Chapter 37 – This is the novel that made Viscount Jackson run for his life!

The matter about Monroe has come to an end, and if it goes well, it can be considered settled.

Hill actually admired him, if he put himself in his place, if he was raised by the Church and was taught every day that the demons are the enemy of mankind, and later, there was Teresa’s father telling him discreetly that the Mortonians are really the demons – in such circumstances, Hill felt sure that he would not do as well as Monroe.

And to be honest, although demons and humans are not absolute enemies, they are still relative enemies. The church’s exaggeration is too much, but there is some truth in it. There is a saying that if it is not my race, its heart must be different. Probably the most basic conflict is the difficulty of resources. Suppose there is an intelligent race on Earth similar to humans, and that intelligent race looks quite evil… the consequences can be imagined.

After getting away from the Monroe incident, Hill continued to be busy making money. The incident that happened in the small town of Oitin Empire did not spread. Before the Church of Light left, all the memories of the people in the town were reset. In the memory of those people, the evil paladin was really burned to death.

By the way, Hill found some inspiration from becoming a death knight, “Human beings are much stronger than before when they become death knights, right?”

“Yes, My King,” Goldnia said.

“It always feels like an angel’s descent,” Hill said.

“Although… um… Although I don’t want to admit it, the descent of the angel is much safer than the death knight transformation and seems to be generally successful,” Goldnia said.

“An angel’s descent is not safe at all. Those people died after being possessed by them,” Hill rolled his eyes, “What kind of safety is this.”

“That’s true,” Goldnia said.

Hill still doesn’t know if there are any gods in the realm above the human realm. It seems that they do exist, but he hasn’t seen the gods smashing him, the Demon King, with thunder and lightning… Well… Of course, this is not quite in line with the laws of general fiction. Whether it is the birth of the paladin or the descent of angels, these seem to indicate that the God of Light does exist. But today, Hill saw the death knight’s transformation in person, and he was a little bit thinking about it.

There is no record of the existence of a demon god in the data of the demon race. The most respected person is the demon king. The so-called demon god is a cover for the demon race to use to establish the dark church. Of course, Hill knows about this.

So, since the dark knight’s transformation has nothing to do with the “Demon God”, did the angel’s descent have nothing to do with their God of Light?

This thought passed through Hill’s mind twice, and then Hill put it aside. Considering that this is not very useful right now, let’s do other things first. He thought.

The mutant chickens, ducks, and geese raised in the Tauren clan have grown up a lot, but they have not yet reached the point of laying eggs. Hill feels that waiting like this is not a good idea. Does he expect these chickens, ducks, and geese to be the Adam and Eve of the poultry world and breed the whole race… This is unrealistic, he doesn’t have the patience to wait, he wants to eat meat! He wants to eat eggs! With this sonorous and powerful idea in mind, he sent a letter to Eri Dalle, saying that he wanted to buy a lot of poultry eggs.

After receiving the letter, Eri Dalle understood that this was an opportunity. She did not hesitate as she did last time, and did so immediately this time. Then Hill sent Irvine to pick them up. Irvine’s transportation method was very interesting. Eri Dalle put the eggs into the fire in batches, and then Irvine transported them all the way through the flame… This time there were many eggs. After receiving the egg, Hill sifted through the eggs with mental power, and then raised his head: “Two are missing.”

Irwin faltered.

“You stole it,” Hill said.

“Yes, sorry My King!” In panic, Irvine was unable to maintain his human form and turned into flames. “My King, I knew it was wrong! One of the eggs was accidentally cooked by me, so I just, I just I ate it… and thought it was delicious, so I accidentally baked another one…”

Hill was a little helpless: “Okay, I do not blame you…” He couldn’t help shaking his head, all the children have become greedy like this, the food in the lower realm is really bad, “just tell me next time.”

“Okay, My King… you are so kind…” Irvine shed tears directly, and lava splashed on the near the eggs, and a few of them were immediately cooked again.

Hill: “…”

Hill looked at Irvine blankly: “You are wrong, this King is not kind.”

Irvine stopped his tears immediately.

Then Hill taught the tauren how to hatch eggs (?), and let the tauren solve it by themselves. Tauren are demons who are close to nature. They usually use some natural magic, so just leave it to them to get it done.

After this matter was over, Hill sent Irvine out. Some time ago, he wanted Irvine to find fire elemental spirits, but he happened to encounter a bunch of things, so he delayed his schedule. After Irvine left, Hill asked the dark elf, Albrecht Darkmoon, who had nothing to do, to come over as a close attendant. Of course, the other party was very satisfied.

The third issue of the magazine featured Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Ugly Duckling and O’Henry’s The Gift of the Magi, as well as the third chapter of A Song of Ice and Fire, some more appropriate first poems, and a brief teaser about the next movie, He is a Dragon. Before the batch printing, Hill had an idea. He used the projection stone to record some photos of the jewels made by the dark elves, and then wrote some promotional slogans next to them:

“The necklaces in this collection embody the elegant glamour of high society, releasing feminine energy with a mysterious and unforgettable aura. It will make you glamorous and make you attract everyone’s attention. Crafted by a master craftsman, the soul of high class is condensed on the bright luster of the gemstone, the spiritual vibrancy and radiant light are what is essential to adorn your beautiful neck…”

“A dreamy combination of exquisite sapphires and mesmerizing lace will take your look to the next level…”

Anyway, the more bluffing the slogan, the better, just like those perfumes on Earth, a perfume can make you dream of ancient Rome as if you saw the thorns and roses in the jungle, as well as some perfume advertisements and aphrodisiacs… which also gradually formed a perfume culture. Some people are rushing to get their hands on a bottle from that ad, and Hill has seen this happen quite a few times.

Let’s study perfume-making another day, Hill thought, adding a schedule to this.

This time the magazine was printed with a copier made by Ghost Binns, the cost was greatly reduced, and Hill made a fortune. By the way, all novel submissions were submitted to Joan Baker, and Joan Baker gave it to Hill. After Hill personally reviewed it, he felt that none of them were qualified, so he wanted to wait and see.

This issue of the magazine has nothing to do with the first two movies, but people have also habitually bought them, and sales are basically the same.

Hill was quite satisfied.

Although the magazine started out as something tied to the movie, the magazine will play a more important role in Hill’s plan.


At the same time, in Magnolia City and Josh Kenny, the power of “A Song of Ice and Fire” has gradually come into play.

Compared with the grandiose Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me, this is undoubtedly a very serious work, and there are many quotations in it that are worth savoring. On this day, Jefferson read the second chapter of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and couldn’t help thinking a lot. After breakfast, he had the courage to talk to his father about the things in the book: “Father, I recently read a book in which there is a family whose tradition is that they must execute the torture themselves when they kill.”

The Lord Duke was obviously not very interested in what Jefferson said. He still read the newspaper. There was a news in the newspaper today that a paladin was deceived by a demon, so the bishop presided over the torture. After listening to his son’s words, he only said “oh”.

Jefferson continued: “They believe that the person who sentences the death penalty must do it himself because to take a life should at least look him in the eyes and listen to his last words, if not, he may not be guilty of death.”

The duke still read the newspaper: “That makes sense, but it’s also too idealistic, it’s impossible to do that in this day and age, and it would be a very tiring life.”

“Tiring of life?” Jefferson repeated the duke’s words and continued, “What the book says is that if the ruler pays the executioner directly behind the scenes, he will soon forget what death is.”

The duke put down the paper and frowned: “Is this an allusion to the church or an insinuation to the king?”

“Huh?” Jefferson paused, “This, this is a novel.”

“What’s next?” the Lord Duke asked.

“Their family each took a little wolf back to raise…” Jefferson answered truthfully.

The noble Lord Duke was about to roll his eyes when he heard this. When can his son’s description ability improve? “Bring me that book,” he said in a commanding tone.

Jefferson went hurriedly. He brought two magazines. He heard that the third magazine had already been published, but he hadn’t had time to buy it.

The duke opened a magazine directly, and the title of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” came into view. He raised his eyebrows and almost doubted his son’s personality: “What is this?”

Jefferson said in a hurry, “In the back, at the end, and it’s chapter two Father, chapter one is in the previous magazine.” He did not dare to let his aged father read something so exciting as The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me…

The Lord Duke didn’t read it fast, and Jefferson stayed next to him, waiting. About twenty minutes later, Lord Duke put down the second magazine. His first words were: “What about the next chapter?”

“I heard that the third magazine has been released, but I haven’t bought it yet,” Jefferson answered truthfully.

“You still haven’t bought it yet!” Lord Duke raised his voice.

“Okay! I’ll call the servant right away!” Jefferson replied immediately.

The last time he saw his father showing such an eager expression was when Emperor Magnolia decided to fight the demons… he thought.

This is probably the pain of following novels.

In less than twenty minutes, Lord Duke got the third magazine, and then he started to read it without saying a word. After reading it, he let out a long sigh.

“Father, what do you think?” Jefferson asked cautiously.

The first words of the Lord Duke were: “The Stark family will probably perish.”

This sentence shocked Jefferson directly to his feet: “What?!”

Although there are only two chapters, he is very fond of the family that has divided the wolf cubs, and it seems that they should be the protagonists, how can they be destroyed?

“No, what I said is not quite accurate.” The Duke said, “To be precise, Ned should be killed by a family whose family crest is deer, and his sons will probably survive.”

Jefferson was a little unconvinced, but he didn’t dare to refute his father.

A month later, the fourth issue of the magazine published two chapters of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Jefferson bought the magazine and couldn’t wait to open it in the cinema, and then he said “dammit”, and then he ran home in the bewildered eyes of the people around him, yelling, “Father! The crest of the royal family is a deer!”

The Jackson family’s eldest son’s move naturally became a little news again.

After hearing this, Hill touched his chin, and felt that the next promotional slogan should be “This is the novel that made Viscount Jackson run for his life!”

So, the Jackson family became Hill’s living signs (…).

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