Sacrifice to the Devil 3

Chapter 3 – Immortal Child

Early in the morning, the rain stopped.

The sun at the end of May was considered poisonous, shining straight into the humid room, the room became steaming hot.

When Wen Yu woke up, he heard the creak of the broken roof on the balcony being blown by the wind.

The ceiling had to be repaired and the glass doors had to be reinstalled.

He took out the phone and sent a message to Zhao Xiaoliang: [I am not feeling well today, help me take a leave.]

After a casual breakfast, the teenager took a ladder and a toolbox to the balcony and started repairing the balcony roof by himself.

Before long, two cars suddenly drove into the small courtyard, one of which was the white car of the second uncle, Guan Haitao.

The other is a black luxury car that is obviously inconsistent with the surrounding environment.

Wen Yu looked down and saw that Guan Haitao, with a courteous smile, opened the door of the courtyard and invited the three men from the luxury car to come in.

He guessed what was going on, closed his eyes, and continued to stand on the shelf to repair the roof.

A man with black sunglasses looked around as soon as he entered the yard. After looking up and seeing the young man on the balcony, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “The house is in such a state of disrepair, how can you still live in it?”

Guan Haitao explained: “Hey, Mr. Zhou, that’s my nephew, he doesn’t listen to advice and wants to live here alone.”

Mr. Zhou found it troublesome: “Will he move out in the future?”

Guan Haitao couldn’t help but promise: “Yes, he will. As long as Mr. Zhou books this house, he will move out immediately.”

Mr. Zhou gave a hum, and ordered the two of his staff to go out to check the surrounding living environment, and followed Guan Haitao into the house.

The room is humid and stuffy.

Mr. Zhou sighed, his tone disgusted: “The original color can’t be seen on the wallpaper and the stairs are swaying when walking. It’s a typical dangerous house. It’s still leaking badly. The floor on the second floor looks like it’s been soaked in water.”

Guan Haitao laughed with him: “Mr. Zhou, you’re not buying it to live in it. Didn’t you just want this piece of land?”

Mr. Zhou sneered: “That’s true.” He tapped his chin toward the balcony: “Don’t let that kid repair the ceiling, it’s dangerous.”

Guan Haitao was also upset by Wen Yu’s hammering noises and shouted: “Xiaoyu, come down, this house can’t be repaired. You can pack your things and come home with me later.”

Wen Yu stopped moving and looked down at the two people in the living room. His indifferent voice raised slightly: “To your home? Aunt agreed?”

The eyebrows are cold and the eyes are sharp.

Full of youthful arrogance and disdain.

Guan Haitao froze, his expression was a little embarrassed: “Hey, you will only live there for more than three months. Besides, aren’t we selling the house, your aunt won’t say anything.”

Wen Yu sneered without leaving a trace, picked up the hammer in his hand, and continued to nail the ceiling.

But Mr. Zhou was instantly attracted by the boy’s glance back.

He took a few steps into the balcony and raised his head to look more closely at the skinny teenager stepping on the ladder.

The curve of the boy’s body was stretched because he was standing in a high place with his arms nailed to the ceiling. The legs are straight and the arm muscle line is smooth.

The wide T-shirt was raised with the raised arms, revealing the young boy’s waist.

The skin glowed softly and pale white in the hot sun. The slightly thin and tough abdominal arc, like a sharp scimitar, making the heart tremble.

Mr. Zhou wears sunglasses, his eyes are covered, and could not see the look.

This kind of peeping look made Wen Yu very uncomfortable. He stopped the movement in his hand, closed his eyes, and looked down at the man with sunglasses obliquely, his voice was cold: “What are you looking at?”

It is a question but also a warning.

The tail of the eye is sharp with a harsh light. It is a half-grown child’s untamable rebellion and hostility.

Mr. Zhou was in a good mood as the corners of his lips curved up and asked, “Do you live here alone?”

Wen Yu coldly asked rhetorically, “You need to ask so much to buy a house?”

Guan Haitao: “Tsk, Xiaoyu, how can you talk like this to the guest.” He smiled at Mr. Zhou again: “Teenage children are not very obedient.”

Mr. Zhou joked unconcernedly, “They say that nephews are like their uncles, I see that this child does not look anything like you, Mr. Guan.”

Guan Haitao: “Hey, you jest. My nephew has been beautiful since he was a child, he was as tender as a little princess when he was young. Now he looks more like a boy. Look, he’s pretty and handsome! Just a bit bad-tempered.”

Mr. Zhou agreed and asked Wen Yu: “You don’t want to use such a good natural condition? Do you not consider developing in the entertainment industry?”

Guan Haitao: “Huh?”

Wen Yu glanced at him.

Mr. Zhou also smiled: “There are many handsome stars, but some of them may not be popular even if they try their whole life. But there are people who don’t have to do anything to stand on stage to attract the attention of the audience.” He curled his lips and clicked his chin at the young age: “You are the latter. How? Would you like to follow me in the entertainment industry and try?”

After speaking, he took out a business card and put it on the ladder that Wen Yu stepped on, and said: “You can check who I am, you can also check who are the stars that I have promoted?”

After Guan Haitao heard this, he was shocked and pleasantly surprised: “Oh, there is such a good thing, Xiaoyu has met a scout!”

“Entertainment industry?”

Wen Yu looked down at the business card under his feet, and said indifferently, “Can you make five million a day?”

“Five million?” Mr. Zhou said meaningfully: “It’s also not impossible, but of course, it depends on what you do.”

He stretched out his index finger and tapped his fingertips on the business card he placed on the ladder, next to the young man’s bare feet.

The ankles are bony, with distinct muscles. The protruding ankles are round and smooth, not as sharp as his.

Mr. Zhou’s index finger tapped the thin business card next to the boy’s feet, and asked in a loud voice, “Your name is Xiaoyu? I’m waiting for you to contact me.”

Wen Yu sneered, waiting for someone to leave, and kicked the business card to the ground.


After a long time, the messy balcony finally returned to its original appearance.

The boy wiped the sweat from his face and took out his cell phone to check the time. But he saw a bank’s receipt notice message on the screen.

Today is not the payday of the design studio, who would transfer money to him?

Wen Yu wondered and clicked on the message.

[Your card with the end number of 3567, received a transfer on May 19, the transfer amount: 5,000,000 yuan]

Wen Yu: Huh?

He thought he had misread it. Rubbing his eyes and looking at the long string of numbers again, he counted it twice and then three times.

It was indeed: five million.

The transfer time was exactly half an hour ago, the name of the transferee: Yg

Wen Yu took the towel and wiped another handful of sweat, and then called the bank’s customer service number: “Hello, I just received a transfer of five million, I think there is a problem with your bank system.”

The amount was too large, the customer service realized that the situation was serious, and immediately asked for Wen Yu’s personal information and started to inquire.

Ten minutes later.

The bank customer service called the teenager back: “Hello, Mr. Wen, we have verified your remittance information and have contacted the remitter. Mr. Ying, the remitter, said that he did not make a mistake. He said that he is a friend of your late parents and this money is the living expenses you deserve for all these years.”

Wen Yu was puzzled: “I have never heard of my parents having such a friend. Can you ask him to confirm it again?”

The customer service explained patiently: “There can be no mistake. Mr. Ying also reported your name, date of birth, and ID number. It is exactly the same as your information.”

Why does this person named Yg know his personal information?

The vigilance in Wen Yu’s heart was greater than the shock of receiving a huge sum of money.

He pondered for a few seconds and then asked: “Can you give me the details of the sender? I want to ask him personally.”

Customer Service: “Yes, wait a minute.”

Two minutes later, Wen Yu got Ying Chen’s ID number and phone number.

He took the cell phone and immediately dialed Ying Chen’s number.

First call, no one answered.

Second call, no one answered.

Third call.

Wen Yu squeezed the phone, feeling vaguely uneasy.

He had just thought that five million was a huge sum of money that he could not earn no matter what. And now, he actually received a transfer of five million from an unknown person.

What’s even more outrageous is that that person still has all his identity information.

He thought for a while and decided to call Liu Yiming, the policeman: “Uncle Liu, can you check someone for me?”

Liu Yiming: “Who do you want to check? Did something happen?”


Wen Yu explained: “There is a person named Ying Chen who just transferred 5 million to me. He also said that he was a friend of my parents when they were alive and that the money was supposed to be for my living expenses.”

“Five million?!” Liu Yiming exclaimed: “You quickly give me his identity information and I will check it for you.” He quickly found Ying Chen’s information: “Male, 25 years old, born in Canada. The entry and exit records show that he has only been to our country twice and he hasn’t stayed for a long time.

“How did such a person have interactions with your parents? Oh right!” Liu Yiming slapped his head: “Your parents used to study in Canada when they were young. Did they meet each other at that time?”

Wen Yu shook his head: “It was 20 years ago when my parents studied in California. Did they make friends with a four or five-year-old boy?”

“Tsk, that too.” Doubtful, Liu Yiming told Wen Yu: “Don’t move this money, I will investigate this person for you.”

Wen Yu: “Uncle Liu, I will trouble you.”

Liu Yiming: “What’s the trouble, don’t be polite to me again. Are you at home alone? Don’t go out alone at night these days. Pay attention to safety. If something happens, contact me as soon as possible.”

Wen Yu knew what he was reminding: “I know, Uncle Liu, don’t worry.”


However, there are always people who don’t want to let him go.

In the afternoon, after Wen Yu asked a renovation worker to reinstall the glass door in his home, he went to the supermarket.

It was getting dark when he returned home.

The small alley leading to the home belongs to an untouched zone in the city. Several old yards in the surrounding area have long been bought by the real estate development company and left vacant.

Only Wen Yu, a junior in high school, lives alone in the old house of the Guan family.

So, even though it is only separated by a wall from the lively street outside, it feels like entering a new world, even the traffic noises outside are cut, it’s always so quiet and empty.

With shopping bags in both hands, Wen Yu walked home quickly in the dark alley.

He soon stopped in his tracks.

He saw a man leaning on a big jujube tree in front of him, it was Li Haowu who had just been released from prison.

Li Haowu was also looking at him, tilting his head slightly, lifting his eyes, wearing a sneer at the corner of his mouth, shaking the silver golf club in his hand.

He was not alone.

A thin man with dyed yellow hair and a cigarette in his mouth was sitting on the ground, a sturdy fat man was leaning on the mottled brick wall, and his younger brother, Li Haowen, was standing behind him.

When they looked at Wen Yu, they all had quite a smug sneer. Like a vicious beast, surrounded by tentacles to get prey.

Wen Yu looked around at the four of them, his hands tightening the bag, raised his eyebrows, and asked, “What is this?”

Li Haowu raised a long golf club and played casually: “I heard you still want me to go in again?”

There are no cameras in the alleys. Even if Wen Yu called the police after the incident, it would be difficult to convict these people as long as these people shut their mouths and denied it.

Li Haowu deliberately chose such a place to attack him by surprise, it was obvious he had already figured out a way out.

Wen Yu put his shopping bags to one corner, stood in the middle of the alley, and moved his arms and legs, his thin eyelids raised, coldly urging, “Stop your bullshit and hurry up.”

“You have guts.”

Li Haowu played with the golf club in his hand and chuckled: “I don’t bully kids. Just stand there honestly for me and let me hit you a few times and the account of two years is considered even.”

Wen Yu stood upright, with an indifferent expression, and refused without fluctuations: “If you want to come, come and fight to the death.”

Li Haowu looked at him playfully.

The other three people exchanged looks with each other as if they were watching a madman.

“You probably don’t know, the people living in this area gave me a nickname.” The young man’s jaw was slightly raised and a sneer appeared in his gloomy eyes: “They call me the immortal child.”

At the age of four, he went out to level the road with his parents when it suddenly sank ten meters inward. More than 30 people who fell in, including his parents, died.

He was the only survivor and was reported in the news for days as a living miracle.

When he was eight years old, he and his grandfather went fishing by the river, but because of curiosity, he accidentally fell into a five-meter-deep reservoir. Reaching out, he was able to catch a wood that he didn’t know where it came from, allowing him to float on it to be rescued.

At the age of ten, a drunk-driving car rushed towards him, and just when it was about to hit him, it was deflected by another car that suddenly rushed out.

He was unscathed.

Two years ago, brothers Li Haowen and Li Haowu took more than a dozen gangsters and used a broken and sharp beer bottle to smash a large bloody hole in his head. The spurt of blood soaked his school uniform.

However, he only slept for one night, and now, even the scars are all gone.

When his grandfather was still alive, he said: My Xiaoyu’s fate is so strong that even the netherworld did not dare to accept him.

Wen Yu snorted, like self-deprecation and ridicule: “Come on, let’s see who among us will die first?”

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