Chapter 44 – Abduct fire elemental spirits

Later, when various systems in the lower realm were established, and all races were taught in accordance with their aptitude. Succubus students opened the employment guide and saw two powerful words written on it: Animal Husbandry.

Employment Guide Written by: Windy

Succubus: ???

The succubus before: I charmed two humans today, the Demon King will definitely praise me.

The succubus now: Today, three pigs mated again. The Demon King will definitely praise me.

Is this the loss of humanity or the loss of morality?

The Demon King said seriously: This is scientific progress.

On the other hand, Irvine’s process of persuading the fire elemental spirits is also very smooth. At that time, when Irvine first went to the territory of the fire elemental spirits, the elemental spirits had a good attitude towards him, but when they heard that he was here to persuade everyone to join the demon king’s camp, their attitudes turned lukewarm.

Fire elemental spirits are a very special species. They have no gender and are immortal unless they want to die, they decompose all the fire elements on their bodies and spread them into the air, and that’s how they die.

If they don’t want to do a thing, no one can force them.

Of course, Irvine also understood the nature of his clan, so he didn’t force it, but just lived here and didn’t leave. Since he wanted to live here, other elemental spirits let him live, they do not have to specifically drive him away.

On the first night of staying here, Irvine baked a lemon cake and sprinkled it with icing sugar. The lemon cake is made in advance, using very fine flour and rose water, and then sweet cream, egg yolk, sugar, and an appropriate amount of cinnamon and cloves, plus a little saffron. Hill now has quite a lot of various seasonings, as Hill’s royal chef, Irvine is free to use these at will.

Irvine took the baked lemon cake from his body, and brushed the cake with a syrup made of lemon juice and honey. The delicious aroma spread directly, Irvine took a walk while savoring the lemon cake, striving to spread its aroma to every inch of the land.

Fire Elemental Spirits: …

In the morning of the second day of staying here, Irvine made himself a breakfast of bacon-roasted eel, plus a fried egg, then he chewed and swallowed these slowly and spread the smell again.

Fire Elemental Spirits: …guruguru.

When it was noon, Irvine went outside, slowly set up a simple barbecue, then put his legs under the barbecue, and let the legs produce fire. What he wants to eat at noon is roasted wild boar meat. This wild boar lives in the forest of the eighth realm of the lower realm. It is black all over. For the convenience of Hill, he called them Black Wild Boar. There is also a wild boar in the wilderness outside the forest, their teeth are long and glowing dark red, and Hill named them Bloodfang Boar.

The various characteristics of these beasts, Hill ordered the tauren Kalli and the ghost Carey to write down. The tauren Kalli was the elder of the tauren clan, and Hill let him see because the tauren was the main force of the future animal husbandry.

Ghost Carey is a newly born ghost, originally a paladin—oh yes, he was a paladin who died when the church invaded the lower realm a few months ago. He was originally an unstable soul, looking as if his soul was about to fly away, but after Monroe met him, he used magic to stabilize his body and recovered his life.

The paladin was not Monroe’s subordinate, but he respected Monroe very much. In addition, Monroe gave him a second life, so he planned to follow Monroe from now on, but Monroe asked him to come to Hill, so he also went. Carey is well-educated, so Hill intends to let him compile an encyclopedia of the properties of the lower realm, and Hill asks for someone from Binns to let them do it together. Binns’ subordinate is the main force, followed by Carey, collecting as much information as possible on the various animals and plants in the lower realm, whether it is by themselves or by asking local residents, in short, a prototype of an encyclopedia will be made within three months.

“A name is required—if it doesn’t have a name, you can pick one by yourself, an introduction, main living habits, distribution area, and a map.” Hill said, “You can use any power in the lower realm. I can give you a vial of Elder Binns’ tears after the task is done.”

The tears of the ancient ghosts are still very useful for a newborn ghost like Carey. Hill knew that.

Carey and Binns’ subordinate, Harkins, went immediately, and their efficiency was quite high. Hill went a few times in the middle of the journey and saw that they were doing a good job. This matter is mainly controlled by Carey. Although it appears that Harkins is the main force, Harkins was very at a loss after he first started this matter. So, when the human turned demon Carey mentioned some observations, Harkins asked for advice humbly. The demons don’t have so many open and secret fights, they are all based on the strong, and the ghost clan is less concerned about those.

But Carey was a little surprised. He didn’t expect the demons to talk so nicely. He was already used to humans competing for power and profit… It seemed like it was also good to become a demon, Carey thought.

The ghost clan is also a very special race. In theory, any race can become a ghost after death. Humans generally cannot, because humans are too weak and small. In fact, generally speaking, human beings becoming ghosts after death are very special situations—for example, a group of people died together and their spirits never dissipated, so a ghost was formed.

Yes, in general, ghosts are not formed by one person, but by multiple people. Therefore, the ghost’s memory is rather messy, and the memories of many people are pieced together in fragmented pieces, and it is just a memory, without emotional inheritance.

Carey’s birth was an accident.

At that time, two people in his team were possessed by angels when a demon dragon flew over and sprayed out a mouthful of dragon’s breath. Originally, two ghosts were fighting with them. This dragon’s breath came to both the friendly and enemy forces. Only the angels lived and flew to the sky to fight the dragon.

The ghosts did not die completely. Some of their breaths merged with Carey’s soul, so Carey became an incomplete ghost and retained most of his own memories, as well as a little bit of the original ghosts’ memory. But Carey felt creeped out when he remembered those memories, er, those memories were about the ghosts eating in the lower world.

Some of the things that the demons in the lower realm eat, you know…

But he was a bit like a ground-bound spirit at the time, inseparable from his corpse, he just squatted there watching his corpse decompose little by little, and then his SAN also dropped bit by bit…until Monroe, who was a death knight, appeared.

In the process of compiling the Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of the lower realm, Carey found new pleasures. It is really interesting to explore an unknown world.


On the other side, in the Abyssal Rift, Irvine cut the venison, stuffed it with mushrooms, carrots, and bacon, then coated the lamb chops with honey and cloves, and then started grilling on the fire, next to the creamy mushroom soup that was gurgling in the pot, and the freshly chilled fruit soup on the other side.

In the past few days, the psychological activities of the fire elemental spirits have changed from “What the hell is this kid doing?” → “Ah, it is a bit fragrant” → “It’s so tempting…” → “We rejected him coldly before, it seems a bit embarrassing to take the initiative to ask questions now.”

Irvine spent a long time arranging a feast, and then smilingly invited the fire elemental spirits to come to the banquet, each of the fire elemental spirits came proudly, and then Irvine said: “Originally, the Lord Demon King sent me here to find you to continue to develop in the food industry together, because looking at all the species in the lower realm, only the fire elemental spirits have the best control over flames. But it seems that everyone is not interested, so I have to go back now. But before leaving, I want to treat you all to a meal, and then we say goodbye.”

It must be said that Irvine has also learned badly from Hill over the past few months.

The fire elemental spirits moved their knives and forks.


So what if it’s a little embarrassing?! I want to eat! It’s so delicious!!! I am a fire elemental spirit! Elemental spirits have no face so we will not lose face!

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