Chapter 23 – I am your King

After changing the theater directly into a more modern movie theater, and then re-designating the box, the movie’s revenue skyrocketed even more. Then Joan Baker discussed with Goldnia and turned one of his properties in the largest city in the southern part of the Magnolia Empire, Josh Kenny, into a movie theater, and moved “Daughter of the Sea” up there, and also did the same trick of releasing the bloopers only a month later.

The film’s response in Josh Kenny was even better than in Magnolia City—Josh Kenny was originally a port city, so the Daughter of the Sea became more immersive. For a while, there was a wave of “going to the sea to find a female siren as a daughter-in-law” trend… After hearing this, Hill didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he could only hope that God of Light would bless them.


“I only came to Magnolia City later in life.” Joan Baker put the white porcelain coffee cup on a tray clad in green and gold patterns and said “I was nine years old when I first came to Magnolia City. At that time, the scale of Magnolia City was not as large as it is now. The river passed through the city peacefully and smoothly. The clear and translucent river water can make people feel peaceful—the river at that time is the main source of drinking water. I was standing in the vineyard outside Magnolia City and vowed that one day I would return here and stand on top of others.”

“But now the river in your Magnolia City doesn’t look promising,” Hill commented. He didn’t drink the coffee here because he didn’t feel very good about it.

At this time, they had just finished the discussion about movie theaters and large shopping malls, so they started some small talk.

Hill is used to having such small talks with various people around him, and then extracting some information from them to deepen his understanding of the world. In addition to this purpose, the people around Hill, including the current Joan Baker, are very powerful and excellent people themselves. They have their own unique charms and communicating with them is a pleasant thing in itself.

“Yes, with the increase in the popularity of magic, the pollution of the river by magic has made the river lose its former beauty, and now only the upper river water can be used, which makes the lives of civilians more difficult,” Joan Baker Said.

At this time, they were in the back garden of Joan Baker’s manor. The evening breeze made the branches and flowers sway, bursts of aromatic fragrance filled the air, and gas lamps dazzled among the trees. This summer night was really charming.

“Sounds worthy of sympathy,” Hill said, but when he saw it, he just spoke casually, not even pretending to be a little false.

“Although it is only so now, I always feel that it will lead to more serious consequences,” Joan Baker said.

“I feel that with your character it should not matter,” Hill thought for a while and said, “Aren’t you a very profit-oriented person? Even if this leads to some disaster, your first thought should be what you can gain from the disaster and how you can make money. Oh, I didn’t mean to criticize you. I am a demon, human morality is nothing to me. I just stated my impression of you.”

“Indeed.” Joan Baker nodded slightly. “It is understandable to leave this impression on Mr. Grindelwald. If a catastrophe really breaks out, I will indeed consider how to profit from it, and I am indeed a profit-oriented person…but after all, I’m still a human being, I have the most basic compassion. So, in the end, I still don’t want this to happen.”

Hill raised an eyebrow with some surprise, “I didn’t expect you to have such a…”

“A childish side?” Joan Baker asked rhetorically.

“Such a pure side,” Hill said. “It’s kind of nice.”

Joan Baker was stunned. He thought Hill would make a mockery.

“I always feel like you are more attractive than before,” Hill said. “The self you showed before was too cunning, cold, and greedy.”

Joan Baker smiled slightly: “Because I was such a person.”

Hill wanted to laugh a little too. He asked, “Why don’t you let others see your kind side?”

Joan Baker was silent for a few seconds, his eyes cast on the night sky, and after a while, he said, “Because if they see it, they will always hope that I am kind.”

‘Oh, this sentence is too melodramatic,’ Hill thought.

He also cast his eyes on the starry sky, the night sky tonight is beautiful.

A rare relaxing night.


When Hill came back from the human realm this time, he brought some chickens, ducks, geese, and the like, because these things reproduce very fast, and there are eggs to eat. He wants to try in the lower realm to see if he can breed them, and if it succeeds, let those villages that lack food raise and watch them.

In fact, the Demon King needs to pass the paladin barrier to go back and forth between the lower realm and the human realm. Before, Hill sneaked in and directly went incognito, so the paladins didn’t know about it—they didn’t expect such a thing to be done by the proud Demon King. The previous demon kings certainly wouldn’t, but Hill didn’t want to be burdened by this…well…he didn’t want any burdens at all.

When his subordinates were also puzzled about this, he said: “We are demons, sinister and cunning are considered a virtue for us.” Then he raised his lips and smiled contemptuously, “I acted for so many years, it’s just to make those humans unsuspecting, it will certainly come in handy in the future.”

Then the subordinates knelt down on one knee in admiration and said compliments like “As expected of the Lord Demon King”.

Hill also said this very cleverly, it also hinted that if the current him is different from the previous one, then the previous one was deliberately acting that way — this meaning.

In fact, as to where the original Demon King went and the fact that he occupied the Demon King’s body, Hill would sometimes feel anxious when he thought of it. He was also worried that others would discover that he was not the original owner. After all, this is a fantasy world. What to do if he is found out?

Sometimes before going to bed, he still thinks wildly, for example, is it possible that maybe the high-ranking demons already know that he is not the original demon king, but since he is doing well, they want to use him first, and wait for him to be unable to act anymore and then come and kill him… Sometimes Hill gets scared by himself and will get up in the middle of the night to write a script.

But seeing those people showing respect during the day and not seemingly fake, Hill thinks maybe he really thinks too much.

In addition, there are many different habits between himself and the original Demon King. Sometimes he will talk to the surrounding demons to see what the previous Demon King would do in the same situation and compare their differences. At the same time, Hill is also gradually instilling something into other people, such as saying that his previous pride was deliberately played, which is to pave the way.

One day, everyone will completely forget what the previous Demon King used to look like and instead just remember what Hill looks like now.

Let’s get back to the topic of returning from the human realm to the lower realm this time.

In the past, he could just sneak away, but this time, Hill asked Goldnia to bring back a bunch of chickens, ducks, and geese. There was no way to hide them, so Goldnia was forced to go through the procedure prescribed by the church.

When the church learned that one of the five elders, Death Knight Goldnia, had come to the human world, they were shocked, wondering if the demon king had ideas about the human realm? Does the demon king want to fight back against the humans? The evil desire is still not dead? As a result, when they read the report:

“Goldnia brought a few chickens, ducks, and geese, claiming that the Demon King was interested in this, so he came to the human realm to purchase them.”

At that time, people in the church fell into a bewildered silence.

What the hell is this.

It should be noted that most of the upper-middle class in the church are those who can’t be sympathetic to the people, why not eat meat, so they can’t even think of Hill’s purpose. They really thought Hill did it out of curiosity.

They even sympathized with how the lower realm had such a demon king, the demon king seemed to be too stupid.

But later, they realized that the most worthy of sympathy was themselves. It turned out that the real fool was themselves.

But by then it was already too late.

Goldnia was holding a bunch of chickens and ducks when he returned to the lower realm. The whole person seemed to be covered in ice, expressionlessly, he carried the pile of things to the Blackrock Tower. Hill was patrolling the territory and by the time Hill returned, he found a pile of chicken, duck, and goose feces in front of the Demon King’s Palace, and Goldnia stood expressionless among the group of stuff.

This scene made Hill sucked in a cold breath, he began to reflect on whether he had been too bad to the majestic death knight.

Hill walked over and comforted a few words with a guilty conscience, and then asked Irvine to settle the chickens, ducks, and geese, feed them regularly, and raise them in the open space in front of the Blackrock Tower.

After one night passed, these chickens, ducks, and geese all died, and not a single one left. The environment in the lower realm is different from that in the human realm. Hill had expected it, but he did not expect that none of them would survive. He still hoped to have two variants. After that, try other livestock. If it doesn’t work, he can only consider raising demon beasts in the lower realm.

Hill first wanted to keep human livestock in captivity for a simple reason, because these livestock can be found on the Internet and the information about them is abundant, so he will not make mistakes in breeding them. But the demon beasts in the lower realm, he still had to study them one by one, which was too troublesome.

Hill asked Irvine to put away these dead poultry. They were contaminated by the breath of the lower realm. Humans would get sick if they eat them, but the demons would have no problem eating them. This… er… native products were brought back all the way from the human realm by Goldnia, so even if they die, they cannot be wasted.

Hill skillfully took out his mobile phone to find out how to cook chickens, ducks, and geese, and then gave it to Irvine.

Hill stood at the door of the Blackrock Tower looking at the scenery outside and sighed slowly.

If everything can’t be done as you wish, no big deal, just go to a different path, anyway, the phone is in his hand. He comforted himself.

When he was about to return to the Demon King’s bedroom, he suddenly saw something round left on the ground. He walked over and took a look and found some eggs. He pinched an egg in his hand and felt the breath of life inside. It was not dead, it was still alive.

Hill’s eyes lit up.

There are infinite possibilities if it remains alive.

Ten minutes later, Irvine was reduced to an artificial egg incubator.

Hill asked Irvine to lower his body temperature to the appropriate temperature according to Baidu, then asked him to make a hole in his body, then carefully put the egg in, and then told him that this state must be maintained for at least 21 days.

Irvine’s soul almost came out of his body after listening to it.

Hill coughed lightly, his gaze drifted a bit, “In short, this is related to a major event in the lower realm. You hatch the eggs quietly, you don’t need to cook during this time.”

Irvine almost cried: “All right, all right, Great Demon King.”

This hatching eggs quietly is also good enough…


“Daughter of the Sea” spread throughout the Magnolia Empire and Hill got a lot of gold coins.

The previous treaty loss was paid in installments and the first installment has been paid in full. Hill relied on two months of income from “Daughter of the Sea”, plus the money contributed by the sea demon chief and a small batch of demon crystals in the treasury easily gathered the second installment.

This made the demon dragon Gormond, who was in charge of this matter, admire the Lord Demon King with all his heart.

In fact, Hill actually intended to take the first bucket of money from the film and then do something else, but after learning that it was very difficult to raise the money, he did not think much about it and put almost all the money directly into it. Other people may hesitate at this time, or even become a little selfish, but Hill thought very clearly about it.

He can easily film “Daughter of the Sea” because he is the demon king and he has too many resources at his disposal, so he should do it himself. And the main reason for doing this is to revitalize the demon race, so don’t think too much about it as to not put the cart before the horse.

In fact, there is another way to raise magic crystals.

The dark elf Albrecht told Hill in private that 一 he heard it at the beginning of his transmigration 一 the corpses of the advanced demons can be exchanged for a large amount of gold coins, and the corpses of the advanced demons will also condense magic crystals after their deaths.

Hill was very shocked when he heard it. His first reaction was: Did the church know about this?

If they knew, the Church let the lower realm compensate so many magic crystals, was it for this?

It’s really a creepy thought…Hill thought.

Albrecht hinted and even explicitly said that now since the army is disbanded and useless, and cannot be reorganized in a short period of time, why not turn part of the army directly into corpses and take away the magic crystals as well and sell them.

After hearing this, Hill felt his San value dropped wildly.

To be honest, it’s really a rather cold, cold world, both in the lower and human realms, except that Hill’s optimism and the calmness interferes with everything around him, making all the stories seem as light and easy as they are. But that’s not really the case.

“The gain is not worth the loss.” Hill closed his eyes and said indifferently, “I can get the money. You don’t have to worry too much. Although the army is scattered, there is always a reorganization, and it is also useful.” His words actually indicate that he will not remain at ease here and will one day revive the lower realm.

The dark elf Albrecht put his forehead on the ground religiously, “I know what you mean, My King. I know that you can get a lot of money from the humans, I just don’t want you to overwork yourself, My King.”

Hill was taken aback.

‘What kind of perverted way of caring is this?’ He sighed in his heart. Because he didn’t want him to work hard to make money, he suggested that he should dismantle half of the army and sell them for money. This concern is too much… should he be moved?

“I appreciate your thoughts.” Hill had no choice but to say so. He was silent for a few seconds and let go of his momentum. The bottom of his eyes seemed to carry a blooming world, crossing the dark shadows like a giant python covering the sky and flowing across the heavens. “But as your King, I have my own share of responsibility.”

When he said this, he thought of the demons he had met since he came here. Irvine obeyed the orders wholeheartedly—now he still squats quietly in the corner to incubate eggs; the dark elf Albrecht worships and cares like a pervert; death knight Goldnia always quietly accepts all orders; there are other elders, those demons who trust him, those subordinates who tremble with excitement in his MLM words…

It would be a lie to say that he was not touched.

Or rather, his first step into this world was because he was exasperated by the unequal treaties of the Church of Light.

And the second step of integrating into this world was because of the reverence and worship of these people. These emotions turned into ties pulling him down from his floating state, allowing him to step on solid ground and walk the earth as a demon king.

“All your reverence will be reciprocated, there are some things you cannot do, then I will do them.”

He lowered his head to look at the kneeling dark elf, his gaze was like a raging torrent rolling from the ancient barbaric wilderness, breaking down all defenses and overrunning the entire land while roaring toward the sky.

“Because I am your king.”

Hill said finally.

This time, Albrecht Darkmoon did not tremble with excitement as usual. He raised his head and looked at Hill in a daze, taking in his appearance at this moment and engraving his words into his heart and soul forever.

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to put the cart before the horse – a cart is a vehicle that is ordinarily pulled by a horse, so to put the cart before the horse is an analogy for doing things in the wrong order.

SAN value dropping wildly – Sanity value/points in games, going crazy

This chap is quite hilarious… XD Poor Ice Prince Goldnia came back with a bunch of chickens and ducks, poor Irvine suddenly becoming a mother. LOL

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