Chapter 246 — Albrecht was so happy that he almost floated into the sky

“My queen did not die of illness, at least not her, but this empire controlled by the Church of Light!”

This is a very moving sentence, and this is also a very moving man.

Hill saw the pain and determination in his eyes, it was real, not staged.

At this time, they were standing on the hillside. There was a river under the mountain, and the city was on the other side of the river, with shadowy lights. From here, the city across the river seemed as far away as the stars in the sky.

Dark Elf Albrecht stood behind Hill like a statue. He was holding a black iron wind lamp with a light blue shade. The fuel inside was mixed with some wood chips, burning a fresh pine scent.

After all, it was summer, and there were a lot of mosquitoes flying outside the wind lanterns, making the lights flicker.

“Your Majesty the Demon King, I really love her, I love her very much,” King Oitin looked directly into Hill’s eyes and said.

“I can feel it,” Hill said, he could really feel the intense feelings of King Oitin.

“But the Pope actually…” King Oitin clenched his fists, “Your Majesty the Demon King, can you help me?”

“How would you like me to help you?” Hill asked.

“I can cooperate with you inside and outside to destroy the Church of Light in one fell swoop. King Oitin said, “I’ve been thinking about it all this time.”

The sky was dark, and the shadow of the bridge across the river could be seen darker than the darkness. It was as if a giant beast was lying across the river, and staring long enough to hallucinate it, as if it were moving. Hill watched the bridge for a while, he didn’t have to continue to look at King Oitin, because he had already judged that the other’s expression was impeccable.

Everything is logical. First, the news of the queen’s death was clarified from King Magnolia and the Lich Aligeli. Then he learned what the Pope of Light had done, and then learned more from the king himself. Finally, it is also very normal to propose that the inside should cooperate with the outside.

Hill stared at the bridge in the night and what finally came out was, “I’ll go back and think about it.”

King Oitin showed an obvious expression of disappointment, and he did not restrain himself from it: “Yes, it is only natural that you would be suspicious. I have no other way out, but I wouldn’t want to work with the Demon King if I had any other way out.”

That’s true from the other side’s point of view. Hill understands.

“But I believe you can make a correct judgment. After all, you are the Demon King, and I am just a human being,” King Oitin said.

For a human, it is indeed impossible to deceive the Demon King… The credibility has increased.

“Well, I will come and contact you after I decide,” Hill said. He didn’t show any extra expressions at this time, there was no surprise or indifference, he just said that. Then he walked down the mountain: “Let’s go, Al.”

Albrecht nodded at King Oitin as a farewell, and then left with Hill with the lantern.

It was darker at this time.


Hill did not stay in the Oitin Empire and left after attending the queen’s funeral. Then all the way to the northwest, the destination is Famagusta, the Dark Church.

As soon as he left the territory of the Oitin Empire, the dark elf, Albrecht, couldn’t wait to ask: “My King, My King, what do you think?”

“What do you think?” Hill asked rhetorically. This guy looks calm and stable like a background board in the Oitin Empire, but his heart is actually very itchy.

“I think the credibility is high.” After Albrecht finished speaking, he said some of his own reasoning, Hill corrected a few points, and Albrecht nodded frequently: “After your analysis, I feel that the credibility is higher than I thought!

“What about thinking the other way around?” Hill asked a second question.

“Thinking about it the other way round, if this is the conspiracy of the Pope of Light, then he deliberately killed the queen to facilitate this meeting, the king… But the king’s grief seems to be real, so he wants to wipe out the demons and King Oitin? But that’s too greedy, right? Even though the king is a puppet, he is after all the recognized king of the Oitin Empire.” Albrecht said, “And isn’t he worried that we’ll really unite with the king to destroy them in one fell swoop?”

“Well.” Hill nodded, “And then what?”

“Unless there is something wrong with the king, too.” Albrecht scratched his head, “Ah, human thinking is so complicated, it makes my head hurt.”

“Don’t worry, think about it slowly,” Hill said, “Anyway, there is still a good while before we go back.”

The speed of this journey is not fast, stop and go, look at the natural scenery along the way, observe the customs along the way. Of course, walking all the way, eating all the way, this is inevitable.

Because Irvine didn’t go with him, Hill cooked on the road himself. Albrecht was so happy that he almost floated into the sky. After returning to the demon realm, he showed off a lot, and when he was dragged into the alley by other elders and beaten violently, he still did not stop showing off. ‘Even if I’m beaten to death and my feathers rot in the dirt, I’ll roar in a hoarse voice to show off.’

Oh by the way, Albrecht really bragged about this for a whole year, until the winter of this year, Hill also overheard him bragging to the other elders… was also drunk.

The road seasoning is limited, but you can also pick it on the spot along the way.

The ingredients in the human world are somewhat different from those in the demon realm, but they are delicious enough compared to those on Earth.

The blue sky does not look clear, but like the blue in a watercolor painting with the texture of a canvas, and the clouds are also light and faint.

Albrecht returned to the camp with the four freshly caught fish. Hill didn’t know what kind of fish it was, but when he cut it open and looked at the thick fat on its belly, he knew that it must taste good. Take one first to make fish soup, and bake the rest directly.

The delicious and rich fish soup is very appetizing. Hill didn’t use too many seasonings. In addition to the necessary salt, he only added some seasoning herbs, which made the fish soup taste delicious and fresh. The faint aroma lingered in the mouth on the tip of the tongue and did not go away for a long time, the aftertaste was endless.

Compared with the light taste of fish soup, grilled fish brings a burst of pleasure. The grilled crispy fish skin is rich in fat, and it is smooth and fragrant after chewing twice in the mouth. In addition, the light burnt aroma, the meat aroma, and the spicy and hot barbecue sauce aroma are mixed together to make the taste buds explode with a bang. It can really occupy people’s brains, leaving only one word left in people’s minds – delicious!

Hill and Albrecht were eating on the side, which made the coachman and other caravan people next to them greedy. Someone tried to exchange gold coins with them, but was rejected.

Eating food, feeling the gentle wind in the late summer, next to the large clusters of conical stone flowers, which are commonly known as gypsophila. Such life is said to be so quiet, beautiful, and pleasant.

“Well, figured it out?” Hill asked.

Albrecht is burying the leftover bones into the land. This is the habit of the dark elves, they believe that in this way the bones can be quickly decomposed by the land and turned into a part of nature. After hearing Hill’s question Albrecht got up from the ground and said, “Either way, I find King Oitin’s offer so tempting.”

“Yes, it’s really tempting,” Hill said with emotion.

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It’s late summer now, but the Holy City is extraordinarily hot today.

There was not even a cloud in the sky, and the sun shot straight down from the sky without hindrance, burning the neck of King Oitin hotly.

He was sitting in the cemetery, and his complexion looked quite bad. He read the writing on the Queen’s tombstone over and over again, and two lines of tears suddenly flowed down.

But he was really expressionless at the moment.

Oh, yes, he loved his queen very much.

But he loves his empire and his power more.

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