Chapter 41 – “My loyalty is to you alone, Hill.”

When Monroe woke up, the magic elements around the Blackrock Tower began to agitate. When he opened his eyes, the flames around the altar turned bright blue. The first time he breathed, the magic elements around the Blackrock Tower began to shake; the second time he breathed, a torrent of magic power formed above the Blackrock Tower; the third time he breathed, dark clouds covered the blood moon outside.

As the Demon King, Hill was naturally the first to feel the change. He speculated for a while and thought that Monroe was about to wake up, and then he told his entourage: “Call all the paladins to the Blackrock Tower, oh yes, and Goldnia, whose brother was born. Binns, let’s go and see too.”

They soon arrived at the Blackrock Tower, and the paladins were one step ahead. These paladins were excited to participate. If Hill is a Church of Light believer, he’d think that these paladins have darkness in their hearts, but Hill is the demon king, so he thought they all abandoned the dark to the light ah…no… abandoned the light to the dark.

“Go in,” Hill said, no one dared to speak first if he didn’t.

Monroe was still lying in his black armor, lying in the center of the altar, and he could be seen breathing through the helmet.

Hill whispered, “Will I disturb him if I speak now?” Of course, he asked the Death Knight Goldnia.

“No,” Goldnia said.

“Is it irreversible at this point?” Hill asked.

“Yes.” Goldnia said, “he is already a demon. Even if something goes wrong, he can become a ghost, but it may be the worst blood ghost… And in fact, in this final moment of conversion, the greater his mood swings, the more powerful his power will be. So, My King, you might as well say something that can stimulate him, which he can hear now.”

At this time, a faint black mist had been wrapped around the armor.

“So that’s it.” Hill nodded, and then he greeted the paladins next to him: “Come here, you are all his colleagues, you know him, one person should say two things that can stimulate him.”

The paladins looked at each other, their expressions were: Is this okay?

“Cursing your own boss openly and honestly, don’t miss this opportunity,” Hill continued.

“Ah…” a paladin said boldly: “Monroe, you, you demon!”

The black mist on the armor fluctuated slightly, it was barely clear to the naked eye.

Hill rolled his eyes: “Your scolding is too sonorous, right? You might as well just say that Monroe is a dead ghost. He is already a demon.”

The black mist on the armor fluctuated more.

The paladin “pfft”, slipped aside, and barely passed the test.

“Next,” Hill called.

The next paladin stepped forward, did a long period of psychological construction, and then said to Monroe: “F**k you.”

The black mist did not fluctuate.

Hill rolled his eyes again: “You paladins really don’t even know how to curse… If you go straight up to him and do the thing you just said to him, it is estimated that he will make a big mood swing.

The black mist fluctuated violently.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” The paladin was so ashamed that he wanted to hit the wall, “I am a disgrace to the paladins.”

“Forget it, next one.” Hill said.

The third paladin stepped forward. He looked at Hill helplessly, pondered for a moment, and summoned the courage to say: “Captain, in fact, I’ve been hiding from you. I have been sleeping with Teresa.”

This time, it was Hill’s turn to pfft.

The black mist on the armor fluctuated wildly.

The third paladin coughed slightly, “Is this all right? Lord Demon King.”

“Yes, it’s very strong,” Hill gave the paladin a thumbs-up gesture.

With his role as an example, the remaining paladins also followed. One said that he had a relationship with the bishop, and the other said that he had a crush on the pope for a long time, but the black mist did not fluctuate much. The last paladin said: “Captain, in fact, I have a crush on the Demon King for a long time!”

Hill: “…”

Hill looked at the paladin silently.

The paladin wiped his sweat, and the other paladins gave him a thumbs-up sign.

So far, it is estimated that the faith of this group of paladins also collapsed with it.

“Time is coming,” Goldnia reminded, “My King.”

Hill nodded, took a step forward, and suddenly said: “Actually, I lied to you about the Mortonians being human. You also know that I designed you to take this step from beginning to end. The Mortonians are really demons. That false information was released by the lower realms to trick people like you into becoming death knights. Otherwise, why do you think that there are death knights?

After he finished speaking, the black mist on the armor rolled frantically and surged wildly, and then instantly spread to the entire basement.

Goldnia next to him was shocked for a moment, and couldn’t help saying: “My King, I really think that line is very suitable for you.”

“What line?” Hill asked.

“You… you are playing with fire,” Goldnia said.

The corners of Hill’s mouth twitched, “Can we not mention that or any of the lines from that movie in front of me?”

“I heard that you took the initiative to say it some time ago, and it was for Monroe.” Goldnia said dissatisfiedly, “I heard it from Irvine.”

“Forget it…” Hill looked at the sky.

So, this is the so-called, only the state officials are allowed to play with fire and the common people are not allowed to light the lamps.


The sound of breathing or gasping became louder and louder, like a terrifying sound of an ancient beast from within the armor, and then the black mist suddenly shrank, and the armor suddenly shattered into countless dust and black mist. In the middle, Monroe slowly got up. His action of getting up was magical. It wasn’t the way ordinary people sat up and stood up, but he was lifted up directly from above like a puppet.

The blond and blue eyes of the past have now become white hair and blood-red eyes. Back then, Hill thought his blue eyes were like the sea, and now his red eyes have frozen rivers in them.

Almost instantly, he appeared in front of Hill and pinched Hill’s throat with his pale hand.

“…is that true?”

His voice was much lower than before, a voice suitable for resounding in the dark night.

The demons didn’t feel anything. The demon king’s weakness wasn’t the throat. In fact, they even felt that this action was a bit like s*xual harassment because the throat is a sensitive area (?). It can only be said that fortunately the Lord Demon King’s fanatics, like Albrecht, are not there. Just imagine changing the gender. The demon beauty awakens the human who had just turned into a demon, as a result, the other party first rushes to pounce on the demon beauty’s bre*sts… the demon king’s fanatics should be even crazier.

Anyway, the nature of this is similar.

But the paladins were collectively stunned, and they even began to dwell on who they should help if Monroe and the Demon King got into a fight.

Hill looked calmly at Monroe who was close at hand, and he said leisurely: “What do you think?”

Monroe slowly let go of his five fingers, the anger in his eyes dissipated, and the hideous expression on his face disappeared, becoming somewhat similar to Goldnia. At the same time, the black mist around him quietly wrapped around his body to form a soft robe, and then he knelt down on one knee and performed the paladin’s salute: “My king.” He responded with this gesture.

Hill put his hand on Monroe’s shoulder and couldn’t help laughing.

Rage poured over his spine, and his lungs burned with the ghostly fire of the underworld.

Evil embraces the faith of destruction, and his breathing sounds like the death knell of doom.

——His name is Monroe.

“I have no allegiance to the demons, nor to the lower realm.”

He raised his head, the flames sinking into the silent eyes, he said.

“My allegiance is to you alone, Hill.”

——He is a death knight alone.

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