Chapter 29 – We have to raise him like a child

Lin An.

Whenever Wen Yu muttered this name silently, his heart would always surge with warmth. In addition, Ying Chen said that he died to save himself. Let him pay more attention to the memory of Lin An.

And now, has Lin An’s soul actually been found?

Ying Chen stared at him, convinced: “It’s him. The soul that I helped you find for so many years was not found, but it was reborn as this woman’s child.”

Wen Yu asked anxiously: “What should we do now? Can we still save him?”

Ying Chen nodded: “Lin An’s soul is still in the woman’s belly. When she dissipates, Lin An’s soul will be stripped out and put into his original body. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

Ying Chen: “It’s fine if he has memories of his previous life, if he doesn’t have it like you. Then we have to raise him like a child, from age zero to adulthood.”

Wen Yu was taken aback, and said, “As long as you can save him, anything is fine.”

Thinking about this again, he needs Ying Chen’s help in this matter.

Moreover, because Ying Chen agreed to his last life’s request to save Lin An, he maintained Lin An’s body for more than a thousand years. No matter how powerful the gods and demons are, they need to pay a lot of energy for this.

He raised his eyes to Ying Chen, and said softly: “Please.”

Ying Chen’s gloomy eyes were stained with a slight smile, and he raised his hand and rubbed the teenager’s head.

The process of extracting the memory of the woman’s resentful spirit is a very simple matter for Ying Chen.

On the invisible screen in front of him, Wen Yu saw the warm afternoon scene of a woman wearing a white dress busy in the kitchen.

The bulging abdomen made her movements seem a bit cumbersome. But her complexion was excellent and her face was happy.

From time to time, she seemed to be unable to find anything, she walked to the living room and picked up the white landline phone, stroking her belly.

“Husband, the custard powder I bought—where did you put it for me?”

On the other side of the phone, a man’s voice rang: “Didn’t I tell you, in the glass jar in the second compartment of the cabinet.”

The woman held her swollen belly with one hand, and said with a smile: “You haven’t heard of it? Pregnancy will make you silly for three years, I have always forgotten things recently.”

Man: “What do you do with custard powder?”

Woman: “Dim sum. I have learned a few more dim sum recipes, I will make them for you when you come back.”

After the man said a few more words on the other end, the woman hung up the phone in a good mood.

Humming, she turned briskly and walked again to the kitchen, where she found a glass jar containing a yellowish powder in the cupboard the man had mentioned.

Twisting off the lid, the woman barely made sure to scoop two spoonfuls directly into the pot with a spoon.

Fast forward, the woman put on heat-resistant gloves and took out the steaming snack from the oven.

“The appearance is pretty good, but I don’t have a mobile phone to take pictures for my husband to see.”

She couldn’t wait to pinch one up, blowing on it as she sent it to her mouth, and because it was too hot, she also grabbed a glass of cold water and poured it into her mouth, swallowing it along with the bite of the snack.

“The taste is a bit different, maybe it’s the custard powder?”

The woman sniffed the half-bitten snack in confusion, and tentatively stuffed the remaining half into her mouth to taste: “Forget it, the taste is okay.”

She picked up another piece happily and ate it tastefully while blowing her breath, rubbing her swollen abdomen, and said: “Baby, you will come out soon to meet your mom and dad. Mommy needs to eat more to have more strength when you’re born.”

The scene suddenly shifted and the woman collapsed in a heap in front of the telephone in the living room.

She was suffocating and panting with her mouth open, and dense rashes appeared on her face and arm holding the phone.

A beeping busy tone came from the other end of the phone. The woman covered her stomach and let out a hoarse pleading voice like holding her breath: “Husband, pick up the phone, pick up the phone, our baby can’t have an accident.”

However, the phone was called again and again, but the man never answered it.

It seemed that the woman finally thought that she should not find her husband at this time, but should call the emergency.

It’s just that she was panting until she almost lost consciousness, with shaky fingers, she dialed the phone: 1, 2, her finger was placed on the 0 button, but before pressing it down, the phone dropped and the woman fell to the ground.

When Wen Yu was anxious to see what the woman was like, his eyes suddenly went dark, Ying Chen took him in his arms, and covered his eyes with one hand: “I shouldn’t let you see this part.”

That is, the woman is dead.

A life just disappeared, leaving only a grieving soul stuck in this world in pain.

Wen Yu felt his heart stuffy: “Did you find the address of that man?”

“Wait, soon.”

In the darkness, Wen Yu leaned against Ying Chen’s chest and heard him say these two words.

The mellow, slow, and deep voice echoed in his chest.

“Found it. He lives in a community not far from here.” When Ying Chen let go of Wen Yu’s eyes, he also turned off the revolving lantern of the memory of the resentful spirit.

“How do you send the resentful spirit to that man?”

“So anxious to see the bad guy receive his punishment?” Ying Chen naturally squeezed the teenager’s face: “Don’t worry, I’ll send it to him in the evening.”

Wen Yu knocked off that hand: “I want to go too.”


At night, two people walk hand in hand through the bustling streets of the night. The teenager was wearing loose, short-sleeved shirt and jeans, and his figure was still slim between adult and minor.

Ying Chen was tall and lean, dressed in an ironed black shirt and trousers.

The two handsome men walking together like this will attract everyone’s curious eyes no matter where they look.

Wen Yu looked at the people coming and going around, slightly worried: “Can others really not see us?”

“Why don’t you try?”

Ying Chen took him to a small candied haws shop on the street, stretched out his hand on the counter with a bunch of attractive color candied haws, took one out and handed it to Wen Yu, “Eat it.”

The uncle who was selling the candied haws greeted the guests with a smile. Some of the guests were choosing and some were paying.

No one found Ying Chen doing such a thing.

Wen Yu speechlessly looked at the candied haws stuffed by Ying Chen, and seriously warned him: “Aren’t you paying?”

“So serious.”

Ying Chen laughed. He couldn’t help squeezing his wrinkled face again, then took out his mobile phone from his pocket, scanned the QR code on the front of the store, and paid the bill.

The action is so skilled as if he often shopped for things.

Wen Yu: “You can even use this, you are very well adapted to modern life.”

Ying Chen held the phone and shook it in front of him: “You say this? I just learned it, thinking that I will also take you out for a stroll in the future.”

“I know you like such a lively street market. In the previous life, I was often pulled out by you to stroll around.”

In the last life, he took the initiative to do so many things.

The young man felt guilty again, leaving Ying Chen looking at him, took a bite with the bunch of candied haws.

The last time he ate candied haws was when his grandfather bought it for him as a child when he was alive.

So many years have passed, he only remembered that hawthorn is very sour. Every time when grandpa was not paying attention, he would spit out the hawthorn fruit and only eat that layer of sugar coating.

Now it’s sweet and sour, sticky, but there is a special taste that people like.

Out of thin air, Ying Chen suddenly put out a double sofa chair horizontally, and asked him: “Are you tired? Sit down and finish eating before going shopping.”


Doubts arose in Wen Yu’s heart: “Aren’t we here to do business?”

Ying Chen: “I sent a lot of things to track down that man. He is on his way home from the company. Wait for a while and he will drive to this intersection.”

You better not lie to me.

Wen Yu snorted in his heart, sitting on the sofa looking at the lively market, biting the candied haws.

However, in order to be able to stay invisible in the market like Ying Chen, he can only hold Ying Chen’s hand and borrow his mana.

The two-seater sofa chair is not big, the two sit together, shoulder to shoulder. Both can feel each other’s body temperature and touch.

It’s just as comfortable as being on your own terrace. If the mana dissipates and they are seen by people on the street, how strange will they look at them.

Wen Yu bit the candied haws, thinking.

There was also a cold drink shop not far away, and Ying Chen suddenly asked him: “Would you like to drink smoothies? I’ll go buy you a cup.”

“Then what about me?” What to do?

Wen Yu dared not let go of his hand.

Ying Chen took his hand and dropped a kiss on the back of his hand. The soft lips kissed the back of the teenager’s hand like sucking, dropping his faint fragrance.

“In this way, others won’t see you for the time being.”

Wen Yu: …

Ying Chen’s movements are extremely natural, whether it’s pinching his face or pulling his hand, or kissing rashly now, they are all smooth, skillful, and natural.

As if they are in this intimate relationship.

Before Wen Yu had time to get angry, Ying Chen let go of his hand and suddenly disappeared.

Looking up again, the tall Ying Chen walked into the cold drink shop with his slender legs.

Smoothies need to be ordered before they can be bought. Ying Chen can’t just take them away and pay by scanning the code.

But he stood at the counter and said something to the ladies.

Almost all the people passing by in and outside the store are watching him.

Ying Chen is very tall, his facial features are handsome with ancient style.

A solemn black suit and a cold look when not smiling can indeed attract the curiosity of young human beings, and their pursuit of seeing beautiful things.

The sharp and competent sales clerk sister in the store was explaining something to him with a restrained expression.

The girls around and the customers were secretly taking pictures of him with their mobile phones.

Wen Yu looked far away, bit the last hawthorn, and threw away the bamboo stick in his hand.

When Ying Chen came back, he held a glass of smoothie in his hand and also took a piece of ice cream.

He seemed very happy: “The clerk said I won the prize, buy one and get one free. It turns out that human service is so good. Come on, I’ll give it all to you.”

He offered them with both hands and handed them to Wen Yu.

But Wen Yu turned his head away and said sullenly, “No, I don’t want to eat anymore.”

Ying Chen was taken aback, looking at the young man with a confused expression.

Wen Yu: “It’s too cold.”

In Ying Chen’s solemn expression, there was a trace of uncertainty.

He immediately put down the smoothie cup and sat next to the boy, raised his hand to hook the strands of hair around the boy’s ear, and asked in a low voice: “Why are you angry?”

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