Chapter 33 – This demon race is so brazen, they are still greedy for the body of an angel!

Located in the southeast of the Magnolia Empire, Josh Kenny is the second largest port city of the Magnolia Empire. There are not many permanent residents here, but the flow of people is quite large. Among them, the main residents accounted for about 60% of the population, the rest are other nationalities of humans. Sometimes you can also see some half-demons or even and pure-bred demons that stray outside the lower realm.

Beliefs here are also very chaotic, with various cults emerging in an endless stream, and the crime rate on this land is extremely high. The climate is hot and rainy all year round. There are large tropical rain forests outside the town, rich in products, and it is a paradise for merchants and outlaws.

This is also the place where Joan Baker made his fortune. He is very famous here. Back then, he was regarded as a character like a local snake, but when he went to Magnolia City, some other local snakes despised him a little and thought he went to Magnolia City because he was greedy for pleasure… Of course, there is a little envy in that contempt, because although they keep saying that the merchants in Magnolia City are all hypocritical cowards, they really dare not go to the capital of the Magnolia Empire.

Although Joan Baker has left, he still has his industry here. He entrusts the industry to people he trusts, and then he manages relations with local government forces every once in a while. So, although he is not here, his factories and plantations are still running smoothly. Like other local businessmen, he has a textile factory and a plantation. He has a good relationship with the local bank and also does some lending.

But because he didn’t return to Josh Kenny very much, his industry can only be said to have been maintained, but there must be a recession. A few months ago, he suddenly came back and bought an opera house that was on the verge of bankruptcy. Unlike Magnolia City, the people in Josh Kenny do not have that high cultural level, so it is normal for a place like an opera house to go bankrupt. Those who were dissatisfied with him at the time laughed at him privately, laughed at this poor boy from Josh Kenny who had been fascinated by the Magnolia City that he actually started to engage in opera stuff in Josh Kenny. Isn’t this crazy.

Joan Baker renovated the theater as soon as he bought it—of course, in accordance with the design drawings given by the Demon King Hill. There must be a box, since these nobles and rich people want to spend money, then let them spend it → this is the original words of the demon king.

At first, Joan Baker felt that this sentence was as rough as that of Josh Kenny’s old fritters, but after thinking about it carefully, the more he thinks about it, the more it makes sense. As a businessman who has been fighting from the bottom, he has always combined his previous business experiences, and he feels that this seemingly ordinary discourse contains profound truths.

——Thinking gradually changes.

Hill has always felt that in addition to bringing a mobile phone cheat, he also brought a protagonist’s halo. The role of that halo is to make people around him have infinite brain replenishment… But he thinks this may also be because of today’s Earth is an era of information explosion. He collects a lot of information from external sources every day. Sometimes when he chats with people in this world, saying one classic sentence recognized by the people on Earth, and the people he comes into contact with, who are exactly the kind of people who are very good at thinking, subconsciously think more, and then they worship him…

When the businessmen were about to watch the jokes, Joan Baker hung a poster outside the newly built cinema.

Generally speaking, the posters of opera houses are quite elegant, with words such as “classic”, “timeless” and “beautiful” in them, but the poster of Joan Baker is…er…very original.

The main protagonist of the poster is a very enchanting and sexy woman, her bra is made of two big shells—this the siren princess’ sister, Joan Baker specially found a siren that looks most in line with Josh Kenny’s aesthetics and made this poster. Then he wrote a line of words: The story of an innocent Siren Princess being deceived by a human prince, the picture is extremely realistic, and the close-up is quite wonderful!

…To be honest, the tagline sounds like a third-rate movie.

But it turns out that the Josh Kenny people eat this set very much.

In fact, Hill designed several slogans at the time, but Joan Baker said it was more direct. He rolled his eyes and did this casually. As a result, Joan Baker’s eyes lit up and said that this was quite appropriate.

Hill couldn’t help but roll his eyes again, which reminded him of the “eight bare-chested men bullying a revealing young woman” on Earth, who was actually a gourd baby, and “a young man who was brutally poisoned into a dwarf and lived with his true love”, um…this is Detective Conan…

After the poster that made Hill roll his eyes was posted, the businessmen who wanted to watch Joan Baker’s jokes were a little bit eager, but they insisted on not going to the cinema. For the next period of time, they watched as the cinema was filled with spectators every day, and the movie “Daughter of the Sea” quickly spread throughout Josh Kenny… Finally, they couldn’t hold back anymore, and sneaked into the cinema on a day when Joan Baker was away.

In the end, you guys know what happened…

Hill have to say that the charm of movies in the other world is really too great. Hill also worried that the too unrestrained Josh Kenny people would not be able to accept stories like “Daughter of the Sea”, but he found that currently, as long as people are tricked into the cinema (…), then the movie can do everything by itself.

The next “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” was even more popular in Josh Kenny. One of the local female pirates over 200 pounds watched the movie and whispered in tears that she was going to find love. She was looking for a man with red eyes like a demon king to be her sixth husband… which scared all the red-eyed men in Josh Kenny and dared not go to the street.

Of course, one hapless guy was caught in the end, which was also miserable enough.

Hill couldn’t laugh or cry after hearing the report. Is this a social problem caused by the movie?


Joan Baker feels that every time he talks with Mr. Grindelwald, he gains a lot.

On a drizzly night, Joan Baker stepped into his bedroom and found that there was already a person sitting on his favorite chair…or a demon.

At that time, Mr. Grindelwald was sitting on a recliner and sipping a glass of red wine with a goblet. His posture was casual and elegant. If someone else made such an action, he would be blasted out by Joan Baker on the spot, but he was just startled. After being startled, he said, “Good evening, Mr. Grindelwald.”

“Good evening, Baker,” Hill said at the time.

The heavy rain clouds outside blocked all the moonlight and the sky was dull. His red eyes looked more vivid, full of demonic temptations.

“Josh Kenny’s current situation is not very good, but I don’t think there will be too many problems,” Joan Baker reported directly.

“Really,” Hill shook his head. “Whether it’s you or my subordinates, why is it that when you open your mouth it’s all about business, you can’t make small talk about anything?”

“Because I don’t know what I can chat with you,” Joan Baker said.

“Or do you actually mean ‘I have nothing to talk about with a demon’?” Hill asked.

“Well… in a sense,” said Joan Baker.

Hill couldn’t help but smile, “You are such a frank man that makes me want to move.”

“What I mean is that after all, I am human and have no idea what the demons are planning or what interests you, Mr. Grindelwald, what topics will anger you and what will please you…” Joan Baker continued to say truthfully: “If you are a businessman from Josh Kenny, I will tell you that the price of slaves has risen again. The workers in the textile factory demand too high a salary. And that there is a beautiful young lady on Ryder Street. If you are a noble lady in Magnolia City, I will praise your beauty and your manners and family background, but you are not.”

Hill pondered for a moment, and said, “You can also praise my beauty or something like that.”

“Generally speaking, this kind of social interaction is, first, to better integrate into the circle, and the second is to trick the noble lady into bed.” Joan Baker spread his hands, “So, I think it’s better not.”

Hill: “…OK.”

The other party is really a fake gentleman with an unruly heart… the attitude is different when he is familiar. When Hill was in the Lower Realm, he faced very respectful men, and occasionally teasing the Paladins would scare the latter half to death, so sometimes it is quite interesting to come to the Human Realm to chat with Joan Baker. The other party doesn’t know the identity of their own demon king, so they communicate with each other on an equal footing.

Joan Baker: “Then shall we continue talking about business? Mr. Grindelwald.”

Hill: “…yes.”

Joan Baker paused and said: “As you said earlier, the price of movie tickets is set relatively low, and then the price in the box is high… Although I understand roughly, in fact, our main income is still from the box. Well, what is the value of those cheap tickets?”

“Of course.” Hill nodded. The main reason he did this was to expand the influence of the movie. Since Joan Baker asked so, Hill thought about it and said a theory he has seen on earth: “Many times, in a paid game, the free player is also a game resource and function for the paid player.”

Of course, if he said this on Earth, most people can certainly understand. Some high krypton gold players get powerful equipment or mission panel, they always have to have a comparison to feel the pleasure of krypton gold, this is where the role of free players come out.

Because there is no such background in the other world, most people probably don’t understand it. Hill didn’t think of how to make a high-level expression, so he just said the original sentence directly. In fact, in his previous experience, his vague-sounding words were quite compelling to the listener, they would usually be silent for a while and then suddenly understand and then enthusiastically praise him.

Joan Baker frowned slightly after hearing this.

Game……? Paid and free players…?

Could it be that Mr. Grindelwald meant that life is like a game?

One of the reasons why nobles have a sense of superiority is that there are too many people who are worse than them. And watching a movie in a box high up in the sky, spending hundreds of times the gold coins than of those below… this can also provide a sense of superiority.

Joan Baker suddenly realized: “I see, Mr. Grindelwald. You are really a wise man… er… demon.”

En, Joan Baker’s performance is in full compliance with the process just mentioned. Hill showed an expression that was not surprised. This seems to have inadvertently raised his own reputation again.

Then Hill got up. He came here this time mainly to take a field trip and by the way, he came over to chat with Joan Baker. It was time to leave now. He poured the rest of the red wine in his glass into the dying fireplace, and the flames in the fireplace rose quickly—this was not Irvine, this was burning alcohol. Against the backdrop of the fire, Hill said: “Maybe some of my words are reasonable, but you don’t need to think too much, and I don’t need you to think too much… Just do what needs to be done. The realm of thought will only be a hindrance to reality when you haven’t reached that material condition.”

He walked towards the fireplace and smiled before stepping into the fireplace: “Good luck in August, Mr. Baker.”

The flame jumped high again and turned into a beautiful bright blue.

Hill disappeared in the flames.

Joan Baker looked at the goblet Hill left behind, thinking about what Hill had just said, and his thinking changed again (…).

In fact, what Hill meant is: Don’t think about it, some words I just say casually, you really don’t need to think about it, please…


As soon as Hill returned to the lower realm, the ghost Binns came over to report to him that the photocopier was basically completed. Hill was quite pleased with this. Binns showed him the usage of the photocopier in the other world, and by the way made some academic explanations. Hill was dizzy when he heard it, but he still tried to write them down. He seriously asked questions where he didn’t understand.

His demands for himself have not changed, he must always improve himself.

Compared with other seniors who transmigrated, he is neither an urban soldier, a ruthless killer, a world-class master, or an ace learner. He is just an ordinary person with a faster mind. He has a plug-in, a phone which can be connected to the Internet. But what the phone provides is only some information, which can’t directly turn him into a proficient person. In fact, everyone on the planet also has a mobile phone, and everyone can access all kinds of information online, but there are very few that are used for learning and improving themselves…

He can, of course, just find a bunch of things on the Internet, search for whatever comes to mind, and then assign all those things to his staff to study and do it. But he also knows that this is not long-term, the demon race is not so easy to control, and the lower realm is not so easy to build… Then, it would be too much like child’s play.

So, he has to work hard, learn, and understand some things.

For Ghost Binns, it was a happy thing for him that the Lord Demon King had suddenly become good at learning. In the past, the Lord Demon King was extremely warlike, and although his use of magic was powerful, he did not care about the principles and details. Among the five elders, Ghost Binns was the most academic one, and he was of course quite stifled by such a Lord Demon King. But he couldn’t help it, after all, it was the Lord Demon King.

But since the defeat of the war, Lord Demon King is like a different person. He has begun to use methods other than force to convince people. He has also become more studious and smarter… Oh, of course, this does not mean that Lord Demon King in the past is not smart enough. But now, the Lord Demon King looks more intelligent.

Ghost Binns also thought about this issue, the defeat of the war shocked all the demons, including him, but they didn’t know what to do next after they were shocked and pained. The Lord Demon King should have thought very deeply before finally determining what kind of a path he wanted to lead the lower world.

Here, Ghost Binns is wandering, and Hill is wandering too.

This was the first time Hill looked at monocles up close. He even wanted to stretch out his hand to take it off and have a look… Hill did not know how monocles were worn before, and after a closer look, he realized that the monocle was worn with the lens held in place by the eye socket, between the eye socket and the eye.

How to say…just like a card slot…pfft.

Of course, dramatic facial expressions, such as raising eyebrows, can cause the monocle to fall or pop up.

After Ghost Binns left, Hill leaned in his seat and planned to squint for a while.

When Hill was about to fall asleep, the flame in the fireplace rose, and the dragon, Gormund, of the five elders, appeared from the flame. At present, only Hill, Irvine, and Gormund have adopted this style of appearing, Irvine needless to say, he is originally a fire elemental spirit, Hill is for convenience, and Gormund simply thinks this style of entrance is very handsome.

Gormund was visibly stunned when he saw the Lord Demon King sleeping.

Hill was not actually asleep. The wave of magical power brought about by Gormund’s arrival had already awakened him. He thought that Gormund would be yelling with his loud voice in the next second. After all, he was the roughest one in the five elders. He can’t really say that he’s rough, as a rare Demon Dragon specie, he is invincible by nature, and he has only tasted the taste of defeat once—that is, with the previous Lord Demon King.

Before the battle, the two made a bet. If the demon king lost, he would give up his position, and if Gormund lost, he would submit to the demon king.

Of course, Gormund lost.

He has a good relationship with the previous demon king. The two are more like buddies than the superior and subordinate, so his attitude is sometimes too casual, which makes Hill a little headache. To be honest, Hill wants to hide from him.

However, what Hill did not expect was that Gormund did not yell ‘My King, I have come to see you’, but instead, he went to the side and pulled a blanket, walked gently to Hill’s side, and covered him up. Then he jumped out of the window and sat on the top of the Blackrock Tower and looked at the red moon in the lower realm.

Hill opened his eyes, a little unsure of what to say or think.

He closed his eyes for a while, emptied his brain, and then went to the top of the Blackrock Tower.

“My King, you are awake,” said the demon dragon, Gormund.

“Yeah.” Hill nodded.

Hill actually never knew how to treat Gormund. His other subordinates followed the identity of the demon king more, so he was calm when facing them. But Gormund, the Demon Dragon, is different. He treats the Demon King more as a friend.

“Is there something wrong for you to come over?” Hill asked.

“No.” Demon Dragon Gormund said, “I have nothing to report either.”

Demon Dragon Gormund is one of the three generals and the one with the most military power. Now that the army is disbanded, the Demon King has not assigned him a new task. Of course, he has nothing to report. This sentence is a bit self-deprecating and a bit desolate.

“In fact, I have been sleeping most of the time during this period. I sometimes dream of the time I spent with you in the past.” Demon Dragon Gormund said: “We ate big pieces of meat, drank big gulps of wine, sang in the desert under the blood moon against the fierce wind, we teamed up to slaughter the wanderer tribes, we stood above ten thousand people, so many people worshipped us. At that time, I also love to collect treasures, but you do not care about all that…”

What the Demon Dragon Gormund said was actually quite touching. Hill could also roughly imagine that the warlike demon king had its own charm, but Hill could not do what Demon Dragon Gormund expected.

And the loss of the Demon Dragon Gormund, Hill can also understand. First, the demon race was defeated, he said ‘so many people worshipped us’, but they have been defeated now. In his opinion, the demon race will not continue to maintain its complete reverence; the second reason for the loss is that Hill is different from before. Compared to the bloody violence before, he is now engaged in other things, which makes the Demon Dragon Gormund feel lost.

“I don’t give a damn about your words now either.” Hill’s words were quite cold, quite like a demon, “It’s no fun to be so nostalgic about the past.”

Demon Dragon Gormund was taken aback, and then he smiled: “Ah, so cold, it’s really still you.” His gaze seemed a little more hopeful.

“Because the demon king must always be like this.” Hill said. He glanced at Gormund beside him. He lifted his jaw and stretched his body. The blood moon and the dark sky imprisoned in his pupils, his red eyes mixed into the impure blood color, and then he suddenly laughed: “I advise you to do the same, because I do not have much patience, and usually do not remember the old feelings.”

Of course, Hill knew that focusing on these soft power things, some demons would not like it and oppose it. Even if it made great effects later, there would still be demons who would insist on using force. It is estimated that this kind of opinionated stubbornness will also be encountered in humans, not to mention this is the demon race.

Therefore, Hill expected the Demon Dragon Gormund to say such a thing. In other words, it was better than Hill expected. He thought there would be fierce opposition, but the attitude of the other party was okay.

“I re-formulated the guidelines and policies for the development of the lower realm. You can see what I am doing recently.” Hill continued, “You are one of the five elders of the lower realm, you are still useful. I’ll just give you a role to play, don’t be dead at home, nesting and dreaming.”

The loss in the eyes of the Demon Dragon Gormund is gone. As a demon, he naturally doesn’t need the fake and unreasonable human snakes. But Hill’s cold and rational attitude sorted out his emotions well, “Then, what can I do, My King?”

“Make a movie,” Hill said.

Demon Dragon Gormund was taken aback, “This… I… I am different from the others, and I don’t know how to perform…”

“According to my plan, that movie doesn’t require much acting skills, and you also need to show your true dragon body,” Hill said, touching his chin.

The Demon Dragon Gormund froze again: “Humans don’t like this, right… Whether it’s the siren princess or your demon king, at least outwardly, they are in line with human aesthetics, but my main body, a demon dragon, I guess It will scare a lot of humans away.”

Hill looked up and down at the Demon Dragon Gormund.

The Demon Dragon Gormund always wears leather trousers, with a few pieces of armor on his upper body, with strong muscles exposed underneath. His body is more like a work of art. Even the most exquisite sculptor in ancient Greece could not carve such a perfect body with a carving knife. The muscle lines full of strength and beauty have the power to stir the soul.

“It’s not necessarily.” Hill said with a smile, “Believe it or not, after I make this movie, there will be many, many human women who will like you, worship you, and be crazy about you.”

The Demon Dragon Gormund subconsciously still doesn’t believe it. The dragons have been regarded as a symbol of evil since ancient times. How could the human beings like him just because of a movie? But at the same time, he had a faint sense of yearning. He was originally a demon who liked fame and the worship of all people.

In fact, Hill only got the idea after contacting the Demon Dragon Gormund. The movie he mentioned was “He is a Dragon”.

This Russian film is still quite famous on Earth. It is a very beautiful romance film. Some film critics have given it high praise in the art and love section, but the disadvantage is that the storyline is old-fashioned and there is nothing much. Of course, this shortcoming does not exist in the other world.

No matter how old-fashioned things on Earth are, when placed in another world, they are quite new, and even old-fashioned things may be more popular. Old-fashioned theme on Earth is still being written about and filmed, which shows that this subject matter is quite safe in a certain sense, and even eternal to a certain extent.

But it’s another romance movie. Hill wondered in his heart. This is going farther and farther on the road of girlfriend fans. After that, they have to make a movie that attracts men. Should they make a “Warcraft” movie? Forget it, the first part of World of Warcraft is still basically standing human, and the second part hasn’t been filmed yet. He couldn’t copy it…

Or just shoot the “Good Omen” based on angels and demons, forget it. The church people, after seeing it, are estimated to vomit a mouthful of old blood, and they must think that this demon race is so brazen, they are still greedy for the body of an angel!

Thinking of the mess in his mind, Hill said: “Well, that’s it for today. If there is a task, I will arrange it directly for you. The next time…” He turned his head and looked at Gormund, and smiled slightly: “I’ll sit with you for a while and watch the night.”

Gormund was stunned, “My King, didn’t you just say you…”

“I said I advise you to be colder. Usually, I don’t remember the old feelings. But I also said ‘usually’, you are different from other people after all,” Hill raised the corner of his lips and said: “My friend.”

The bloody moonlight shone on his handsome face, Gormund was completely taken aback.

“Just as you would cover a blanket for a demon king who doesn’t need one, it’s okay for me to do something out of character sometimes, right? Then, go ahead and enjoy this moonlight, Gormund,” Hill said.


The next day, the church received news that Chief Paladin Monroe appeared in the movie of the lower realm, and seemed to have reached a cooperation with the Demon King. So, the bishop gave the deputy captain an order to bring Monroe back and prepared to put Monroe to death.

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