Chapter 40 – The filming of ‘He is a Dragon’ begins

“Where the fire burns the heart,

Where my secrets are hidden deep,

Where the shadows pursue,

My story begins there.”

The storyline of “He is a Dragon” is very simple. It is about a town where the dragon clan disappeared decades ago. The daughter of the duke, who was the heroine, was taken to a deserted island by a newly grown dragon when she was about to marry. Trying to survive on the deserted island while trying to awaken the humanity of the dragon. The end is that love conquered everything, crossed the race, and broke the taboo. Since then, the heroine and the dragon have lived a happy life.

This story is quite old-fashioned on Earth, but it is quite new in another world—everyone has heard the story of a warrior defeating an evil dragon and then marrying a princess, but here, the evil dragon actually married the princess, which is quite new. Of course, the “princess” here is a general term, as if saying: “I curse your mother” but it’s not really cursing your mother, at this time, your mother is not your mother, it is a kind of consciousness, there is more than one mother. There is no specific image, no feelings, she is nothing, just a part of you for me to insult, and there is no conflict with you being an orphan.

At the beginning of the movie “He is the Dragon”, a shadow play and real characters interspersed with each other to tell the background of the story: a long time ago, human beings selected several beautiful girls as sacrifices every year in order to avoid the harm of evil dragons. Singing “Song of Dragons” summons evil dragons. Among them, a girl’s lover left to go to the mountain to slay the dragon, he was given the title of dragon knight.

The beginning is quite charming, but the terrifying dragons that appeared at the end of the beginning have turned that beauty into something creepy. Hill deliberately changed that scene so that Gormund also appeared very beautiful—he didn’t let him come out directly, but let the camera pass over his open wings, and then the girls tied to the boat closed their eyes, tears dripping down.

Afterwards, Hill looked at the effect and felt that the dragon’s sense of horror was reduced.

However, it is worth mentioning that the human girls who walked through the scene and were tied to be sacrificed to the dragon were played by succubus, so this scene was shot more than once. Because after the succubus heard that this scene meant that they were going to be sacrificed to a demon dragon as a bride, they were all excited. Hill asked them to make pale and terrified expressions, and they were quite puzzled—isn’t it a dream come true to be a bride of Lord Gormund?

Hill had to explain: “In the plot, humans and demon dragons are two races.”

“The succubus and the demon dragon are also two races,” the succubus said.

Hmm… This is the so-called cultural difference… Hill thought so, and then he continued: “And because the dragon clan… is very powerful and will not pity you like a human husband, just use you as a fertility tool, so you will die soon.”

“It’s okay!” The succubus was even more enthusiastic: “It’s worth sleeping until Lord Gormund is dead.”

“It’s better to die in bed.”

“No, it’s also okay if not on bed, oh…”

Hill listened and felt speechless. Your speed is too fast, everyone!

Succubus… you deserve to be a succubus.

In other words, he could really consider letting the succubus go down to the sea to make a film and then give those projection stones to the nobles of various countries and even the monarchs, let them indulge in this and rot from the inside.

As for those who don’t like women, let’s shoot the male succubus. Hill thought blankly. If it doesn’t work, there are so many strange types of demons…wait what he is thinking…calm down.

In the end, Hill had to take out the majesty of the demon king, and those succubi were finally willing to take a shot properly. Hey, the majesty of the demon king is almost inferior to the temptation of the flesh, hateful, Hill thought sadly.

The filming of this scene was finally over, the shadow of Gormund’s wings was dropped to the surface of the sea, and Hill made an “OK” gesture, and everyone understood that the filming was over.

Hill brought all kinds of habits and gestures to the lower realm. The first time Hill habitually gave the Dark Elf Albrecht a gesture of OK, the elf assassin thought Hill meant to kill them all and leave only three alive (…), but as time went by, everyone learned the meaning of Hill’s various gestures.

Gormund was about to retract his wings and turn into a human body when the succubuses who were tied to the boat changed the fear on their faces, they all shouted with great excitement:

“Choose me, Lord Gormund, choose me as your bride!”

“Choose me!”

“I can do better than her!”

Gormund almost fell into the sea.

Hill took back the projection stone with a smile, well, the first blooper is here.

Before making the movie, Hill watched the movie “He is a Dragon” on his mobile phone several times. He has to admit that what a professional director filmed is much better than his previous shots. The filming technique and picture of the movie “He is a Dragon” are quite beautiful. Hill tried to reproduce it completely. There is a lens close to the flame. Hill manipulated the projection stone to shoot, and then accidentally burned out the projection stone.

The projection stone is not afraid of water and cold, but high temperature.

Hill was holding the broken projection stone a little bit wanting to cry, and then he called the almighty Ghost Binns and asked him to improve the projection stone. Binns was obsessed with papermaking. He was blowing his beard and glaring when Hill called him. Hill also felt that Binns had to get a research team. Although there were few demons who liked to do research, but after all, they were a race, so there will always be a lot of them. Thinking about this, Hill decided to establish a research institute.

Research Institute = Science and Technology Research Institute, but since it’s here, it should be called Demon Research Institute. While thinking about the marginal issues, Hill said to Binns: “All of your work as an Elder, let others do it…”

Binns was shocked, “My King, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be emotional!” He thought that the demon king was going to deprive him of his status as one of the five elders.

“It’s normal to have emotions.” Hill understood that Binns had thought wrong and said with a smile. As soon as Binns relaxed, he heard Hill continue to say: “But it’s not normal to have emotions for me.”

Binns almost vomited a mouthful of blood. Their Demon King, their Lord Demon King has become more and more terrifying.

“The reason why I let you drop your original work is because you are obviously better at doing research,” Hill said.

Binns quickly said: “I know, My King, you think those researches of mine are just me fooling around, I won’t delay my job, I promise.”

“No, I mean your research is also very important.” Hill said, “The so-called king should put the right people in the right place. You can work on your research, I grant you the power to find suitable talents throughout the lower realm to form a research institute, so that they can assist you in your research. You are still one of the five elders and your original authority remains unchanged. The funds and resources required within the scope of authority do not need to be reported to me, but outside the scope of authority will be reported to me.”

Binns froze and then showed obvious joy—even an expression of ecstasy: “Okay! My king! I will definitely do my research!”

“Don’t cry this time,” Hill joked.

“My King is so wise, all the more reason for me to feel happy, so there is no need to shed tears,” Binns said seriously, then continued, “May the gods bless you, My King.”

Hill casually smiled and said, “After being a demon for a hundred years, you still believe in this.”

“I don’t believe it very much,” said Ghost Binns, “but it’s hard to express gratitude in a better way.”

“Just do what I ask you to do.”

The wind picked up in the night, and the blood moonlight grew colder.

Hill turned around and looked at the sky in the lower realm. It had been so long since he first arrived here and he was still unaccustomed to the moonlight.

“The gods won’t bless me, I will strive to be strong,” he said.

At the same time, in the underground layer of the Blackrock Tower.

Monroe, in the middle of the altar, opened his eyes.

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