Sacrifice to the Devil 6

Chapter 6 – I finally found you

Even if a person wants to repay his life-saving grace in the past, he can’t just send money and a house without seeing anyone.

Wen Yu was puzzled by Ying Chen’s behavior and was very concerned about the message he sent. The sentence [come over] seemed to have a kind of magical power, which led him to set off impatiently.

But at the same time, there was also wariness.

He wanted to know whether the man who gave him money and a house was sincere in repaying his kindness, or had ulterior motives.

So, he used the excuse of looking at the house and called on Liu Yiming, who was an elder, to accompany him.

When the two people drove to the community address shown on the real estate certificate, the sky was already deep in the dark.

This is the wealthy villa area of S City. The surrounding roads are wide and clean, and the environment is quiet and pleasant. There are monitors everywhere on the fence of the villa area, and the gates are even more guarded.

They stopped the car at the entrance and immediately attracted the attention of the guardhouse staff. A security guard went out and asked, “Are you two visitors, or is there something else?”

Liu Yiming, who had been taking care of Wen Yu like an elder, stood in front and explained, “I am sending this child to see the house. This child will be a property owner here from today.”

The security guard looked at the two men in surprise and then asked, “What is your name and where do you live?”

Wen Yu hesitated and reported his name.

The security guard seemed to have been told in advance, and immediately woke up: “So, it is that new house that has just been handed over in the past two days. The owner of the house is quite anxious. Please come in quickly.

The security guard hurriedly opened the gate to invite them in, and enthusiastically explained: “Mr. Wen Yu’s house has just been connected to water and electricity this morning. If you move in today, I will inform the property right now.”

Wen Yu shook his head and declined: “No need, I’ll only take a look today.”

The security guard watched Liu Yiming’s car drive into the villa. The smile on his face became weird, he asked another employee in the guardhouse:

“What do you think this child is ah, he can make a wealthy person rush to buy the most expensive house in our community and transfer it to him. And also make our boss to go through the formalities in person?”

“What do you care about so much? We can’t afford to offend any of these rich people. Just watch the gate!”

Liu Yiming slowly drove the car in the huge villa area and only found Wen Yu’s house after making two turns.

The entrance is a strong and tight fence, and a heavy gate, and the sight of the three-story blue brick and red tile Chinese villa towering over the fenced courtyard is vaguely visible.

It seems that privacy is excellent, it also gives people a sense of mystery that it cannot be easily approached.

The door is an electronic sensor lock. When Wen Yu and Liu Yiming approached the villa, the heavy and tight gate automatically opened slowly, revealing the exquisiteness of the quiet garden in the wide courtyard.

Liu Yiming, after all, is an elder of nearly 40 years old and has seen a lot. But when he stood in front of the villa, he still couldn’t help but say with emotion.

“Such a house, I’m afraid I can’t even afford to buy the gate with two lifetimes of work. Your parents can be said to have saved a god of wealth for you.”

Wen Yu frowned deeper, when he saw the real estate certificate, he felt a little repulsive. Now that he saw the environment of the villa and the house, he was even more afraid to receive it.

Two words from the text message appeared in his mind again: Come over.

But since he came in until now, he has not heard and seen Ying Chen’s figure. Why is Mr. Ying not waiting for him here?

Wen Yu went around the house with Liu Yiming vigilantly.

The house is new and there is no trace of anyone staying in it.

The protective film attached to the door lock has not been torn. Even the code lock on the villa door shows the original code.

After Wen Yu opened the door according to the original code, he paused for a moment and then changed it to a new password.

The inside of the house is as luxurious and spacious as the outside style, with Chinese-style mahogany sofa tables and chairs.

However, he always feels a little cold.

Compared with the sweltering weather outside in May, the room seemed to be full of cold air, so much so that the people who came in couldn’t help but get a layer of goosebumps on their arms.

Liu Yiming turned on the light in the living room and looked around: “It’s really a brand-new house. There are no traces of a person being here. I say you should take Ying Chen’s intention to repay the kindness and move in. It’s not far from the university you’re going to attend, so it’s convenient for the future.”

Wen Yu didn’t refuse and looked at the message of Ying Chen on the phone, the last sentence of dialogue is the address of the house.

So, he sent a message: [Hello, Mr. Ying. I’m here, where are you?]

Liu Yiming entered the rooms downstairs and upstairs, helping Wen Yu to check everywhere, shouting on the second floor: “The rooms upstairs are all empty. You must buy a bed if you want to move in.

“Fortunately, it is summer. Making a bed is simple, just take a blanket and sleep on the sofa. Are you staying here tonight? Or come home with me?”

Wen Yu looked around the hall of the large villa and said, “I want to take another look. I’ve bothered Uncle Liu today, you sent me here so late.”

Liu Yiming gave a tsk: “You kid! I’ll be angry if you’re polite again. You can’t really live in that house, I say just stay here tonight. You look after the house, I will go outside to buy you a blanket and daily living utensils.”

Wen Yu hesitated for a moment and nodded gently.

After Liu Yiming left, in the spacious lobby of the villa, only the thin young man was drowning in the silence around him.

Wen Yu didn’t move around but stood there waiting for Ying Chen’s reply.

But the mobile phone was held quietly in his hand as if it had been blocked from the Internet.

Wen Yu thought for a while and sent another message: [Mr. Ying, I have to go home in a while. If you can’t come here today, we will make an appointment later.]

Just after the message was sent, he suddenly noticed a burst of cold air behind him, and it hit his entire back with a shock.

He jerked his head up and turned around, and in a flash, his hands and feet felt like they were tied up tightly with rope, bringing a strong sense of bondage and imbalance.

The young man staggered two steps in panic and fell to the cold hard floor with a defenseless ‘thud’.

The mobile phone in his hand also made a ‘peng’ sound and slammed heavily on the tiled floor, bounced, and rolled into the distance.

When Wen Yu instinctively wanted to get up, he was forced to put his hands behind his back, he couldn’t break free no matter what.

The same thing happened to his feet, but obviously, there are no ropes on his hands and feet.

The sudden strange experience made Wen Yu instantly fall into fear.

He was lying on the floor, his body struggling like a fish, trying to break free from the restraints.

As a result, the more he struggles, the stronger the sense of restraint on his hands and feet, like being trapped by an invisible rope, the pain feels like piercing through the bones.

What is going on?!

The icy cold on the tile floor passed through the thin clothing into the skin, invading the flesh and bones, causing a shiver.

Wen Yu suddenly remembered the dream he had on the night of his birthday, he was struggling with his hands and feet on the cold stone altar in the same way.

So, is he dreaming now?

Suddenly, Wen Yu sensed in horror that something was approaching him.

He looked up and his pupils dilated instantly.

He didn’t know when someone came in in the originally empty house, a tall and large figure was walking towards him step by step.

It was a man.


Wen Yu struggled in panic, but his brain was very clear. When he and Liu Yiming came in, the room was empty and the door was locked.

How did this person get in?

Maybe he is not human

Wen Yu was creeped out by his own thoughts. He wanted to shout but found that even when he tried his best, he could only hear his own muffled breathing.

He could not make any sound.

He saw the man stepping towards him with his long, slender legs, black leather shoes, black trousers, and a black shadow stretched by lights on the floor.

He lay on the floor and finally looked up to see the man’s face.

His skin looks cold and white like bloodless, and his face was gloomy as if covered with frost. And a pair of eyes looked straight into his own eyes, with anger, hatred, and dangerous emotions.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Wen Yu shouted silently, struggling on the ground. The bound body was like a fish that had been thrown onto the land, breathing hard with his mouth open.

The man’s footsteps stopped next to his body, and the cold, hard toe of his shoe touched the skin of Wen Yu’s waist and abdomen that was exposed due to the struggle.

Wen Yu’s body instinctively reacted to stress, struggling to roll around, trying to avoid and stay away from this dangerous person.

But the next second, the man squatted down silently and pointed his fingertips on his forehead.

For an instant, he seemed to be imprisoned by a spell, his whole body stiffened and he became motionless.

Wen Yu still couldn’t make a sound, but could clearly see the face of the man close at hand.

The man’s face is very handsome, his face, eyebrows, facial features, including the body wrapped in a black suit, are full of unspeakable beauty.

Like the mysterious aristocrat who lived in the European-style castle hundreds of years ago, with a look of resentment that had been condensed for thousands of years, extremely gloomy and extremely cold.

For a while, Wen Yu was in a daze and forgot to be afraid.

This person, he seems to have seen him somewhere.

Wen Yu was in a daze and he suddenly screamed: “Ah!!!”

He yelled out.

The man’s fingers touched his forehead, he didn’t know what he had done, causing severe pain to suddenly hit his whole body.

Wen Yu was in so much pain that he even broke through the man’s imprisonment and yelled out.


It was as if the skin and flesh were forcibly peeled off the bones, and the pain caused the brain to turn white and emit a buzzing sound. Every nerve in the body is screaming unbearable pain.

However, the pain was only a few seconds.

Wen Yu soon lost all sensation, cold, restraint, pain, including the sense of taste.

And then he felt himself floated lightly, while his body was left lying on the floor like an empty shell.

The young man found out that he himself came out of his body.

He suddenly understood that it was his soul.

Is he dead?

The soul floated up without being bound by the flesh/body, floating under the man’s shadowy and scrutinizing sight.

The man was looking at his soul as if confirming something.

Suddenly, the man’s shadowy but emotionless eyes surged with unreadable and intense emotions, excitement, joy, amazement, and even some surprise in them.

And the next moment.


Wen Yu once again screamed in pain.

His soul was yanked back into his body, all senses restored, and intense pain eroded every pore of his body, depriving him of normal thinking.

His brain buzzed incessantly and went blank.

He felt the fingertips of the man pointing at his forehead tremble slightly: “Little devil, I finally found you.”

The low, heavy voice sounded like it was coming out between gritted teeth.

The rage was as thick as the frost wrapped around him, and it was like a tumbling darkness that almost swallowed him.

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