Chapter 21 – The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me

Joan Baker is a smart man, it is comfortable to negotiate with smart people, but the results may not be pleasant. Because although there is a win-win situation for both parties, generally speaking, if you take more, you will lose less—this kind of situation.

After leaving Joan Baker’s place, Goldnia immediately appeared like a ghost, and knelt on one knee: “My King.”

Hill thought for a moment and said, “Stick your head out.”

Then Goldnia stretched his head literally—stretching his neck long.

Having crossed over for a while, Hill was still surprised.

There was a woman’s scream nearby, Hill glanced at it and found that it was a woman who was just passing by to buy food. She rolled her eyes and was about to faint. Hill thought in his heart that it was really evil ah, and quickly held Goldnia’s head and pressed it back to his neck. Then Hill snapped his fingers, and the woman with the vegetable basket stood firm as if she had first awakened from a dream, feeling that she had just seen some hallucinations.

Then she turned her head to look at the opposite side – this time she saw two handsome men hugging each other → at least in her eyes. So, she blushed and ran away shyly carrying the vegetable basket.

Hill: …

Hill also felt the feeling of being victimized by the unfounded rumors… Forget it.

Goldnia was confused for a moment and asked tentatively, “My King?”

“It’s okay.” Hill waved his hand and then said, “Don’t be so exaggerated next time…” He put his hand on top of Goldnia’s head and then showed his memory of negotiating with Joan Baker.

Goldnia immediately knelt on one knee, “My King, thank you for giving me the honor of looking at your memories.”

Hill is now accustomed to the frenzied behavior of these demons from time to time. He nodded indifferently and said, “I gave you this memory so that you can learn well. You know nearly everything in the lower world and can reign, but in what I have to do, you have a lot to learn.”

“Yes. My King,” Goldnia said with his head down.

Hill looked up at the human city-state and then remembered the village he saw in the lower realm. He couldn’t help feeling a little bit of responsibility. Sure enough, responsibility can make people grow quickly. His red pupils became sharp and bitter, his eyes narrowed slightly: “Do you remember the village we saw two days ago?”

“Remember, My King,” Goldnia replied.

“Even if we are humble as bugs, we have to survive…” Hill said slowly.

Goldnia clenched his fists.

“But we won’t always survive like this. We will stand up, we will rebel – of course the rebellion presupposes that we have to live. We will use different powers to be strong, to make the weak worship, to make the ignorant come and seek guidance, to keep the race alive, to enable the lower realm to live forever.”

In the moonlight, Hill slowly uttered his vows.

A blazing flame burned in Goldnia’s cold gray eyes. He hit his heart with his fist, and said in the clang of his armor: “Your will shall be done!”


This is Hill’s first visit to Magnolia City, he intends to walk around. He and Goldnia changed their forms to something close to ordinary people, the two took a short walk around Magnolia City.

This city embodies the wisdom of the human race. The snow-white city is located in the mountains and the theme is built on the hills. To the east of the city is a natural barrier formed by towering mountains. There are waterfalls on the top of the mountain, which merges into a river below. The rivers have been artificially modified to evenly divide the city into three major areas. The river was not clear and had become quite muddy by the time it flowed outside, but people here didn’t take it seriously. Most people in this period have no awareness of environmental protection. Only occasional poets and artists express feelings about magic ruining the beautiful natural scenery.

Environmental pollution. Hill thought in his heart.

Although there is no industry in this world, the abuse of magic can also destroy the environment. Hill remembered that in the previous “World of Warcraft”, Dracula’s abuse of magic caused the planet to wither, so the beasts would invade Azeroth. He thinks he must pay attention to this problem in the future.

At that moment there was some noise from the front, Hill went over thinking of joining in the fun. But it turned out that the fun was actually at the theater of Joan Baker, it had just ended playing “Daughter of the Sea”, and there was a group of madams and ladies were wiping tears and talking outside.

Hill looked up and saw the “Viscount Lestat said it was good” poster hanging in front of the theater, the corners of his mouth twitched twice without showing a trace.

Is this Joan Baker’s idea? Unexpectedly, under his stern appearance, there was such a…er… playful heart.

The original “Miss Olivia of the Jefferson family said: This movie once made my dad kick me and my brother out of the house!”, but the Jefferson family came to talk to them and they withdrew it—because it was a bit damaging to the family image. Hill knows that this must not be displayed like this forever, but before that, they can still earn a lot from it. Unexpectedly, after changing the poster, Joan Baker found a new slogan, and the effect should still be good.

Hill came closer and heard their conversation.

“Why did Siren Princess die in the end? Wasn’t it enough for her to lose her love? She still had to lose her life?”

“I can’t accept it… Damn, that human prince is really annoying. If you let me see him on the street, I swear, I must hit him hard on the head with my high heels.”

Goldnia, next to him, calmly touched his head, and muttered ‘lowly human’ in his heart, but his body honestly changed his appearance some more.

Hill thought for a while and took the initiative to step forward: “That, may I ask, distinguished ladies, what are you talking about?”

Then he got a lot of descriptions and they also strongly recommended him to go to the cinema to see it too.

Hill said, “That’s a demon, ladies, how can you sympathize with a demon?”

“There is also kindness among demons,” a lady retorted.

“No, demons are bad, that’s what the church says,” Hill said, “Don’t forget that we just ended the war with the demons! How can you sympathize with the demons!”

“You don’t understand anything at all!”

“Leave our sight!”

“There are good-hearted beings among demons and there are blind beings like you among humans.”

“Go away!”

“Tell me your name and I’ll have my father strip you of your knighthood!”

Against a bunch of cannibalistic gazes and verbal abuse, Hill and Goldnia slipped away.

After returning to the lower realm, Goldnia fell into a deep thought instead of saying things like, “They are really rude”, “They dare to insult Lord Demon King, I will kill them”.

Hill knew that this scene should be very shocking for Goldnia. He thought for a while and guided him: “What do you think of what just happened?”

“My King, to be honest, I, I’m a little confused,” Goldnia said.

“If you’re confused, just think about what I said before,” Hill said, and after speaking, he yawned: “Ah, I really did a lot of things today. I’m going back to sleep.”

Goldnia stayed alone, looking at the bloody moonlight in the lower realm, thinking hard.


Hill’s behavior just now is really ugly-for those human ladies.

Goldnia couldn’t figure out why human beings would swear against their own kind because of a demon, but Hill knew it.

His behavior was as if he ran to Ace’s fans and shouted that Ace is a pirate so he deserves to die. This is going to be beaten to death on Earth, those ladies are elegant enough.

And this is also based on the fact that humans are not familiar with the lower realms and demons at all, and almost all impressions come from the canon law.

Therefore, it is conceivable that the previous scene will appear.


The film continued to be shown for a month before Joan Baker temporarily discontinued it. He remodeled the theater according to Hill’s proposal to become more like a movie theater and re-divided the noble boxes.

In fact, it has been played in a loop for a month, a few times a day. This has reduced the popularity of the movie a bit. Those who wanted to see it and could afford to see it had already watched it. At this time, Joan Baker reorganized the movie theater, and in accordance with Hill’s request, hung up a new slogan:

“The movie bloopers are on show!”

Movie bloopers? What’s a blooper?

This immediately brought back the heat that had just gone cold.

Many people who are enthusiastic about “Daughter of the Sea” start to grab tickets eagerly. They mainly want to see what the blooper is, and the movie itself is so good-looking, it doesn’t matter if they watch it again.

It turned out that the bloopers were even more interesting than they had imagined.

While filming under the sea, the projection stone went all the way down and was swallowed by a fish monster. The screen went black and then a voice yelled: “Damn, you dare to swallow my projection stone, see how I punish you!” Then the camera panned out and the crew began to eat the braised fish.

The people below all laughed out loud and the depression brought by the movie disappeared.

The second blooper is the beginning of the shipwreck. After the ship broke, all sailors floated on the surface and died. With the sound of “The scene is over, it’s okay.” The “corpses” floating on the sea came back to life one after another, jumping to the shore.

The audience couldn’t help but laugh again. This scene is really a bit dark humorous and a bit silly.

The third blooper is the shipwreck. The Siren Princess is holding the human prince upstream. At this moment, a small line appears next to him: [Testing the human prince’s princely status in the lower realm]. Everyone still doesn’t understand this mean, and then they saw the human prince suddenly opened his eyes and said sharply to the siren princess: “Remove your hand from this noble seat, lowly commoner.”

Paired with the small line just now, and the fact that most of the people in the audience are aristocrats, the blooper managed to amuse everyone.

The last tidbit is that all the actors, including Hill, clinked glasses together at the banquet. Then Ariel turned around and smiled at the camera and said, “Thank you for loving me, I love you too.” After she said that, crystal tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.

The pain of the movie itself, the joy of the tidbits, and the sadness of the last one… Today’s audience has experienced too many emotional ups and downs.

Of course, this is also arranged by Hill.

In this way, the impression can be deepened in all directions without dead ends.

At the end, it was the promo of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”.

The promo uses the heroine’s first perspective ingeniously, that is, the heroine does not appear, and what the audience sees is the perspective of the heroine.

In the first scene, the heroine finds that the bloody Demon King is lying at the door of the house, and then the kind-hearted woman takes him home to heal his injuries and give him medicine.

Then the camera turned around. The handsome demon wearing a funny apron was trying to cook, and when he saw the hostess, he turned his head and smiled helplessly.

The camera pans again, the heroine should have fallen asleep, the demon put a bunch of flowers on her bedside table and quietly disappeared.

The camera turned again, the heroine looked at the night outside by herself, and thought in her heart, I miss him… Then there was a set of quick shots, which could roughly tell some fights, and then a person wearing a paladin costume appeared in the camera: “The person you saved is the Demon King!” Then he took out his dagger: “You are a believer of the God of Light, you should kill him with this dagger.”

The sharp-eyed people had recognized that this dagger was the same as the one that the Demon King gave to the Siren Princess.

Then came a quick set of images, one of which nearly gave all the women in the audience a nosebleed. That is, Lord Demon King directly gave the hostess a wall slam — in front of the camera — his red eyes were dark with blazing heat, and then he said in a low voice, “Woman, you’re playing with fire. “

In the last picture, the heroine approached the Demon King on the bed with a dagger. The scene was very similar to the scene when the Demon King approached the sleeping heroine with a rose.

Everyone was expecting what would happen in the next scene, but the scene ended there, and a line appeared on the black screen.

“The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” will be released on September 1st.

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