Chapter 43 – “Lord Demon King, you really are a demon...”

“He is a Dragon” continued to be shot.

Because the beginning and the end of the movie are the same scenes, Hill put them together to shoot. After making more movies, Hill gradually gained a feel and experience, so the shooting process was faster.

However, when the dragon caught the heroine and flew away at the back of the film, a terrible NG shot appeared, that is, Gormund did not grasp the degree and directly pinched the heroine to vomit blood.

Hill: “…”

This shooting accident is also too horrible!!!

Hill immediately took back the projection stone, this probably can’t be used as a blooper, or the audience will be scared to death.

Fortunately, the heroine is a succubus. Hill thought that when filming this type of film in the future, he should look for demons, and for a completely safe film, he should look for humans…

There are not many demons who are good at healing. Hill quickly notified Doctor Tauren to come, and a paladin next to the set said: “Lord Demon King, the paladins know some healing spells. Why don’t you let me try it first?”

“Thank you.” Hill said, and he muttered in his heart, in general settings, isn’t the paladin’s healing spells harmful to the demons because the source of power is different? But he found in this world there are not many classifications of power, there is no classification of light and darkness, both demons and humans use three kinds of power, magic power, physical power, and spiritual power. Too simple.

The paladin over there quickly healed the succubus who played the heroine. Later, the succubus showed off to the other sisters that Elder Gormund had wounded her, which made the other succubus quite envious… Hill’s first reaction at that time after listening: your circle is really messy.

Now that the paladin has healed the heroine’s injury, there is no need for the tauren to come over, and the filming continues.

Hill assigned a task to the Demon Dragon Gormund, asking him to control the strength of his claws. For this reason, Hill said deeply: “Gormund, have you heard of the four realms of martial arts?”

“What’s that?” Gormund asked. He is a person from the western fantasy world, or a brainless muscular man. Naturally, he can’t understand Hill’s literary words.

“The first realm is to lift the heavy as if it was light,” Hill said.

“It means strength, right?” Gormund said.

Hill nodded, “The second realm is to lift the light as if it were heavy.”

Gormund began to fall into a daze.

But the paladins beside them all showed thoughtful expressions.

“What about the third and fourth realms?” Gormund asked.

“On the third realm, to lift light as light, and to lift heavy as heavy; on the fourth realm, neither light nor heavy,” Hill finished in one breath. Hill has also read a lot of western fantasy novels before, and there are also many knight novels, but the description of power in it is really too vague, and it is incomparable with the description of power in some Chinese martial arts novels.

The four realms he just mentioned are from Jin Yong’s novels. Although at first glance, it seems that these things are not very well mixed, but it makes sense when you think about it carefully. It would be good for Hill if Gormund can gain something from this. But now it seems like the paladins have gained a little more.


At the end of the day of filming, the crew began to eat a big meal as usual.

At present, the tauren has raised all the poultry. They have combined some of the methods provided by Hill with their past grazing methods and even came up with a magical place for incubating eggs at a constant temperature.

Hill just got the oyster sauce, an important delicious seasoning, some time ago. He asked the siren race to find a lot of edible oysters on the bottom of the endless sea, and then boiled and weighed them with water to almost the same viscosity, then filtered and concentrated them, and finally made a high-quality oyster sauce.

In addition, these oysters themselves are fresh, tasty, nutritious, and quite delicious.

After Hill personally made a batch of oyster sauce, he handed it over to the siren family. The siren family got a lot closer to Hill’s version of the Demon King during the filming of “Daughter of the Sea”. He has been handing over various things to the siren clan. Including searching for pearls, shells, and all kinds of properties. The sea is a huge treasure. Hill knew that if he wanted to revitalize the demon race, he had to start by solving the problem of food and clothing.

In addition, he also provided the siren clan with a lot of seafood recipes. The siren clan quickly replaced their original diet, and Hill also instilled in them the idea of not exhausting the fish. Of course, they can easily make changes when living in the sea. In fact, the siren clan was originally one of the richest clans of the demon race. The other demons living on the land can’t do it, Hill thought that he still had to develop the industry, agriculture, and commerce.

The tauren can continue to engage in animal raising, Hill intends to hand over the animal raising to one of the five elders, and then let a paladin assist him.

The dark elves can go to industry, and of course, the industrial system must be established. This, Hill must personally control it.

As for farming, Hill feels that any wise race can do this well. Although there is a bit of a contradiction, for example, letting vampires farm the land… But agriculture is a big foundation and it must be done.

The aquatic products are all handed over to the siren clan, so they can classify them internally.

In this way, the basic framework is established. Hill thought. Let’s tidy up after going back tonight and then call everyone over for a meeting tomorrow.


The cast and crew dinners are certainly very generous.

Hill did so for a reason.

At present, every movie involves different races. Important people of these races can feel his new ideas up close, and they can actually feel some benefits from them—such as human foods. After a few movies like this, many races will be naturalized naturally, and there is no need for Hill to do anything special.

In the middle is the crispy roasted chicken with honey sauce. The skin is golden and crispy, which is mouth-watering just looking at it. Because of Irvine’s business trip, this meal was made by the siren clan. The taste was a little worse than that of Royal Chef Irvine, but it was still quite delicious for other demons.

The method of roasting chicken with crispy honey sauce is quite complicated. Brush the chicken with olive oil and butter first, so that the chicken skin will be crispy and delicious. The specific operation may be worse, but Hill is definitely a powerful gourmet king now. Then bake in magic an hour or so, and at the same time, start to make the sauce for the grilled chicken, including apple cider vinegar, honey, and mint. The sauce is as thick and sticky as syrup, and it has a visual effect that looks delicious when it is poured on the hot roast chicken. A bite of chicken with sauce is absolutely delicious, from the taste to the texture.

In addition, this time also includes salmon fried rice. People in this world don’t eat much rice, so do humans, not to mention demons. The rice was still shipped from Josh Kenny, and Hill wanted to use this to promote it among the demons and let everyone grow rice and the like. The fried rice is fragrant and looks very good. The rice is covered with golden fried salmon meat, dotted with golden oil flowers, and there is a slice of egg cake next to it. Underneath the omelet is a layer of mushroom meat sauce, glowing red. Next to it is a bowl of seaweed and egg yolk soup. This fried rice looks familiar, just like the student fried rice set meal at the entrance of the school, Hill thought.

Although it looks like a student set meal (and in fact, Hill did imitate that one), it tastes quite good. The rice is mixed with fresh gravy and mixed together in one bite, and Hill feels the taste of home. The delicious taste exploded in the taste buds and the salivary glands could not help but secrete more saliva.

Drinks include modified apple cider vinegar and some freshly squeezed juices. Apple cider vinegar has a long history, and this is no exception in another world. After Hill’s improvement, the apple cider vinegar has a softer taste, fruity, sweet and sour, and quite refreshing.

The succubi were eating and chatting. Hill thought about it and said, “I plan to promote rice cultivation in the lower realm. The rice you eat now is rice.” Of course, wheat will also be grown on a large scale. Hill also wants to promote other crops more or less, but what to introduce has to be studied carefully.

And besides, he doesn’t know if these crops will survive in the lower realm… but Hill doesn’t think the problem is big, after all, so many of the poultry have survived. Hill has always felt that plants are much stronger than animals.

“Let us cultivate?” The elder of the succubus clan blinked and said, “the talent of succubus is not this.”

“But the succubus clan also wants to eat,” Hill said with inspiration. “You can lure all kinds of species, does that include animals?”

“Yes,” said the succubus elder, “animals are better to lure than intelligent races.”

Hill pondered for a moment and blurted out, “Then can you make poultry and pigs, sheep and cattle, these domestic animals quickly in heat, so as to speed up their reproduction.”

Succubus elder: “…”

All the succubus present: ???

A paladin next to him spoke the heart of the crowd: “Lord Demon King, you really are a demon…”

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1st realm, to lift the heavy as if it was light – carry heavy tasks or solve difficult problems with ease

2nd realm, to lift the light as if it were heavy – do simple things/tasks seriously

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