Chapter 71 – Movie and Magazine

The shooting scene of “The Evil Monarch”.

“Contempt, what I want is more contempt in the eyes. He used to be a genius and you were very jealous of him, but now he is a waste. This makes you feel very happy. You want to bully him, but you feel that this is not in line with your noble status, so you care about him falsely. But remember, you can’t really care when you care, you also have to scorn.”

Hill described this to the extra actor, Bruce.

The actor named Bruce nodded, trying hard to remember Hill’s words. He is a student of Magnolia School of Magic. He has good magic talents, but his family background is not very good. If he can successfully complete the shooting, he will be paid 50 gold coins, which will relieve the pressure on his parents a lot.

And Olivia, who was watching them over there, after listening to Hill’s words, thought that His Royal Highness Grindelwald really had a very accurate prediction of human nature. That kind of detailed description made people feel a heartfelt disgust. This character is really a villain, ah.

This movie actually reflects a lot of the dark side of human nature to the public, withdrawing from the marriage, the villain’s ambitions, the incompetent people flourishing… All these make people feel very depressed after reading, but fortunately, the protagonist broke through with luck and his own efforts. All of this, in a sense, is also quite positive, in fact, this is also the greatest merit of the male yy cool article.

With Hill’s “start”, Bruce said to Theodore in front of him: “Oh, isn’t this Theodore…”

“Stop! You are a high-achieving student, you didn’t post a small advertisement on the street!” Hill interrupted him directly.

“Theodore, I heard that you are not doing well recently,” Bruce said.

Hill was about to get angry, “Bring out your acting skills, haven’t you been trained for a while? What is this? Does acting depend on staring? Do you have a stage name called Angela Baby?”

Although he didn’t understand the meaning of Hill’s last sentence, Bruce knew he was exerting too much force. He tried to adjust, and then came again…

“I heard that your situation is not so good recently. Don’t take those people too seriously,” Bruce said to Theodore in front of him. Although he seems to be gentle, there is a subtle mockery on his face, “Your psychological endurance is really strong, if it was me, I’d probably kill myself…” He smiled frivolously when he said this, “Cheer up.”

“Perfect!” For this performance, Hill did not hesitate to give his compliments: “Keep this acting, I will continue to look for you in the next movie!”

“Okay!” Bruce showed a rather excited expression.

—This is also the first step taken by the villain’s cannon fodder professional Bruce.

Since then, he has continued to play cannon fodder and villain roles in movies, making people around him hate him subconsciously. One time, when he was practicing magic in the classroom, the teacher injured him with a slip of the hand, and apologized afterward: “Sorry, I can’t help but take a heavy shot when I see your face.”

Bruce is quite speechless… Teacher, are you disrespecting your own teaching?

Different people have gone on different lives because of Hill.

Later, Bruce was paid more and more because of the film. While the family got out of poverty, he also had extra money to buy magic materials. Later, Bruce succeeded in becoming a teacher at Magnolia School of Magic. Of course, he was still making movies. Playing as a cannon fodder villain, he is already very experienced. But one side effect is that he has been rated as the least popular professor for many years… It stands to reason that this is related to salary assessment. The problem is that everyone knows that he is not popular not because of his poor teaching, but because of his face… So, he became the only exception in the assessment.

It is also laughable.

Later, Bruce thought, if Mr. Grindelwald…or the Lord Demon King hadn’t selected him, he would probably not be able to complete the following studies—because the family ran out of money. He changed his life, and he also changed the lives of many people, just like those men in the male yy novels, the protagonist changed the lives of many people, and then reached the highest peak.

Then he had an epiphany, oh, it turns out that the life of the Lord Demon King is the real male yy cool life.

In other words, if it is a demon… demon yy cool life?


In comparison, Theodore didn’t have many shots that needed to be retaken. He performed quite well at the beginning, meeting Hill’s standards. He vividly interprets the psychological activities of the protagonist in the depression period, which is also related to his own experience—after all, he is an orphan, and later he has always been a servant who reads people’s faces.

However, when playing the protagonist’s majestic side, Theodore was a little bit awkward. In short, he was not high-spirited enough.

Hill thought for a moment, and did not take the means of verbal education. He called Princess Delia over and said, “You give him a kiss.”

“Is this acting?” Princess Delia asked seriously.

“For a better filming.” Hill said frankly. Anyway, he has a rough estimate of the relationship between the two, and he feels that such a request is not too much.

Princess Delia thought for a moment and nodded: “Okay.” Then she walked to Theodore.

“Your Royal Highness?” Theodore didn’t know what the other party was going to do.

Princess Delia put her hand on his shoulder and then kissed him on the cheek.

Theodore was struck by lightning…

Then, Princess Delia turned and left.

Theodore continued to be dumbfounded…

Hill let Theodore relax for a while, and then said, “Do you feel high-spirited, can you perform now?”

Theodore was already fully excited: “No problem!”

This must be no problem!!!

In the following shots, Theodore’s expression is simply arrogant to the extreme, which perfectly fits the theme of the face slap…


The latest issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” is out.

The cover of this issue of the magazine is the poster of “The Evil Monarch”, and now this magazine is more and more similar to the magazines on Earth.

The first thing to see when opening it is… Uh… It is a two-page advertisement. The first page of the advertisement is the newly launched [Demon King’s Woman] series of jewelry by the Dark Elves (it is said that Albrecht wishes to design a set of “Demon King’s Man” jewelry series, but because of his wolf ambition, the dark elves unanimously rejected it). On the second page, there are some separate small advertisements, such as XX private detectives, XX winery, and there is also Joan Baker’s own textile factory’s advertisement.

After the advertisement is the editor’s notes.

“In the blink of an eye, the rainy season on the Magnolia continent has passed and the continent has come to a delightful autumn. I would like to start by saying hello to everyone!

Our magazine is also celebrating its third revision. Each revision represents our efforts to improve the content of the magazine, and we look forward to showing you more content in this one little magazine.

The cover of the magazine is the poster of “The Evil Monarch”, and the premiere time is two months later, which is winter. This is a legendary story of a hot-blooded man. I believe that when you enter the movie theater, this movie can dispel all the winter cold and make your whole blood boil.

Well, that’s it for the ads about the movie, let’s move on to the next ad (laughs).

The picture column in this issue is brought by Arman-oh yes, it is your Demon Dragon Lord. He photographed the wildfires in the desert, the windy desert under the blood moon, the mountains where the dragons inhabit, and the infinite and vast night sky of the Demon Realm. I tried to kidnap him to take a picture without clothes, but he refused, but I’m also worried that if I do publish it, your parents won’t let you read the magazine anymore, which is not good, so let’s discuss it again.

By the way, after a while, the shopping mall will launch a camera that can take and print photos on the spot. You can look forward to it in advance.

A new section of the magazine is called Special Interview, which is brought to you by the Fire Elemental Spirit. Here, he is nicknamed Xiao Huo, and he is also a chef. Xiao Huo will be interested in people / demons to conduct some follow-up interviews, personal accounts of their daily lives, work content, happiness and troubles, interpersonal and many other aspects of things, and with some graphics. The interview in this issue is our Siren Princess Ariel. I personally like this column very much, it can bring us closer to each other, and let everyone see what the real demons are doing (we really don’t kill people and set fires every day to do bad things hahaha).

Next is the “Song of Ice and Fire”, which is being serialized by the magazine. Two separate editions will be launched next month, including 100 limited commemorative editions and unlimited regular editions. The current price is undecided and will be mentioned next month, there will be some peripheral products of Song of Ice and Fire in the shopping mall, such as the family crests, the same jacket of Ed, the ice wolf pillow… The workmanship is very exquisite, and you can look forward to it. Oh, by the way, the restaurant will also launch a themed set menu of A Song of Ice and Fire, but I personally don’t think it tastes good (hey), you can try it if you are interested. I won’t say any more, if you say anything else, the Fire Elemental Spirit Chef will hit me hahaha, just kidding, they dare not hit me.

This issue also published another work of Hans Christian Andersen everyone, “The Red Dancing Shoes”, this fairy tale is a bit horrible, I hope you will not have nightmares after reading it. In addition, readers have contributed “The Demon and the Warrior”. Um… This tells a beautiful story of homosexual love, “The Story of the Demon King and the Paladin”. I am not good to comment on this article, but the writing is good.

In addition, the magazine has opened a new column “Those Things in the Magazine”, a Q version of comics written by the artist Xiao Ai of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, which records some interesting things in the daily life of everyone together.

By the way, Baron Baker always thought his Q (chibi) version image was too cute, so he grumbled at me for several days. And after seeing his Q version image, Arman almost burned Xiao Ai’s tentacles with fire… Wait, you all know that Xiao Ai is a tentacle monster, right? However, we always think that Xiao Ai is a bit selfish (…), because the Q version image she designed for herself is too loveable! After seeing her Q version image, I almost blurted out ‘I can’!

Next is our chef Xiao Huo’s own food column. This column he brought you the golden corn crisps. Just looking at the pictures, I am salivating… What about you?

There are also two full-length novels that will be serialized in the magazine soon. One is a novel by reader Eric’s “Mage’s Book of Songs”, which tells the story of a wandering mage walking on the continent, some fantasy adventures and warm stories. The other is “The Lord of Mysteries” by reader Cuttlefish That Loves Diving. This is a work full of peculiar fantasy. The author conceived a world similar to ours but completely different, full of magnificent imagination, which makes people intoxicated.

By the way, “Demon Realm Magazine” is wide open for manuscripts and drawings, so hurry up and submit your manuscripts ahhhhhh!!!”

Every issue of the magazine has such an editor’s note, the editor’s note recounts the main content of the issue, and chat with everyone, the language is witty and humorous, light-hearted. Hill hopes to bring each other closer while idolizing the entire staff, the back of those small cartoons, the magazine’s cute and hilarious daily routine, Hill feels that these are super-attractive existence.

Because of objective conditions, Hill doesn’t need to put everyone in a high position when creating an idol. He just needs to keep getting closer—after all, they are two races.

The content of the magazine is getting richer and richer. Today, nearly half of the manuscripts are contributed by readers, which reduces Hill’s labor and does not require him to hold his phone and copy like crazy.

As for too many submissions, it’s not his business, it’s Joan Baker’s job. However, Joan Baker has given up reviewing the manuscripts himself, he hired some people and let them screen the manuscripts after a test. The selected manuscripts will go through his hands and then be submitted to Hill for final review.

That “Mage’s Book of Songs” is indeed quite good. The author is a troubadour who knows small spells. He got a lot of money from this novel, so he doesn’t have to run around to make money, but he still often goes to places such as pubs, so he can get materials easily.

By the way, Joan Baker and the author signed a magic contract. The author must deliver the manuscript on time, or he will pay a heavy price. After all, it is a magic contract. Hill couldn’t help thinking, it would be great if this kind of magic contract could be made for the author he followed on Earth, haha. This is too cruel hahaha.

The sales of magazines have steadily increased, and the total sales have reached a very shocking point.

The influence of the magazine is not as explosive as the movie, its influence is more smooth and silent, and it will be more far-reaching. After all, the movie is once in a few months, but the magazine is twice a month, with periodic thought instillation, plus Hill’s claim that this is the real demon realm… so it can be imagined.

The first step of Hill’s plan has been reached.


After this issue of the magazine was released, many new topics were naturally created, and “The Evil Monarch” has naturally become a hot keyword. This so-called “Men’s Hot-Blooded Saga” has greatly aroused the interest of men. They have been watching romance movies for a long time. Although it is not bad, they always feel that something is missing.

Those short slogans also aroused a strong response.

“It looks like the protagonist is a fallen human genius!”

“Wow, did he get the inheritance of the Lich? It feels good!”

“This person has a body of a demon and a heart of a man—this sentence is so handsome.”

“Supreme Technique… I’m looking forward to it.”

“The road against the sky! It’s so handsome!”

“I want to put ‘If the sky crushes me, I will split the sky, if the earth restrains me, I will smash the earth, I am born free, who dares to be high above’ as my motto, and then my father beat me up.”

“Hahaha, if your father doesn’t beat you, your whole family will be guillotined!”

“But this sentence is so handsome, it is worthy of the arrogant evil monarch.”

Those few advertisements were a bit embarrassing in the eyes of some nobles, but after the embarrassment, they felt a kind of enthusiasm. Some people think of when they were young and frivolous, some people imagined that they also suddenly got a legacy that could kill everyone who oppressed them on top of their heads, and some people look forward to the role of beauties…

—This is the first time that the male yy cool article has shown its power in the other world.

Under such circumstances, the shooting part of “The Evil Monarch” in the human world has been completed, and the next step is to go to the demon realm.

At this moment, something happened to Princess Delia.

—Emperor Magnolia did not allow Princess Delia to go to the demon realm to shoot.

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