Sacrifice to the Devil 4

Chapter 4 – Repay a favor

The young man raised his sharp-angled jaw slightly, his thin lips held a smile, and said such resigned words.

The thin and long figure looked gloomy and evil in the surroundings illuminated by the cold white moonlight.

Li Haowen and several people were obviously frightened by Wen Yu’s momentum, they exchanged glances with each other with a slightly guilty conscience.

An empty-handed child dared to fight with them, a few adults who were mixed in society and also carrying weapons.

It is simply looking for death, but also dragging them to die together.

Li Haowu is different from them in the end, he squeezed his club and took a step forward, with a cruel look in his eyes: “Boy, you have guts. Don’t cry and call the police if your leg breaks later.”

Before he finished his words, he picked up the club and slammed it at Wen Yu’s body.

Very fast.

It’s a speed that ordinary people can’t avoid.

Wen Yu’s brain reacted in an instant. He had no time to back up but could take it head-on with his body.

He will be injured but he can take advantage of the opportunity to take away the club to get a weapon and counterattack.

With Li Haowu’s swing, the club flashed a silver semi-circular arc of light in the moonlight, and the vigorous force created a ‘whoop’ sound in the air.

Everyone was wide-eyed and covertly excited because of the violence they were about to see in person when the ‘pang’ sounded and the club that should have smashed down on the teenager’s body hit the mottled concrete ground instead.

The concrete ground was smashed out a hole by the metal iron that protruded from the tip of the club.

Li Haowu was surprised that he missed.

His body staggered two steps because of too much force, staring at the club in his hand and Wen Yu, who was not moving at all, in front of him.

How could he not hit the target?

Even Wen Yu was stunned for a moment.

He knew from his senses that he couldn’t dodge the shot just now. It was as if the space between him and Li Haowu had broken, and the club suddenly changed its direction.

However, his body quickly reacted, holding the club that fell beside him agilely, retrieving it with force, and at the same time hitting Li Haowu’s legs fiercely.

After a muffled sound of a metal club swinging on human flesh, Li Haowu let out a miserable scream and fell to his knees on the concrete with a thud.

Li Haowu hugged his legs, his face twisted and he cursed fiercely because of the intense pain: “Motherf*cker!”

There was another miserable scream.

Wen Yu pressed his thin lips tightly, swinging his club, and hit Li Haowu’s back vigorously, knocking him to the ground completely.

Li Haowen’s arms and legs were shaking, he shouted with his eyes wide open, “My brother is being beaten, go! Let’s go together and beat him to death.”

“F*ck, kill him!”

No matter how guilty the other four people were, it was impossible to watch Li Haowu be beaten by Wen Yu.

They held up their clubs and went up in a flurry, all aiming at the skinny teenager.

Wen Yu stepped back, clutching his club and hitting back hard. The silence of the alley was instantly broken by the horrific crunching, sounds of cursing, and metal clubs hitting each other.

Suddenly, the sound of pedaling bicycle and shouting came from a distance: “What the hell! What are you doing? I’m a policeman! Stop it! Stop it, you bastards!”

It’s Liu Yiming.

As soon as he entered the alley, he heard a vague fighting sound. His heart sank and thought of Wen Yu, he immediately speeded up on his bicycle.

“The police are coming!”

Li Haowen was anxious and shouted: “Brother, run quickly. Don’t let anyone catch you!”

Li Haowu just got up from the ground with a limp after easing the pain.

He looked at Wen Yu with bloodshot eyes and gritted his teeth in hatred, “Come one, come all, I’ll beat that bastard Wen Yu to death tonight!”

Li Haowen calmly yanked his arm and pulled him to run: “You just got out. It’s not worth going in again because of him, we’ll have plenty of opportunities for revenge later.”

“Withdraw, brothers withdraw.”

When Liu Yiming rushed the bicycle and stopped quickly beside Wen Yu, Li Haowu’s group scattered and fled in a hurry.

He didn’t have time to care about these little punks. He threw down his bicycle and took Wen Yu’s arm to look carefully, and asked urgently, “Xiaoyu, are you okay? Are you injured?”

Wen Yu put away the hostility in his eyes, dropped the club in his hand, and replied, “I’m fine.”

He was really fine. Although Li Haowen and the others had a lot of people just now, when they came up with the clubs together, they still worried about hurting their own people by accident, so they couldn’t help but be more cautious.

On the contrary, he can ignore it completely and make random hits, letting him have the upper hand instead.

Not only did he not get hit at all, but he also injured several of them.

Liu Yiming looked up and down anxiously and found that he was indeed unharmed. He angrily took his cell phone intending to call the police: “It’s Li Haowu, right? I knew that this little bastard would come back to retaliate against you, he must be arrested again!”

“Uncle Liu, no need.”

Wen Yu picked up the shopping bag placed beside the wall and persuaded Liu Yiming: “No second witness saw him hit me tonight. I didn’t have any substantial harm. It would be useless to call the police. It would take time to collect evidence or something.”

Liu Yiming held the phone angrily and stomped his feet. He is a policeman himself, of course, he knows this.

He also knows that even if there was evidence that Li Haowu led someone to beat Xiaoyu, conflicts like this between children, would only end up in scolding and educating and a fine when brought to the police station.

It can’t solve future troubles at all.

He works as a policeman, how much Li Haowu hates Xiaoyu, he knows from the gloomy eyes Li Haowu looked at Wen Yu.

Today, he can arrive in time to prevent him from retaliating against Xiaoyu, what about in the future?

Liu Yiming walked with the bicycle, holding his anger and his curse from coming out of his mouth, “You are here alone, I do not feel at ease. These few months, before going to college, you come to live at my house. Go, pack up tonight and come over.”

Wen Yu frowned: “Let’s talk about this later. Uncle Liu came over here so late, is there something?”

Liu Yiming: “It’s the money that Ying Chen sent to you during the day. I did a little investigation, it turned out that this person was looking for you through the police the day before yesterday. I brought his personal information, here you go.”

He took out a portfolio from the bicycle basket and handed it to Wen Yu, saying, “As always, good people get good rewards. This thing can be regarded as a blessing left by your parents.”

Wen Yu puzzled: “He is also looking for me? My parents?”

Liu Yiming said as he walked: “It turns out that when your parents were studying abroad, they saved a four-year-old boy who was separated from his family in a snowstorm and almost died of freezing.

“That person is the Ying Chen who sent you money. He came to repay your parents for saving his life.

“This person first inquired about your parents through the public security system. He knew that your parents had passed away at a young age and left one child behind and said he wanted to adopt you.

“It’s just that you are an adult and he can’t adopt you, so he sent you the money. This money is a token of gratitude from Mr. Ying, so you should take it.”

Wen Yu frowned: It was five million.

It was exactly the five million he needed.

Liu Yiming still said: “Five million is astronomical for us, but for this Mr. Ying who wants to repay a favor, it’s a drop in the bucket, do you know how much he is worth?”

He sighed: “There is a group of people in the world who are the invisible rich, whose value is not disclosed, but have more wealth than anyone ranked on the rich list.”

“This Mr. Ying is a foreigner, we can’t find out his occupation. But the real estate and stock price that he owns in our country alone are worth close to 10 billion.”

“Then if we add in his wealth in his own country, tsk tsk, we can’t even count the estimates.”

Wen Yu was still worried and asked, “Then why didn’t he contact me directly?”

“Probably considering that you are young, he’s worried that telling you directly will scare you.” Liu Yiming smiled and said: “Mr. Ying is not a bad person, moreover, our public security system has a record of this matter. You can take the money at ease and collect your college tuition. If you feel uncomfortable, you can call and thank him in person.”

Wen Yu nodded hesitantly: “Yeah.”

Liu Yiming: “Don’t you have his cell phone number, just call him.”

As the two talked and walked into Wen Yu’s house, Liu Yiming frowned immediately: “The house is leaking like this, why didn’t you tell me! There is a musty smell everywhere, how can people live here.

“There are also people like Li Haowu who always want to retaliate against you. I can’t watch you live alone no matter what.”

He urged Wen Yu and said, “You hurry up and pack your things and come home with me now.”

Wen Yu clutched the loose hair around his ear, with a difficult expression on his face: “I am fine, I am used to living alone.”

Liu Yiming was angry: “What used to it, do you dislike your Uncle for being poor?”

Wen Yu helplessly said, “I don’t, I really am used to it.”

Except for the closest person, no matter who he lives with, he will instinctively be mentally alert and nervous.

In this world, the few people closest to him have already passed away.

It’s just that he can resolutely reject false relatives in a cold and firm manner.

But he couldn’t refuse Liu Yiming, who really cared about him.

Moreover, Liu Yiming’s attitude was very persistent this time, holding his mobile phone and saying: “Look, I have already sent a message to your aunt that you are coming to stay at home for a few months, and she said that she will clean up the room for you now.”

Wen Yu: “But I’m afraid to disturb you.”

Liu Yiming: “Tsk, you kid, what disturb me. Come, I will help you pack your clothes.”

“Uncle Liu.”

Wen Yu was hesitating, just when he didn’t know what to do, suddenly, a sharp ambulance and police siren sounded from outside the window, resounding through the entire quiet community.

Out of professional response, Liu Yiming quickly picked up his mobile phone to call the police station and asked: “What’s the matter? What happened?!”

A colleague explained on the phone: “There was a vicious fight in the old city just now, the leader was Li Haowu, who just got out of prison.

“The exact reason is still being investigated. Probably there was infighting among them. Several people beat each other with golf clubs. The legs of the two brothers, Li Haowu and Li Haowen, were broken.

“They were seriously injured. We called an ambulance and went there together. If you have time, come here as soon as possible.”

“Infighting? Fighting each other?”

Liu Yiming let out a ‘hah!’ and incredulously looked over towards Wen Yu.

Wen Yu: …

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Uncle Liu is so cute in my imagination, esp. the scene where he was pedaling his bike quickly while shouting. LOL

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