Chapter 25 – If there is such an accident, I will let you have an accident

Spike, the emissary of the Dark Church, found suitable actresses, a total of three.

The first one looks too ordinary, so ordinary that you can’t find that kind when you just throw it on the side of the road. Hill was a little speechless. Although he didn’t want a girl who was too beautiful, it would be too much to be so ordinary and affect the aesthetic of it, so pass.

The second one was okay, above average, but the problem was that when Hill asked her to raise her head to speak, she exclaimed with great excitement: “Ah, Lord Demon King is talking to me!” And then she fainted.

Hill: “…” This is simply an anime plot.

Spike gave a light cough and said, “This is an accident, My King.”

“I hope there are fewer accidents like this,” Hill sighed. After speaking, he felt that he didn’t seem to be dignified enough. Usually, he can be a little more relaxed with the five elders, but it is best to pay attention in front of other people. Thinking so, he looked at Spike and added: “If there is such an accident, I will let you have an accident.”

Wait, it’s a bit like a comedy punchline with added cuteness to it, not majestic enough…

But the threat’s meaning was sent, Spike immediately knelt on one knee, “Sorry, My King, please forgive my incompetence.”

Come on, come on, let him change to a more serious posture.

“You should be glad,” Hill raised his head slightly, his icy red pupils had black cold flames, and the invisible aura emanating from his body made Spike instantly feel the substantial pressure and pain in his chest.

Hill leaned lazily on the chair covered with luxurious fur, with his arms resting on the exquisitely carved armrests, tapping on the armrests one after another. “What you mean by ‘incompetence’ is just self-effacement. From the beginning to the end, I have no plans to raise idlers.” After speaking, he closed his eyes and said quietly, “Let the next one come in.”

“Yes, My King,” Spike’s voice was full of awe this time.

‘Still have to provoke with words all the time, ah.’ Hill thought. ‘Finally, this time I played well and scored ninety points for myself.’

Spike dragged the fainted human woman away and the third person came in quickly. The other person looked pale, her appearance was superior, but there was no radiant feeling. Hill felt the coldness of her body: ” Necromancer?”

The girl knelt on one knee, “Yes, My King. I am Leona Bell, the emissary of the Dark Church.”

Ah, this is one of the two emissaries of the Dark Church who survived. Hill had heard that three of the five emissaries of the Dark Church died in the previous war. The two who survived should be Spike and the female necromancer Leona Bell.

‘I always think it’s weird to always ask someone in a high position to film a movie, but speaking of high positions, I am the one with the highest position, right?’ Hill thought. ‘But are all the people in high positions good at acting? Or is it a job requirement?’

Thinking of this, Hill, who was used to spitting out MLM scam words, felt like he stabbed himself.

“How’s your acting skills?” Hill asked.

“I have had nine boyfriends,” Leona Bell replied.

“Hmm… what happened after that?” Hill asked.

“They became my undead slaves.” Leona Bell said, “including two paladins.”

…Okay, that’s fine, that’s quite dark.

The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched speechlessly, “Okay, then you will be the actress.”

‘I feel like my morals are getting more and more precarious the longer I stay in this world,’ Hill thought.


“The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” started shooting.

The scene in this movie is a bit richer than in “Daughter of the Sea”, covering both the human realm and the lower realm. Hill did not plan to actually go to the human realm to shoot, so he set up a temporary venue in the lower realm in advance. Of course, it is inevitable to find some demons as extras.

Speaking of which, Hill didn’t plan to make “A Song of Ice and Fire” because it was too long and needed too many actors. The cost of filming it now is too great. He still wants to prioritize the movie.

The first act of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” is the background introduction of the heroine. The heroine is set as the waitress of the tavern, which is more like an odd job.

Hill used a few shots to reflect the mess in the tavern. This opening is not as dreamy as “Daughter of the Sea”. Hill aims to show how the heroine’s world, after meeting the demon king, changed tremendously——With such contrast, the audience will be more yearning for him…er…the demon king…

He feels so ashamed to think about it, forget it, he has to get used to it.

Leona Bell did a good job, she restored the feeling of a barmaid, which may have a lot to do with her humble background.

Hill looked at Leona’s information beforehand. She was an illegitimate daughter. Her mother was a maid and she was killed by her father’s wife at an early age. She accidentally obtained the fragments of the undead spells. Then after working while studying, she climbed…er… climbed onto a big brother’s bed, and then used his support to avenge her mother. Later, she was wanted, she uprooted, and finally came to the Dark Church and received “correct guidance”, and became one of the emissaries.

Hill really felt that the lives of all these people around him who were close to the demons were always so intense.

Then a male customer drunkenly molested the heroine, the heroine turned around and pulled down the veil, revealing the scars on her face, the drinker pooh-poohed, “What bad luck.” Then let go of the heroine.

Hill specifically gave the scar a one-second close-up, and then the camera moved to Leona’s eyes, Leona timely made a mixture of sarcasm and sadness.

This shot is perfect.

To be honest, the scar on the heroine’s face did not affect her appearance much, and it was not terrible. The ugly scar was just a set… the audience must also understand. In fact, in many TV movies on Earth, it is clear that some characters should be ugly and disfigured, but they just put some symbolic paste or something to the face of the actor, and they are still beautiful and handsome. This suddenly reminded Hill of the plain old Gu Tianle. Haha.

But then again, if they really make the protagonist so ugly, the audience will not watch it.

But there are also those who are obviously average-looking, but forcefully say that they are peerless beauty or peerless handsome… For example, Aunt Ximen and the heroine of “The Legend of Merlin”. But Aunt Ximen’s actor actually has a very good personality.

Hill gave the heroine a scar that was personally disgusting, in order to reflect the preciousness of the demon king’s feelings.

I, the overbearing Demon King, have seen many beautiful women, I am handsome, rich, and powerful, but rarely dedicated to love. What I like about you is your inner self, your soul, not your surface.

——This is why the domineering president novels are so intoxicating to so many people on Earth.

Hill feels a little nauseous after thinking about it this way.

In this case, the more ordinary the heroine is, the better it is to be substituted → You see that the heroine looks worse than me. Does it mean that I also have a chance? As for the kindness that the heroine in the domineering president’s article generally has, um… you know, kindness is a very ambiguous definition.

In the first scene, there was a small problem, the dragon demon who was supposed to molest the heroine. Facing Leona Bell, one of the five emissaries, he was a little weak, so his voice trembled a little. Hill felt that this problem can be explained by the fact that he was drunk, so this scene passed.

He didn’t get angry with the dragon demon actor on set, he just said that he should pay attention next time. It is not a good idea to get angry when shooting a movie in another world, it will make everyone scared to play… After all, in his previous world, when the director gets angry, the most serious thing is getting fired, but in this world, the director may want to kill when angry, which is also too scary. The actors will be even more unable to control their emotions and make a mess.

Hill has learned a lot of experience during the filming of “Daughter of the Sea”.

Then in the second act, the heroine found a bloody demon king at the door of her home. She was kind and rescued the demon king and put him on the bed. After simply dealing with the wound, the demon king woke up and said the common overbearing lines:

“Roll (go away), woman.”

Then the first NG appeared in this filming. Leona, who played the heroine, knelt down, her legs were soft, and she was really ready to roll away(…).

The corner of Hill’s lips twitched: “Calm down, we are shooting a movie.”

Leona stood up from the ground silently and said, “I’m sorry, My King, your aura is too strong, I subconsciously…”

“It’s not your fault.” Hill couldn’t help holding his forehead.

He has a hunch that there will be more NG scenes in this movie than last time.

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