Chapter 01 – Landing in the End Times


The dark streets were empty at the moment, and the prosperous and lively scene of feasting in the past was no longer there, except for the raging storms and the flickering street lights.

This was already the third day of heavy rain.

It was reasonable to say that it was quite normal to have rain in summer. But if the whole country, or even most of the world, was experiencing heavy rain at the same time in the past few days, then it would not be a trivial matter.

This anomaly quickly triggered a heated discussion on the Internet.

At this moment, a small white ball exuding a dim white light was walking slowly, and while it was walking, it stopped from time to time to pick up the pieces that fell from itself, looking pitiful.

And this little white ball was 0329.

Because 0178 crushed 99% of its chip, and more than half of its body was chopped into pieces, so the current 0329 looked terrible, and it might completely fall apart at any time.

0329 wiped away its tears.

While feeling sad, it picked up the small parts that fell from itself and walked forward.

In fact, at first, 0329 was originally going to another world, but when it was about to leave, it felt a particularly strong power of luck. This strong power of luck immediately attracted 0329, so it didn’t think much about it and directly selected this world.

It thought, ‘it must be a super meritorious and lucky hero!’

If the other party was willing to help itself, then 0329 could slowly recover by luck, and then contact the headquarters.

It was imagining the future when it heard a ‘pop’ sound.

0329 lowered its head and looked down. As expected, another piece of parts fell from its body. 0329’s eyes suddenly turned red. It wiped its small mechanical blue eyes, and then continued to pick up its fallen parts.

No wonder the other systems were reluctant to hunt down 0178, it turned out that senior 0178 was so strong. Ah, that’s right, after all, it’s a first-generation system.

It just wondered if it could survive and return to the system department.

The more it thought, the sadder 0329 was.

But it couldn’t delay anymore. Basically, 0329 would drop a little debris every few steps. If it continued like this, it would completely fall apart, so even if it was hard to see clearly in the heavy rain, 0329 still continued to walk forward.

Just walking like this, 0329 felt lost.

What about its male protagonist with great merit and luck? Wasn’t the display pointing to this place? Why couldn’t it find him?

0329 was a little puzzled.

It was different from other systems responsible for mission lines such as quick transmigration. 0329 had never been bound to a host. The task of 0329 was to hunt down those wild systems that had done evil, as well as all kinds of people who had transmigrated or reborn. This was the jurisdiction of 0329.

So, it was its first time to contract a host, and 0329 was not very proficient yet.

While thinking about it, 0329 suddenly heard a burst of cheerful music. 0329 followed the sound and then saw a screen in a place that said ‘convenience store’, with a few sheep playing on it.

“We are a group of little sheep~”

0329 was immediately attracted, it had never seen this kind of animation before, which made 0329 struggle to open the window and continue watching.

And 0329 unknowingly watched the whole episode.

It wasn’t until its parts fell off again that 0329 came back to its senses and remembered its business.

So, it had to put away its reluctant eyes.

Ready to continue looking for the male protagonist.

And just ten minutes after 0329 left, it suddenly felt that something was wrong. 0329 was very sensitive to the smell of danger, and its eyes instantly became very cold.

When it looked back, it realized that it was a human being walking toward it.

It’s just that he was walking strangely.

0329 blinked, this person didn’t have the slightest luck, and it didn’t need to look at him to know that he was not the man it was looking for, so 0329 was ready to continue walking. But just as it took two steps, that human suddenly rushed up and bit 0329’s body!

In an instant, a few more pieces of 0329 parts fell off.

This made 0329 dumbfounded, followed by anger, but the next second it turned into panic.

It ran away holding its own fragments, shouting while running: “Oh my God! Someone can eat the system!” 0329 was really shocked, it never knew that humans could eat the system!

Senior Brother never told it about this!

While 0329 ran in front, that person chased after him. In the end, after he couldn’t see 0329’s figure, he looked around blankly, and then resumed his previous stiff wandering behavior.

0329’s run consumed half of the little energy it had left, and 0329 would be completely destroyed in ten minutes.

This made 0329 very anxious.

Maybe it was good luck, at this moment, 0329 sensed the familiar power of luck, which refreshed 0329’s spirit, and it walked quickly in that direction.

Sure enough!

0329 saw a person surrounded with luck all over his body.

It couldn’t even see the other party’s looks clearly because the other party’s whole body was surrounded by a thick aura, only the son of luck was like this! This made 0329’s eyes shine, and it directly hugged the other party’s leg excitedly, and shouted: “Host! I finally found you!”

At this time, 0329 didn’t know that the person it was holding did have a rich aura, but the aura of the true son of luck was actually golden red.

But this person’s luck was pitch black all over.

Of course, 0329 would not notice it, because it was actually a color-blind system.




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