved a bunch of orders for you. Don’t even think about taking time off before the start of university. Other than that, let’s go and drink with Uncle Liu first.”

After some clamoring, Wen Yu chose to leave with Uncle Liu and Xu Cheng.

After walking a few steps, he turned his head slightly and looked back. He saw Ying Chen still standing in the crowd, watching him leave.

In the deep eyes, there is extreme loneliness written in it.

As if back in the great hall, that quiet and lonely evil god.


The celebration banquet was very lively. In addition to Xu Cheng, Uncle Liu also called in several neighbors and elders who had lived nearby.

Everyone sighed that it was not easy for Wen Yu, and wished him a better life in the future. And Wen Yu, in the entire banquet, is always thinking of the last scene of Ying Chen standing in the crowd watching him leave.

A few days ago, he still wanted to try his best to escape from this person, and now he wants to go back to accompany him.

The fragmentary thoughts of some memories of previous life made him understand one thing: In this life, there are many people around him.

And Ying Chen still has only him.


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