Chapter 35 – An abnormal change suddenly occurred

Monroe once again returned to the human world, back to his hometown, the Oitin Empire.

When he first came to the lower realm, he had imagined that they would be transferred back to the human world, he had even imagined that they would return to their homeland with honor and praise from the bishop, and even to honor their ancestors. But the irony is that he was now recalled by the bishop, but for a completely different purpose than he had imagined.

He thought he would be recalled to the Holy City for trial, but to his surprise, the prison car stopped in the small town next to the Holy City and he was actually tried in the small town’s chapel.

This is not in line with the process, he thought in his heart.

But no one cares about this right now.

The shackles he wears have a demon-banning function, the kind of shackles designed for the priests. The food he has eaten during this period of time has been mixed with some poison, which can make him weak, and some other after-effects. At least it can be seen that the people who are arresting him are also taking him seriously to some extent.

He was kept in a dark and damp basement for three days, and finally, the day of judgment came after three days. He was escorted to the square in front of the chapel—according to church customs, trials similar to this kind of collusion with the demons were conducted in public. At this time, the small square was already full of people. They stared at him curiously, and made curses from time to time:

“Fallen Paladin!”

“Damn you!”

“Your mother will regret giving birth to you!”

“Go to hell!”

Monroe was empty thinking, those words could no longer enter his brain.

The man in charge of the trial was a bishop, who seemed to have come from the holy city of the Oitin Empire. This made Monroe’s heart a little more settled, if it is really the town chapel priest who conducts the trial of him, the Paladin Captain, then it is also too funny.

Today is a very good day, the summer sun hanging high in the sky releasing a warm glow, but these cannot disperse the curious crowd. In the middle of the square is a pre-arranged torture rack, in front of which is Monroe bound by chains. Directly opposite the rack was a tent with a long table decorated with lilies and an oak chair under which the bishop was sitting. Next to it was a small table, which was the place of the recorder.

When the bishop came, the people in the town had never seen such pomp. They looked at the bishop’s dignified appearance, gorgeous clothing, feeling that the gods in heaven are just like this, so they looked at the bishop with eyes full of reverence. In contrast, the paladin who was ordered to kneel there looked sluggish due to the abuse these days, and his body was dirty. One look will make you see the good and the evil clearly.

The bishop began to state Monroe’s guilt. He used a lot of words that seemed particularly bluffing, such as “great sin”, “devil’s temptation”, “paladin shame”. In fact, if there is a savvy person standing here, he can understand all the vocabulary and sum it up in one sentence, Monroe participated in the movie of the lower realm. But it’s a pity that there isn’t that kind of smart enough person here, so everyone showed shocked expressions, sucked in air, and put on an expression of an incurable heart for the “heinous crime” committed by Monroe—they thus made a lifelike righteous bystanders posture.

“Do you have anything else to say?” the bishop asked.

Monroe raised his head and looked into the eyes of the bishop. Monroe’s eyes are lighter than ordinary sea blue. Most birds have this pupil color, but the bishop doesn’t know why he has a slight sense of fear.

Then Monroe said, “Yes.”

The onlookers once again drew a cold breath.

The bishop was inexplicably a bit flustered by his look: “Say!”

“Ten years ago, in order to calm the rebellion in the Northwest Desert, Lord Oskei was injured. I temporarily assumed the leadership position and successfully suppressed the rebels. I was awarded the Silver Medal and was promoted to deputy captain.

Eight years ago, when the army marched east and the squad I led was in the vanguard, after capturing three cities with two-thirds of casualties, I was awarded the Gold Medal with my position unchanged.

Seven years ago, my squad was transferred to the front line bordering the Milheim Empire and spent a full year in the extreme cold temperatures before returning to the Holy City.

Five years ago, my squad was ordered to go to the Rotten Forest in search of an herb, then after incurring casualties, I decided to exit the forest first, then I was punished by the above, only to learn three months later that they got the wrong information. The herb is not in the Rotten Forest, but in the Misty Forest, and they decided to let me take the blame.

Five paladins and I went deep into the Misty Forest. We stayed there for about fifty days and found the herbal medicine. Later, Bishop Okawi left it aside at will, saying that it was no longer needed.”

Monroe slowly told these things in a calm, unwavering voice.

“Thunder Peak… Shadow Scar… Eagle Nest Valley… Continent… Island…”

He explained his achievements and the unfair treatment one by one, and finally:

“I was ordered to guard the lower realm for a long time.”

After he finished speaking, there was no sound around him.

The villagers in the town are of course ignorant compared to Monroe and Bishop. They don’t know what the things Monroe said mean, but they can vaguely hear that the criminal seems to have done a lot of good things.

The atmosphere seemed tense.

The recorder’s hand trembles a little, and he can’t write the pen after a long time.

The bishop’s face also changed, and then he suddenly smiled. The recorder looked at the bishop in surprise. Monroe also frowned slightly.

Then he heard the bishop say: “You are really good at sophistry, Monroe.” Then he continued without waiting for Monroe to speak, and continued: “Ten years ago, to calm the rebellion in the Northwest Desert, you acted as a temporary commander is not false, but the real commander was Lord Oskei’s son. He was so young that he was worried that people would not accept him, so he entrusted you to take command. Eight years ago in the army, your squad was just one of the vanguards. The real power was Bishop Needham… He doesn’t want to care about you because of his distinguished status. I didn’t expect you to take credit for it…”

Then the bishop recounted all the merits that Monroe had just said, and divided his merits among others… and the most was Needham Joyce, the bishop of the Holy City.

Monroe heard more and became more sober, his heart became colder and colder.

So that’s how it is. No wonder he had to die, it turned out that those people also coveted his own merits.

“It looks like you are not only tempted by the devil, but your brain is not good enough,” the bishop said.

The surrounding townspeople heard this, and boos suddenly broke out around the square, as well as wild laughter and cheers.

Monroe suddenly remembered the words he said to the demon king when he left the lower realm:

“I want to believe in humanity for the last time, humanity.”

Monroe lowered his head and said nothing.

He didn’t understand why he had to die.

But what he did understand was that the person who wanted him to die was ready for anything.

He was dragged onto the torture frame, and the crowd began to applaud and cheer, and began to encourage the executioner to hurry up and start the fire.

Of course, the executioner did quickly light the firewood at Monroe’s feet. Because of the fuel poured in beforehand, the flames burst up.

It was, of course, excruciatingly painful when the flame burned on his body, but Monroe was extremely calm at the moment. The banning equipment is installed on his legs. If his legs are gone, he will recover some of his previous strength, so he must calm down and wait for the flames to burn his legs first, and then he can use the holy light spell and escape from the torture stake. As for the bishop and the people next to him… he thought about it calmly. He knew that his chances of surviving were not great, but he always had to try it.

Just like back then, he understood that his chances of actually being accepted by the bishop were slim, but he always tried over and over again.

Hill had seen Monroe’s unwavering commitment to the Church and also Monroe’s power, so he couldn’t help but want Monroe to come to the lower world. If that unwavering commitment was for the lower world, it would be wonderful. Hill thought so at that time.

This kind of torture is always associated with the elimination of heretics and evil, but in fact, the real heretics are not afraid of fire… It is recorded in the book that this method is said to be “extremely ornamental.”

Less than ten seconds after the flame rose up, an abnormal change suddenly occurred.

The demon king, clad in a blood-red cloak, descended from the sky.

Monroe’s eyes widened in an instant.

Then he realized that the flame on his body was no longer hot. He immediately understood that Irvine had come over as well.

“You…” Monroe was in confusion at this moment.

If it is other people or other situations, the first reaction is probably to be moved.

But what Monroe blurted out was: “It hasn’t been a year since the two parties signed the treaty. Do you want to restart the war like this!”

The demon king, with his back to him, turned around then raised his lips and said, “What is better to say at a time like this? Should I say to the bishop, ‘Are you playing with fire’? Or should I say to you… ” Hill still had that lazy and careless smile on his face, and then said a movie line: “For you, I am willing to be the enemy of the whole world.”

Reflected in Monroe’s eyes are the red eyes of Hill with a light smile.

Enchanting as blood.

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