Chapter 22 – Prove it to me

“The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” currently only has a simple promo. In fact, the main story of the movie has not been shot, and the heroine has not yet been selected – this is also the reason for the first perspective of the heroine. Another reason is the creativity, so that women are more immersive when watching the promo.

Hill carefully considered this theme for the second movie. There are three reasons. The first reason is that, he suddenly got inspiration when filming “Daughter of the Sea”, so he buried the easter egg Demon King’s Dagger; The second reason is that, Hill has seen girlfriends and mother fans so much on the earth, so he wants to focus on this aspect first; the third reason is that, “Daughter of the Sea” will definitely attract the attention of the church when it becomes popular, maybe some of them can see through the idea of Hill’s cultural invasion, so Hill shot this “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” to make them take this lightly.

It is estimated that when the people in the church hear this title, they would feel that this damned thing, love and affection, is just the lower realm’s Demon King’s tossing. They would even feel more relieved and feel that he was playing with things blindly.

Plan pass √

The script was written by Hill himself. Before writing the script, he read more than ten novels of domineering CEOs, and then took the essence of a lot of domineering CEOs and domineering Kings, and finally developed an ending based on the rational development of the plot.

Speaking of those overbearing CEO/King novels, it’s terrible, Hill felt lingering fear when he read it.

“Prince, the Princess has been hanging on the city gate for three days and exposed to the sun, still continue?”

“Is she willing to admit her mistake?”

“The Crown Princess was already dead by the second day.”

“Master, the lady has been hanging on the fan and spinning at high speed for three hours, and passed out.”

“Continue if she’s not dead.”

“But the doctor said that the lady had miscarried.”

“Master, the lady’s blood has been drained, she was found with two dead children in her stomach, your…”

What the hell is this, has the current Overbearing President novels evolved to such a point? How could such a terrible thing happen during the time he traversed. The overbearing president of the older generation is much better. What ‘she accidentally took medicine and had XXX overnight, and then run with a ball on the next day for three years, and then came back with the baby boy…’ Forget it, this is also not good.

Hill threw the quill to the side of the table, wondering if after the filming, he could bring some YY stallion novels from Earth and release it. It would be good to make it into a magazine serialization form, it would also be able to mix some lower realm special products… Hill closed his eyes and rested his brain after thinking. There’s still a lot to do and a lot to accomplish.

Thinking of this, he knocked on the table and said, “Irvine.”

The small flame on the candlestick next to the table moved slightly, then flew out of thin air, and then landed on the ground next to Hill and became bigger. Irvine walked out from inside, saluting respectfully, “My King.”

“Call the emissary of the Dark Church here,” Hill said.

At first, Hill thought that the “emissary” was just an ordinary messenger, but he later learned that [emissary] itself was a job title, the highest existence under the Pope of the Dark Church, there were five in total, and now three are dead. Hill knew that if he wanted to further expand his influence in the human world, he had to rectify the Dark Church, he couldn’t ignore it like the previous demon king.

“Yes, My King,” Irvine said.

“What’s his name?” Hill forgot.

“Spike Elektra,” Irvine replied.

Hill gets a headache when he hears such a long name. It can’t be blamed on his bad memory. The names of these people are really too long. Death Knight Goldnia, the Dark Elf Albrecht, what the hell… Yes, this is very Western Fantasy. Hill thought blankly.

Spike came over soon. He knelt on one knee like the other demons and saluted: “Lord Demon King.”

Like the others in the Dark Church, Spike is a human being, he doesn’t know why he joined the Dark Church. Although this statement is not appropriate, Hill thinks this is a “human traitor”. But this person now belongs to the demon side, so Hill can only feel strange in his heart.

But since he’s curious, he’ll ask, anyway, he is the Demon King, and he can do whatever he wants within a certain range. So, Hill spoke up and used his magic power: “Why did you join the Dark Church?”

Spike had no resistance under Hill’s coercion: “For revenge, Lord Demon King.”

“Vengeance.” Hill nodded, this is a reasonable reason, “reason and result.”

Spike was silent for a second and answered truthfully: “My father was the valet of a nobleman in Josh Kenny, my mother was a laundry maid, then one day my father was kicked to death by his employer’s horse, and my mother was killed when she went to her employer. I was sold to the slave market, and finally was picked by a mage of the Church as a drug tester, and then entered the Church. “

So… Hill continued to ask: “Why did your father die like that?”

“I don’t know.” Spike said, “Maybe because the employer was in a bad mood that day, maybe because of bad luck… Anyway, such things are common. And by the time I gained power and was ready to take revenge, I found out that the nobleman died because he had offended a higher nobleman.” When he said this, his voice was hollow, without sorrow or joy.

Hill didn’t know what to say, it was much crueler than he thought. He knew that this world was like this, but it wouldn’t be much better on Earth. Forget it, he sighed in his heart, he can’t do anything about it now, just focus on what’s in front of him.

“I feel you are just living by default now,” Hill said.

Spike stunned slightly, then pressed his forehead to the ground: “Great Lord Demon King, my faith in the darkness is unquestionable.”

In fact, from Spike’s point of view, Hill felt that he could appreciate his state of mind at this time. The single-minded revenge, forsaking everything for revenge may not give him happiness but emptiness instead. And for someone like him – the enemy died for a comically absurd same reason – this will make him feel even more empty, maybe he will not even have the desire to live.

Hill still felt a little compassionate.

“Then prove it to me.” Hill said in a voice full of majesty, “In the past, I would not have put my eyes on an ordinary human like you… Oh yes, you yourself think you have done a lot of things, experienced a lot of things, but in my opinion, you are still nothing but an ordinary human who has not seen anything.”

He said something that seemed to be degrading, but in fact, he was giving him hope of continuing to survive and struggle:

“But now is different from the past. I have to do a lot of things, many things you can’t imagine.

“Since you said that your belief in darkness is beyond doubt, prove it to me.

“Become stronger, become more valuable, become more so that we need you instead of you following us.

“This is the purpose of your existence, human.”

Hill pinched Spike’s chin with his fingers, stared directly at his cold gray eyes, and said every word.

On the one hand, it was because of the instillation of magic power. On the other hand, Hill did speak of Spike’s heart. Spike felt a shock in his body and mind, his body trembled, “I understand, Lord Demon King.”

At that moment, he did change.

After sending Spike away, Hill felt quite satisfied. At this stage, the physically powerful demons cannot be of much use. Instead, these humans could be used. Hill has no sense of guilt about using Spike, this is also considered a win-win. The gloomy aura on Spike’s body is really too heavy, Hill feels that if he doesn’t change, he will not survive for a few more years.

After that, Hill mumbled in his heart that his lines were really good, without even a draft, without the need for Baidu search in advance.

Speaking of, “prove it to me”, this sentence is very suitable to be written in the movie of the Overbearing Demon King. Hmm… For example, when the heroine says “I love you”, make the demon king smile evilly and say “prove it to me”, and then add some indescribable plots, which will probably make the women watching the movie very excited… Speaking of the demon king, it seems like he has to act on his own. Hey, it’s a bit embarrassing.

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YY Stallion novel – YY literature: the story where the protagonist has extraordinary abilities, many enlightenments, always overcome difficulties, in summary, it is very majestic and very exciting. Stallion: refers to the kind of man embracing the whole of the harem, such as the stables with each male horse, so to call.

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