Sacrifice to the Devil 7

Chapter 7 – You provoke me so much, what do you want me to do to you?

The man’s eyes were red, with a deep and fierce color. He seems to hate him, but also seems to be holding back some monstrous emotions with great effort.

It seems that once these emotions are released, they can swallow and destroy the young man in front of him.

Wen Yu was so frightened that his whole body was cold and trembling, his pain also reminded him that he was not dreaming now.

This unrealistic and unexplainable thing is happening to him. He tried to stay calm, his voice trembling: “Who are you?”

“Who am I?”

The anger that the man suppressed in his heart was ignited, he suddenly pinched the young man’s jaw to force him to look up at himself:

“Look at me carefully and see who I am. Do you think you can escape?” The man’s voice was low and heavy, the corners of his lips curled up in a faint sneer: “No matter how long you run away and reincarnate as someone or something, your soul is still you.”

The man’s cold, deep, slow voice was as dark as an abyss, falling low in the deadly silence of the hall.

“You are mine no matter what.”

Run away? Reincarnation?

Wen Yu knew nothing about what he was talking about.

He only knew that this gloomy and cold man looked at him like a life-threatening ghost with a lot of grievances, wanting to lock his soul away.

He wanted to explain, but the man squeezed his jawbone as if it was going to be crushed, it was so painful that he could not help but draw a cold breath.

He twisted his head to break free from the man’s hand, but his jaw was lifted even higher, and his whole head was lifted up, a little closer to the man’s extremely gloomy face.

He clearly saw the man’s gritted teeth, and asked each word: “You ran away just to live a life like this? With no father and no mother, living in a dilapidated house, penniless, and bullied by rogue mortals? Little devil, you left me to live such a miserable life.”

Every sentence was extremely gloomy, there was hatred, resentment, and anger in his voice.

Wen Yu suddenly woke up.

It turned out that all the things that happened these days were done by the ghost in front of him.

He wanted 5 million to buy the old house from his relatives and he immediately received the 5 million from Ying Chen.

When he wanted to rent a house, he received a new real estate certificate in the morning. And last night, he was attacked by Li Haowu in revenge, and the group of people suddenly beat each other and sold each other.

This person did it.

No, this ghost named Ying Chen did it.

This terrible thing has long appeared by his side, spying on his life, and knowing everything about himself like the back of his hand.

There was a chill of fear once again in Wen Yu’s body. His thin clothes had long been soaked in cold sweat, his stiff hands and feet trembled slightly.

He endured the pain, tried to calm his tone, and said, “Are you Mr. Ying? Are you looking for the wrong person? I don’t know you!”

As soon as the words “I don’t know you” were uttered, the man’s hostility suddenly rose:

“Don’t know me? Forgot about me?” The voice was cold and gloomy, wrapped in stormy leaden clouds, but the corners of his lips were smiling, making a hideous sneer: “It’s okay, little devil. I’ll remind you a little of what you are to me, remind you of what you did with me.”

Ying Chen’s cold fingers touched Wen Yu’s forehead: “If you can’t remember here, remember it with your body. You can’t forget those things that are carved in your soul.”

The man’s voice suddenly changed, the hand that lifted Wen Yu’s jaw relaxed, but his thumb stroked his lips.

The other hand slipped from the boy’s forehead, the cold fingertips touched the tail of the eyes, cheeks, shoulders, collarbone, and chest, causing tremors on the skin surface.

Finally stopping at the teenager’s exposed waist and abdomen, the cold white slender palm suddenly opened to grip the young man’s slender side.

“Ah!” Wen Yu realized what was about to happen, he did his best to struggle in fear: “No you, what are you going to do?”

The man smiled, his gloomy bloodless face approached the boy a little bit: “Don’t you like this?”

The fingertips stopped at the teenager’s lips and rubbed them together, the cold chill from the fingertips penetrated the lips and made the weak skin numb and unconscious from the cold.

“No, you don’t like it. You lied to me. But I let you, a little devil, have your way. You made me suffer through thousands of years, and yet I still can’t forget your taste.

“That’s how much I’ve missed you, for so many years and so many lifetimes. Why did you leave?”

The man hated him so much that he could no longer suppress the hidden emotions. He pinched the young man’s jaw and suddenly lifting him up, biting the young man’s lips violently.


All of the teenager’s strength and calmness were broken at this moment and the panic and anxiety that he had tried so hard to suppress collapsed.

Hot tears gushed out of his eyes, flowing together as if there was intense sorrow and heart-rending pain.

The boy cried.

Choking and sobbing silently, tears constantly gushing out of his eyes, falling on his cheeks, flowing into the entangled lips and teeth.

The man did not taste the taste of the teenager, but he tasted hot and bitter tears.

He let go of the boy’s lips, his dark expression was slightly startled.

Then suddenly, he pinched the young man’s jaw and raised it, and said in a deep voice: “You still dare to cry, you are the one who ran away. What qualifications do you have to cry to me?”

The tears falling on the cheeks slid back to the sockets, blurring the boy’s vision.

His strength completely collapsed, crumbling like a gush of tears. He trembled and sobbed, and said in a faint voice: “It hurts.”

The man’s hand suddenly loosened.

Wen Yu’s head, which was forced to lift, fell heavily on the hard floor, and the sense of restraint on his hands and feet disappeared.

His body regained freedom.

He hurriedly sat up with his arms and legs propped up on the ground, with tears and horror in his eyes, he moved his body backwards on the floor a little.

Instinctively wanted to stay away from this evil spirit.

“So scared?”

The man stood still, looking down at the trembling young man, and said: “It’s really the same as when you were tied to a stone altar by the humans and offered to me. It’s a pity.”

The loss in the man’s eyes was fleeting, and he sneered: “Forgot about me? It’s okay. Let’s start again. As long as you are the same as before, I will still treat you well.”

Wen Yu hadn’t pulled away from his breakdown yet and couldn’t even begin to decipher what the man had said to him.

His hands which were moving back on the floor touched his phone that he had dropped on the floor.

Mobile phone!

He sobered up a bit.

Uncle Liu is usually afraid of him being in an accident, so he set the emergency call button on his mobile phone, just press a key and he can be saved.

Wen Yu didn’t dare to speak, looked at Ying Chen vigilantly, and quietly pressed the emergency call button with his fingers hidden behind him.

There was no response for a long time.

Could it be that when the phone fell to the ground, it damaged the battery?

Ying Chen turned a blind eye to the young man’s small movements, there was a trace of darkness in his eyes.

He turned and walked over to the sofa to sit down, and whispered coldly: “Little devil, come here.”

Wen Yu didn’t move, hugging his legs and sitting on the floor, thinking extremely calmly about the way to escape.

By the way, there is also Uncle Liu, who will come back after buying daily necessities for him.

However, at this time, Uncle Liu will be in danger when he comes back. This evil spirit named Ying Chen might do something to Uncle Liu.

The door is only three meters away, it only takes two or three steps to get out.

There is surveillance everywhere outside the villa complex, the security room will not ignore the appearance of a child escaping hastily.

In order to find him, Ying Chen told the police that it was to repay his parents’ life-saving grace. It was all fabricated, his real purpose should only be to legally contact him.

Even the ghosts know that today’s society cannot imprison human children at will.

As long as he could escape from this room, Ying Chen would not dare to mess with him under the sight of human beings.

Wen Yu calculated the time it took him to run out, and the time it took for Ying Chen to catch up with him from the sofa, and then took a deep breath and suddenly sat up, his body rushing towards the door with two steps like an arrow released from a bow.

One hand clutched the door handle, pressing down and pushing out.

Wen Yu: !!!

The heavy mahogany door does not move.

Why can’t it open?!

Wen Yu’s heart sank and looked at the open window in the dining room.

When he first came in, Uncle Liu thought the new house smelled, so he opened a few windows for ventilation, fortunately even the window screens were open.

Wen Yu didn’t even think twice, he ran directly to the dining area five meters away. When he climbed up the French window with his hands and wanted to jump out, there was a ‘peng’ sound. The thin body of the teenager bounced back and fell heavily to the floor.

It was obviously an open window, but there was a barrier that he couldn’t see blocking him.

It’s over, it’s all over.

Wen Yu’s heart fell to the bottom, thumping fiercely. He quickly got up and looked warily at the man sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Ying Chen was also looking at him, his eyes were gloomy, and he once again ordered the boy: “Come here.”

The indifferent and cold attitude is because he has absolute control over the teenager.

Because he knew that the boy could not escape.

Wen Yu felt the abyss of despair for the first time. His weak and restless body swayed a little and leaned against the eight-panel shelf in the dining room.

Ying Chen called him for the third time: “Come here.”

Wen Yu didn’t move, leaving his soft body leaning on the eight-panel shelf on the wall, panicked resistance written in his eyes.

Ying Chen closed his eyes and endured a trace of emotion.

He got up and walked towards the young man, his tall body walked to the dining area step by step with an icy chill, approaching the helpless young man.

Wen Yu does not dare to imagine what awaits him.

He can still feel the pain of being bitten on his lips, there is a red mark on his waist from the man’s hand grip, and there is still the shivering sensation of being brushed by cold fingers left on the body.

No, no!

The instinct for survival made him grab a huge porcelain bottle from the shelf and slam it on the face of the man who walked in front of him.

There was a loud bang, the porcelain bottle exploded to pieces on the man’s raised arm, and countless fragments fell on the smooth floor.

The man was unscathed, but the darkness in his eyes became thicker. His arm stretched out towards the young man and said in a low voice, “Little devil.”

“Do not touch me!”

Wen Yu yelled in shock and turned around to escape.

The weak and feeble legs could not support the speed of his turn, his body lost balance and fell hard towards the floor.

There was a shattered piece of sharp porcelain on the ground and he was only wearing thin short sleeves.

Wen Yu closed his eyes tightly, waiting for the pain of being penetrated by the broken piece on the floor.

He wondered, if his body bleeds, can he make the evil spirit avoid him and escape the catastrophe.

However, the moment the teenager’s body fell on the floor, he was suddenly picked up by a powerful arm, and then he was hugged tightly into his arms.

It’s just that he hasn’t felt the man’s broad and powerful chest yet, the next second, he was quickly thrown and fell heavily on the sofa where the man was sitting.


The thick cushions on the sofa still caused a small impact to the teenager’s body.

Wen Yu was dizzy, just as he was about to get up, the man’s body pressed up heavily on the young man’s thin and trembling body.

The man’s strong body blocked the dome’s gorgeous and bright chandelier, the teenager sank into a gloomy darkness.

The man clenched his teeth, his low and heavy voice suppressed the dangerous emotions: “How come you have become stupid after being reincarnated? Can’t be as good and smart as before. You provoke me so much, what do you want me to do to you?”

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