Sacrifice to the Devil 23

Chapter 23 – His little devil… didn’t leave him.

Wen Yu was so shocked that his nerves were numb.

At the same time, he was ashamed of seeing secret emotions hidden in his memory that he dared not let others discover, and secretly kissing Ying Chen.

Could it really be that he provoked Ying Chen first and then abandoned him?

Wen Yu’s head was buzzing, and his head was filled with Ying Chen pinching his chin that night, hating and gloomily asking him: Why did you leave?

The girl was still squatting on the ground and crying, sometimes sad and painful, sometimes weeping with joy.

Golden fragments also appeared around her, floating in the air shimmeringly, colliding with the soul of the young man, making a crisp sound that only they could hear, and then gradually dissipating.

At the same time, the memories hidden deep in the soul were stirred up, and the past was like a flood, pouring into the chaos of blank memories.

Wen Yu saw more of the past between him and Ying Chen.

He saw that a majestic hall stood in the lush forest like a fairyland.

In the main hall, he hugged Ying Chen cautiously and shyly, his face flushed, and his eyes were filled with unspeakable longing.

Ying Chen kissed the corner of his eye and called him: little devil.

The mellow, husky voice was laced with pity and desire.

However, he took the initiative to pull Ying Chen’s collar and kissed the man’s lips heavily.

The incense and green smoke from the incense burner surrounded the surroundings, and the two bodies rolled on the heavy floor and entangled each other, and his crying voice echoed in the empty and solemn hall.

Huang He looked at the soul fragments rising around him with excitement, and pressed his voice to remind Wen Yu: “See, this is the natural transcendence! But it’s not enough, the girl’s soul hasn’t been satisfied to the fullest, you quickly take her to walk around the campus. Eh, what’s wrong with you? Why are you blushing?”

“Huh? I, I’m fine.”

Wen Yu was awakened by Huang He from his colorful memory.

His face was so hot that it burned his hands, like being afraid of finding out the same kind of thing as in the memory. He hurriedly put aside his eyes and said to the girl: “Go, I’ll take you somewhere else.”

“Um. Thank you.”

The girl took the corner of Wen Yu’s clothes and walked, watching around as if her eyes were not enough:

“The row of trees in front of the playground was only planted when I was in the first year of high school. Now they are so luxuriant. It’s great.”

“Is that dormitory building just built? We didn’t have it at the time.”

“The red slogan on the wall has faded. When I first wrote it, I told my classmates that it was embarrassing hahaha”

The girl kept talking, recalling the appearance of the campus in the past, sometimes excited and sometimes sad.

More and more fragments rose up beside her, floated around, and fell on the ground, forming a dazzling golden band of light.

And Wen Yu, who was led by the corner of his clothes, had the dusty memories sealed in the depths of his soul uncovered little by little.

Let him know that Ying Chen walked out of the hall for him and stepped into the mortal world. Prepared exquisite food and luxurious clothes for him. And for him, he broke the commandments to kill the people who bullied him.

Ying Chen in the memory smiled like the cold moon, beautiful enough to make his heart race.

He was the one who fell in love with Ying Chen first.

“I want to go to the classroom. Okay?”

The girl’s crisp voice interrupted Wen Yu’s memory again.

Huang He was also anxiously urging Wen Yu: “Quickly, promise her. She will be complete soon.”

It turns out that the girl has become ethereal and transparent, her whole body was full of golden lights like she will vanish at any time.

On the contrary, Wen Yu hoped to extend the time, he also wanted to remember more.

Especially why he left Ying Chen.

The classroom was empty on the weekend, so Wen Yu came in with Huang He and the girl who was about to disappear without being noticed by others.

The girl sat on Wen Yu’s seat and couldn’t wait to flip through the books and papers on his desk.

“These are the scope of your exam? This question is too difficult. It is much more difficult than we did at the time.”

“We worked hard enough at the time. I didn’t expect you to work harder now.”

He also corrected Wen Yu’s wrong answer and said, “Ah, you chose C for this question. I think you should choose A. Did you make a mistake?”

Wen Yu looked at it and didn’t say a word, but instead turned to the girl to show the correct answer.

Sure enough, it was C.

The girl blushed instantly and lay down on the table in frustration, muttering: “It’s too difficult. It’s better to die than let me do this problem.”

Her voice just fell and a large golden light flashed like a meteor shower and fell instantly.

Then the girl disappeared.

Huang He took a deep breath and said joyfully: “See, this is natural transcendence. We call it helping the spirit for happiness. Not only to help remnant spirit fulfill their last wish, but our cultivation level can also be improved. How about you, how about you?”

“I’m fine.”

The pouring memories were also closed, and Wen Yu fell into the blank of memories again.

The memories he saw made him ashamed, guilty, and faint heartache for some reason.

Unfortunately, he still doesn’t know why he left Ying Chen.


The underworld was full of sullenness, and the souls from all walks of life screamed and pierced the ears.

Ying Chen sat here turning a deaf ear to these things, and the book of life and death was stacked high beside his hand.

The judge sitting next to him advised him, “There are tens of thousands of living souls in here, you just can’t finish reading them for years.

“Don’t care about this for a while, why don’t you take a break? Forcibly gathering the vanished souls together and extracting their memories, even you, your body can’t take it after a long time.”

Ying Chen raised his eyes and motioned for him to be quiet.

The judge sighed helplessly and had to give up. After finding the name of a creature at that time for him, he handed it to him.

Ying Chen gathered the souls of the creatures from the black and white letters, and the form slowly appeared before his eyes.

It’s a rabbit.

He remembered that this rabbit was raised by that little devil. But then he escaped from the cage and ran away.

The little devil asked himself sadly: “Is the nest I made for it uncomfortable? Why did it run away?”

When he wanted to help him find it, the little devil said, “Forget it, since it wants to leave, there must be a reason for it to leave. If I find it again, I won’t be able to raise it.”

Ying Chen smiled bitterly: “Yeah, there is always a reason to leave. I can’t raise you if I find you again.”

Suddenly he threw aside the life and death book, and said solemnly: “Forget it, let him go.”

Between his eyebrows were heavy shadows that could not be dissolved.

“Don’t throw away my book, there are all souls on it.”

The judge hurriedly picked up the life and death book that had fallen on the ground and cherishingly smoothed it with his hand.

Then he found something strange about the life and death book: “Hey! No. This rabbit originally only had a lifespan of five years, but it lived for more than five hundred years, what’s the matter?

“If something goes wrong, there must be a demon, I have to find out what the reason is.”

The judge urgently checked.

Ying Chen did not care about the lifespan of a rabbit, his face was heavier with weariness, one hand rubbing the wrinkled brow.

“Ch! So, this beast ate the snow spirit grass and became a demon directly, no wonder it can live so long.”

The judge quickly found out the reason, and then thought of something else and asked Ying Chen: “When you suffered from a heart demon, didn’t you need to eat snow spirit grass to purify it. This beast stole it from you, right?”

Ying Chen was taken aback: “No, that’s not right, it had already run away long ago at that time.”

He thought of something, his tired eyes suddenly widened, and said, “Give it to me, I’ll look at it again.”

Gathered the rabbit’s soul again and read its memory.

The rabbit’s perspective is low and narrow, mostly walking and running in the grass, extremely boring.

It’s just that suddenly it seemed to have discovered something, leaning in the grass and moving forward a little bit excitedly.

It didn’t stop until it reached a shining white flower.

“Don’t touch it, that is Ying Chen’s medicine,” an extremely faint voice came from the rabbit’s memory.

It’s the voice of the little devil!

Ying Chen sat up suddenly.

That white flower is Snow Spirit Grass.

He had never told Wen Yu that this herb was his medicine, why would Wen Yu know that it was his medicine.

Who told him?

Where is he? What’s wrong with him? Why is his voice so weak?

Ying Chen stared in surprise, reading the rabbit’s memory very nervously for fear of missing something.

It’s a pity that there are only fallen leaves in the rabbit’s sight, and he can’t see anything.

Moreover, the rabbit jumped a few meters away from the sound, and then looked at the speaker vigilantly.

For a long time, for a very long time, Wen Yu’s voice never came. Only then did the rabbit move a little and crawl to the snow spirit grass again.

And Ying Chen finally saw Wen Yu from its sight.

His pupils suddenly dilated.

He saw that his little devil was lying in the rocks and grass covered in blood, with a bamboo frame on his thin shoulders, his limbs broken, and his pupils lax.

Ying Chen’s heart was hit by a huge boulder, painfully tearing and crushing him.

His little devil… didn’t leave him.

He was probably picking medicinal materials for him during the period when he was suffering from a heart demon and fell off the cliff.

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