Chapter 243 — Hill’s Solution

No one left after the movie was finished, the adults were quietly watching the credits afterwards, while the kids were cheering at the exciting fight sequences in the movie.

Is this a good fairy tale? Yes, see the children’s excitement to understand.

Is this a harsh reality story? Yes, look at the rather heavy expressions of the adults to understand.

At the end of the subtitles, Hill advertised that the location of the shooting will be opened to the public in the near future.

Hill plans to build an immersive theater on Neverland, where children and Peter Pan bravely fight pirates. Of course, Hill intends Peter Pan to be played by a demon race.

This advertisement made both adults and children instantly excited, and many children immediately rushed to the parents next to them: “Mom and Dad, I really want to go, take me there, take me there!”

Little do they know that these adults may be roaring in their hearts, “I want to go too! But what about gold coins?! How many gold coins do I need this time?”

At present, it is also thanks to Hill for starting to engage in various industries in the human world. He has helped human nobles and commoners to make a lot of money, which has greatly accelerated the circulation of currency, especially the development of bank credit. Therefore, these nobles have the money to try these high-consumption things of the demons.

Before, there were demons who didn’t understand why Hill wanted to help mankind develop the economy in such a way, and now they all sigh with emotion: worthy of being the Demon King.

Of course, Hill’s fundamental purpose is certainly not so simple.

“The first thing to remember is that weak countries have no diplomacy.”

Hill and Death Knight Goldnia started this conversation at the hot spring resort.

Surrounded by quiet water, in the middle is a beautiful island. Hill built a water pavilion on the island. The island and the land outside are connected by a wooden bridge with a stone lamp on it. At night, it has a special and charmingly beautiful atmosphere, as if it were the landscape of a Japanese anime.

“To be honest my ultimate goal is still to achieve peace, my views on war, I think you demons who have approached me since also know.” Hill sat in the corridor with a thin coat. When the breeze blew, his clothes on his shoulders floated up and down.

“I understand, My King,” Gordonia replied.

“And what I do is, one is force, two is to make them aware of the importance of peace ideologically, and three is the economy.”

There was a hazy mist on the island. The moonlight was tinted silver after passing through the magic formation and the mist, so the moonlight was like a silver migrating bird that completely flooded the island.

Compared with the death knight of the past, the current Goldnia has grown a lot. The other party replied, “I see what you mean.”

“I’m glad you’re following my train of thought…but when will you be able to say, ‘Sure enough, you think so’?” Hill said.

“There will never be such a day,” Goldonia said.

“Why do you say that?” Hill asked.

“Because I still want to live a little longer… After all, you are also a real king,” Goldonia said.

Hill couldn’t help scratching his head, “Although I’m a bit unscrupulous, my ultimate goal is to hate the light… but you guys seem to have really regarded me as a terrifying great demon king. Your Lord Demon King now and your past Lord Demon King obviously has been completely different. “

“It’s completely different… You made me feel awe physically in the past, and now you make us feel awe from the soul,” Goldnia said seriously.

Hill stared at Goldnia for a while, then suddenly leaned back, propped up the wooden floor with his backhand and laughed, his laughter spread quite far along the night wind.

“It’s really, hahaha, hahaha… this kind of compliment sounds very pleasant every time hahaha… but it’s also ordinary.”

The moon is shining on the lake, talking about some serious business, chatting about some gossip, drinking some herbal tea, eating some snacks, watching the scenery, and looking at the man who is as beautiful as the scenery.

It still feels good.

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After the final subtitles of “Peter Pan” ended, the silent magic spell in the hall disappeared, and there was a buzzing sound in the auditorium. The children jumped up and down with excitement, while the adults felt a little heavy. But somewhere, they were jumping up and down like these little kids.

“It’s really a fairy tale…”

“Reminds me of what it was like to read a fairy tale for the first time.”

“Is that what you think, Dear John? In fact, after watching the ending, I feel that this “Peter Pan” and “Fairy Tale Hotel” have a similarity.”

“Oh my God, what you said makes a damn sense!”

“Yes! This is not a fairy tale, this is a nightmare in a fairy tale shell!”

“I’m really amazed right now, it seems to be simple in terms of the storyline, it’s the stories the bards say about knights and angels, someone kidnapped the maiden from her home, and then someone sent her back after an adventurous story. When she got back home, the maiden often thought of this experience—from childhood to adulthood, I have heard many similar stories, it is indeed a fairy tale, with the traditional fairy tale model. But this writer named James Matthew Barrie actually wrote it with such a connotation, it’s really… I can’t put words into my feelings right now.”

“Oh dear, I think you’ve used enough words.”

“I think you’re mocking me.”

“I swear by my sister’s first kiss today, I didn’t.”

“I’m going to watch this movie again next week, will you watch it with me?”

“I won’t watch it, I’m going to erase the second half of this movie from my mind!”

“It can’t be possible darling, because someone’s going to keep talking about Peter Pan in your ear in the next ball.”

“…It looks like it, yes, it’s just a nightmare. But I still don’t want to watch it again with you, you find our little sweetheart, look she’s still bouncing around, she’d sure like to watch it again with her daddy.”

Of course, in addition to these, there are also: “Peter Pan is so handsome! Wendy is so pretty! I want to buy some toys too, Daddy!”

The people in the cinema gradually dispersed, but there were many people in the restaurant on the second floor and the Peter Pan merch area, which had already been on sale in the lobby on the first floor. That night, the turnover of a Demon Realm Shopping Mall can exceed the annual income of a duke – no wonder King Magnolia was so jealous back then.

As usual, the latest issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” was on the shelves a day later, and the film reviews were in place.

“Wendy took away Peter Pan’s friends and his love. I believe that Peter Pan loves Wendy, otherwise he would not have been instantly revived by the young girl’s kiss and rediscovered the ability to fly. In the end, Wendy said in her monologue that Peter Pan never saw her again. At first, I felt a little pitiful for Wendy to say goodbye to Neverland and Peter Pan, but then I thought, since Peter Pan can still fly, it means that he is still happy. That fact left me speechless, happy? Yes, I guess, but I can’t tell exactly how.”

“Many people have too many tangled thoughts about Peter Pan. I don’t think about it that much. There is actually no special magic in the movie. There are two magics in the movie. One is happiness. As long as you are truly happy, you can get rid of the earth. You can fly to the sky. The second is sincere childlike innocence. Captain Hook deliberately said after seeing a little fairy that he doesn’t believe in the existence of fairies, so the little fairy immediately lost her light and fell icy cold. I think this is a very scary fact. If I think that the world originally really had fairies, but too many people said they did not believe they existed, so they died out… is really scary. In connection with real life, the childishness that disappeared when I grew up made me lose more and more things and made me lose my own fairy.”

“My favorite clip is Peter Pan and Wendy dancing in the beautiful moonlight and surrounded by fairies there. Peter Pan is really a very good-looking little boy ah, a little devilish when he laughs, but cute enough. He is one of those typical charismatic boys, the best and the most brilliant. I feel very distressed by a conversation between him and Wendy, when Wendy advised him to go back to human society with her, Peter asked: ‘They will send me to school?’ Wendy said yes, and Peter asked ‘then sit in the office and work?’ Wendy said ‘I suppose so’. At this moment I really resonated deeply with Peter Pan, growing up is tempting? Is it tempting to grow up? Growing up is really what Peter Pan said, go to school and then go get a job and repeat your parents’ lives… just like that. It’s horrible. But it’s a pity that there are no children who will never grow up on Neverland, the movie also says at the end that all children will grow up and all children have to face their grown up lives.

This time, there were a lot of long film reviews, and many of them were very exciting and profound. Theodore published them in a large space. For this reason, he also applied for an additional issue of Peter Pan-themed Demon Realm Magazine with Hill. ——In the past, there were only two movie-themed magazines.

Hill originally wanted to write something himself, but after reading the reviews written by those native humans, felt that there was no need to guide anything, everyone could see all those things, so he wrote a shooting log, briefly talking about some of the anecdotes encountered in the shooting, but also recapitulating the discussion of the young actors at the time, especially the child’s sentence: “I know that parents are great, they sacrificed their dreams for their families… but I don’t want to be great. Is this wrong…”

When Hill handed over the manuscript to Theodore, Theodore said with some melancholy: “What should I do then? Is there no solution?”


“I mean, wanting that kind of happiness and dreams means being irresponsible…I can’t say that, but it probably means that…If you want to grow up to be responsible it means that you are going against your initial innocent dream,” Theodore said.

“Ah, that’s what you’re talking about. Of course, there is a solution,” Hill said.

“What is it?” Theodore’s eyes lit up.

Hill cleared his throat and spoke seriously: “We should insist on economic construction as the center, vigorously develop the productive forces, constantly adjust the incompatible parts of the relations of production and productive forces through reform, adjust the superstructure, and gradually establish a perfect social system. Through such a social system, we can guarantee everyone’s ideal and create opportunities for everyone to realize their dreams. Only when there is great material abundance will there be great spiritual abundance, because material is the foundation…”

Theodore: ??? You?

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