Chapter 02 – Don’t be afraid, Host

The man looked down lightly.

Then he saw a ball of white light hugging him, which made the man’s eyes narrow slightly.

0329 did not perceive the danger, it still hugged its host excitedly and joyfully, its joy was beyond words! But then 0329 remembered that the business hadn’t been done yet.

So, it tried to raise its head and said, “Host!”

When it raised its head, it saw the appearance of the host. As other systems have said, the children of luck in the small worlds generally look in line with human aesthetics, that is, they are particularly good-looking.

This host was no exception.

The first thing that caught 0329’s eyes was the male protagonist’s thin lips. This lip was really beautiful, as thin as jelly, so 0329 couldn’t help but want to poke it.

Then came the handsome nose bridge and the cold eyes.


These eyes…

0329 stared blankly into the eyes of the host in front of it, the system was completely stunned.

His eyes were different from normal people’s.

A normal person had only one pupil in one eye. Only in the legends recorded in ancient times that eyes with double pupils appeared, an eye with two pupils, which was particularly creepy.

A look in the middle of the night might scare you to death.

But the host in front of it had three!

But the difference was… these three pupils were not separated. Instead, one pupil contained the other, in three full circles, it was creepy to look at, as if a circle came from the vortex of hell.

Both eyes were exactly like this.

Probably anyone who saw it would be stunned at this time.

This was the instinctive reaction of normal people.

But 0329 dumbly stretched out its chubby hand and said, “It’s so beautiful.” Systems didn’t understand human aesthetics, but the aesthetics of the system was based on circular shapes as a beauty.

In 0329’s opinion, this was a peerless beauty ah!

Xi Xun’s eyes moved slightly, it was the first time he had heard this kind of compliment, he who had always been cursed as a ‘monster’. He could hear that it was sincere, so he lightly let go of his hand and did not kill this little thing, but continued to walk forward.

“Host?” 0329 who was thrown to the ground and rolled around was stunned, then turned over and hurriedly chased after him.

It hugged the host’s thigh and did not let go.

“Host, host, don’t go!”

Xi Xun’s eyes turned impatient. He casually raised his foot, and the next second, 0329 was heavily kicked away, and several pieces of debris fell off its body. Seeing that some of its own fragments fell off, 0329’s eyes instantly turned red.

And when 0329 picked up its fragments and hugged them, he found that the host had disappeared.

0329 suddenly panicked.

It had no choice but to use the 0.01% energy it recovered with great difficulty to track down the traces of the host. Fortunately, the host was not far away, and 0329 quickly found the host.

At this time, Xi Xun just took out the key to enter his house, and then saw a familiar white ball on his leg.

Xi Xun looked at it.

0329 hugged the host’s thigh tightly, so tight that he couldn’t shake it off.

Xi Xun’s eyes were deep and cold, and one couldn’t distinguish between joy and anger.

After an unknown amount of time, a small crying voice came: “Host, don’t give up on me, I will do anything. Although I have never contracted a host and am not very skilled in business, I will do my best.”

0329 was crying and trying to sell itself.

It didn’t know how other systems contracted with the host, so it could only speak out its own benefits first to increase the bargaining chip, so that the host would agree to contract with itself.

After about five minutes, Xi Xun didn’t care about the little white ball who was holding on to his leg, but pushed open the door and walked in.

The sound of the rainstorm was immediately blocked by the glass door.

This was a small villa on the outskirts of the city. The decoration inside was very exquisite, which could be regarded as a low-luxury level.

Xi Xun poured a glass of water casually.

After that, there was food, which was very simple fried rice.

During this period, 0329 hadn’t come down, and Xi Xun seemed to have forgotten about it, so he just ate on his own.

0329 heard the sound of the host eating, which made 0329 a little hungry too. It subconsciously stretched out a small hand as if it wanted to tentatively touch the host, so as to ask for a small bite to eat, but thinking that the host hadn’t contracted itself yet, 0329 regretfully took it back.

It couldn’t make the host’s favorability for it decrease anymore.

It wasn’t until two or three hours later that it was almost time to go to bed that Xi Xun said, “Come down.”

0329 hurriedly came down.

It looked at the host carefully, and in order to leave a good impression on the host, it tried its best to reveal its relatively intact side. The other side had lost a lot of pieces and it was not good-looking anymore.

It was afraid of scaring its first host.

“What are you? A parasite?” Xi Xun looked at it and asked.

0329 immediately shook its head crazily, and said: “I’m not a bug, I’m a system. My serial number is 0329, which is a combat system of the System Law Department. Host, you can call me 0329 directly.”


0329 quickly explained all its origins clearly, and also explained all the reasons for its injury. Because it felt that the host’s merits were so thick, and the merits were not deceptive, the host in front of him must have a very good heart.

It should be the kind of great saint who has reincarnated a thousand lives!

Otherwise, how can his luck be so thick?

As for the host kicking itself just now, it must be because he scared him, after all, humans were very fragile. The host must have been very scared in his heart when it appeared out of nowhere.

“Hunt down other systems?” Xi Xun looked at the white ball and asked.

“Yes!” 0329 nodded, and then said angrily: “That system is very scary! It imprisoned its host, and in order to prevent the host from escaping, it pierced him with a data chain, and imprisoned and tortured him for a long time.”

After speaking, 0329 suddenly thought of something.

It hurriedly comforted the host in front of it: “Don’t be afraid, host, I’m not a bad system. Don’t worry, I won’t do that to you.”

At this time, 0329 still didn’t know that when it met the host in front of it, what it should worry about was not the other party, but itself.

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