Chapter 34 – Goodbye, Paladin

Of course, Hill knew about the recall of Monroe by the Church of Light. In fact, it was Paladin’s Deputy Captain Teresa Shelley who took the initiative to inform the Demon King Hill.

It should be clear that not every paladin is as firm as Monroe to the point of stubbornness. The unfair treatment suffered by other Paladins over the years, they themselves are naturally aware of. They can also feel the goodwill radiated by the demon king of the lower realm. Sometimes, the demon king who looks too friendly will even say “You should join the demon race” or something and they dare not take it seriously, but they will not take it as a joke.

This kind of a push and pull, it’s understandable that Paladin Deputy Captain Teresa Shelley would make such a choice.

The Paladins respect Monroe very much. He is a noble character, powerful, and selfless. He has sacrificed himself many times to save others. He and the Paladins in his team really have a strong friendship. They respect him, they support him, and they love him deeply.

When the bishop contacted the Deputy Captain Teresa Shelley privately, Teresa immediately had an estimate of what would happen to Monroe, so after painful hesitation, he took the initiative to look for Hill.

If the ordinary demons want to meet the demon king, the procedure is of course quite cumbersome, but the paladins are obviously exceptions. Most of the demons in the lower realm knew that the demon king was plotting against the Paladins… Hill himself had not concealed it. Of course, the Paladins knew about it.

When Irvine reported to Hill that the Paladin Theresa Shelley had asked for a meeting, Hill’s first sentence was of course: “Which one is he?”

Those Paladins, Hill only remembered one, Monroe.

“The Paladin’s deputy captain, the one with the highest status besides Monroe,” Irvine replied.

“Well, let him in, then.” Hill said, “This King wants to see what kind of tricks he will play.”

Irvine couldn’t help saying something beside him: “Forgive me, My King, but I feel like you’re saying the opposite.”

“Yes.” Hill said kindly, “Let him come in and let him see what tricks this King will give him.”

Irvine: “…”

Irvine: “Amazing, you are worthy to be the Demon King, you can actually say such self-deprecating things.”

“It’s you who is amazing,” said Hill, “I’ve acted like that and you can still boast, it’s amazing.”

Irvine: “Pfft cough cough cough…”

“Well, enough flirting with me, tell Shelley to come in,” Hill said casually. After getting used to the identity of the demon king, he became more and more open and mouthy…

“My King, what are you saying… Okay… I’ll tell him.” Irvine retired under great pressure.

Teresa Shelley.

Hill remembered the name in his heart.

Speaking of Shelley, when he mentioned this, he remembered the “Ode to the West Wind” by the great poet Shelley on Earth. Winter has come, can spring be far behind? Speaking of which, why don’t they publish some poems in the magazine next time? This is also possible, he’ll look into it later.


No one is born to be subservient.

This statement is false.

Many people are willing to work under others or live comfortably under others. This statement is not about that kind of under others, no obscene meaning. A very notable feature of this kind of person is that when the sky is falling, tall people are standing up to hold it.

Not everyone has the courage to hold up a sky for themselves. Living in a world held up by others, of course, one has to pay a lot of price, but it’s also a matter of choosing values.

Teresa Shelley is such a person.

In fact, just looking at the resume, he is even better than Monroe, and his background is particularly good. His father is a Paladin and his mother is a believer. By the way, his father once slaughtered people in a village, and Monroe was born in that village. Both he and Monroe knew about this, but after they learned about it, they never took the initiative to mention it.

Teresa Shelley came out to lead the team earlier than Monroe. After performing several tasks, he reported to his superiors that he was limited in his ability and could not lead the team alone. Later, he was finally transferred to the team where Monroe was. This was the beginning of his acquaintance with Monroe.

When he first joined the team, he was the most qualified one, and even the captain, Monroe, often asked for his advice. He enjoyed this feeling so much that he began to boast and show off his resume and family background.

…Then, Monroe learned about his father.

But Monroe didn’t say anything at the time.

In a mission in the tropical rainforest, Teresa Shelley was almost stabbed to the heart by a giant scorpion. Monroe saved him regardless of personal safety, and he was moved to death. After returning to the headquarters, he was lying on a hospital bed to recuperate. Monroe came to see him, they chatted, and then Monroe mentioned his hometown.

Teresa Shelley was familiar with the name of the town, so he went back to ask his father.

Then he learned that everyone in that town was killed by the Paladins that his father had brought. His father was also a little guilty at the time, so he mentioned the name of the town at home, and it left an impression on Teresa Shelley, so he was familiar with Monroe’s hometown.

This is a complete closed loop.

So, Teresa Shelley told his father that the descendant of that village was his current captain, and gave up his life to save him.

Later, his father went to visit Monroe with a lot of gifts, and asked Monroe if he had other needs, so he could satisfy him as much as possible—his father’s status in the church was still very high.

Monroe said at the time: “I only have one question.”

Old Shelley said, “Please tell me.” He had actually expected Monroe to ask any questions.

As expected, Monroe asked, “Was the village really to blame back then?”

Old Shelley was silent for a moment, then replied, “Yes. You cannot have doubts about our Lord, young man, our Lord is always right.” Then he drew the symbol of the God of Light on his chest, and then said, “Praise be to our Lord.”

“Praise be to our Lord.” Monroe also drew the symbol of the God of Light on his chest and said.

Old Shelley said so, of course, is also for Monroe’s good. If Monroe continues to believe in the God of Light without question – maintaining that brainless trust – then he will be reused for his abilities. Old Shelley spent a lifetime in the church system and naturally knew how to rise up.

After this, Teresa Shelley and Monroe never mentioned anything about the village.

His feelings for Monroe were self-evident, so after hearing the news that the Church was going to dispose of Monroe, he was completely unable to accept it.

…Even if he needs to cooperate with the Demon King, he will not hesitate to do it.

Teresa thought so in his heart.

This was the first time he took the initiative to find the Demon King, and it was also the first time he entered the towering Blackrock Tower.

Everything in the Blackrock Tower was deadly black, only the torches embedded in the corridor released light. The base of the torch was carved into various terrifying shapes, Teresa did not dare to look closely, he heard his footsteps echoing in an empty space.

He knew he was scared.

Can he not be afraid of this? Despite all the rebellious thoughts in his head right now, he was after all a paladin from a paladin family who had grown up hearing all kinds of stories of demons doing harm to people, and now he was actually walking through the palace of the demon king to meet him on his own accord.

Walking up the spiral stairs, he finally reached the door of the Demon King’s bedchambers. Before Theresa had time to do anything, the heavy door opened automatically. Teresa took a deep breath and walked in.

The first thing that came into his eyes was the demon king leaning on the couch.

At this moment, he was not as friendly as he had seen before, and Teresa had also made psychological preparations, but he was still taken aback by the demon king’s temperament and momentum at this moment.

He was draped in luxurious furs, with candle flames swaying, those furs were lit with shimmering light, and when he raised his hand, the light and shadows move freely, which can make people be directly dazzled. His long white hair was casually draped, his forehead had dark red horns, and his eyes were a lighter shade of red.

He was originally looking down and flipping through a roll of parchment. When Teresa came in, he raised his eyes. It happened that the wind was blowing outside, the lights on the candlesticks swayed, and the room was bright and dark.

He met the demon king’s red eyes.

Teresa’s expression was in a daze for a few seconds.

Is this the enchantment of the devil?

“What’s the matter, let’s talk about it,” the Demon King said.

Teresa Shelley quickly stabilized his mind and began to talk.


When the wind stopped, Teresa had finished saying what he wanted to say, and he looked at the demon king with some anxiety.

“I know.” Hill said, “Of course I can stop it, but you also know that even I can’t disobey the church too much. And it depends mainly on your captain’s own meaning.”

Teresa Shelley was startled, “This way…” Of course, he understood what Hill said.

“I suggest you give your thoughts directly to the captain and let him make his own decision,” Hill said.

“Good,” Teresa said. Maybe the demon king was right, he thought.

After coming out of the Blackrock Tower, he returned to the paladin’s quarters, and then he told Monroe his thoughts according to the proposal of the demon king. Monroe just said lightly, his sea-blue eyes were calm and quiet: “I see.”

But the surrounding paladins all showed different expressions, some were nervous, some were angry… In short, they were all very worried about Monroe.

“Since the bishop is giving you an order, then leave tomorrow and tie me back,” Monroe continued.

“How can this be!” Teresa said silently: “Captain! Do you know what will happen to you?”

“Maybe.” Monroe was quite calm in the face of the excited Teresa. “After all, I have been in the church for many years.”

Monroe’s performance made Teresa more emotional, he said directly: “I’m going to find the Demon King.” He turned around again and hurried away.

The paladins looked at each other. Although everyone wanted to ask the demon king for help, they didn’t expect that their deputy captain would say so directly in front of everyone… Everyone is not a fool. After staying in the lower realm for so long, it is natural to see that the demons and the wicked people that the clan and the church talk about are different.

However, it is true that many people in the Dark Church are bad people in the traditional sense.

Teresa ran back directly to find Hill, and Hill deliberately showed a rather surprised expression after hearing the news that Monroe was planning to return to church, and then he got up from the couch and said, “I’ll go and persuade him.”

Theresa was immediately grateful.

Hill went to see Monroe alone. He didn’t expect that Monroe’s first words after seeing him were: “You wanted the paladins to appear in that movie, and you anticipated this day, too.”

Hill couldn’t help but touched his nose and answered honestly: “Yes.”

Monroe frowned slightly but said nothing more.

Compared to the glorious image of the paladin at the beginning, he now feels more like a handsome statue to Hill.

At the same time, Hill also felt that Monroe was more composed than at the beginning. He looked at Monroe’s silent face like a marble slab and said, “You knew I was restless from then on, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Monroe didn’t deny it either.

In the beginning, Hill asked the paladins to act in the movie, which in itself was a matter of uneasiness and good intentions. Although the movie did not attract the attention of the church too much, the church knew that the movie existed.

If the paladins appear in the movie, the church will definitely respond…

In this matter, Hill was indeed insidious and cunning.


“You know this, but you still went this far,” Hill said.

“Do you want me to stay?” Monroe asked rhetorically.

Speaking of this point, Hill did not hide it, “I hope you stay, you are a capable person, and have aroused my greed. If you are willing to submit to me, stay in the lower realm or become a dark pope of the dark church, both are also fine.”

He had never been so heavily used in the church.

He had his moment of excitement.

The grace of being raised by the church.


“There is a problem,” Monroe said after a few seconds of silence.

“Say,” Hill said.

“Have you heard of ‘Mortonians’?” Monroe asked.

Hill didn’t know how to answer. He really didn’t know. He stared at Monroe for a while, until Monroe frowned: “Demon King?”

Hill snapped his fingers and said to the candlestick next to him: “Irvine, call Binns.”

Ghost Binns is one of the most knowledgeable demons, so it’s okay for him to explain.

Binns arrived soon, and Hill directly ordered: “Tell the paladin captain about the Mortonians.”

Binns pushed the monocle and said: “The Mortonians are a very small minority in the human world, their dark skin is their main characteristic. They generally live outside the Magnolia continent, on the small islands around the Island of Storms. They are also disaster-prone people, there used to be some of them living in the mainland, but most of them were inexplicably hunted down and killed by the Church as a demon race. By the way, now apart from the Island of Storms, the largest gathering place for the Mortonians is the Dark Church. They really had no choice but to join the demon race.”

It is precisely because of this that Binns knows so much about the Mortonians.

“That’s it…” Monroe nodded slowly, “Demon King, you have already seen through everything.”

Hill: …??? When did I see through everything again? What do I know? Should I know something?

Monroe actually thought that the demon king already knew what he meant by asking this, and thought he had already seen everything, that’s why he didn’t bother to explain himself, and let his men explain it to him.

Hill, who didn’t know anything, looked blank, and gave a very customary high posture: “You are right.”

‘What you said is right, I accept my fate…’ He thought helplessly.

Monroe slowly exhaled a breath and suddenly laughed, his laughter was a little heavy and sour, “Really, the right time, the right place, the right people. Now.”

Hill said, “Then go with it.”

“I want to try it one last time.” Monroe said, “I have done so many things for the church, and I have done my best…”

“Just do it but don’t die,” Hill said.

Monroe smiled bitterly, “I want to believe in humanity for the last time, humanity.”

Hill saw the struggle in Monroe’s eyes. He looked at him for a few seconds, and then Hill said, “Okay. But this is the last time.”

Monroe raised his hand and bowed to him for the first time. It was the manners of the paladins when they met the nobles.

“Goodbye, Lord Demon King.”

His current attitude is completely different from when they first met. Hill thought. There should be a sense of accomplishment.

“Goodbye, Paladin,” Hill said.

The blood moon hung high above his head, sprinkling the cold moonlight on the entire wasteland.

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