The Abandoned Son Ch.167

Chapter 167 – Indigestion

Early the next morning, Ye Fan welcomed several people from the Shennong clan.

Jiang He had long known that Ye Fan was young, but only when he saw the real person did he realize that Ye Fan was too young.

Ye Fan was wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas, nibbling on potato chips, his eyes gleaming as he surveyed the few people in front of him.

“Young Master Ye, I saw the pill you made for Young Master Mu, the pill is really powerful,” Jiang He said.

Ye Fan smiled proudly, and said very modestly: “That’s what I made by hand. It’s nothing, and the level is just average. It’s not worth mentioning, it’s not worth mentioning…”

“Young Master Ye, you are too modest, your alchemy skills are truly unprecedented, and no one has come since,” Jiang He said.

“You praise too much, you praise too much! Alas, there are too few spiritual herbs in this world now, I have an excellent alchemy, but no suitable herbs to practice with! If only I could have been born three thousand years earlier, but that wouldn’t be good either, then, I wouldn’t be able to meet my wife.” Ye Fan shook his head, full of anguish.

Jiang He: “…”

When Jiang Meng met Ye Fan at the villa, Ye Fan was watching a retarded animation, so Jiang Meng’s evaluation of Ye Fan could not be high even if she wanted to.

Later, Jiang Meng heard from Jiang He that Ye Fan was a master of alchemy, and Jiang Meng thought that Ye Fan might be the kind of master who pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger. Now, seeing Ye Fan wearing mickey mouse pajamas and eating snacks constantly, Jiang Meng’s evaluation of Ye Fan came down again.

Jiang Meng lowered her head and whispered, “Perhaps a blind cat met a dead mouse.”

Jiang He glared at Jiang Meng, turned his head, looked at Ye Fan, and said pleasantly: “I have seen the medicinal herbs you made, Young Master Ye, with balanced medicinal power and little side effects, I wonder how you did it.”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “How did I do it? It’s just like that when you refine it! Could it be that you refined it and it wasn’t?”

Jiang He: “……” What he refined really wasn’t.

Jiang Meng looked at Ye Fan, and some doubts flashed in her heart, “Young Master Ye, have you been to Shenlong Mountain before?”

Ye Fan turned his head, looked at Jiang Meng and smiled, and said, “No ah! I heard that Shenlong Mountain has pleasant scenery and there are many rare wild animals, but as you can see, I am a busy person. A bunch of people are waiting to see me all day, I really can’t leave!”

Mu Lianping frowned, with a little doubt in his heart, but he did not refute it. Before, when they went to Shenlong Mountain, the Shennong family just lost the treasure of their clan. In order to avoid suspicion, it is better to say that they have not been there.

Jiang Meng nodded and said suspiciously, “Is that so?”

Jiang He glanced at Jiang Meng in confusion.

“Young Master Ye, it’s like this, I want you to move to the Shennong clan to see our clan elder, Jiang Zhi,” Jiang He said.

Ye Fan touched his chin and said, “I’m afraid I can’t leave right now.”

Jiang He looked at Ye Fan puzzled and said, “Can’t leave right now?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! It’s going to be New Year’s Eve, and I have a lot of social engagements.” He also promised Wu Haoqiang that he would take him surfing.

Jiang He looked at Ye Fan and said, “Is it really impossible?”

Ye Fan rubbed his chin and said, “Actually, I have another option that doesn’t require going to your place.”

Jiang He asked with some curiosity, “I would like to hear more about it.”

“I made a medicinal pill, you can take it back and see if it works. If it works, I don’t have to go,” Ye Fan said.

Jiang Linfeng couldn’t help but interrupt and said, “But Young Master Ye, you don’t even know what’s wrong with our clan elder. How can you prescribe medicine rashly?”

Ye Fan blinked his eyes and said with a confident tone, “I probably understand your elder’s situation and know what his problem is.”

When Ye Fan said this, the faces of the teenagers who followed Jiang He suddenly flashed a bit of dissatisfaction.

“Young Master Ye is really amazing. You don’t need to see the patient to know what the problem is. I just don’t know what Young Master Ye thinks our elder’s problem is,” a young man couldn’t hold back his anger and asked.

Ye Fan smiled and said with certainty: “To put it bluntly, your elder has indigestion, just take a strong stomach medicine.”

The effect of taking pills is naturally much better than directly taking the spirit grass, but there are very few alchemists in the cultivation world, and the success rate of ordinary alchemists is not high. Cultivators suffer a lot of hardships from finding the spiritual herbs and after handing them over to the alchemist, if the alchemy fails, all their efforts are completely wasted.

Alchemy masters have a prestigious status. Even if alchemy fails, many cultivators can only knock down their teeth and swallow their blood. Under such circumstances, many cultivators have chosen to eat the spiritual herbs raw, which has many sequelae, one of which, that is, taking too much, the residual medicinal effects conflict in the body.

In the world of cultivation, there is a Xiaoling Pill, which was born for this situation. This kind of medicine is equivalent to the stomach medicine of cultivators, and it is specially used to relieve the indigestion of spirit grass.

Xiaoling pills are everywhere in the Cultivation Continent, and the price is very cheap. The herbs for refining elixir can also be found in this world.

“Our clan elder doesn’t have indigestion,” Jiang Meng said angrily.

Ye Fan said reasonably, “I’m so smart, how could I be wrong? Your family elder just ate too much and had indigestion, then otherwise you say, what’s wrong with your clan elder?”

Jiang Meng blushed with anger and said, “It’s a conflict of medicinal properties, the medicinal properties have not reached balance.”

Ye Fan smiled proudly and said, “See, isn’t it indigestion?”

Jiang Meng looked at Ye Fan and insisted: “It’s not that simple.” Elder Jiang Zhi was trying to take risks for the sake of the family’s past glory. It’s not the low-level indigestion that Ye Fan said.

Ye Fan looked at Jiang Meng and said, “Little girl, do you know how much I am worth?”

Jiang Meng frowned, Ye Fan was younger than her at first glance, and actually called her a little girl, “I don’t know.”

“My fee is 1 billion for every move,” Ye Fan opened his palms. “However, looking at Daoist Master Xu’s face, this pill is free. After all, he saved my wife’s life, without him, I might have no wife. But for something free, you can’t ask for too much, right?” Ye Fan said.

Xu Yuanqing’s face flushed red. Back then, he was just passing by and saved Bai Yunxi’s life on a whim. He didn’t expect that his thoughtless act would bring him such a big reward.

Jiang Meng looked at Ye Fan, bit her lip, and said, “We can also pay.”

Ye Fan blinked, looked at Jiang Meng, and said, “Oh, how much money do you have?”

Jiang Meng: “We have no money for now…”

Ye Fan snorted softly, and several Jiang family members couldn’t help blushing.

“You are such a philistine.”

The Jiang clan people don’t often leave the clan, and the people who come to the door are generally very polite. When they meet such a money-hungry person as Ye Fan, each of them becomes a little embarrassed.

Ye Fan lightly hummed, secretly said: No money and still so dragging.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and took a deep breath. Ye Fan, this guy, is talking nonsense again, if this continues, there will be a big accident.

“What Ye Fan means is that you can take the medicinal pill to see the situation. After all, medicinal pills similar to stomach medicine are not dangerous, right? Right, Ye Fan?” Bai Yunxi asked Ye Fan.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, you won’t die!”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Mu Lianping looked at Ye Fan and secretly said: He really misunderstood Young Master Ye before. Sometimes, he always felt that Ye Fan was being rude to him, he kept on wondering whether Young Master Ye had any opinion on him. Now it seemed that being polite or not was to be created in comparison. Compared to others, Ye Fan was really too polite to him.

Ye Fan prescribed a prescription to Xu Yuanqing. Xu Yuanqing took the prescription and said somewhat confused: “Young Master Ye, do you only need these herbs?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, only these few herbs are missing, I have the rest of the herbs.”

“I’m sorry to ask Young Master Ye to provide the materials,” Xu Yuanqing said gratefully.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “No need to be polite, it’s all cheap stuff. If it’s very valuable, then I wouldn’t do it for nothing.”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

“Young Master Ye, are you sure?” Xu Yuanqing asked worriedly.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Of course I’m sure. Am I the kind of person who will do things that I’m not sure of? See, I was always sure of catching my wife, and sure enough, I caught him.”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

Bai Yunxi walked out with a black lines and said, “Be sensible, there are many divorces now.”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and blinked. “Yunxi, don’t keep mentioning divorce, I’ll be sad.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Xu Yuanqing coughed twice and said, “Young Master Ye, the elder of the Shennong clan who has a problem has a very high status in the clan. If something happens to him, it will be very troublesome.” Xu Yuanqing secretly said: If Ye Fan is not sure, he thinks it’s better not to take this stubble, if something happens to that elder, it will be a big problem.

“Eating it won’t kill anyone, if someone really dies, then it must not be my problem,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi looked at Xu Yuanqing’s expression and said helplessly: “Daoist Xu, Ye Fan doesn’t look reliable, but you should be aware of his ability, he is 70% sure about this matter. But Daoist Xu, when you send the medicine to them, you have to make it clear to the person, whether he is willing to take it or not, it is entirely up to the other party’s own will. Even if something happens, we are not responsible.”

Xu Yuanqing nodded and said, “Okay.”

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Inside the hotel.

“Elder, can you really trust that Ye Fan?” Jiang Meng asked.

Jiang He pondered for a while, and said, “Judging from the quality of the medicinal pill in Mu Lianping’s hand, this Ye Fan’s level is very high.” Jiang He couldn’t help but feel a little hot. The medicinal pill in Mu Lianping’s hand, he was also very moved. But no matter how moved he was, he couldn’t hold back his face and couldn’t compete with a junior.

“Oh, why do I think this Ye Fan is a little unreliable?” Jiang Meng felt that Ye Fan was a bit like that ignorant and arrogant boy.

“Ameng, why did you ask Ye Fan if he has been to Shenlong Mountain?” Jiang He asked.

Jiang Meng hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s nothing, I just think his back looks familiar, it should be my illusion.”

“If you are careful enough, you will find that Mu Lianping is already at the fifth level of ancient martial arts,” Jiang He hesitated.

Jiang Meng said in surprise: “Fifth level? So high?” People from the Shennong family are good at cultivating spiritual herbs. Although they also practice ancient martial arts, the level of ancient martial arts is generally not high.

Jiang Linfeng was a little surprised: “Mu Lianping is actually so powerful. I know that the Mu family is one of the four ancient martial arts families. The Mu family’s ancient martial arts strength seems to be quite higher than our clan. But I heard that Mu Lianping is among the younger generation of the Mu family, and his qualifications can only be considered ordinary ah! Could it be that the Mu family has many more powerful people of the same age than Mu Lianping?”

Jiang He shook his head and said, “No, the Mu family has more ancient martial arts masters than our Shennong clan, but it’s not that exaggerated. Mu Lianping was nothing in the Mu family. However, after he ate the spirit flame fruit improperly and was saved by Ye Fan, his strength progressed beyond control. Now, Mu Lianping can be considered the first person among the young generation of the Mu family.”

“Is it because of Ye Fan?” Jiang Meng said strangely.

Jiang He nodded and said: “Yes, in fact, I contacted a few friends and asked about Ye Fan, and the results I heard were really shocking.”

The Shennong clan is good at cultivating spiritual herbs. People who practice ancient martial arts often beg for one or two herbs that they lack in their prescriptions. The Shennong clan is still very well liked among people who practice ancient martial arts.

Jiang Meng looked at Jiang He curiously and said, “Elder, what exactly did Ye Fan do?”

Jiang He smiled bitterly and said, “It’s nothing, he just killed Ji Wen, the sect master of Heaven’s Palace.”

Jiang Meng widened her eyes and said, “Ji Wen? Ye Fan was able to kill Ji Wen?!”

Jiang He nodded and said, “Yes. It’s been a while since it happened. Heaven’s Palace has also disbanded. This is not a secret in the ancient martial arts circle.” However, because their Shennong clan always works behind closed doors, the news is not very timely.

Jiang Meng said incredulously: “Impossible, how old is Ye Fan? He is so powerful? Is Ji Wen injured? Is it possible that this guy took advantage of Ji Wen’s injury and attacked her?”

Jiang He shook his head and said, “No, it should have been a head-on defeat. This guy easily crippled a seventh-level ancient martial arts expert a few months ago. His strength is unfathomable.”

Jiang Linfeng frowned and said, “No way!” Ye Fan is so talented?! This guy still likes to watch anime and eat snacks, where is the appearance of an expert?

Jiang Meng took a deep breath. The person who stunned her and killed Ji Ping was very powerful. If he wanted to kill her with one blow in such a short period of time, he would have to be level 8 to do so. In that case, wouldn’t Ye Fan fit right in? However, even knowing it was Ye Fan is useless. The Jiang family does not even have a seventh level ancient martial arts expert, and knowing Ye Fan, they definitely can not snatch it back.

“Ye Fan is indeed powerful.” When Jiang He saw Mu Lianping’s medicine pill, he guessed that the medicine used the blood of ancient beasts or essence as the material.

During the process of inquiring about Ye Fan, Jiang He happened to know that Ye Fan probably got the mysterious bird egg left behind thousands of years ago. If Ye Fan had really used the bird egg for the medicine, it would not be surprising that the pill in Mu Lianping’s hand had such a strong medicinal effect.

However, the mysterious bird is a very arrogant race. If the mysterious bird egg is not handled properly, it will only cause people to explode and die. However, if he is not mistaken, the medicine in Mu Lianping’s hand is very mild.

To catalyze the medicinal power of the mysterious bird egg, he doesn’t know what spiritual herbs Ye Fan added to temper the medicinal effect. However, no matter how Ye Fan did it, Ye Fan seemed to be more unfathomable than he imagined.


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