Chapter 245 — Here it comes

Early in the morning, Hill received news that the queen of the Oitin Empire had died of illness. The king held a grand funeral for her. The Pope of Light decided to posthumously canonize her as a saint, and then invited the Demon King to come to this important funeral together.

“On the surface it seems normal,” Hill said, “Speaking of which, did the queen of the Oitin Empire really die at this juncture?”

“My King, as long as there is something that the queen has used, I can calculate it through magic,” said Lich Aligeli.

It was important for Hill to make this clear.

How to find what the queen used was a problem. Hill thought about it for a few minutes before he felt too lazy to use his head, so he handed the task to the three kings directly. Two days later, King Magnolia sent a mirror used by the Queen of the Oitin Empire, which was left behind when the Queen of Magnolia and the Queen of Oitin exchanged gifts with each other.

Then Lich Aligeli, through magical divination, judged the fact that the Queen of the Oitin Empire had indeed died a few days before.

“So the Queen of the Oitin Empire really passed away at this juncture.” Hill sat on the black stone tower and rubbed his jaw and said.

The weather was not good today, the plains of Blackrock Tower were blowing with strong winds, and the demons not far away set up a protective formation, lest the strong wind knock down some buildings that had not yet completed.

The bedroom window was closed, and the wind rattled the window. There was only one light on in the bedroom, or rather one Irvine on the desk, illuminating a small area, dividing Hill’s face into two sides, dark and light.

“My King, I actually don’t quite understand, what does ‘Knotty Time’ refer to?” asked Death Knight Goldnia.

“Oh, all the time before I destroyed the Church of Light was called ‘Knotty Time’,” Hill said.

Goldnia: “…”

Goldnia: “My King, you are too…”

“Huh?” Hill squinted at Goldnia. The wind howled outside.

“Um… Absolutely domineering,” Goldnia replied with a clear conscience.

“That’s more like it.” Hill said. The wind outside seemed to have died down a bit. He looked down at his fingers for a while, and sighed: “It’s not too suspicious, but I still think it’s too suspicious.”

Goldnia made a joke: “My King, are you scared?”

“Yeah, I’m scared,” Hill said.

Goldnia: “You…”

Hill: “Me.”

Goldnia couldn’t help but touch the back of his head: “Is this a successful or unsuccessful attempt on my part?”

Hill smiled, and he reached out and squeezed Goldnia’s face: “It feels good.”


Hill got up and walked to the door, the hellhound lying in the doorway lazily got up and followed Hill, and Goldnia also raised his step to follow. The three of them walked down the dark corridor, and every time Hill took a step, a section of the corridor was lit up on both sides, and Hill waved his hand and said, “No need to light the lights, Irvine.”

So all the lights in the corridor that had just been lit went out, and Irvine silently shrank into a tiny flame that quietly fell into the burning pupils of Cerberus. The corridor then became dark again, with only Cerberus’s eyes glowing.

“Anything that doesn’t play the cards according to common sense makes me flustered,” Hill said in the darkness.

“But you don’t seem flustered at all now,” Goldnia said.

“That’s because the darkness covered my expression and your eyes,” Hill said in a sigh-like voice.

“Well, can’t we see in the dark…” Goldnia said.

“Shut up, you are no fun at all,” Hill’s mouth twitched.

“I’m sorry my king, I’m too stupid,” Goldnia skillfully admitted his mistake. This skillful look is distressing.

“…Forget it, let’s go back to the original topic, it may be that I am calm on the outside but flustered inside,” Hill said, “And maybe because of this, I may do some irrational actions.”

“Like what?” Gordonia asked.

“Like arresting and killing a third of all the Church of Light believers in the territory,” Hill said.

Goldnia again fell into silence: “…I don’t know where to start complaining anymore. My King, it seems that what you consider ‘panic’ and the popular sense of ‘panic ‘ is not quite the same.”

“You don’t know where to start complaining because my words are so perfect that they don’t have any flaws,” Hill said unconsciously.

Goldnia had the urge to burst into tears at this time: “No, your words are clearly a huge pit.”

At this time, the two of them had reached the bottom of the Blackrock Tower. After coming out of the door, the wind that swept the wilderness hit their faces.

Hill wailed, “If only the sea can take away my sorrow”, then spread his hands: “Anyway, let’s go over and see what they want to do.”

Hill and his subordinates are getting along more and more casually and willfully, which is a good sign.

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On this trip to the Oitin Empire, Hill chose to take the dark elf, Albrecht, by his side, because the other party’s job is to guard the Demon King.

When he arrived at the second largest port in the Oitin Empire, Hill witnessed the image of a lifetime — there was a plague going on here.

“It’s not serious for humans, mainly livestock.” The accompanying Priest of Light introduced: “This place was previously not devout to my Lord’s faith, so my Lord punished them. But because my Lord was overly merciful, he only did it to the livestock first.”

“So that’s how it is,” Hill said superficially.

The ship slowly crossed the sea covered with livestock carcasses and moored on the harbor. The stench of the port was so strong that not many people were on the road, all covering their mouths and noses.

Hill sat in the carriage and opened the curtain to look at the scene outside, and then took the projection stone to record it all. Hmm… I will be able to make news when I go back. What ‘our country is safe and secured, and foreign countries are in dire straits’… This is very big news.

Soon, they arrived outside the Holy City, Hill had no plans to enter the Holy City. He was actually a little worried that the Pope would shamelessly use heavy troops to leave himself here directly. Anyway, he felt that if he was the Pope of Light, he would definitely try to do this, but it seemed that the Church of Light was more embarrassed than him… This reassured him a lot, and he felt that the Pope of Light would never be able to fight him in the future.

When Hill arrived, the Queen’s funeral began. The funeral itself was filled with a heavy and depressing atmosphere. The face of the King of the Oitin Empire was always tense, and his two sons were crying into tears.

Hill didn’t feel too much next to him, he was cooperating with the process, but his mind was distracted. Since the incident of Paladin Everdeen, the Dark Church and the Church of Light have actually pretended to make peace on the surface. Hill went to make some shouting in the air to test and disgust the Pope. At first, the Pope of Light was indeed disgusted, but then he actually started to cooperate with Hill, and also made some telegrams such as “protecting the continent together”, which made Hill look at him with admiration.

Under such circumstances, if Hill refuses to participate in the funeral, it will undoubtedly “collapse the persona” and may cause some negative effects. Of course Hill knew that. So even if he was worried, he knew he had to come.

As for worry… Hill has always believed that the strong do not abandon all negative emotions. Normal people will have some negative emotions, such as irritability, anger, fear, laziness, and wanting to vent anger… But the strong can restrain these emotions. Therefore, Hill will accept his negative emotions calmly.

“The king didn’t even cry,” Albrecht whispered beside Hill.

Hill looked at King Oitin’s expression and felt that he should be in grief, so he replied, “Probably shedding tears in his heart.”

After the funeral process was completed it was already dark, and when he came out the Pope himself was waiting for Hill in the other hall.

Hill briefly glanced at this long-time enemy number one. How should he put it? The other party’s dress and appearance looked “very pope-like”, a very dignified middle-aged man, with good facial features and with a compassionate expression. He heard he’s over a hundred years old. But Hill’s body seems to be hundreds of years old, so it’s not good to comment on it.

“Funerals always bring tears to the eyes.” Hill found something to say.

“And weddings too,” said the Pope.

“That’s kind of funny you say that.” Hill continued to look for words.

The Pope smiled slightly: “His Majesty the King will have a new queen in three months.”

This time Hill didn’t need to find words, he had a lot to say: “Don’t tell me that the new queen is one of your people.”

“The people of the Oitin Empire are all devout believers of our Lord,” the Pope said in a compassionate tone.

“Looks like you’re acquiescing,” Hill said.

The Pope smiled again, “I also got the inspiration from His Majesty the Ice Emperor.”

Oh. The Pope regarded Olivia as someone on Hill’s side, and then thought Hill was forcing the Ice Emperor to marry Olivia to control the Ice Empire.

“You have really taken a liking to me,” Hill said sarcastically.

“Just mere small talk,” said the Pope.

“Oh, then His Majesty the King really listens to you.” Hill continued, and then he went outside: “I’ll go first.”

“No more chatting?” the Pope asked.

Hill continued to walk outside, “Because I don’t want to keep breathing the air you spit out in this room.”

“I see,” the Pope said.

Hill really stopped: “Actually, I’m a little curious, why are you still so calm after being scolded to this point?”

The Pope was still smiling: “These are nothing compared to what His Majesty the Demon King gave me before, and I know you are speaking from the heart and not deliberately insulting.”

“Maybe it’s because my honest words are too similar to insults.” Hill said bristly and without grace, “But you and I think differently, I thought you would have a more bloody smell on your body, Your Excellency, the Pope of Light.”

“The breath on your body is similar to what I imagined, full of blood and tyranny,” Pope of Light said.

“Then it looks like we have been divine friends for a long time,” Hill said indifferently, and then ended the conversation unilaterally.

Not long after coming out of the other hall, Hill met King Oitin, who had a somewhat flustered expression upon seeing Hill, yet wanted to say something. Hill couldn’t stand seeing him like this, so he took the initiative to say, “It looks like you have something to say to me.”

“May I occupy your time for a while?” asked King Oitin.

“Assuming you know I’m the Demon King?” Hill said.

“Of course I know,” said King Oitin.

“All right,” Hill said. He was following the previous words to the letter: he would see what they would do.

King Oitin brought Hill to a hillside and said, “There is no church watching here.”

“Hmm.” Hill said, “Speak.”

“My queen did not die of illness, at least not her, but this empire controlled by the Church of Light!” King Oitin said this to Hill with intense emotions.

The stars were twinkling in the sky, while the city on earth was wrapped in a flowing light.

Here it comes. Hill thought in his heart.

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