Chapter 36 – Becoming a Death Knight

“For you, I am willing to be the enemy of the whole world.”

The first time Monroe heard this was on a movie set. He felt that it was so excessive that he felt a little nauseous. Later, he heard that it was quite popular in the human world, so he thought to himself: what is wrong with young girls these days…

Then, the demon king in front of him said this to him with a playboy smile.

Moved, of course, it is moving. Anyone who faces such a situation will be greatly impacted. Monroe is certainly no exception.

Then, Monroe felt that his thigh was secretly pinched by the jealous Irvine. Irvine pinched very hard, Monroe’s face was a little blue at the time: “Hey, you…” Irvine came over with the demon king at this time. When he rescued Monroe, he was not very happy. Then he felt so jealous that he was almost turning green when he heard the demon king say that to Monroe, so the townspeople below all exclaimed because they saw the flames turning green.

Monroe was pinched then directly called out, in fact, he was calling Irvine, as a result, Hill thought Monroe was calling him.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got the rest covered.” Hill continued with a smile and said, “Otherwise you think someone as wimpy as me would dare to run straight to the human world to save you?”

Hill’s statement actually carries a bit of self-deprecation. At first, he complied with all the provisions of the treaty, and began to engage in cultural exports in the lower world, there is indeed a small group of demons who think that the demon king has become weak. But after receiving substantial benefits, those demons shut up and repented of what they had said and done. The paladins have also heard this statement.

“Er…” Monroe was embarrassed for a second, “Actually, no one thinks of you like that…”

Hill laughed again, “Well, no more fooling around with you. It’s time for business.”

Of course, Hill’s rush to save people this time was not a brainless move.

After Monroe was escorted back, he began to contact the Church of Light. In the middle, Teresa Shelley’s father played an important role, and then Hill knew all the things those people did to Monroe.

Although he is not human now, although his heart is now much colder and harder than before, after knowing all the truth, he still can’t help but sigh with emotion.

What a thing to do…

Then he went through the official procedures with the church and negotiated to get Monroe back. This is not particularly difficult, nor is it easy, because some people in the church also know Monroe’s ability. They cannot cherish him, but they can’t let him be used by the enemy.

In this situation, Hill had a bright idea and said to the church people.

“I fancy him as a man.”

The man from the church was instantly frozen.

“He has a good face and body. I had a great time interacting with him.” Hill continued, “So please also ask the Pope to make it convenient.”

The man from the church didn’t dare to give the pope a direct relay of Hill’s words, which seemed a little too explosive.

Then Hill began to reveal his various sexual fetishes, and the person in charge of the church’s message was even more frightened with his eyes wide open (Hill actually directly searched these things on the Internet), he felt that Monroe is better off dead… Then Hill hinted that after he got Monroe, he would not be the king from now on…

The church was silent for a long, long time, and finally agreed to Hill’s request at the cost of 30,000 magic crystals.

Hill was about to agree, but then he thought that he was too eager to behave like this, so he said: “It’s too expensive, or you can kill Monroe and I will take all the remaining paladins in the lower realm to enter the harem, what do you think?”

The image of a demon king was made like this by him… The people on the side of the church were also speechless. They wanted to keep the morals of the remaining paladins (after all, there was Teresa Shelley, the second holy generation), so they bargained for a while, and finally sold Monroe at the price of 8,000 magic crystals.

Because it took too long to negotiate with the pimp, Monroe was already on fire after finishing over there. Hill couldn’t believe in the efficiency of the church, so he rushed over to save Monroe.

The next thing is the church’s own thing.

The first thing Monroe did after being rescued was to question Hill. Hill explained to him that he had reached an agreement with the church. Monroe frowned and raised a series of questions.

Hill touched his nose again, and said awkwardly, “Well… I told the church that you are my male pet.”

Monroe: “…”

Monroe: “Somehow, I’m not the least bit surprised to hear that. It does feel like you’re the kind of person who could say something like that.”

Hill twitched, “I feel like you have some misunderstandings about me…”

At this time, below Monroe’s knees have already been ruined, and his body was extensively burned. Hill thought it would be useful to sew him some stitches, but Monroe made the choice to become a demon.

“A human becoming a demon, ah.” Hill asked, “Do you want to become a death knight?”

“Yes,” Monroe replied.

“It will be dangerous… Is it dangerous?” Hill was not sure after half of the speech, so he turned to ask Irvine.

“I don’t know, My King.” Irvine answered honestly, “But I think dangerous is good. It’s best if he dies.”

Irvine now knows how to reject Monroe (…).

Hill twitched his mouth, “Don’t do that…” He thought for a while, and said, “He’s also worth a few thousand magic crystals anyway.”

Irvine immediately accepted what the demon king said, and said happily: “That’s true. Then, My King, I’ll call Goldnia over.”

The Death Knight Goldnia soon appeared. He explained in detail how to become a death knight. The carrier of the death knight is armor and a long sword. First, he used his own blood to write inscriptions on the armor and common spells, and then lay in the armor. For seven days and seven nights, he didn’t drink water or eat. A week later, he stabbed himself with a sword to let the blood drain… In another month, he would become a death knight after he survived.

After hearing this, Hill felt that his SAN was about to fall. He didn’t know how to become a death knight before.

“It sounds like the death rate is high,” Hill said sincerely.

“Well, there is no one in ten.” Goldnia said, “But if it is Lord Monroe, it should be no problem. His aptitude is better than mine. And Lord Monroe was originally a paladin, if he becomes a death knight, the dark power he can use will be very powerful.”

He called Monroe “Lord Monroe”, indicating that he has recognized Monroe.

Goldnia is a very proud demon. All the five elders are quite proud. Goldnia gave Monroe such a high evaluation, which shows that Monroe is really a very outstanding person.

“Have you heard, what do you think?” Hill looked at Monroe next to him.

Monroe was lying on the chair at this time—because half of his lower body was scrapped.

“To be honest, the first reaction after listening to it was, ‘As expected, the way is very demon-like’,” Monroe answered honestly, and then he smiled, “After all, I have been a paladin for many years, so some ideas are difficult to change… so I insisted on becoming a death knight.”

Hill also understood at this time, “In order to make their souls completely free from humans as well?” After saying that, he looked at Goldnia, “There is this effect?”

“Yes.” Goldnia nodded. “What was once loved may become what you hate now, and what was once hated may become what you love now.”

Hill said casually: “Then I have to pay attention to prevent you and Irvine from starting to love each other when you become a death knight.”

Irvine puffed out a mouthful of magma.

Monroe smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Demon King, you are really funny.”

“I won’t let you change your mouth this time, but you have to call me ‘My King’ next time,” Hill said in a good mood.

“Good,” Monroe replied.

Monroe was converted at the altar on the first floor of the Blackrock Tower. The conversion process took 37 days, and Goldnia was responsible for cooperation and guidance.

To be honest, Hill himself felt that this ceremony was too cruel, and he could understand Monroe’s statement that this style of behavior was indeed very demon-like.

He watched Monroe’s first ritual, and besides him, there were Ghost Binns who wanted to study, and Teresa Shelley. Teresa Shelley was about to be transferred back after this incident. He was actually very disappointed with the church. After hearing that the captain was about to become a demon, he also had the urge to become a demon, but thinking about his family still being part of the church, he gave up.

Hill had an idea after seeing Teresa Shelley’s thoughts. He had a heart-to-heart conversation with Teresa, which hinted that “you can contact me at any time” and “I will give you a lot of help.” “You can contact me if you are short of money or want meritorious services.” Theresa Shelley listened to this with a clear mind and politely hinted that “yes, I will contact you if I need anything” and “I will also tell you some information about the church.”

This is considered a successful development of a spy.

The ceremony began with a bloody scene. After seeing it, Hill felt quite uncomfortable in his heart. He did not have the conditions to see this on Earth. After crossing over, the war was already over, so he also hadn’t seen it before. He could not help but avert his eyes, his fingers were trembling a little.

He felt that his reaction was not very good, in case the other demons see his fear, it will not be good…

As a result, Ghost Binns next to him began to cry: “What a poor paladin, it’s so cruel…”

Of course, his direct subordinates skillfully collected his tears.

Okay, someone else covered it up for him…

Then Goldnia saw the trembling Hill, he thought for a moment and thought he had thought of the reason, so he said in a deep voice: “Sure enough, My King, you care about Lord Monroe so much! You don’t need to worry, My King, Lord Monroe can survive! You are really kind-hearted!”

On the side, Teresa Shelley felt inexplicable.

…what’s the matter with these demons.

The only normal person present felt so stressed out.

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SAN – Sanity Value falling/decreasing, like in games, HP and MP

Irvine x Monroe? LMAO

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