Chapter 244 — Hill, who lost his image

It was dusk when Joan Baker came out of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. He had just finished watching “Peter Pan” and felt a heaviness in his heart that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

The last time he felt this way was when he realized that there was an utterly unbridgeable gulf between nobles and commoners, and he said to himself: Some people think that what a person is is predestined by birth, and if I thought so too, maybe I would have died in the exile. It’s because I think I can do what I want to accomplish, that’s why I’m alive today, so there’s no gap that I can’t cross. I need to set myself the basic concept that if I get something, then I can get everything I want. Thus, Joan Baker sees money as the pursuit of life.

It was dusk at this time, and it was raining, which was the most delicate time of the day for rain. The thick cumulonimbus clouds made the night seem to come faster, but the dark light seemed obscure. The buildings near and far in the city are covered with a layer of white rain, the ground as well. Everything is blurred, losing the sense of layers and becoming a painting on a flat surface.

Joan Baker was watching the rain under the eaves of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall silently.

He has to watch every movie several times after it comes out. The reason he watches it is because it is a movie from the Demon Realm, so he should know about it, and the movie itself is quite interesting. When he read those fairy tales before, he understood what the stories were supposed to convey in theory and why people were moved, but he didn’t have much feeling and resonance for them, after all, he was often the opposite of those beautiful and good things.

He thought it was the same with Peter Pan.

But after he came out of the cinema, he felt an unprecedented shock.

At the same time, he also felt for the first time how wonderful those fairy tales were.

——It is precisely because Hill has put so much effort into the fairy tales that Peter Pan has today’s explosion.

While Joan Baker was lost in thought Jacob came over, “Hahaha what a look you have Joan? It’s the first time I’ve seen that look on your face, it really is more pleasant than a big gulp of ale!”

Joan Baker pushed away Jacob’s outstretched hand, and for the first time did not say anything, but walked outside. The rain immediately drenched his body.

Jacob continued to follow him laughing ‘hahaha’. Joan Baker made him feel happier—of course he was reluctant to admit that he was a little worried. “Wow, so exciting! Wow, I can’t believe that our famous Joan has a day of being stimulated by a movie! Ow! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Joan Baker directly grabbed Jacob’s neck impatiently and pressed him against the wall on one side.

“Hey man, do you know what you’re doing?”

Joan Baker glanced at Jacob, let go of him and continued to walk forward.

“Let me tell you, I’m the No. 3 person under His Majesty the Demon King. Is my neck something you can just pinch at will? If the problem is very serious, let me tell you…”

Joan Baker sighed and turned to look at Jacob, then squeezed his chin and directly blocked his mouth.

It’s so nice to have the world clear.

Jacob’s body stiffened.

The rain poured down on them. Jacob’s heartbeat accelerated wildly.

After a long time, Jacob whispered, “My mouth is not something you can just kiss at will.”

Joan Baker couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

This guy was kind of cute.

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After the premiere of “Peter Pan”, the audience was immersed in their own world. Different people have different feelings about Peter Pan, but objectively speaking, they all gained happiness from it. Of course, the happiness they felt was also different, which is the most interesting point.

They had a feeling that a lot of people would like Peter Pan, and that Peter Pan would have a greater impact than the previous films – psychologically speaking – but they didn’t expect it to have the kind of impact that it did later.

At first, some young nobles proposed new norms for noble interactions. They believed that many of the rules were now rotten. They should not follow some unnecessary rules and regulations, and should liberate themselves to discover their true heart. They advocate replacing those overly polite smiles with genuine smiles, and they no longer consider it rude to laugh in public.

This new fashion quickly became popular among the young aristocrats, and then of course there was a conflict with the older generation, and then some previous contradictions also emerged under the conflict, and both sides were adjusting their own policies. Moreover, this kind of thinking began to spread from the norms of communication, and gradually expanded to other fields. For example, what is a qualified gentleman, is it only through the title?

No one expected a movie to make such a big splash.

“There is a Peter Pan in everyone’s heart.”

On the front page of the “Peter Pan”-themed Demon Realm Magazine, this sentence was written.

Some people laughed at everything that happened behind the “Peter Pan phenomenon”.

And the initiator of everything, Hill proudly announced in the wind and snow: “The so-called tragedy is the destruction of the good things for others to see.”

At this moment, Hill and the Lich Aligeli are walking in the far north of the Demon Realm, where a small number of snow mountain dwarves and dragons live. They have built buildings in the crater. The dragon is responsible for suppressing the crater, and the dwarves supply the dragon with food. ——The black dwarves and the dragons have always maintained a friendly relationship.

In fact, the black dwarves have a good relationship with most races in the demon realm, except for the goblins and succubus. Black dwarves hate goblins. “Those slimy, insidious, cunning little things with their nasty little heads full of calculations and gold coins,” said the black dwarves. The black dwarves have no feelings for the succubus, but the succubus clan hates the black dwarves, because the black dwarves have a high resistance to magic in the spiritual aspect, and the type that don’t pity the beauties.

Even in summer, this area is still covered with frost, and blizzards whistled through the mountains, occasionally making thunderous roars. The surrounding visibility is extremely low. Occasionally, you can see the huge shadow of the snow-capped mountain, like a huge beast lurking in the blizzard motionless, making people feel awe from the bottom of their hearts.

Hill and Lich Aligeli walk on a chain bridge between the cliffs, which was blown back and forth in the blizzard, and the abyss below was frightening. However, all this for the Demon King can only be:

“What a charming view here, isn’t it, Aligeli?” Hill said.

“Such bad weather is dangerous even for high-level demons, but My King, your power can completely compete with the heavens and the earth,” Lich Aligeli said.

Lich Aligeli was right.

The blizzard here contains some magic breath. In short, it is a blizzard that can be regarded as a magic storm. This world is not the kind of high-magic world, there is no such thing as a person who can destroy a continent, not even the demon king. The gap between individuals is not very large. Otherwise, if the former demon king was so capable of fighting, he would just go to the battlefield and slaughter those people one by one.

Therefore, it is true that this kind of bad weather is very dangerous to demons.

“Dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky.” Hill said, “The older I get, the more I think that that one is really very powerful.” After he finished speaking, he said the following words without waiting for the Lich Aligeli to speak: “The so-called tragedy is the destruction of good things for others to see. If they don’t have good things, then create good things for them first, and then destroy them, so that it can line into a positive circle.”

The storm with huge snowflakes slammed into the mountains with a fierce force, and the air shook and roared like a dragon.

Hill’s blood-colored cloak was blown by the wind and danced wildly.

“Uh…I feel that your ‘positive’ and our ‘positive’ are not quite the same…” said Lich Aligeli.

“Don’t be cute.” Hill smiled and looked at him, “Of course, when it’s finally destroyed, you can also engage in a spiritual rebirth so that it can be used again and again, just like penicillin…”


“Oh, I’ll give you something with a strong flavor. Once, penicillin was very precious, so much so that after giving patients penicillin, they would be re-extracted from their urine and reused. You can’t understand, but you can somehow get the meaning of it,” Hill said.

Lich Aligeli: “…”

Lich Aligeli said indifferently: “Okay.”

“So what do you think?” Hill asked.

“It’s really strong, My King,” said Lich Aligeli.

Hill almost “pfft” out: “I’m talking about the cycle thing I just said.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, My King, your next words were so powerful that I got a little confused… um… At the same time, this can also convey the view to humans that there are two sides to everything,” Lich Aligeli said.

“Yes,” Hill nodded.

Lich Aligeli thought for a while, and a flash of light flashed: “Magical Girl Series!”

“Yes, you have realized it.” Hill felt a little relieved. His five elders were completely different from today’s in terms of thinking. The change of thinking is not an overnight thing. He did it, they did it, which really gave him a sense of accomplishment. “After the “Magical Girl I” is finished, the concept of magical girls is basically complete.”

“So it is.” Lich Aligeli nodded, “So fairy tales, and Peter Pan are also like this.”

“Yes.” Hill said, “The previous fairy tales laid the foundation for the Peter Pan, and the rather cruel ending of Peter Pan also reflects the beauty of the fairy tales, which complement each other.”

The sky was a little darker than before, and the clouds and mist were pressing down from the sky, giving a feeling that the sky was about to collapse. The chain bridge swayed more violently, with Hill standing firmly on top of it, and the Lich Aligeli floating in mid-air. He thought about Hill’s words for a while, and suddenly realized something: “Then, My King, will the heroes in the Avengers die?”

Hill’s gaze suddenly became as erratic as the chain bridge.

Lich Aligeli: “Huh?”

Hill’s eyes continued to move frantically: “You dead ghost, what are you talking about suddenly?”

Lich Aligeli: “…”

He took a hard hit, in every sense of the word.

…but to be honest, Lich Aligeli can really be called a “dead ghost”, so there is nothing wrong with it.

Hill walked to the end of the chain bridge, put his hand on the handrail. The ice emerged from his fingertips, it spread over the chain bridge in an instant, and rushed towards the opposite bank frantically. After a few seconds, the chain bridge was completely frozen. No more shaking.

“Should be able to survive this blizzard at least.” He said to himself: “Then it’s time for the black dwarves to rebuild this bridge.”

Lich Aligeli looked at him blankly, feeling that whatever Hill did would not be able to redeem his image today.

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“Dare to teach the sun and the moon for a new sky” means to sacrifice the martyrs in exchange for the victory of the revolution.

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