Sacrifice to the Devil 5

Chapter 5 – Come over

After hanging up the phone, Liu Yiming felt helpless: “Just now, the police received a call and rushed to the scene. Li Haowu’s group used clubs and smashed each other, and exposed each other’s old things. They said who stole the battery car when and where, said who robbed the money, who blackmailed the junior high school students. These punks have done all the bad things, and in the end, they broke each other’s legs in infighting.”

At the same time, he also breathed a sigh of relief: “So I don’t have to worry about him coming back to retaliate against you, but you still have to come and stay at my house. Your house is really impossible to live in. You will pack up tonight and I will drive to pick you up tomorrow.”

Liu Yiming’s attitude was firm, Wen Yu couldn’t refuse directly and gave a soft ‘um’.

Fortunately, this sudden accident allowed him to escape the situation of being dragged by Liu Yiming to live in his house now.

As for tomorrow, he will find an excuse to stall again.

Liu Yiming was urgently called to handle the case of Li Haowu’s brawl incident. After he left, the large and old two-story house fell into silence again.

Outside the window, the night wind blew, and the shabby roof brackets on the balcony hit on the glass, making an irregular creaking and banging sound.

It’s like someone knocking on the doors and windows carelessly.

Indoors, the incandescent tube light illuminates a dazzling cold white, and the unfinished landscape painting on the easel of the small living room is clearly visible in the bright space.

The thin young man sat in front of this easel with a portfolio in his hand, which contained the survey data about Ying Chen sent by Liu Yiming.

He opened it cautiously and pulled out a pile of papers. The first line of the first sheet of paper contains the man’s profile.

Ying Chen, male, 25 years old, Chinese, occupation unknown, now living in Canada and occasionally visiting China, phone number.

Wen Yu pondered: Was he really so lucky that a boy, whom his parents had saved in a blizzard twenty years ago, came back with $5 million to repay the favor?

He took out his cell phone from his pocket and entered Ying Chen’s cell phone number written on the file. Select the Send a Message button and carefully edit the message in the SMS field: ——

Hello, Mr. Ying.

I received the five million you sent me today. It’s a coincidence that I just need the money right now, so can you count me as borrowing it from you, I will definitely return it to you in the future.

Wen Yu’s fingers hovered over the alphabet keyboard and hesitated.

He thought: It seems impolite to send a message to a person whom he has never met to borrow money.

Wen Yu moved his finger to the delete button, and after deleting the edited text message word by word, he edited it again: ——

Hello, Mr. Ying, this is Wen Yu.

I received your money transfer today, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to accept your money like this. I would like to meet with you in person, is that okay?

Obviously, it was a very simple text message, but Wen Yu repeatedly revised it several times before he was finally satisfied.

The fingertips gently pressed send.

After a few lines of black letters jumped from the edit bar to the dialog box, Wen Yu was inexplicably nervous.

He suddenly thought, what kind of man would this 25-year-old Mr. Ying be?

He should be a good person, right?

Otherwise, how would he think of repaying his parents for the kindness they gave him at the beginning, and even taking out five million dollars.

When they really met, how was he going to tell Mr. Ying that he wanted to borrow $5 million from him?

Will the other party think he is pretentious?

Wen Yu has been sitting on the chair in front of the easel, holding the phone and looking at the screen while waiting.

Silence all around, the sound of the old wall clock ticking clearly echoed in the small living room, also announcing the passage of time.

There was still no response in the conversation box.

After a long time, Wen Yu finally noticed that his back had been in a tight state, he let out a long breath and put down the phone.

He began to clean up the room, shower, wash up, and paint.

During that time, he went to look at his phone once again, and Ying Chen still hadn’t answered his message.

Wen Yu was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to receive a phone call at first, so he turned the volume of his phone to the maximum and continued to draw.

Until bedtime, the phone was still lying quietly where it was. The only message still in the dialog box between the two was his own, lying alone in it.

During the night, Wen Yu slept very restlessly.

He seemed to dream a lot, but his brain was too muddled to see anything clearly.

He tried very hard to see, to hear, to think. Wanting to see what was going on around him.

But then he heard a weak voice ringing in his ears: “Little Devil, where are you going?”

It was a man’s voice, low and weak.

It was like a thin thread flying in the air, which would break at the slightest touch.

The ‘little devil’ he was calling seemed to be himself.

Like an elder talking to a child in a soft voice, there is a kind of caring emotion in it.

Wen Yu’s ears could hear it, but it made his whole heart feel uncomfortable as if it was being squeezed. The sour emotions filled his chest, suffocating him.

“Ring! Ring!”

The sharp ringing of the cell phone suddenly sounded, awakening the restless teenager lying on the bed.

Wen Yu suddenly sat up from the bed and reached out to grab the mobile phone placed on the desk next to the bed.

The first reaction in his brain was: Ying Chen replied to him.

Seeing clearly the person displayed on the screen of the phone: Zhao Xiaoliang.

Wen Yu was slightly startled, but his tight shoulders loosened unconsciously

“What happened?”

“Wen Yu, Li Haowen and his brother were hospitalized last night, and were arrested!”

Zhao Xiaoliang and its excited and loud voice came out in the earpiece, squeaking and stinging the eardrums. Wen Yu frowned and turned his head away from the phone and hurriedly adjusted the volume of the earpiece down.

He was afraid that the text message Ying Chen returned to him could not even be received last night, so he adjusted the volume of the phone’s ringtone to the maximum.

Unexpectedly, he was so cautious that he even adjusted the volume of the earpiece to the maximum.

Zhao Xiaoliang happily gloated: “I heard that they were fighting each other with golf clubs and Li Haowu’s leg was broken.

“After the police came, they also betrayed each other, telling them all about the robbery and stealing battery cars they had done over the years. And that Li Haowu, who just came out of the prison, is now going in again. Hahahaha”

Wen Yu said indifferently: “I know, Uncle Liu told me last night.”

Zhao Xiaoliang: “Now I can rest assured that even if Li Haowu with a broken leg does not go to jail, he will not be your opponent.”

Compared with the excited Zhao Xiaoliang, Wen Yu was still calm and indifferent: “By the way, let me tell you something. I will tell Uncle Liu that I will live in your house during this period of time.”

Zhao Xiaoliang paused, and then he was pleasantly surprised and said: “Come on! Let’s sleep in the same bed tonight and play games together tonight.”

“No.” Wen Yu interrupted him, “It’s just to reject Uncle Liu. After that, I will rent an apartment near the university.”

Zhao Xiaoliang: “Hey, why do you still want to rent? You can just live on campus for a few months, so why spend that money? Just come and live at my house.”

Wen Yu didn’t speak.

Silence indicates a polite refusal.

Zhao Xiaoliang waited for a while, feeling annoyed and helpless: “Okay, okay, I know your kind of temper! Then when are you going to rent a house, I will accompany you.”

Wen Yu thought for a while: “This weekend.”

However, everything seemed to be directed at him, and it happened by an unusual coincidence.

Just when Wen Yu began to search for renting information, he received a document express. He tore open the heavy envelope which contained a bright red real estate certificate.

Wen Yu opened the real estate certificate in doubt, and it read: Name of the owner: Wen Yu. It also clearly wrote the address of the house and his ID number.

Wen Yu thought about who was pranking him and sent him a fake real estate certificate. But he also found that there were still a bunch of brand-new keys in the envelope, several house cards, and a password card.

What’s going on?

Wen Yu instantly became nervous, his whole body felt cold from head to toe, and his tight nerves made him full of vigilance.

If it is fake, who would play such a joke with him?

If it is true, without his own consent, who can give a barely adult property certificate?

At this moment, a person’s name suddenly came to mind in his mind: Ying Chen.

Was the house bought by Ying Chen?

Just to repay his parents for saving his life back then?

Ying Chen, in the end, what does he want?

Wen Yu pressed his lips tightly in thought for a long time, then took the phone and sent a message to Ying Chen:

[Mr. Ying, did you also buy the house? 】

He felt that his text messages would still sink into the ocean like last night, not waiting for Ying Chen’s reply.

But unexpectedly, the moment he sent the message, two words suddenly popped up in the dialog box.

[Come over.]

Wen Yu’s heart jumped suddenly.

It was only two words, but he seemed to hear a mellow and deep voice ringing in his ears.

Can’t refuse, can’t refuse.

Wen Yu held the phone with his fingertips shaking lightly, sending a message: [Are you Mr. Ying? Can I talk to you about money?]

A minute later, he received the address from Ying Chen.

It is exactly the same as the address written on the real estate certificate.

Sure enough, the house was bought by Ying Chen.

The two text messages without any greetings were asking him to meet directly at this house. Wen Yu was extremely confused about the behavior of this man named Ying Chen.

However, the two words “come over” wouldn’t leave his mind no matter what.

There seemed to be an invisible force pulling him to meet the man quickly, but he was restless and anxious.

He thought for a long time, then closed Ying Chen’s dialog box and dialed Liu Yiming’s phone: “Uncle Liu, I just received a real estate certificate with my name written on it. It seems that Ying Chen gave it to me. Can I receive a real estate certificate even if I am not present, how did he do it?”

Liu Yiming let out a gasp of relief, and his tone also carried incredulity: “I was about to call you to talk about this. The house was indeed given to you by Mr. Ying, also to repay your parents’ kindness. We received a call from him in the morning asking us to tell you.

“I didn’t dare to believe it at first, but I checked the transfer information of the house just now and it was all true. Now, this house really belongs to you.”

He smiled heartily: “Your parents probably didn’t expect that the child they saved at the beginning will now become your benefactor. Now you won’t have to live in that shabby place or my house, just move into the big villa.”

Wen Yu wondered: “Why didn’t he come to me directly?”

Liu Yiming: “Probably because he was worried that you kid would be scared, so he entrusted us to tell you.”

Wen Yu thought for a while and said, “Uncle Liu, I want to go to the house and have a look, can you come with me?”

Liu Yiming: “Okay, wait until I get off work to pick you up.”

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