Sacrifice to the Devil 8

Chapter 8 – Live together

Wen Yu was imprisoned between the sofa and the man’s body. His position of lying underneath and inability to break free, let him fall into an unprecedented panic and powerlessness.

He pushed hard against the man’s chest with both hands, his whole body and mind on guard and alert: “Don’t, don’t you touch me.”

Ying Chen grabbed the pair of lean and tough wrists and easily held them down over the top of the teenager’s head: “I said, as long as you are the same as before, I will still treat you well. So disobedient, do you want me to punish you?”

Ying Chen’s cold, low, and slow question, under such a suppressed gesture, is an unspoken reminder.

Wen Yu shook his head suddenly: “No.”

Ying Chen’s eyes were dark and cold, and he asked in a low voice, “Do you know you are wrong?”

The teenager bit his lips and remained stubborn.

Ying Chen raised his hand and was about to stroke the teenager’s lips like he did earlier.

Wen Yu suddenly widened his eyes, struggling with his legs, waist, and abdomen under the man’s body with all his strength. His eyes were full of rejection and fear, and his whole body resisted the man.

Ying Chen’s gloomy and heavy look suppressed the unending emotions, his eyes were terribly cruel, but his hand stalled in the air, holding back for a moment, and stopping beside the teenager’s cheek.

“If you don’t want to be punished, just stay by my side as before. Do you understand?”

Wen Yu did his best to calm himself down, but the words still came out with a trembling voice:

“I really don’t know you. I don’t know what you want me to do. I don’t even know what the previous ‘me’ was like.”

“The previous you.” Ying Chen released the young man’s hands, but once again pinched his chin and lifted his fingertips forcefully: “Very obedient and good at coaxing people. But you forgot all this. But that’s okay.”

Ying Chen’s hand holding the young man’s jaw became heavier and sneered: “I will make you remember everything in your previous life and I will make you explain to me why you ran away.”

“However, during this period, you must stay by my side as you did in your previous life, clean the hall for me, cook, and make my bed for me. Understood?” The man asked once more in a deep, slow, and cold voice.

His fingers repeatedly rubbed the boy’s chin, the gloomy face was getting closer and closer to the panicked boy, and the cold breath fell on his cheeks.

It seems that in the next second, he will bite his lips just like he did earlier.

Such a posture made Wen Yu dare not confront him head-on.

He pressed his lips tightly in silence, neither refused nor compromised. The sharp eyes contained the young man’s stubbornness that he didn’t want to give in.


Ying Chen snorted: “Sure enough, you still want to escape.”

He let go of the teenager’s red jaw, his fingertips slid down, and landed on the boy’s thin short-sleeved collar, suddenly grabbing and tearing it apart.

The sound of the cloth being torn sounded in the quiet and empty living room, and the young man’s chest, half-covered with a thin layer of muscle, was exposed under the sight of the man.

“No! You let go!”

Wen Yu’s defense line was completely broken, and he clenched the man’s tough wrists tightly with both hands, trying to remove them from his chest.

But his power is insignificant to Ying Chen. The man easily opened his palm and pressed it on the teenager’s chest under the collarbone.

Clenching his teeth, his voice was vicious: “Since you still want to escape, I will engrave my mark on your soul, so that the creatures of the Three Realms will know that you are my, Ying Chen’s, person! Make you never leave me forever.”

“Don’t!” Wen Yu trembled and shouted: “Let go!”

He did not know what the mark meant, but he knew intuitively that once his soul was engraved with the man’s mark, it was as if he had to be subordinate to this man for eternity.

He could not escape his control for eternity.

He pressed his ten fingernails tightly into the hideous muscles of the man’s arm, and couldn’t help saying: “I promise you, I promise you! You let go!”

The man paused and stared at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu exhausted the last bit of strength to make a promise: “I promise you that I will clean the hall, cook, and make the bed for you. Until I remember my previous life and explain it to you. But in the meantime, you can’t touch me!”

The man withdrew his hand a little bit, a trace of loss slipped through his slightly constricted eyes: “You don’t want my mark that badly.”

A scene from the past a thousand years ago was suddenly awakened deep in the man’s memory.

A human brat, who has the same soul and looks like this fierce young man, sits under the laurel tree in front of his hall, drawing and writing.

The youngster was handsome and well-behaved, except that his face bore some scars.

He couldn’t help asking: “Little devil, do you want to bear my mark? From then on, you can run wild in the Three Realms. No creature or ghost will dare to bully you, and no one will touch a hair on your head.”

The teenager turned pale and asked, “Will it, will it hurt?”

“It probably will. But it will protect you.”

The youngster tugged at his sleeve and carefully acted like a baby: “I, I’m afraid of pain. Can you not?”

The man was in a daze, looking at the human brat who was reincarnated, chuckled in a low voice, and said to himself: “Afraid of pain? It’s all an excuse. You still want to leave after all.”

And for what reason?

Wen Yu took advantage of the moment when the man relaxed and quickly escaped from the restraint of his body. He jumped to the floor, stepped back a few steps, and stood far away from the man, trying to negotiate with his composure:

“If I am the person you are looking for, then I will cooperate with you to remember the memories of my previous life. But, until then, you can’t move me again like you just did.”

The man’s eyelids drooped darkly and stared at him without saying a word.

Wen Yu only took this as a promise and added, “I will also listen to your request to clean your hall. May I ask where your main hall is?”


Ying Chen raised his eyes and looked around the huge living room, his cold eyes fell on the young man, his dark and thick voice warned: “Remember what you said, if you dare to lie to me, I will never forgive you again.”

Wen Yu reacted for a while before realizing that the hall that Ying Chen was talking about turned out to be the villa with his name written on it.

It means that in the future, he will live here with this unknown man.

He also has to be responsible for doing housework.

The young man frowned and pursed his lips, and under the gaze of the man, he walked to the dining room to clean up the porcelain bottle that was smashed by him.

The porcelain bottle is quite big.

About half a meter high, the fragments almost splashed all over half of the dining room floor.

Wen Yu carried a trash can from the kitchen, walked barefoot on the floor carefully, and picked up the sharp pieces one by one.

He remembered using all his strength when he lifted the vase and smashed it down, but Ying Chen was unscathed, and there were no traces of the fragments sliding on the black shirt sleeves.

Not a human.

What is he?

The room became quieter and quieter, and Wen Yu suddenly couldn’t feel the gaze that had been staring at him.

He turned his face cautiously and glanced at the living room sofa.

The man who was originally sitting on the sofa disappeared silently without knowing when.

Wen Yu twisted his body abruptly, looking around in the wide hall, “Mr. Ying?”

There was no sound.

“Ying Chen!”

The boy raised his volume and his voice echoed in the empty hall without any response.

Wen Yu’s tense nerves loosened slightly and his deflated body helplessly fell to sit on the floor.

On the floor not far away was his mobile phone, which fell down while struggling just now.

Wen Yu took a few steps to crawl over and pick it up. With a light press, the broken screen lit up.

It’s not dead!

But why couldn’t he press the emergency call button just now?

Did Ying Chen know that he was calling the police and controlled his cell phone?

Wen Yu suddenly felt cold.

An unread message was displayed on the screen, which belonged to Liu Yiming: [Xiaoyu, a case suddenly appeared in the bureau, I will go back first. If anything happens, you give me a call.]

Wen Yu quickly replied: Uncle Liu, I am still in the house, just now—

His typing fingertips paused and his back tightened again vigilantly.

Since Uncle Liu said he will go out and buy him daily necessities, even if the case is urgent, he will not just leave him and walk away.

Unless he was controlled by Ying Chen.

A layer of dense cold sweat emerged from Wen Yu’s forehead, all the nerves in the body are extremely alert to capture the vibration of the surrounding air, listening to the slightest sound.

Don’t let Uncle Liu know about this, otherwise, it will also bring him danger.

After a long time, he deleted all the words he typed, and finally only replied with one word: [Okay.]

After sending it, Wen Yu seemed to feel the safety of him and Uncle Liu, and slowly exhaled.

It was late at night and the tired teenager had no desire to sleep.

He went a few times in each room upstairs and downstairs in the three-story villa, and found that there was only one bed in the most spacious bedroom.

The room was in a cold tone, even the neatly folded bedding on the bed was cold gray. Just standing at this door, you could feel the dark and cold breath of the man.

It should be the man’s bedroom, Wen Yu stood in the doorway and raised his feet.

He saw neatly stacked quilts and pillows on the bed, and thought of the man’s request—cleaning the hall and making the bed before remembering the memory of his past life.

After he agreed, the man calmed down and stopped being mad at him.

Wen Yu thought: As long as he abides by this requirement, there will be no danger at the moment. As for how to deal with Ying Chen, he can only think of a solution later.

He walked into the room vigilantly, quickly opened the bedding to make the bed, and left the room quickly as if fleeing.

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