Chapter 19 – It’s settled

Magnolia Empire. Magnolia City. Duke Dalle’s residence.

At this time, Goldnia was quite depressed. Before coming here, Demon King Hill had taught him how to deal with various situations and did a lot of simulation questions and answers. Goldnia was confident that this cooperation could be negotiated, but neither he nor Lord Demon King expected the other party to have such a greeting.

At this moment, although he was sitting in the other party’s house, he was still upset with the interruption of the plan. At this moment, he sat on the seat with a cold face, Eri Dalle first opened: “Sir, did you just say about the cooperation of the movie?”

I would like you to kneel down and call me Lord if you can, lowly mortal. Goldnia said in his heart, but on the surface, he tried his best to show the same smile that he had in the movie – Lord Demon King said to pay attention to the smile when talking about cooperation – “Yes, Madam. “

“Sorry, your smile is too distracting.” Eri Dalle said, “Can you please stop smiling?”

…you lowly mortal!!! Goldnia roared in his heart.

“I’m sorry,” Eri Dalle said again, “because your performance in the movie is so impressive, I think every woman who has watched the movie in Magnolia City now has some… well… some bad impression. “

Be patient, be patient. Goldnia told himself, and then he resumed his expressionless expression: “Yes. It’s about the movie cooperation, I believe you can see the business opportunities inside, Madam.”

Of course, Hill taught him this.

“I can see the business opportunities inside… But, if I’m not mistaken, Sir, you are not a human being?” Eri Dalle said.

“Yes, I am not,” Goldnia replied.

Lord Demon King told him that if the other party asked him if he was not a human, then just answer it directly. After all, Hill is trying to find a human for long-term cooperation, there are some things that can’t be concealed, such as the movie itself reveals too much information.

“That, I want to think about it,” Eri Dalle said, after all, this is the demon race…

“Okay, you can consider it.” Goldnia said simply, “I can also go to other people.” He disappeared after speaking. Eri Dalle stood up in a daze, the room was empty as if what had just happened was like a dream.

Goldnia was not joking. He really went to find other people. In Hill’s plan, the demons should have more than one collaborator in the human world. The news of “looking for collaborators” should also be spread on a small scale, this is conducive to his later plans.

The next person Goldnia sought was a merchant with a title, or the other’s title was bought directly with gold coins, named Joan Baker.

Joan Baker is a cunning man wrapped in a gentleman’s skin—his opponents think so. His height of over one meter is considered to be an outstanding figure in the circle, his black hair is interspersed with silver strands, not because of his age, but from humble origins, caused by an injury to his body after eating food contaminated by magic when he was young. He usually wears a trench coat and holds a cane, but he hides a sword in the cane. Rumor has it that he once killed a man.

Hill has read his profile and thinks he is more in line with his standards.

The previous dialogue is similar to Eri Dalle. When Joan Baker asked if Goldnia was a demon, Goldnia readily responded. Joan looked at Goldnia’s eyes and said: “Am I to assume that if I say ‘no’, my corpse will lie stiffly on the floor, welcoming the sunrise tomorrow.”

“No,” Goldnia said.

Joan breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he heard Goldnia say: “I don’t leave a corpse when I kill.”

Joan Baker: …

Yes, you are quite powerful.

“However, you will not say ‘no’, because you know it means a lot of money,” Goldnia said.

Joan Baker was silent.

Goldnia continued: “There is more than one movie, there are more.”

Joan Baker’s cold gray eyes moved slightly. He is a person who is very good at suppressing his feelings, such an expression is already out of character for him. He said: “I’m not short of money, I have enough money now to gain enough respect and a title, so why should I cooperate?”

“Because it’s not enough, because you want more,” Goldnia said, following the instructions Hill had given him.

Hill told him yesterday that if the other party said that he was not short of money, he would say: You are not short of money but you want more, something like this.

Joan Baker’s expression was slightly distorted and then his lips curled up with a wanton smile, “You are a real demon.” He said, “You are right, I want more.”

Here Goldnia thought in his heart, this person is really stupid, I was originally a demon, I just told him, did not I?

Well… it’s also unsure who is really stupid here.

“There is one more question.” Joan Baker said, “If others knew that I was working with the demon race, would I be ruined by it?”

Goldnia smiled and said, “Ariel is also a demon, but now everyone sympathizes with her.”

Joan Baker also smiled: “So that’s it.” Then he said, “Although it’s presumptuous, but I think you should stop smiling at me. I kind of want to hit someone… I’m sorry, it’s because of the movie.”

F*cker. Goldnia regained his expressionless look.

Even the insidious, cunning, sane, and cold businessman couldn’t bear his smile? It really is too miserable to be killed by public opinion.

When he came out of Joan Baker’s house, Goldnia was thoughtful.

The negotiations certainly went very well, the general direction has been determined, the next is some details. Many of the words that Demon King Hill had taught him were used, some of which Goldnia hadn’t understood what they meant.

For example, if the other party asked whether they would have a bad reputation if they cooperate with the demon race, he would answer that the siren princess was also a demon.

Then Joan Baker said he understood. What did he understand? Goldnia still didn’t fully understand.

But it still went smoothly… Goldenia thought in his heart, is this wisdom?

He didn’t return to the lower realm first. He stood on the streets of Magnolia City, looking up at the starry sky of the human world that is different from the lower realms, and began to think about what he saw in the past few days.

The ladies of high society are in pursuit of the “Daughter of the Sea” and sympathize with the siren princess. That said, humans are so kind, they can still sympathize with such an ugly siren princess (…).

With the successful negotiations with Joan Baker.

Goldnia suddenly understood that the movie can harvest not only money but also the cultural invasion that Lord Demon King has been talking about.

These people will hate him because he played a bad person. These people are sympathizing with the siren princess, sympathizing with a demon. If this movie is widely broadcast, more people will sympathize with the siren princess. Next, they will shoot the second, and then the third… If watching movies becomes people’s daily entertainment, and there are many attractive and compassionate demons in the movies, then won’t the human mind change as well?

Goldnia suddenly had an epiphany, and his next thought was—

The Demon King really deserves to be the Demon King!


Two days later, Joan Baker posted a huge poster in front of one of his theaters—

“Daughter of the Sea”, a new art form – a movie!

A love story between a siren and a human!

This movie made many ladies cry. Miss Olivia of the Jefferson family claimed: This movie once let my father kick me and my brother out of the house!

This may be the prototype of the otherworldly title party…

But others have to admit, this kind of publicity is very attractive.

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