Chapter 28 – Lin An, who died to save you in the previous life

Ever since he saw something unspeakable happened between him and Ying Chen in his memory, Wen Yu’s fear of Ying Chen gradually dissipated.

But standing in front of this man makes him inexplicably nervous and he always wants to look strong, so he beckoned to him and said: “I want to see the spirit. It’s about to wake up.”

Ying Chen is happy to be called by him: “How do you want to see?”

The meaning seems to be asking: Want me to kiss you? Or do you want me to hold your hand?

Wen Yu: “Don’t move, I will put my hand on you.”

In this way, if he takes the initiative to move his own hands, Ying Chen won’t touch him again.

Ying Chen was even happier, looking down at the teenager’s eyes with a deeper smile: “Okay.”

Wen Yu ignored the gaze looking deeply at him, pulled the man to the desk by his sleeves, and sat side by side with him.

The left hand with the bracelet, gently rested on the cool arm of Ying Chen on the table.

Sure enough, just touching Ying Chen was like turning on a switch, the barrier in front of him disappeared, and he could see the floating spirit in the bottle again.

Just for some reason, the evil spirit seems to be active but it never wakes up.

After a long time, Wen Yu, who had placed his hand on Ying Chen’s arm, was very embarrassed.

After hesitating a few times, he withdrew his hand, took out a set from the table and opened it, and said, “When she wakes up, you call me.”


Ying Chen’s gaze fell on the test questions opened by the teenager as his hand left, and never left.

He looked at the hand of the young man holding the pen, and watched the silver nib write a series of symbols and numbers on the test paper. It’s like watching extremely interesting things, and he doesn’t get bored with it.

But Wen Yu was upset with this undisguised sight, and couldn’t concentrate on doing the problem.

He couldn’t bear it and asked, “Do you understand human physics?”

Ying Chen was a little stunned by his question, and then pointed to a big question and said: “Here, it will be easier for you to change the formula.”

Then, he took the pen from the teenager’s hand and scribbled a physics formula full of symbols on the paper.

Then he talked about another problem-solving method, which also made Wen Yu, who had been thinking hard for a long time and couldn’t answer it, suddenly enlightened.

At the same time, he was speechless: Why would a supernatural beast whose existence is unscientific, understand human scientific knowledge?

Wen Yu took back his pen: “Go away, I will do it myself.”

Ying Chen smiled, raised his hand, and squeezed his reddish face: “Look, it’s already awake.”

“Huh, really?”

Wen Yu looked at the water bottle.

Sure enough, in the bottle with the yellow talisman, the misty spirit gradually took on a human form. As Huang He said, it was a pregnant woman.

When Wen Yu stretched out his hand to uncover the yellow symbol on the bottle, Ying Chen, who was rubbing his face with his finger, suddenly retracted his hand.

For an instant, he couldn’t see anything.

The bottle in his hand is empty again.

Wen Yu raised his eyebrows: “You!”

Ying Chen smiled and asked, “What do you want?”

Still asking when you already know the answer, Wen Yu looked at him blankly.

He pulled up his hand and put it on his leg, and then pulled off the yellow talisman on the bottle.

In an instant, the evil spirit suddenly gushed out with cold air, floating in the air and gradually turning into a woman, standing not far away from them.

When he was in that house, Wen Yu was still nervous when he felt such a heavy yin energy.

But now, there is no fear at all.

Probably because Ying Chen is there.

He saw that Ying Chen only slightly raised his eyes and faintly glanced at the evil spirits.

Probably they are the kind of species that can automatically identify each other’s rank.

The evil spirit’s heavy yin energy disappeared suddenly, her eyes looked at Ying Chen in horror, and her whole body trembled and dared not move.

Finally, she looked at Wen Yu as if asking for help: “Please, listen to me first, and then disperse me.”

For Wen Yu, once he sees the true state of evil spirits, he is the same as seeing people with flesh and blood, and he will inevitably feel emotions.

That’s why he helped that remnant spirit on campus to naturally transcend.

Standing in front of her was a woman in her twenties, wearing a loose white dress.

She has long hair without makeup and a raised abdomen. She is a pregnant woman who is about to give birth.

Wen Yu’s tone softened, “Don’t be afraid, what do you want to say?”

“I was killed! It was my husband who killed me and also our baby!”

“He had a mistress during my pregnancy. He didn’t want me and didn’t want the child in my womb anymore.”

The obsession of evil spirits staying in this world makes it difficult for them to control their emotions.

Therefore, once the woman’s resentment is aroused, she immediately becomes sorrowful and angry, and she accuses with an ugly face.

Wen Yu steadied him: “Don’t worry, speak slowly.”

The woman tried to calm herself, restrained her body from shaking with anger, and said: “My child is more than 8 months old. The doctor said I can give birth and I will welcome my child soon.”

“I was killed by that man deliberately. I hate him, I want him to die! Let him pay for my life and the baby’s!”

Resentment is also the most real emotion, so evil spirits will not lie.

But Wen Yu understands that he can’t kill someone for her just to help the evil spirit.

“How did he kill you?” Wen Yu asked calmly: “If you have evidence, I can testify against him for you.”


The woman smiled sorrowfully: “He used the excuse of letting me nurse the fetus and persuaded me to live in that house alone. He also said that playing with a mobile phone is not good for the fetus. He deliberately confiscated my mobile phone and unplugged the home network cable.”

“I thought he was loving and caring for me and our child, but in fact, it was all a plot to kill me.”

“After I died, he was still crying in the outsiders pretending to be pitiful, this thing was also all over the news, he’s a murderer but he was comforted and sympathized by everyone.”

“Almost no one believes that he murdered his own wife in order to monopolize our house, get all my savings, and then be with that woman.”

The evil spirit is too excited and indignant, and only cares about grief and scolding, Wen Yu can’t get detailed clues.

After he asked the name of the woman and the man, he searched the Internet for the news three years ago and quickly tuned it out.

[Pregnant woman with allergies mistakenly ate almond powder as custard powder and developed an allergic reaction. She was transported to the hospital and died soon after. The fetus died in August. Husband rushed back to the hospital from a hundred miles away, holding the corpse in grief.]

The woman also explained: “I can’t accidentally eat it. I know that I am allergic to nuts, and I have been very careful about eating since I was a child for more than 20 years. It is impossible to have nut powder in my home.”

“That man secretly bought it. He deliberately took my mobile phone and used my account to buy almond powder online and disguised it as custard powder—put it in the cupboard and let me use it for snacks.”

“I died in vain. When my soul was floating in the air and was about to dissipate, I watched him crying and lying to others, saying that I bought it to make snacks for him.”

“That’s when I realized that it was he who killed me!”

“I hated him, why was he so vicious? The one who died in my stomach was also his child.”

She was too excited and started a new round of verbal abuse, piercing and sharp grief rushed into the room, shaking Wen Yu’s brain humming and stinging.

Ying Chen saw Wen Yu’s uncomfortable feeling, he slightly raised his hand, and the woman who was agitated and cursing immediately transformed into an ethereal spirit smoke, floating in mid-air.

The world suddenly became quiet.

Wen Yu: “What did you do to her?”

“Keep her quiet.”

Ying Chen said, seeing Wen Yu’s dissatisfaction again, the hand that was still on Wen Yu’s leg quickly rubbed it as if it were soothing, and said:

“Now that we know her grievances, there is no need to listen to her screaming, the noise will only make your brain hurt.”

Really inhumane, but he’s not a human in the first place.

Wen Yu brushed away Ying Chen’s hand: “It’s been three years since this incident. I wonder if we can find out the evidence of that man’s murder?”

Ying Chen: “You, a child, really have to take care of this?”

Wen Yu: “I don’t want to see the murderer get away with it, he should get the punishment he deserves.”

There is just no evidence.

What should he do?

The young man frowned, his handsome face was filled with distress and sadness, as if he had forgotten that he was only dispersing the evil spirit to retrieve his memory.

Finding a way to give the bad guy the punishment he deserves, just to erase the evil spirit’s grievances.

The rebirth of the soul made his character become cold, but at the bottom of his heart, his good little devil still exists.

Ying Chen raised his hand to caress the young man’s frowning eyebrows and said softly: “A scum of the earth is not worthy of you being so vexed about him. The way to punishment for the wicked is not only through human laws, there are many ways to make his life worse than death.”

Wen Yu: ?!

It can’t be that Ying Chen was thinking of killing that man, right?!

Ying Chen looked at the spirit floating in the air, and said in a lazy tone and briskly: “Since she resents him so much, I can send her to the man and let her solve it herself.”

He also asked Wen Yu: “How about this method?”

Wen Yu: …

He thought about the grieving screams of the evil spirit in the room just now, and suddenly began to sympathize with the murderer.

“Where is it? We don’t know where that man’s home is?”

Ying Chen pointed at the evil spirit floating in the air indifferently, and said, “Simply, by extracting her memories from her lifetime, you can find all the information about that man.”

With that, Ying Chen hooked his finger, and the spirit floating in the air trembled suddenly and released light.

Then a screen appeared in front of the two of them, and it began to show the memory of the woman before her death like a revolving lantern.

Wen Yu was surprised by the sight in front of him. When he was about to take a closer look, Ying Chen suddenly said anxiously: “Wait! The soul of the fetus in her womb is still there. The aura is very familiar. It looks like the servant, Lin An, who died to save you in the previous life.”

Wen Yu: …

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