Chapter 242 — Peter Pan Ends

The children’s flight to Neverland was a few minutes of special effects explosion, a variety of fantastic and incredible scenes in front of the audience.

Through the streets of Magnolia City, flying over the towering snow-capped mountains, flying over the mountains where the dragons live, flying over the edge of the starry sky. Hill also let them pass thrillingly through a tornado – that tornado was real. It was summoned by the special effects master Lich Aligeli using magic, so the visual effects are absolutely perfect.

They also passed through a lake full of stars, their fingers crossed the stars, making the audience’s eyes glow.

Neverland is an island that Hill spent several months transforming. The island is full of charming flowers, dreamy plants, and some animals full of fairy tale style. Hill plans to change Neverland directly into a permanent resort in the future.

It is hard to describe how beautiful the starry sky is here. The starry sky in the desert is quite a lot more than what they have seen before, and there is also the Milky Way, a galaxy of stars that converge to create a feeling of this psychedelic river flowing slowly through the universe. The speed and trajectory of the moon’s movement is quite clear.

After the children arrived at Neverland, next was the plot of a traditional fairy tale, with interesting characters appearing one after another: mermaids, elves, and pirates.

Wendy’s younger brothers were caught by the pirates, so Peter and Wendy went to the “Dark Castle” to save them. On the island, Peter threw the sword in his hand to Wendy, and asked her if she could use it. After a few rounds, the two swords crossed and four eyes met. Peter Pan showed that smile again, innocent, charming, and lethal.

Peter Pan really is a very charming character, he seems to be smiling all the time, even when Captain Hook’s iron hook is pressed down his throat: “It’s time for you to die, Peter Pan!” And Peter Pan shows his signature smile: “Death is truly a great adventure.”

In the movie, Hill did not deal with the fight scenes too maturely, here Hill took into account the thoughts of children.

“Peter Pan is amazing!”

“It’s like Wendy travelled into the fairy tale world…”

There is a very interesting setting in the movie, the fairy tales Wendy and the others listened to when they were in Magnolia City, included the story about the evil pirate leader Captain Hook, who is also the villain in Neverland — Wendy and the others seem to have walked into their own fairy tale world. This allows the audience to have a sense of wonder.

After defeating the villain, next is a light-hearted plot. Peter Pan and Wendy watched the wedding of the fairy, and then they danced together surrounded by the glowing fairies. The moon was like a shimmering silver sequin, and the bottom half was soaked in the sea. As the waves rise and fall, the shadow of the moon also ripples on the sea. The stars are like silver dust, randomly sprinkled in the night sky, sparkling. And here they are dancing together, and the feelings in the shadow quietly grow.

The audience couldn’t help but start whispering:

“They look so good together.”

“Will they be together?”

“Will they fall in love? Will Wendy stay with Peter Pan on Neverland?”

At this moment, Wendy’s smile on the big screen disappeared: “These are all fake.”

The smiles of the audience also disappeared.

Peter Pan fell to the ground: “Wendy, you have to know that I will get old if I am really a father.”

At this point those dreamy lights dispersed, Wendy walked towards Peter Pan: “Peter, what are your real feelings? What do you feel? Happy? Betrayed? Jealous? Love?”

Peter Pan’s face sank. “I’ve never heard of love.”

“You’ve heard of it, and I daresay you must have loved something or someone,” Wendy said.

The expression on Peter Pan’s face turned vicious: “Never!” Then he said unpleasantly, “Why aren’t you happy? I taught you to fight and fly? Why aren’t you happy?”

“Because there are other things in this world…”

“What else is there?”

“I don’t know,” Wendy shook her head blankly, and then she said, “You’ll understand when you grow up.”

You will understand when you grow up.

This phrase is often spoken of in reality.

The phrase has more meaning in the movie.

After hearing Wendy’s words, many people sighed in their hearts. Sure enough…

Sure enough, Peter Pan’s expression became cold again: “I don’t want to grow up, you can’t force me! I will banish you like a Tinker Bell! …Go home, go home and grow up, and take your love with you too!”

This sentence is like a trial, and many viewers already have an uneasy premonition in their hearts.

Then Peter Pan flew back to the human continent and flew to Wendy’s house in Magnolia City. He saw Wendy’s mother sitting by the window, sleeping. They kept the window open for the children, and she would look for her children in the night sky every night.

“We can’t have her at the same time,” Peter Pan whispered, and closed the window. Naively, he thought that closing the window would block out all feelings. But the sound of the window closing woke Wendy’s mother, and she joined her husband in pushing the window back open, and Peter Pan was not as powerful as they were.

It was a sign of things to come.

“It’s really so contradictory.”

“Does love mean growing up? Can’t you love if you’re a child?”

“Yes. …After all, love means taking responsibility.”

“Does Peter Pan really not understand what love is?”

“I don’t think so… he only knows if he is happy.”


The purpose of the film is basically explained here.

The next private chat between Wendy and Captain Hook further solved the audience’s doubts.

“Growing up is so awful. When you are young, everything is so simple, and when you grow up, it is very awful,” Wendy said.

“You have feelings. Peter Pan is lucky not to have feelings. He doesn’t know love at all, and that’s his fatal flaw,” Captain Hook said.

Alice sat in the box and watched seriously, and when she saw this, she suddenly raised her head to look at Hill: “So Peter Pan has no weakness, because he has no feelings.”

“You could say the same,” Hill said.

“I guess Captain Hook will target Wendy next, because Wendy is going to be his weakness,” Alice said.

Hill put his hand on Alice’s head: “Then what?”

“I don’t know, but I think Wendy will hold him back,” Alice said.

Hill smiled, “Keep watching.”

Then Captain Hook really targeted Wendy, he kidnapped the children, from which he got the method of flight — think of happy things, and then he was inspired: “If Peter Pan is sad, will he fall?”

Wendy retorted angrily: “He won’t be sad!”

“What if his Wendy was on the diving board?” Captain Hook said with a smile.

In the box, Alice said, “Sure enough, he has a weakness.”

“As you would expect,” Hill said.

“This is what Hill taught me a while ago.” Alice looked up at Hill: “I also said that I have to work hard to become strong and not let myself become Hill’s weakness.”

Pirate ship in the sunset, the final battle begins.

Peter Pan handsomely descended from the sky.

“This is all your fault!” said Captain Hook, pointing his sword at him.

“You’re right, it’s all my fault,” Peter Pan replied. A very childish answer, very much in his own style.

The sunset, the sea, the battle from the sky to the ground, the scenery and special effects are absolutely cool.

Of course things won’t go so smoothly. Captain Hook attacked with the weapon he just acquired: “Peter Pan, you are a poor bastard!”

“Me? A poor bastard?” Peter Pan laughed and raised his sword to stab, and then the smile froze – because Captain Hook then said: “Your Wendy is leaving you. You’re just a little kid, you can’t give her anything, and she’d rather grow up than stay with you.”

Captain Hook’s mental attack was as terrible as the attack of the longsword in his hand.

“Now let us look into the future together, shall we? Beautiful Wendy, who sits in the children’s room with the window closed, which she will not open.”

“I will open the window!”

“The window is blocked. “

“I’ll call her!”

“She can’t hear you, she can’t see you, she’ll forget about you, there’s someone in your place, and his name is Husband.” Captain Hook raised his sword to deliver the final blow, and Peter Pan was knocked straight down on the pirate ship. His forehead was bleeding and he couldn’t fly.

The hearts of the audience also sank.

Hill saw Alice clenched her fist.

The plot development here is almost all realistic, but fortunately the director still remembers that this is a fairy tale, so the next scene becomes lighter… probably. Wendy jumped up and gave Peter Pan a kiss, she said to him, “I’m sorry I have to grow up, but this kiss belongs to you.” Then Peter Pan was inspired and blasted the pirates away.

The children cheered and cheered when they saw this, they only saw the simple “righteousness defeats evil”.

But the grown-ups were not happy because they knew there was no justice or evil on either side, and that Peter Pan didn’t win at all.

Sure enough, after defeating the pirates, Peter Pan summoned countless fireflies with his whistle. They repaired the pirate ship and pulled the entire pirate ship into the sky. The pirate ship sailed through the wind and waves on the clouds, all the way back to Magnolia City and to Wendy’s home. Neverland’s other children also longed for mom and dad, so they decided to leave Neverland and go to Wendy’s home, go to school, grow up, and go to work…

What followed was a very touching reunion of loved ones, as Wendy’s parents embraced the Neverland children, hugging and kissing each other.

“It’s the most beautiful scene in the world, but no one sees it, only a boy can only watch it from the window. Peter Pan has all the happiness in the world, but he will never get that kind of happiness,” Narrator said.

Peter Pan stared blankly at all this, and then his little fairy, Tinker Bell, tugged at his hair, he smiled and said, “To live is the greatest adventure.” Then, with a relentless expression, he turned to leave.

Only Wendy noticed his departure. She leaned on the window and yelled at him, “You won’t forget me, will you?”

“Never!” Peter Pan said.

There is a dialogue in the movie: “What’s the opposite of love? It’s not hate, it’s forgetting.”

Then Peter Pan and Wendy looked at each other. Peter Pan’s smile was still unclouded, and Wendy tried her best to smile with that brilliant smile without haze.

“Will you be back?” Wendy asked.

“I’ll be back to hear my story,” Peter Pan said and flew away.

The dark night sky, the figure of the boy passing through the stars, and the little fairy glowing beside him.

Next is Wendy’s narration, “But I never saw Peter Pan again. I tell his story to my children now, and my children tell Peter Pan’s story to their children. The story will always be passed on because children always grow up, except for this one.”


When the children saw that Wendy chose to go home, they didn’t understand. They didn’t understand why they would give up Neverland when the experience is so interesting, but they seemed to understand something after seeing the touching reunion of their loved ones.

And the adults saw only the heaviness at the end, and…

“Lord Demon King, what about the heartwarming fairy tale you said?!!! ‘Trust you’ your big head!!!

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