Sacrifice to the Devil 2

Chapter 2 – This ghost day is deliberately screwing with him

Wen Yu struggled desperately. He finally let out a scream after his throat was blocked by a lump, then suddenly opened his eyes.

The wood-paneled lattice ceiling and hanging incandescent lights broke into view, allowing Wen Yu to quickly understand that he had a terrible nightmare.

The teenager’s thin body was lying on the floor in front of the easel, breathing tightly, his chest rising and falling, and his eyes looking at the ceiling with a look of horror.

It’s a dream, but it’s terrifyingly real.

The coldness of the stone altar in the dream and the touch of the man’s fingertips plucking his collar and sliding on his chest, making him shudder, are real and lingering on his body.

Even his wrists and ankles still have the sting of the bindings that have not yet faded.

The sky outside the window was bright.

Wen Yu was no longer sleepy. After he recovered for a while, he stared blankly at the painting he couldn’t finish.

The landscape in the painting is like the creepy night forest he saw in his dreams.

Really crazy.


The weather forecast said it will be sunny today, but the dim sky has been showing no signs of the sun, and it is gradually starting to rain.

In the morning, Wen Yu went to school in a raincoat and an umbrella.

After arriving at school, the school uniform pants were still half wet from the rain. They were uncomfortably wet and cold on his legs.

“Wen Yu!”

Zhao Xiaoliang stood in the corridor of the classroom, beckoning and shouting at him.

Zhao Xiaoliang is his classmate and friend for many years.

Seeing Wen Yu’s trouser legs dripping with water, he laughed at him and asked: “You can still get wet like this in a raincoat? You fell in a pool, right?”

Wen Yu put away the raincoat and umbrella, lowered and twisted a handful of wet rain on the trouser legs, looked at Zhao Xiaoliang, who is completely dry, and said frowning: “Who knows, this rain is evil.”

The rain was not heavy, but along the way, he only felt the wind rolled with the rain to hit him unceasingly, and the raincoat and umbrella could not protect him.

Zhao Xiaoliang: “You are so easy to catch a cold. Come, I will take you to find students who live in the school to borrow a set of clothes to wear.”

Wen Yu: “No, class is about to start.”

While they were talking, a boy with dyed yellow hair across the corridor looked at this side, and his undisguised vicious and hostile eyes fell on Wen Yu.

Zhao Xiaoliang snorted: “F*ck, Li Haowen, this bastard has what kind of eyes and dares to mess with you.”

His voice was quite loud, the students in the corridor quickly looked over, their eyes crossed between Wen Yu and Li Haowen, whispering nervously and quietly.

Wen Yu looked away indifferently, there was no fluctuation in his cold eyes.

He didn’t care about Li Haowen’s provocation but he also felt disdainful in his heart.

He took Zhao Xiaoliang forward, and when he reached Li Wenhao who was blocking the corridor, he uttered a few indifferent words between his lips and teeth:

“Get out of the way.”

Li Haowen clenched his fists on his side and released them again. Then he raised his head and held up his arrogance: “Wen Yu, my brother is out.”

Li Haowen’s brother is called Li Haowu, just came out of the labor camp.

Wen Yu glanced at him and asked lightly, “What? He wants to go in again?”

After Zhao Xiaoliang heard Li Haowen say, “My brother is out”, a trace of tension and worry flashed in his eyes.

After seeing Wen Yu’s indifferent and carefree rhetorical question, he laughed out a ‘pfft’.

Wen Yu always looked indifferent, without any major emotional ups and downs. But it can always give people the most Laozi aura in the world.

Following such a friend also lets Zhao Xiaoliang have the same style, he snickered at Li Haowen: “Remember to educate your brother to be a good citizen who abides by the law after he comes out. The second entry into the court does not sound good.”

Li Haowen was poked in the sore spot, glared with red eyes, and lowered his voice to warn: “Don’t think my brother can let you off, and don’t think you can still get away with it this time, just you wait.”

“Wait for what?” Wen Yu raised his jaw slightly and asked in a low and deep voice: “You want to come and try it now?”

A sharp color condensed between the cold eyebrows, the eyes glowed with a hostile cold light.

The momentum that Li Haowen held up was instantly pressed down. He originally thought that after hearing the news of his brother’s release from prison, Wen Yu would at least show an expression of fear.

But now, it was himself who flinched in fear.

He suddenly remembered that night two years ago, Wen Yu’s face was covered with blood, dark red and terrifying. Only one pair of eyes glowed with a sharp cold light in a patch of blood.

Like a sharp blade glowing with blood, it made them flinch and no one dared to come forward and fight him.

Two years later, Li Haowen couldn’t help but feel shocked when he saw these eyes again. He pressed his lips together, and tolerated the humiliation, and turned sideways to give way.

Wen Yu retracted his gaze and passed by.

Zhao Xiaoliang laughed, stretched out his hand, and patted Li Haowen on the shoulder: “When the child grows up, he should be independent. Don’t always go home to find your brother.”

Although he was able to pose in front of Li Haowen, when he returned to the classroom and immediately calmed down, he asked Wen Yu: “Li Haowu was arrested for violently blackmailing so many students, how come he got out of jail this quickly?”

Wen Yu looked at the gloomy sky and falling rain outside the window, and faintly said: “Who knows?”

Zhao Xiaoliang felt worried: “Looking at Li Haowen, the two brothers are preparing to retaliate against you, so you have to be careful. Would you like to live in my house these days?”

“No need.” Wen Yu sneered as if he was laughing at himself: “I can’t die anyway.”


The whole morning passed, and instead of stopping, the rain kept getting heavier and heavier.

The wind is also blowing more and more wildly, like a fierce typhoon with the intention of tormenting the city.

The fierce wind swept down the torrential rain, rushing into the dull and quiet classroom, and even overwhelmed the loud lectures of the English teacher.

Wen Yu’s seat is by the window.

Looking at the rain blurred world outside, he faintly worried about whether the old house at home can withstand such violent weather.

The wind on the window surface became more and more tyrannical, and the heavy rain formed a rapidly rotating stream, hitting furiously towards the window he was facing.

For a moment, Wen Yu felt that the strong wind was coming towards him, his body instinctively dodged backward.

Crash! There was a loud noise.

The swirling stream of water crashed down heavily on the glass that separated the classroom from the outside world, crushing it into fragmented pieces and splashing in all directions.

The glass windows seemed to be unable to withstand the storm, sending a rattling noise that echoed in the quiet classroom.

“Wow, it’s terrible! What’s wrong with this day?”

“The weather forecast clearly says it’s sunny and there’s no word of a typhoon coming.”

“It’s so weird to have such a heavy rainstorm in May.”

The classmates couldn’t listen to the class anymore, looking at the window on Wen Yu’s side, marveling at the power of nature.

Some people are also worried:

“Will the glass be smashed? It’s dangerous to sit by the window ah.”

“Especially the windows on Wen Yu’s side, it feels like the eye of the wind gathered there so fast, it’s really scary.”

The English teacher stopped the lecture and knocked on the table to signal everyone to be quiet: “The students sitting near the window, move the table to the front and back, and stay away from the window.”

“Especially Wen Yu, the wind seems to be the strongest on your side, so sit at the back.”

After the sound of moving tables in the class, the class began to fall into a dull state again.

Wen Yu didn’t rest well last night, and because of the low air pressure, it was easy to get sleepy on rainy days. He didn’t last until the end of the last class, he lay down on the desk and fell asleep.

He had another dream.

In his dream, he seemed to be kissing someone, but he couldn’t touch them.

The emptiness of the lips and the emotional anxiety made him feel trapped in a closed space without light, as if he could not find an exit and could not see the light no matter what.

This feeling is like the unfinished oil painting he painted in the small living room on the second floor, but he couldn’t find inspiration no matter how he picked up the brush.

His body and mind are caught in this strong empty feeling, powerless and anxious.

Wen Yu woke up from his deep sleep with the vibrating sound of the cell phone buzzing in his pocket.

With his arm resting on his forehead, he was lying face down on the table, his mouth touching the English workbook on the table.

The touch of the paper could be clearly felt on his lips, but it still could not fill the emptiness of the dream where the kiss couldn’t touch.

The teenager’s cheeks burned.

How could he have such a dream!

The call was from Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng used to live in the old city and was Wen Yu’s neighbor when he was a child. After growing up, he followed his family and moved out.

He is a few years older than Wen Yu and is currently a designer in a design studio.

He was also the one who introduced Wen Yu to this studio to do part-time jobs, using weekends and holidays to take orders to earn living expenses.

It was lunch break when Wen Yu picked up the phone, “Brother Xu.”

Xu Cheng: “Xiaoyu, can you come out now? I’m waiting for you at the milk tea shop on the corner of your school.”

Wen Yu looked at the heavy rain outside the window and asked, “Now?”

Brother Xu: “Yes. Didn’t we take a big order from a mobile game company last week? But the customer has not been satisfied with the submitted drawings. Our boss asked me to ask if you have time to help make changes, so I came straight to your school to find you.”

The person has already arrived at the school, he can’t not go.

Ten minutes later, Wen Yu appeared soaked to the skin in a milk tea shop outside the campus.

Xu Cheng was dumbfounded: “You are wearing a raincoat and holding an umbrella, and you can still get wet like this?”

Wen Yu took the umbrella and looked at the heavy rain outside the store with a trace of annoyance.

The rain is really only hitting him.

Xu Cheng felt very sorry, and ordered a cup of hot milk tea and handed it to Wen Yu, apologizing: “If not for the urgent situation, I would not have come to disturb you at this time.

“The main reason is that we have changed the design many times and the customer is still not satisfied. The final submission time is 5 o’clock this afternoon. The boss said that I might as well personally ask you in person.”

Xu Cheng opened his laptop, clicked on a gorgeous vertical drawing, and moved it in front of Wen Yu.

He kept chattering: “The boss is most afraid of the customer’s dissatisfaction and the withdrawal of orders. After all, it is a game company. If we can develop old customers, then our studio will not have to worry about not having orders for several years.”

“Got it.”

Wen Yu took a tissue and wiped the rain off his face, and began to focus on the drawing on the laptop without raising his head and saying, “Let me see the customer’s request again.”

Xu Cheng hurriedly handed Wen Yu a document, saying: “It’s all written here, you have a look.”

Wen Yu quickly entered the state. He frowned and thought, his slender, cold white fingers tapping on the keyboard from time to time.

The vertical drawing on the screen also changes a little bit. After a few minutes, the brightness, color saturation, and three-dimensional sense of the characters are all very different from the original.

He seems to be born with a sense of beauty, no matter how messy the sketch, even if it is a child’s random scribbles.

He only needs to make some slight adjustments on the basis of the original, and he can make the messy scribbles shine.

Brother Xu’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter, and he kept exclaiming: “F*ck, f*ck, it’s amazing!”

When Wen Yu said: “Okay”, Brother Xu held his laptop and praised: “What a talent, what a gift! Fine-tuning a few data and modifying a few details can make the difference so big! We never thought of such changes.”

Xu Cheng couldn’t wait to send Wen Yu’s revised version to the customer, and then confidently said, “This time it will definitely be approved!”

As expected, before Wen Yu’s milk tea was finished, Xu Cheng received a reply from the customer: [Approved.]

Xu Cheng was surprised but also ashamed: “We worked for a week and finally had to rely on a senior student to finish the finishing touch. Making our group of more than 20 social animals lose face.”

Wen Yu sipped the milk tea: “It’s not easy for you to draw the original design.”

Xu Cheng: “There are more people who can draw the original design and the final result still does not have to rely on computer-made color effects. People can’t be compared with other people. Your kind is a real genius.”

He asked Wen Yu: “Say, you have this talent, why do you want to learn oil painting? The oil painting art world relies on personal connections and resources, it’s hard for us ordinary people to spend money to get ahead.

Wen Yu knitted his eyebrows. He wanted to say something but he swallowed it back, lowered his head and sipped the milk tea in his hand.

He soon received the transfer information from the studio owner.

Transfer amount: 500

There is also a message: [Thanks to Xiaoyu’s modification to satisfy customers, this is the hard cost of delaying your class. I will invite you to dinner with Xu Cheng later this weekend to express my gratitude.]

When Xu Cheng saw it, he stretched out his five fingers in front of Wen Yu and said, “Five minutes, you modified it for five minutes and the boss gave you five hundred yuan. Holy cow!”

“Five hundred.” Wen Yu looked at the phone and said silently, “When will I earn enough five million?”

The voice is not very loud, but Xu Cheng still hears it.

Xu Cheng was surprised: “What do you want five million for?” Then something came to his mind and he hesitantly asked: “Did your uncle and the others urge you to sell the house?”

Wen Yu didn’t say a word, his eyes concealed helplessness, looking out of the window, to the storm that ravaged the city.

Xu Cheng opened his mouth and swallowed some curse.

Instead, he whispered to persuade Wen Yu: “Sell it, at least you can get some money, you don’t need to worry about the university tuition in the next few years. Besides, your house is really too old. I don’t know if it can hold up a storm like today.”


What Xu Cheng said came true.

When Wen Yu returned home from school, he opened the door and immediately smelled the damp rain smell wafting through the home.

His heart thudded a little bit, he took off his shoes and went into the house to check one room at a time. As soon as he ran up to the second floor, he heard the whirring of strong wind and the pattering sound of rain.

The floor of the small living room on the second floor was soaked with water. Chairs, furniture, books, drawing papers, etc. were blown away by the strong wind everywhere, creating a mess.

It turned out that the roof of the balcony of the small living room was blown down by the strong wind and smashed on the glass door leading to the balcony.

The glass door was smashed a big hole, the whistling wind rolled heavy rainwater into the room.

The storm shows no signs of stopping, if the broken windows are not blocked, more and more rainwater will flow down the stairs into the first floor.

Wen Yu searched for wooden boards, plastic sheets, and other things that could block the windows and doors at home, and carried them to the second floor with all his might.

With a hammer and nails beating for a long time, the windows were finally blocked.

He finally breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as he stood up to clean up the room, the bottom of his feet slipped, and he fell heavily to the floor with a ‘bang’.

He was soaked and lying on the ground, looking at the small living room full of wreckage, gritted his teeth and cursed inwardly:

This ghost day is deliberately screwing with him.

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Laozi – referring to oneself in an arrogant/domineering way, “I, your father” | the most Laozi aura in the world – you can probably just imagine a dignified old grandpa XD

I really like the atmosphere here, reminds me of the Twilight movie. I like the whole rainy and gloomy sky atmosphere. Perfect for coffee or tea plus horror or mystery novels. <3

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