Chapter 20 – Cultural invasion of Earth to the other world

Hill chose this approach in the promotion of “Daughter of the Sea” out of his own considerations. If you simply describe what a poignant story this is, it will overlap with the propaganda of those previous operas. Many people do not understand this new art form called movie and will not be particularly interested.

Of course, Hill can directly put the Siren Princess on the poster. This is attractive enough, but the problem is that this is too blatant. Although the Church of Light is not strong in the Magnolia Empire, he also has to hide a little, right?

So, at times like this, it’s only possible to exploit the follow the trend effect of high society.

As the daughter of the Duke, Olivia Jefferson is undoubtedly the subject of many people’s attention. She… er… the behavior of her being kicked out of the house is bound to arouse the curiosity of many people. In addition, the tickets for the movie are not particularly expensive, the middle class can afford it. Out of curiosity, they will definitely go to see it.

And Eri Dalle, who was hesitant and missed the opportunity, regretted a bit but did not reach the point of regretting to death. After all, it was about cooperating with the demon race, she wanted to wait and see.

The result of the wait and see was… she regretted it more and more.

Every day, the Baker Theater is full of moviegoers.

Every day, some madams, young ladies, and gentlemen leave the theater in tears.

From Eri Dalle’s point of view, Joan Baker has made a lot of money.

But in fact, this is not the case.

Hill deliberately didn’t let the death knight and Joan Baker talk about the division. He told the death knight that the specific division method would be discussed in a week. Hill’s idea is very simple. If the demons take the big share, Joan Baker will definitely agree because although he knows the value of the movie, he shouldn’t expect how much money it will make. Therefore, you have to wait until you make a lot of money before raising the share to see how Joan Baker will perform in the face of huge profits.

If he can control his greed and don’t play tricks, it means he can continue to cooperate with him.

If he does something excessive and makes excessive requests… Sorry, not only will the future cooperation opportunities disappear, but he will also lose more things.

Hill can’t say that he is not a good person now because he is not even a human being.

In fact, Hill still hopes that Joan Baker can control his greed because it is not easy to find the right collaborator.

He didn’t expect that when Joan Baker was negotiating with Goldnia after a week, he actually said: “I will not participate in the sharing this time, the cost of playing the movie will be borne by me.”

This made Goldnia stunned, but after all, he was a death knight with facial paralysis, so Joan Baker, who is good at observing people, did not see any expression on the face of death knight who has facial paralysis, and then Goldnia asked in a deep voice, “Then what do you want?”

“I want all future movies to be shown in my theater, future divisions can be discussed separately,” Joan Baker said.

Goldnia thought for a while and finally said: “I can’t decide this, I need to ask for instructions.”

“Okay,” Joan Baker said, raising his hand, “but before that, Viscount Lestat has sent human pastries, would you like to taste them?”

Goldnia had planned to leave immediately, but after hearing that it was human food, he hesitated for a few seconds and said with a cold face, “Yes.”

Ten minutes later, he left blankly, and at the same time, he thought in his heart that it’s not as good as the Demon King’s food. Sure enough, human food is not delicious. The Demon King’s human food does not necessarily mean “human food”. “Human food” is just a concept, it is actually food for demons.

Lord Demon King is worthy of being the Demon King.


After hearing Goldnia’s report on Joan Baker, Hill raised an eyebrow.

Interesting, this human is really quite thoughtful.

Hill was worried that he would play smart, but he did not expect that Joan Baker did not play smart but played big smart and made Hill’s heart bewitched.

Does the demon race lack money now? Lack, very lacking.

Not only does the lower realm itself need money, but some things Hill wants to do also require a lot of money.

Hill heard from Goldnia that Joan Baker’s theater revenue has exceeded seven thousand gold coins this week. This is a terrible figure. You should know that human civilians generally work hard for a month, and one couple, husband and wife, can’t earn more than three gold coins. Seven thousand gold coins is an astronomical figure for commoners.

Of course, the movie could not be shown to the commoners at first because the most important thing for Hill at the moment is to make money. When the demand for money is not strong in the future, he can expand his influence among the commoners. But despite this, many nobles felt that the fare was too low, only one gold coin.

As for the lower realm’s magic crystal compensation, in simple terms, about nine gold coins can be exchanged for one magic crystal, and from time to time there will be a premium.

Hill thought for a while and decided to talk to Joan Baker himself, of course, he couldn’t say his identity as the Demon King.

In fact, according to reason, this kind of thing should be handed over to his subordinates, but the demon race is still blank about this aspect as of now, and Hill is not relieved to hand it over to them. So, in order to achieve the effect, he had to do it himself.

Before leaving, Hill thought of Goldnia telling him that human pastries are not delicious. He thought for a while and took out his phone to search Baidu about baking.

Hmm… this title looks good, baking suitable for novices. Tap in, first is cream pudding, raw materials: pure milk, whipped cream, fine sugar, egg yolk… OK, there is no pure milk in the lower realm, or just squeeze a tauren… Forget it, it’s a bit disgusting; then whipped cream, it has not yet been invented; as for fine sugar, sugar is available, but they don’t have such pure white sugar, you have to improve the sugar-making process yourself; egg yolks are fine. Speaking of which, Hill thinks that the civilians in the lower realm can start raising chickens to get rid of poverty…

Hill looked at it a few times and found that many modern baking ingredients are not available in this era. Fortunately, he has a mobile phone in his hand. He can find them later and can invent and create them one by one. On the one hand, Hill felt that there was a long way to go, and on the other hand, he was very excited. He understood that if that was the case, then he would leave everyone else far behind in this area.

By the way, the mobile phone is always connected to the Internet, but it will run out of power. Hill has studied for a long time before figuring out how to charge it with magic energy.

However, it seems impossible to bake at the moment, and the pastries made with limited ingredients are probably not very delicious. So, Hill simply took some of the freshly dried sausages—he gave this to Joan Baker, but it was not just a gift, it was about his next plan.

Goldnia notified Joan Baker that his superior would come in advance. When asked about Hill’s name, Hill said casually: “Gellert Grindelwald.” He originally wanted to say Tom Riddle. Later, he felt that the first-generation Dark Lord seemed to be more compelling, so he just gave such a pseudonym.


Joan Baker naturally attached great importance to the arrival of Hill. Although he did not know who Hill was, he knew that Hill meant money to him. In the world of merchants, money is almost everything. He believes that businessmen who have failed have failed to fulfill this law.

He is a very thoughtful person. He believes that money is supreme, but he will not do vicious things. He believes that doing vicious things will harm his ability to make more money. Out of reason and long-term considerations, in order to make more money, he has always been quite scrupulous. Although this scrupulousness is not because of morality.

When he saw Hill, Joan Baker’s stern face was slightly surprised. The appearance and temperament of this “Mr. Grindelwald” were so outstanding, which surprised Joan Baker. But surprise is surprise, good-looking is good-looking, how to talk about business or how to negotiate, Joan Baker is very clear in this division.

In his world, talking about money doesn’t hurt feelings, and not talking about money hurts feelings. The money relationship is the purest relationship, involving feelings is not pure.

In a sense his idea also makes sense.

The appearance of Joan Baker also left an impression on Hill. There are many people with cold temperament in the lower realm, such as Goldnia, but their coldness is lifeless, the coldness of inorganic matter. Joan Baker’s coldness is different, that coldness and even vitality, accompanied by dark greed and human desires, is very vivid, and even gave Hill the idea of plundering.

But the thought only flicked in Hill’s mind for a moment.

Hill stepped forward and greeted the other party according to the etiquette of Magnolia City. Joan Baker raised his eyebrows and returned the etiquette. He did not hide his surprise so Hill took the initiative to explain: “When you enter a village, follow the local customs. I want to earn human money after all, so it’s just best to follow the human ways.”

Joan Baker breathed a sigh of relief. As a collaborator, what he was most afraid of was that the demons would act not according to common sense. It’s not that Joan Baker is afraid of things, but he knows that only by adapting to the big and small things on the basis of common sense, can he make more money and make it safe.

“Your wisdom has left a deep impression on me,” Joan Baker complimented: “Come in, Mr. Grindelwald.”

Hill handed the box in his hand to the butler at the door of Joan Baker and said, “This is the specialty sausage I brought. I really want to hear your comment on it, Mr. Baker.”

Joan Baker hesitated a little, then said: “Yes.” And tried to restrain his overly mournful mood.

Hmm… this look on his face is probably overthinking it. But he may have heard of the dark cuisine of the devil, in order to facilitate cooperation, he is willing to go to eat dark cuisine? How about when he’s done eating, he tells him that what he just ate were spider legs and mouse eyes? …a little too disgusting, er, he also disgusted himself. Hill thought.

The two arrived in the living room, and according to Hill’s request, the butler of Joan Baker brought some bread with the sausage from the lower realm.

The appearance of these sausages is quite good, Hill used magic insulation to keep them warm, so they can be eaten directly. The surface of the sausage is oily, with an attractive scorched skin. The smell of meat is overwhelming, which makes one’s index finger move.

Joan Baker was stunned when he felt his desire for the sausage. What’s the situation? Could it be that a spell was cast on this sausage? Otherwise, how could ordinary sausages make him feel so craving?

At this moment, Hill made a “please” gesture.

Joan Baker stuck a fork into a slice and put it in her mouth.

…! ! !

After biting through the sausage casing, the meat inside was quite tender, and the juice overflowed directly. The skin was also very crisp, which could make a sound like chewing. The roast is perfectly done, charred on the outside and tender on the inside, mixed with pepper and various spices that blast through the taste buds, making it unbearably delicious.

Joan Baker almost couldn’t maintain his usual calmness at that moment.

Then, he heard Hill say faintly: “There are still many delicacies like this in our place.”

Joan Baker could barely contain his own insatiable sense of desire to enjoy, and he swallowed the sausage fondly and said, “It looks like the rumors are wrong.”

“Maybe.” Hill did not answer directly, but said: “We have not only movies but also food and other things that you can’t imagine… and we plan to exchange all these things for gold coins.”

Compared to food, this is what really arouses Joan Baker’s greed. He didn’t hide himself. He said, “What should I do, Sir?”

Hill continued: “Build a large shopping mall with movies as the center.”

Yes, this is Hill’s second step.

On Earth, a large mall like Wanda, which combines movies, clothes, food, and other kinds of consumption, is quite a worthy existence for the other world.

Earth’s clothes design, skincare products, and cosmetics production methods, jewelry design, food, books, movies… he can make all of them and put them into this large mall. Then, such a large shopping mall will be built into all large human cities. Hill has the Internet in his hands and, and as the Demon King, he can completely create a vast commercial invasion and cultural invasion.

This is not a cultural invasion of demons to humans.

This is clearly a cultural invasion of Earth to the other world.

Hill thought in his heart.

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