Chapter 27 – Woman, you caught my attention

Hill mentioned the affairs of his hometown in front of Ghost Binns of the five elders. He was not worried that it would arouse suspicion and he had no plan to take it back because he knew that other demons would interpret this as Lord Demon King cheating the paladins. Since crossing over, the demons’ brain-filling ability has shocked Hill more than once.

Hill suspected that if he ran over and said, “I am no longer your former Demon King, I have taken the body of your original Demon King.” The demon race will immediately fill their brains with: Lord Demon King means that the previous one represents failure since the defeat of the war, so the Demon King is dead. The current Demon King is the demon king who represents victory and glory, and the demon king who opened up another path in the lower realm. Wow, Lord Demon King is so amazing!

With the blind enthusiasm displayed by the current demons, it is estimated that this will be the case.

However, this blind fanaticism did not fall from the sky, the demons were already fanatical about the Demon King, the defeat of the war may have shaken some people, but immediately after the Hill version of the Demon King came over and first defended the five elders during the negotiation and then made a lot of gold coins by making movies.

After all, the failure of the previous demon king means to some people that the original development method of the demon king is not working. After Hill came here, he brought a brand-new development method, which made everyone full of expectations for the future. In this way, the demons will naturally worship this demon king who has brought them new expectations.

So, Hill enjoys their worship with a sense of peace. He is not a person who wastes time in insoluble or insignificant problem.


By asking his subordinates, Hill learned that the race that likes to paint most in the lower realm is the Tentacle Monster Tribe.

The demon race actually has this race ah. Hill couldn’t help but think about it. He wanted to let the tentacle monsters go to the sea and shoot a film, and then lavishly distribute the projection stones in the human realm, thus breaking the will of humans, and also them lose their physical fitness… Forget it, what is he thinking? In this way, it seems that the succubus is okay, wait, this topic will stop here.

The tentacle monster’s drawing ability is very strong. Hill summoned one of the more famous of their clan, then looked at the slimy pile in his bedchamber and casually asked, “What’s your name?”

“Little love,” said the slimy tentacles.

Hill couldn’t help but twitched his mouth, “Are you… uh… female?”

“Lord Demon King, your statement is a bit rude, I am a mother, not a female,” the tentacle Little Love said.

…Well, uhh, this is probably the racial difference. It’s as if he asked a human woman ‘are you a mother?’ That meaning, he guessed, that did seem a bit rude, although Hill wanted to laugh a bit.

“Okay, Little Love, there’s this one task for you…” Hill said.

Hill then briefly talked about the illustration and then gave the “Daughter of the Sea” projection stone to the tentacle monster Little Love, and gave her a few two-dimensional animation images as a reference.

As for why the animation version is drawn instead of the live-action version, this also involves Hill’s other considerations—there is no animation in the other world. Many people may not accept this aesthetic when they directly make anime. For example, they have been watching real people and then suddenly watching paper people, they will not appreciate their aesthetic points, so this has to be gradually nurtured and developed. Of course, the foothold of this development is still film, and film is the foundation of Hill at present.

After the public’s ability to accept animation images improves, Hill will be able to make anime such as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. This is something to look forward to.

In addition, the content of the first issue of the magazine has been published, the original “Daughter of the Sea”, the first chapter of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and “Thumbelina” from Andersen’s fairy tales.

In Hill’s vision, works like “A Song of Ice and Fire” may attract fewer people in the initial serialization, but in the middle and later stages, there will be a large number of fans, so he relies on other novels in the early stage to pull it a bit.

What Hill initially thought was to put “The Emperor’s New Clothes” on it and change the two tailors in it into demons who teased the emperor. Then he thought that this fairy tale is too mocking, it is better not to put it up now, be careful to be 404 directly by above… Speaking of which, the situation reflected in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” matches the Magnolia Empire quite well. If Hill intends to intervene in the politics of the Magnolia Empire in the future, he can release this article to explore the voices of other nobles.

When Hill looked for suitable fairy tales on the Internet, he had to sigh. When he was a child, he didn’t realize these fairy tales were so touching. When he grew up, he looked back and found that Andersen and the others were really amazing. In “Thumbelina”, in the beginning, Thumbelina’s mother made a shiny beautiful walnut shell into her cradle. Her cushion was made of blue-violet petals and the quilt was made of rose petals. Her mother also puts a tray full of water on the table, and on the water floats a large tulip petal – this is Thumbelina’s boat, and her oars are two white horse-hair.

Hill re-read these words and re-realized what a fairy tale is. The description is really too fantastic too good.

Speaking of which… Hill puts the quill aside, this kind of fairy tale scene can also be reproduced, after all, this is an otherworldly world. He can gradually launch those with movies and magazines gradually, and then build a theme park with this… Speaking of which, this is the Disney of another world, right? This is a big project. In addition to the playground, he may also be able to create a theme club or something after releasing enough fairy tales. For example, in Thumbelina’s theme room, the bed is a large walnut shell, and the quilt is made of petals. Just think about it, it’s very beautiful. And judging by the popularity of “Daughter of the Sea”, this can also earn a lot of gold.


“The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” is being filmed.

This time, they have filmed the daily plot of the wounded demon and the heroine. The cold-hearted demon was infected by the heroine a little bit. He asked the heroine: “Why did you save me? What is the purpose?”

The heroine smiled innocently at the Demon King: “It’s my purpose to save people. I will save whoever falls in front of my house.”

“Stupid.” The demon said with a sneer, the heroine lowered her head with a sad expression, and then was wall-slammed by the demon, and then the devil said the classic line: “But I don’t hate it… Woman, you caught my attention.”

After saying that, Hill wanted to dig a hole in the ground, it’s too shameful.

This is also the first shot of his own NG.

Sigh, sorry, he couldn’t hold back his expression, even the projection stone just floated out.

If this was the first time he heard this sentence, he would feel very Mary Sue, but everyone present did not get that Mary Sue feeling. Imagine the demon king saying “You caught my attention” to a demon clan, it always feels like the opening scene of a disaster movie.

In addition, most of the demons feel that Lord Demon King is too great. To make movies with the ugliest girl in the entire lower realm, it’s so touching… And a very small number of demons have had a certain change in aesthetics. They feel that this kind of skinny and weak seems to have a certain sense of beauty—this is the credit of “Daughter of the Sea”.

For example, people who haven’t watched JOJO will subconsciously think when they see the style of JOJO, how can they look so shameless, why do they show their chests! What’s up with their gravity-defying posture! But after watching it for a while, they will feel eh this is quite interesting—this seems reasonable.

Next are some more heartwarming scenes such as the demon smiled for the first time, and then put on an apron to try to cook for the heroine. In the plot, the food he cooked was not delicious and the heroine directly pointed it out, and then he will say that sentence: “Woman, you are really different from those women outside.”

After Leona said the line “The taste is not good” during filming, the other demons on the side of the set seem to want to eat her: You, a human woman, dare to say that Lord Demon King is not good at cooking? It’s a supreme honor to have the Lord Demon King to cook for you, OK! …This made Hill dumbfounded, so he had to repeatedly declare that this was a movie, a movie.

Then came the turning point. The paladin of the Church of Light found Leona and told her that the person she saved was the Demon King. Leona ran home incredulously and asked the Demon King, she got a positive answer, and then the heroine became depressed. And finally, the Demon King asked her: “Are you willing to go to the lower realm with me? Become the king’s woman completely?”

The heroine naturally gave a negative answer.

Then, uh, then a strong kiss plot.

Hill looked at Leona with his eyes wide open, and Leona also looked at the Lord Demon King in front of him with her eyes wide open.

Suddenly, Hill realized what kind of sins he had made.

The two looked at each other for a while. Leona coughed and knelt on one knee and said: “My King, maybe I can make my undead slaves look like you to complete this filming… Please grant them to become Your Majesty.”

Hill heaved a sigh of relief, but on the surface, he said majestically—although he felt that this majesty was of a desperate nature: “I give them this honor.”

Anyway, this face has also been changed, he doesn’t want to be on the battlefield in the future. At that time, what if the female paladins in front suddenly rushed over: “Wow, it’s the Lord Demon King in the movie~” “The Lord Demon King is so handsome~”… Yeah? It seems okay to think like this?

The next exciting scenes were filmed with Leona’s undead slaves. This stand-in is still excellent… Hill thought that in the future, he would try to write the Demon King into the movie as little as possible, if needed, just add it to the movie as a supporting role. This is the only movie that has himself as the protagonist. But who can say what will happen in the future? Maybe someday he will bend his waist for five buckets of rice… After all, the lower realm is still short of money ah.

The next plot is that the demon king left, the heroine is regarded as a sinner because she let go of the demon king, and then she is pushed to the stake for being seduced by the demon, and then naturally, the demon king will come on stage to save her, and then the heroine cried and said “Why are you here? Go away, it’s dangerous here,” the Demon King took her into his arms and said affectionately: “For you, I am willing to be the enemy of the world.”

Hill felt hot on his face after speaking, but he persisted.

He feels that his mental endurance will be stronger after he finished the movie.

Then there are some sticky plots. The people of the Church of Light found the heroine in the tavern and threatened the heroine and said that the demon must be killed, and then told the heroine a lot of evil things done by the demon. Tangled in pain, the heroine took a knife towards the Demon King who was sleeping, pointed the knife against the chest of the Demon King but could not bring herself to do it.

Then her hand was held by the demon king, who pulled her down and stabbed himself, gazing at her with red eyes: “Is this what you want? Woman, whatever you want, this King will give it to you.”

The heroine Leona was about to collapse when she filmed this scene. She knelt down directly under the eyes of the surrounding demons and said: “Lord Demon King, I want to quit making movies.” This movie is really too torturous for her. As a human being who believes in darkness, she actually needs to criticize the Demon King, and she even stabbed the Demon King in the latest scene. This is terrible, it is simply mental torture.

Hill: “…”

Hill felt like he was about to cry too.

This movie is really difficult.

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