Chapter 70.2 – Tomorrow is coming

By copying a sentence from the east, adding a little bit of the essence of the copywriting from the previous life, Hill came up with this advertisement. He read it several times and felt quite satisfied.

Speaking of the protagonist who is both righteous and evil, Hill instantly thinks of “Zhu Xian”. He feels “Zhu Xian” can also be on the agenda. “Zhu Xian” is the first online novel that Hill read, and at the time Hill couldn’t stop reading it.

Then Hill made the poster. The main poster was one of those orthodox group photos.

Of course, Theodore occupies the C position since he is the protagonist. Under the effects of light and shadow + edits, his face is handsome and cold, and the bone ring on his hand emits a blue light, and the light spreads into a huge phantom behind him—That is Lich Aligeli, Theodore’s accompanying grandfather; next to Theodore are four important female characters, Olivia who plays the cousin, Delia Lewis who plays the princess, and also the two demons, one is the loyal maid, and one is the cold but beautiful genius female mage… That said, there are really a lot of these female characters in the male yy literature.

Behind these most important characters, Hill casually stuffed other male characters (hey!), and then made some white and blue lightning bolts up, forming a kind of lightning dazzling special effects—well, people in the other world haven’t seen this before, so it just feels cool for now.

Well, the group photo is done.

The next step is the individual poster.

Hill gave Princess Delia the role of a princess taking on important responsibilities from an early age. Because the king has no children, the princess always pretends to be a man, and trains her as the next king… So old-fashioned, alas, but humans in the other world should find it very strange.

As Hill combed through the plot, he felt so old-fashioned.

Speaking of him, he once read a novel saying that the heroine’s period came when she was disguised as a man and was getting along with the protagonist. The heroine was very panicked at the time and suddenly got an idea. She forced the period blood up with internal force and spat it out with her mouth, pretending she was injured.

Hill was frightened after seeing it.

I read few books but don’t lie to me!!!

This is really too strange!!!

After many years, when Hill thinks of this plot, he still sighs…

…Anyway, the princess played by Delia is quite proficient in national affairs, and full of majesty, very much like Mary Su’s smart beauty. This photo was when she met Theodore, showing her lively and pure girlish heart… Hill didn’t know how she did it. Anyway, many male yy novels have this type, and many men think this is a refreshing point. Okay, let’s do it.

The final ending of the movie is that Theodore has reached the pinnacle of his life in the plot of constant face-slaps + flirting with the beauties. When he was scolded by the righteous sects, he directly solved a thousand-year-old dragon that was a great threat to mankind. The demon dragon Gormond made a cameo, and this time, he directly turned himself into a complete villain. Suddenly, he was saved by the person he scolded. Of course, everyone looked at each other. Then Theodore stood in front of the crowd and made a speech about righteousness and evil, about bondage and freedom, and then walked away. Whether he was good or evil, let the future generations judge.

Then his confidantes, the princess finally became the queen, and often miss Theodore, the genius female mage finally became the most respected great magister, the cousin became the ruler of the dark world, and the maid became the top business woman… Of course, this was all with Theodore’s intervention and help.

After studying the script carefully, Princess Delia asked Hill: “Your Royal Highness Grindelwald, shouldn’t Theodore be with any of them in the end?”

“Yeah.” Hill nodded. “Theodore was later called the Evil Monarch. He is free by nature, so he won’t be bound by anything.” In addition, Hill felt that if the protagonist really took all the girls or had someone with someone, it will let down other people together. Hill thinks that this movie is also low from beginning to end, so there must be some redeeming features, right?

“But the queen should be in control of everything herself,” Princess Delia said. Princess Delia sometimes exudes a royal aura.

“That princess wasn’t strong enough at the time. If she was strong enough, she could keep the protagonist in advance.” Hill said casually, “It’s okay to imprison play or something.”

Princess Delia thoughtfully: “So that’s it, I understand… Thank you, Your Royal Highness Grindelwald.”

Hill suddenly reacted, and he coughed dryly: “No thanks, of course, being happy is the most important thing…”

He felt as if he had done something sorry for the little reporter, or else he should turn around and remind the little reporter to be careful that maybe he will suddenly get beaten and dragged away for a prison play… But seeing Theodore’s look like he was eager to be played in various ways…

Earlier, Joan Baker asked Theodore, why are you so obsessed with her when the princess even used you to test poison? Theodore replied: This means that Delia is a qualified princess. This cold side of her has more charm~

…Okay, in a sense, it does make sense.

On the other hand, the costumes of the movie are designed by Hill, combining the costumes of fantasy dramas on Earth and the costume styles of this world. It does not consider practicality, but only considers good appearance (…).

The posters of each person look cooler than the other, and the other is more non-mainstream. Even the most imaginative warrior cannot tell what kind of protective effect Theodore’s last set of decorative and deliberate exposed chest armor can play. Anyway, art is more important than life. It’s enough to say that this is magic equipment. After all, for movies, good appearance is the main thing.

Posters, advertising slogans, and tickets for the premiere movie presented by the lottery… Hill believed that when this issue of the magazine was released, “The Evil Monarch” would definitely attract a lot of people’s attention. Then Hill thought for a while and wrote a one-sentence introduction: This is a hot-blooded saga belonging to men.

Speaking of that saga, an advertisement for “If you’re a little brother, come and chop me” appeared in his mind… Speaking of which, he couldn’t figure out what this advertisement was trying to say.

Hill closed the notebook, and it was close to dawn outside the window.

He opened the window and saw the death knight Monroe sitting on the window sill outside.

“You’re back,” Hill said.

“Yeah.” Monroe nodded.

Monroe came back in the second half of the night. He didn’t notify anyone, nor did he come in to disturb Hill. Instead, he sat in front of his window and looked at the moon. Death knights didn’t need to sleep, Hill didn’t know whether it was a curse or a blessing. If it’s on Earth, Hill thinks it’s pretty good. You can have a lot of time to study, work and play, but at the same time, Hill also knows that this kind of thinking is too simple.

“Have you been to Magnolia City before?” Hill asked, he could see the nostalgia in Monroe’s eyes.

“Been here,” Monroe replied, his expression quite serene at the moment. Hill could not see but could feel it from the aura around his body.

Monroe was sitting on the window sill of the villa. He was wearing a linen robe. His posture was very casual and free. His legs were hanging in the air. To be honest, this posture was a bit dangerous. Hill was standing in front of the window. He could only see Monroe’s back. If he stretched his neck, he could see Monroe’s side.

The two of them kept this attitude and watched the night together for a while.

The atmosphere is good.

“Presumably, the mood at this time is completely different than it was then,” Hill tried to expand the topic.

“I had a heart then, but now I don’t,” Monroe replied.

“Then what’s in your chest?” Hill asked casually.

Monroe thought for a while and replied, “Hate… Hate and desire.”

It was the darkest time at this time. The moonlight had dimmed, but the sun had not yet appeared. Hill watched Monroe’s back in the shadowy darkness for a while, and then he shook his head, “Whenever I mistakenly thought it would be nice to live peacefully and happily, you always give me a blow to the head.”

Monroe seemed to smile, “Should I be sorry? Hill.”

“Not really,” Hill said with a sigh. “You are right… Of course, it is impossible to keep developing peacefully.”

Sooner or later the church will notice, and sooner or later it will take action. Sooner or later, the shopping mall will encounter difficulties.

And even that, war will also eventually break out.

These, Hill all understand.

But before that, invade the minds of as many people as you can.

The demon realm currently has no army, cultural invasion is its best means.

“How is Teresa?” Hill asked.

“Showed “Natsume’s Book of Friends” to his father,” Monroe said.

“I remember his father is a big man in the Church of Light?” Hill asked.

“Yes,” Monroe said.

Hill became curious: “And the result?”

“Same as everyone else.” Monroe shrugged, “But that old gentleman almost committed suicide because his faith was shaken.”

“Pfft cough… That’s a big sin.” Hill almost sputtered.

In “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, there are not only demons, but also evil gods (that is, the land gods), and the anime conveys an idea of equality. So, it is no wonder that the old gentleman almost committed suicide.

All of Hill’s current film and television works are used to put eye drops on the Church of Light. This is especially true for “The Evil Monarch”.

Break the shackles, pursue freedom, the lich inheritance, defy the church, the evil monarch…

Hill once again surrendered his gaze to the misty night.

Tomorrow is coming.

This issue of the magazine is about to be released.

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