Chapter 26 – Demons pay attention to equal exchange

During the filming period, most of Irvine’s eggs (…) were successfully hatched, and a group of mutated poultry emerged from the eggshells. Hill threw them directly to the Tauren tribe, letting the tauren help raise them.

The tauren race is one of the closest to nature in the whole demon race, second only to the dark elves. They also have a tradition of grazing and breeding, so Hill thinks it is safe to give these things to them.

Hill once thought about getting some cows from the human world for the tauren to breed, but the dark elf Albrecht persuaded him to give up this idea: “My King, I think the tauren will try to do strange things to those cows.”

Hill felt inexplicably shocked: “They are two races!”

“Humans and sirens are also two races, the siren in the movie also has a fishtail.” Albrecht said in a flat tone, “Now there are still many humans who want to find sirens as wives.”

“But the siren has a human upper body… Forget it, I get it, cows also have tauren heads…” After Hill finished speaking, he felt too naive, and then he remembered a piece of news he had read before, an Australian beer company originally had a brown-orange beer with a dent on the bottom of the bottle, which is the same as the sheath wings of a female beetle. So, there are groups of beetles who want to mate with the bottle, which led to a rapid decline in the fertility of that beetle and almost became an endangered species. In the end, that beer company had to change the design.

Hill almost fell to his knees when he read it then.

This is really too bizarre.

Speaking of which, every world has this kind of bizarre setting.

Abandoning the idea of raising cattle for the time being, Hill decided to wait and see what happened to the mutant poultry. In addition, he got some big-brand earring pendant jewelry designs on the Internet, and then gave them to the dark elves to have a try with their dexterous hands.

This type of jewelry depends on raw materials and craftsmanship. If you look at the raw materials, some famous jewelry brands on the earth have crazy prices. The price includes the craftsmanship, brand effects, advertising costs, and etc.

Hill’s current idea is very clear, focusing on movies and then developing other commercial activities. Movies are their current biggest advantage. Based on this, they can expand and create brand effects—this is a relatively safe and realistic approach.

Of course, the accessories of “Daughter of the Sea” should be made, such as fishtail earrings and pendants with the shape of the Siren Princess. They should squeeze as much as possible from this movie. Hill, who was short of money, thought eagerly.


After hearing that the Demon King was making a movie, Lich Aligeli of the Five Great Elders, came over and offered himself, and said that he could be responsible for the part of the special effects. But this movie doesn’t need these at the moment, then Aligeli politely said that perhaps he could play a passerby role.

What Hill didn’t know was that Aligeli came to eat food… During the filming process, the crew ate together, and the food came from Hill’s recipes.

In this regard, Hill felt a little at a loss. He didn’t understand why Aligeli suddenly became so enthusiastic, but since his five elders value the movie very much, let him come over.

Hmm… The original plan was to play a paladin.

Aligeli almost coughed up his heart when he heard the role he was playing. Then he clutched his chest and said, “My King, you can let the paladins of the church stationed in the lower realm play the role. Let the lich play the paladin, it’s too risky.”

Hill subconsciously said no, but after thinking about it, it seems to be okay.

The relationship between him and Monroe is now less rigid.

The paladins have been stationed in the lower realm for nearly five months, during which they only have regular wartime supplies, which means that their food is extremely poor. Every time the Dark Knight Goldnia went to the human realm, Hill told him to ask Monroe if they had anything they want. At first, the paladins would definitely not let go and accept this kindness, but Hill told Goldnia to ask every time, and the paladins gradually loosened their mouths after being asked again and again.

There is a saying that even an iron bar can be ground into a fine needle, not to mention that the human heart is made of flesh… Although the previous sentence now has a different insignificant meaning.

Moreover, Hill often asked Irvine to give the paladins a small part of the meal—of course only a small part, perhaps only enough for one or two people. Of course, he did this deliberately. He is not a philanthropist. If he can seduce all the paladins, the benefits he can get will not be small.

Under such an attack, the attitude of the paladins naturally improved a lot.

Thinking of this, Hill pulled out a bunch of recipes on his phone and jotted it down, then snapped his fingers and said, “Irvine.”

The flames in the fireplace rose high, and Irvine walked out of the fire wearing a top hat, and then saluted Hill, “My King.” Irvine, who appeared in front of Hill at this time, possessed fiery red hair and golden eyes, with deep facial features, his body exudes a flame-like aura. It’s quite good-looking.

Hill raised his eyebrows. “Why have you become human?”

“Because I feel that My King prefers the appearance of human beings.” Irvine took off his hat and bowed on one knee. “I did a lot of thinking during the process of hatching the eggs, as your close servant, I should meet your needs from all sides.” A good process of hatching eggs.

Hill said casually, “Then why don’t you become a woman?”

Irvine responded: “Because I feel that My King likes men more.”

Hill was embarrassed for a second: “Ah…” then his eyes drifted away, “Well… let’s just say that’s the case. That,” he turned off the topic, “it’s time to cook.”

During this period of time, there has been a lot of exchanges between the human realm and the lower realm. Hill has a lot of ingredients and spices stored here. The church is too lazy to care about what the lower realm’s Demon King has purchased in the human realm. Once bored, the bishop thought to himself. ‘It’s better to supervise, what if the Demon King is doing something…’ so he saw the Demon King bought a lot of pepper.

How come this demon king looks like a nouveau riche? The bishop murmured in his heart.

At the same time, he remembered the promotional video of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” a while ago. What the hell is up with that ah, what “woman, you are playing with fire”, it is too low-level. If the Demon King is at this level, then he’s really nothing. However, after a few days, he didn’t know why, he suddenly found out that when he was idle, his mind was full of “woman, you are playing with fire”, “woman, you are playing with fire”, “woman, you are playing with fire…” The replay mode is turned on in his brain somehow.

Poisonous… This sentence is too magical, right?

By the way, the word [magical] came later and refers generally to something that looks a little strange at first glance but somehow carries a feeling from the demons, and sometimes turns on a terrible brainwashing mode.

It needs to be said here that pepper was indeed a luxury at that time and on earth, Indian mythology even says that the Indian gods, in order to bless mankind, let pepper descend and grow on the Indian earth. And in the Old Testament, they also had cinnamon and cloves as the main ingredients for the preparation of the holy anointing oil for the worship of the Lord. So, in the imagination of believers, heaven is the other side full of pepper and cinnamon fragrance.

But if one is a foodie, it will indeed be so hahaha, that is really a foodie’s paradise.

At that time, pepper was equivalent to gold, and it was also a means of showing off their wealth by European aristocrats. Of course, the upper class of Magnolia City didn’t appreciate this kind of direct means of showing off their wealth. So, when Lord Demon King bought a lot of pepper, the bishop subconsciously felt that this action was like a nouveau riche, and it was worthless to observe him.

Of course, in addition to buying things from the human realm, Hill is also working to develop the specialties of the lower realm.

Pepper, paprika, chili, cloves, nutmeg… Hill bought these spices at a high price and then asked the werewolves with the most sensitive noses to find the same or similar things in the lower realms. The paladins naturally reported these to the top, and finally, the bishop, who was in charge of the docking, scolded Monroe and said ‘you should have your own judgment ability, don’t report everything, pick the important ones.’

After the communication was cut off, Monroe knelt on the wasteland alone, with his paladin sword stuck in the ground. The rest of the paladins watched their captain from a short distance away. There are semi-transparent clouds floating in the sky, the land covered with weeds spreads into the distance, the landscape is quite desolate.

The shadow of the paladin was cast on the wasteland of the lower realm, seeming to have a rather bleak feeling.

Hill saw this picture when he brought the ghost Binns of the five elders, to the paladins. Of course, they heard the conversation between Monroe and the bishop by virtue of their own strength.

Binns’ tears fell in large drops: “Oh…too miserable…really too miserable…everything in the world is killing the poor paladin…” The men next to him hurriedly used the magic potion bottle and caught Binns’ tears. Their behavior has become a beautiful scenery in the lower realm.

In fact, after thinking about it, Hill felt that Monroe and the others were really miserable. The church didn’t know what they were doing, there were like just playing in handling this matter. Thinking so, Hill stepped forward to break the heavy atmosphere, the paladins looked at him one after another, and some had already smelled the scent of the food, and even showed some expressions of expectation.

Those paladins are very young, some are just teenagers, they should have a bright future… Thinking of this, Hill said to Monroe over there, “Hey, the paladin on the opposite side, look over here.”

Monroe turned around. At this time, there was no expression on his face, no coldness, and no sacredness, just a blank expression on his face, so he looked attractive. “Demon King,” he said.

Hill looked at such a Monroe and felt that he had finally endured too much, so he immediately stabbed another knife, “These friends of yours should have a bright future, but because of you they are very unlucky to stay here, not even knowing how long they will stay.”

“Yes.” Monroe said in a lifeless voice, “I admit it.”

The paladins over there are not happy:

“We volunteered to follow Captain Monroe.”

“This statement is too much.”

“But you’re lucky you guys ran into me.” Hill shrugged and then asked his entourage to bring up the food that Irvine had just made. At the same time, Hill closed his eyes and raised his fingers to draw a mysterious symbol in the air. A modern house rose from the ground. Chandeliers, round tables, chairs, and steaming meals were placed on the table. The paladins froze for a moment, gripping the knight’s sword in their hands.

“Don’t be too nervous.” Hill smiled, “Feel free to sit.”

This room was created by his [imaginary magic], it is a kind of illusion, it doesn’t actually exist, and a higher attack can make it shatter. It was the first time that the paladins saw the buildings on earth. After all, many of them were young people, so after the initial tension, they couldn’t help but look around.

One of the more lively paladins boldly asked: “Demon King, what architectural style is this?”

“My hometown.” Hill sat in the first place and he said with emotion: “But I can’t go back now, I may never be able to go back.”

The paladin subconsciously said: “You are so strong, can’t you go back?” Only after he finished did he realize what he had blurted out. How could he boast that the Demon King was strong… Wait, they seem to be looking forward to the enemy’s food now? The young paladin was caught in entanglement, and at the same time, he sneaked a look at Captain Monroe, and found that Captain Monroe did not look at him condemningly, so he was relieved.

This kind of fried eel has the bones removed first, and then each one is divided into four sections. Irvine used his superb knife skill to cut it into three pieces along the lines, and then marinated them with seasonings, and stir-fried with some edible vegetables from the lower realm. So, the eel oil that comes out is rich and fragrant, and it tastes quite delicious.

In addition, there is also a crispy grilled fish steak. First, apply lemon juice, black pepper, sea salt, and honey to both sides of the fish. By the way, the bees in the lower realm are really terrible and can scare people half to death.

After marinating, wrap it with breadcrumbs and egg liquid, and put it in the Irvine oven… Speaking of which, Irvine is really like a concept of a cooking robot on Earth, that is, the chef and kitchen utensils are integrated. This crispy grilled fish steak is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and also juicy. Dipping it with a little tomato sauce can really bring unparalleled enjoyment.

Today’s food is very rich. In addition to these two dishes, it also includes toasted bread with red sausage, fragrant curry soup, mushroom soup, and a baked lobster with cream cheese—that lobster is mutated and surprisingly big. The taste is similar to that on earth.

Unparalleled food that has never been enjoyed before, sometimes the paladins wonder if this is the temptation of the devil as the church calls it… but the church did not say that the devil is relying on meals to tempt people, sweat. And the Demon King hasn’t asked them to do anything. Since the foods have all been delivered to the door, cough, it doesn’t matter if they eat a little bit… right? It’s rare to have such a sumptuous meal. The paladins ate very happily, but Monroe put down his knife and fork, and left after two bites. A Paladin went out worriedly and asked what happened. Monroe just shook his head and told him to go back to eat with everyone.

Hill actually felt a little emotional in his heart. He could see from the side that Monroe himself had some doubts about the Church of Light. He is still being treated like this… Just as the ghost Binns said, everything in the world seems to be killing him, and it’s really amazing that he can still hold it now. Thinking about it this way, he actually admired Monroe. But this does not prevent him from squeezing him. Who made him the Demon King? And he is also for a win-win situation… This is good for both of them.

After eating Hill had his attendants serve wine again, and although Hill thought the wine was not good, the wonderful thing was that the wine came from the Oitin Empire – their homeland.

Hill deliberately caused the paladins to fluctuate in this way so that he could take advantage of it.

“I have been to the Oitin Empire before, it is a beautiful place.” Hill said with emotion, “The wine there left a deep impression on me.”

The paladins were silent.

Hill continued, “I am sorry to inform you that this is the last meal I will treat you to.”

This time the paladins looked up, and the bold one from earlier couldn’t resist asking, “Why?”

“Why?” Hill got up, he wiped his fingers on the dining cloth, and gave a wonderful smile: “Why, then, should I treat you all to a meal? You are stationed in the lower realm, you desecrate the majesty of the demons, spy on me, and report my affairs to the Church of Light… Then, why should I invite you to eat?”

The paladins fell silent and some of them showed a chagrined look.

“Of course, getting food from me is also very simple, as long as you are willing to give something. The demons are different from humans. Humans pay attention to blood, background, and relationships, while demons pay attention to equal exchange,” Hill continued.

A paladin blurted out: “Let us do something against faith, we can’t do it!”

Hill smiled. He smiled as if he was watching a child: “It’s not a matter of violating faith, just helping to make a movie.” The paladins have been in the lower realm for so long, knowing what a movie is. “It wouldn’t be any more difficult for you than for you to sit down and have dinner with me, would it?

The paladin flushed.

In fact, Hill’s words didn’t mean much mockery objectively, but they had just eaten his food, and refusing this request made the paladins with a relatively high sense of morality instantly uncomfortable.

“We, we need to discuss with the captain,” another paladin said.

“Okay.” Hill said happily, “Remember, in the lower realm, we pay attention to equal exchange. You can get as much as you do—this is the law of the demons.” He winked. “Good luck, everyone.”

After speaking, the house collapsed, the round table shattered, and the yellow sky of the lower realm appeared above everyone’s heads again.

When the paladins looked intently again, they found that the Demon King and his entourage had disappeared.

One of the paladins ran to Monroe, who was alone watching the landscape, and whispered to him what had just happened: “That’s it, the movie…”

He thought Monroe would blame him because Monroe had always done that. But what he didn’t expect was that Monroe just glanced at him lightly, and then said, “Go if you want.”

“Okay!” The paladin immediately showed a happy expression.

Monroe was stunned. Since he had been in the lower realm, he hadn’t seen Landry show such an expression. He is obviously still a child.

The paladin named Landry asked in a low voice, “Then, what about you, captain? Do you want to participate?”

Monroe nodded, “I’ll be the first to participate if you guys are involved.”

“Okay~” Landry’s voice rippled slightly.

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iron bar ground into a fine needle – If you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle / to persevere in a difficult task

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