Chapter 24 – I want to conquer the whole other world with Earth culture

Planning to start filming “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”.

The first thing that needs to be determined is the heroine. Hill thinks that it is best to choose an ordinary-looking heroine, good-looking but not too beautiful, so that the ladies will feel a sense of substitution. Obviously, demons are not suitable to play the heroine, some female demons, such as succubus, are too attractive for humans.

Don’t everyone like Cinderella and Prince type?

Speaking of Cinderella, this can also be engaged in, ah. But who will play the fairy godmother, or just make Cinderella directly go to the altar to pay tribute to the Demon King and get the dress. Hill mumbled in his heart.

But at the moment, such an inspiration suddenly appeared, and Hill wrote “Cinderella” in the parchment notebook he carried with him, planning to do it later. The most important thing now is “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”.

The female protagonist, Hill temporarily gave this to Spike, the emissary of the Dark Church, and asked him to find a suitable human in the Dark Church. Hill thought, after “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, he will choose actors from Magnolia City and Josh Kenny, even the actors from the Dark Church.

Speaking of it, the Dark Church and the lower realm should be given priority, but does this allow the Dark Church to make a group debut? The former cult organization will now become an idol group? Not to mention that it will surely become sensational, but it will also be a good gimmick.

If not, then let his five elders in women’s clothing give it a go. Hill thought and at the same time, cast his sights on the death knight Goldnia, who had fairly good acting skills.

Goldnia’s intuition senses something dangerous is about to come. He trusted the spiritual intuition of the higher demons, so he said: “My King, I think I need to stay in the Dark Church for a while to maintain stability there.”

Hill nodded regretfully: “Oh…then you go.”

With regard to money matters, Hill locked himself in the bedroom for a whole night and got an idea. The next day, he called the dark elf Albrecht over. Albrecht knelt on one knee: “My King, what can I do for you?”

Hill asked directly: “I heard that your clan is handy.”

Albrecht proudly said: “The dark elves are all born assassins and mages. The dexterity of the dark elves’ hands is unmatched and those who use them say they are good…”

Wait a minute the last sentence is not a little too strange, is he thinking too much? Why does it sound a little bit wretched, what would happen if he came up with an overbearing demon-like “prove it to me” at this time? Will his pants be taken off… Hill has a mess of thoughts flashing through his mind and he didn’t continue talking for a while.

Albrecht lowered his head and thought for a while, then felt that he understood what the demon king meant, so he asked tentatively: “Do you want to try it?”

“Cough.” Hill then wondered whether he had thought wrongly or Albrecht himself had a strange meaning, but with the perverted fervor he exuded before, it was not impossible… Hill said after a second of weird gaze, “It’s like this, I hope you can make a batch of Siren Princess figures, the very delicate kind.”

Yes, the way Hill thought of making money is to develop the surroundings.

On Earth as well, an IP is born and a lot of money is made around it, and sometimes the periphery itself is even more popular than the IP itself.

Albrecht did not quite understand, Hill racked his brain to explain to him for a while before he understood what Hill meant.

A total of ten exquisite level ones and a number of ordinary level ones.

Albrecht returned to the dark elf clan with the task of the demon king. The efficiency of the dark elves was quite high. After a week, Hill got the finished product and thought that the craftsmanship was simply out of this world.

In this week, Hill has not been idle either. On the one hand, he re-edited the script of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, and on the other hand, he wrote the original revised version of “Daughter of the Sea”.

When the dark elf Albrecht brought the action figures over, he asked: “My King, do you want to sell these in the cinema?” Nowadays he has learned a lot of Earth vocabulary as well by following Hill.

“Yes,” Hill said.

Albrecht said, “The cost of this is very low. If it is sold in large quantities, it is indeed a profit…”

“Not sold in large quantities.” Hill shook his head. “It’s only this batch, after this, it will always be sold in limited quantities.”

Albrecht was stunned for a moment. He had no experience or history to learn from… It’s better to say that everyone in this world has no experience with this, so Hill can almost do whatever he wants, “Is this… alright? My King, how are you going to determine the price?”

“Ordinary ones are 100 gold coins each,” Hill said, “The limited ones are 3,000 gold coins each. Five will be sold in Magnolia City, and five will also be sold in Josh Kenny.”

“3,000 gold coins!” Albrecht took a breath: “Will any fool buy it?”

When Hill thought of the action figures in the window of his home on Earth, he felt as if he had been stabbed by Albrecht…hiss, worthy of being the strongest assassin, this knife hurts. Then he said expressionlessly: “Oh, there will always be fools to buy it.”

Hill originally thought that the dark elves should be good at art, so painting and the like would be fine. After contacting for a while, he discovered that the dark elves are somewhat hard-core and violent. Their level of violence can actually be ranked among the entire lower realm. Something like: Be quiet for Laozi. They know how to carve because they are good at killing people with a knife. If you ask them to paint…

Albrecht smiled innocently: “Some of our people like to use the meat sauce of the target to draw a symbol on the scene after killing the target.”

Hill had expected him to say that he would draw with the target’s blood or something like that, he thought his tolerance was already strong, but now it seems that he was really naive.

This reminds him of a stunt he saw in a previous life, the so-called hardcore magic: see this steel plate? → See! → Bam! (broken into several pieces) This is magic! Who dares to say that such magic is not powerful? If you dare not say anything, take this example as a warning, ah!

And the dark elves in this world gave Hill this terrible feeling.

He always feels that this kind of Albrecht is even more terrifying…

Then Hill personally went to the human world, handed the action figures to Joan Baker, and asked Joan Baker to sell this in the cinema. The latter raised his eyebrows when he heard the limited exquisite-level handicrafts were three thousand gold coins each, his deep gray eyes flashed with astonishment, but he didn’t directly ask any questions. After a few seconds, he figured it out: “So that’s how it is.”

Joan Baker’s brain is really good, Hill thought so.

Why are the action figures on Earth so expensive? On the one hand, it’s because the craftsmanship is really good. As the saying goes, one penny is one penny worth of goods – you get what you pay for… This sentence seems to make people laugh at first, but it makes sense if you look closely.

Anyway, the expensive ones are definitely relatively good. As for the amount of profit in the middle, it is not known. On the other hand is the faith and sentiment added, coupled with limited quantities and intentional hype, so it naturally created some sky-high priced handicrafts.

To give a very simple example, Blizzard on Earth once sold Illidan’s global limited-edition action figure, the factory price was 2,999 yuan, and the fans all robbed it in 15 seconds.

In addition, this world is still under feudal rule, the wealth of some of the higher nobles is unimaginable. So, Hill thinks that 3,000 gold coins are reasonable, and there are only five in total, which is too few. When Hill returned to the lower realm, he suddenly remembered something. He asked the Dark Knight to give Joan Baker a word, saying that the ten exquisite-level action figures should not all be sold, two should be kept, and then wait for the price to go up later. If necessary, he can decide on the price.

Joan Baker sucked in a breath of cold air when he received the message. He has been in business for many years and he has never seen such a sinister and cunning person… but he still complies with the process.

After all, behind Hill is the wisdom of the entire Earth. Anything that comes out will shock the people of this world.


The action figures of “Daughter of the Sea” received a warm welcome as soon as they were released. Joan Baker knew that these figures should sell well, but he didn’t expect that they would be sold out in a few days. Joan Baker complained in his heart, it was faster than when he sold drugs in Dijon. This comment is quite black humor, but really quite appropriate.

Olivia Jackson successfully bought a limited edition of the exquisite siren princess action figure. As the daughter of the duke, she can use quite a lot of pocket money, but this is also thanks to the fact that she does not have many extra expenses on a regular basis, so she has a lot of money saved on hand.

Her older brother, Jefferson Jackson, was quite unimpressed by this, and although he too was obsessed with the Siren Princess and hoped to find such a Viscountess, a doll is a doll, a fake, and not worth spending so much money on. He also scolded Olivia for this. Olivia was quite dissatisfied, but that afternoon, Olivia found her brother sneaking into her room to see the action figure… Olivia was quite speechless, brother, what you have done during this period has reduced your majesty as a brother by more than half.

Unexpectedly, you with thick eyebrows and big eyes also like the Siren Princess so much. Olivia went to the cinema angrily, planning to buy an ordinary-level action figure for her brother to play with. Unexpectedly, the ordinary figure was sold out, she had to buy it from others – at three times the price.

Neither Joan Baker nor Hill expected the price of the action figure to shoot up so quickly.

And some people have proposed to buy the figure of the demon king. Although the Demon King Hill only made a few shots in “Daughter of the Sea”, he has already gained a large number of fans.

However, it is a pity that Hill has no plans for this at the moment. He always feels that this seems to be selling himself to make money… cough.


The underground floor of the Blackrock Tower is quite large, several times as large as the first floor. The inside is like a maze and Hill almost got lost the first time he went there. The center room is an altar, surrounded by dark blue curtains with gold rims. Below the curtains are hidden various hideous demon statues. Red-brown candlesticks are inlaid on the stone walls, the candles’ flames move slowly like water.

In the middle of the long brick-embedded floor, there is an altar surrounded by four huge candles of more than one person high. Below the candles is a candlestick with sharp black edges and barbs, which looks very demonic.

At this time, Hill’s mobile phone was placed in the middle of the altar, which made this rather gorgeous and dark-style picture a little bit inconsistent.

Hill placed the mobile phone in the middle of the altar for charging. After Hill’s test, charging was efficient and safe there. Generally speaking, he would think about the problem while charging. Some of his close subordinates knew where to find him if he was not in the bedroom.

Hill was sorting out his thoughts during this time.

First of all, the movie “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” must be filmed as soon as possible, so that the popularity of the movie is still there, but now he is still waiting for the heroine on the Dark Church’s side. As for the actors, shortly after the release of “The Overbearing Demon Falls in Love with Me”, the audition can be held.

Secondly, about the original work of “The Daughter of the Sea”, Hill intends to put it in the magazine. In addition to “The Daughter of the Sea”, the first issue of the magazine should also include some novels that can be serialized, plus a shorter story… Hmm… Just put another fairy tale and open the essay to the public as well.

The big question is what to publish in a long series.

It’s better to have connotation and a certain attraction… “Daughter of the Sea” has connotations, but it is still a fairy tale, and Hill actually took away some of the original connotations. Movies like “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” may look cool as a movie, but to be honest, there is not much connotation. Hill understands that he should get something connotative, things that are too fast and easy will not last long.

Connotative and long, and is more in line with the background of this world…

The name of a book appeared in Hill’s mind—

“A Song of Ice and Fire”.

“A Song of Ice and Fire” is a serious fantasy novel by American author George R.R. Martin, which has been published in five volumes and has been translated into more than 30 languages. The story mainly takes place in the fictional medieval world. It is full of court struggles, travel adventures, love and hatred, magic, battlefields, wars, and many other elements. This series of novels has a considerable fan base on Earth, and it was adapted into a TV series “Game of Thrones”, which further expanded its influence.

“Winter is coming”, “A Lannister always pays his debts”, “Field of Fire”, “As High as Honor”… These sentences are so popular that they make people excited when they are mentioned.

It outlines an extraordinary and magnificent world, and now Hill chose it from the vast sea of full-length novels on Earth, with the intention of making it a gateway to the realm of otherworldly fiction.

After making this decision, Hill himself was a little excited, you know, he is also a fan of Ice and Fire. He moved his fingers, then picked up the quill and wrote on the parchment:

A Song of Ice and Fire, Part 1. Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin.

‘I want to conquer the whole other world with Earth culture,’ Hill thought so.

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