The Abandoned Son Ch.165

Chapter 165 — Pill’s Leakage

Mu Lianping walked into his room, closed the door, and ran the exercise several times.

Mu Lianping opened his eyes and took out a medicine bottle.

Ye Fan only gave Mu Lianping one of the medicinal pills made from the mysterious bird egg.

After Mu Lianping got the medicine pill, he regarded it as a treasure, and he only dared to take it out and take it lightly.

Mu Lianping knew very well that there were very few chances to get this kind of medicine pill. After taking this pill, he didn’t know if he would have a chance to get the next pill. Therefore, Mu Lianping waited and waited, trying to adjust in his best condition, and now Mu Lianping feels it is time.

As soon as the medicinal pill was taken out, a strong medicinal fragrance permeated.

Mu Lianping’s face flushed a bit. Mu Lianping could feel that the medicinal pill in his hand contained a strong medicinal power. With this pill, he may be able to become a sixth-level ancient martial arts master. He is still young, if he can reach sixth-level now, his achievements in his lifetime should not be lower than that of the eighth-level Patriarch.

Once upon a time, the head of the house was just someone he could look up to, but now the head of the house has become the object he tries to chase and surpass.

“Bang!” The door slammed open.

Mu Lianping quickly put away the medicine pill and stood up.

Xu Yuanqing chased after a bunch of people and watched them break into Mu Lianping’s room, his face suddenly not very good.

Mu Lianping’s face was stern, and a bit of remorse flashed in his heart.

Mu Lianping frowned, and secretly said: I was too reckless and did not ask Ye Fan for a favor. If he took the medicinal pill in Ye Fan’s haunted house, this kind of trespassing incident should not have happened.

The people from Shennong clan came over suddenly, they found his medicinal pill, what a blunder ah! Shennong clansmen are the most sensitive to medicinal pills and herbs. Ordinary people can’t feel the breath of medicinal herbs, but people in the Shennong clan are different. Mu Lianping suddenly remembered that his grandfather said that some people in the Shennong clan have an abnormal sense of smell, they can smell the scent of the medicinal pills from a thousand meters away.

“Lianping, are you all right.” Xu Yuanqing wrinkled his brow and asked with some concern.

Mu Lianping shook his head and said, “It’s fine.” He hadn’t even had time to take the elixir before these people barged in.

Jiang He gave Mu Lianping a somewhat embarrassed glance, and probably realizing that he had come too recklessly, Jiang He turned back and shooed out the Jiang family members who had followed him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Young Master Mu for disturbing you. I just felt the scent of a medicinal pill, which came from your room,” Jiang He rubbed his hands, feeling a little embarrassed.

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “Yes, it’s my medicine pill.”

Mu Lianping knew clearly that the other party’s senses were sensitive and he couldn’t hide it, so he directly admitted it.

Xu Yuanqing couldn’t help frowning. He had a good relationship with several members of the Shennong clan, but blood was thicker than water, so he naturally took Mu Lianping’s side.

“Little friend, can you show me the medicine pill,” Jiang He said embarrassedly.

Mu Lianping frowned and said unhappily, “I took a lot of effort to get this medicine pill.”

“I won’t take it, I’ll just have a look,” Jiang He assured.

Mu Lianping glanced at Xu Yuanqing, Xu Yuanqing nodded, and said, “Lianping, please show the medicinal pill to Elder Jiang. Elder Jiang himself is a powerful alchemist, and he has produced many excellent medicinal pills. If it’s gone, an expert like Elder Jiang can still prescribe your medicine pill.”

Mu Lianping took out the medicinal pill, Jiang He’s eyes lit up when he saw the medicinal pill. “Good medicinal pill, good alchemy technique! The medicinal properties of the spiritual herbs used in the alchemy were utilized to the extreme. This medicinal pill seems to be newly baked, it’s not a medicinal pill handed down from ancient times.”

“In today’s world, there are still such masters of alchemy. Sure enough, there are people beyond people, and there are heavens beyond heavens. I have been living in seclusion in the secret realm of the Shennong clan all these years, but I have been sitting in a well and watching the sky.”

Jiang He sniffed lightly, and said somewhat confusedly: “There seems to be a coercive pressure in this medicinal pill. Could it be that the blood or essence of some ancient divine beast has been added?”

Mu Lianping secretly said: As soon as the expert makes a move, he will know what is there. Jiang He is really powerful, he can know so much with just one pill.

“Senior, my medicine pill.”

Jiang He was stunned for a moment, and reluctantly handed the medicinal pill back to Mu Lianping, “You have good luck, little friend! You can actually get such a medicinal pill.”

Mu Lianping smiled and said, “I am indeed lucky.”

“I wonder, can little friend introduce that master alchemist?” Jiang He said.

Mu Lianping frowned and said, “This master, as you all know, is Ye Fan.”

Ye Fan’s alchemy is not a secret. Jiang He will know it after a little inquiring, so Mu Lianping did not hide it.

“It’s him?” Jiang He’s face couldn’t help but flash a bit of embarrassment. Xu Yuanqing repeatedly mentioned this person, saying that this person has unpredictable abilities, and his alchemy skills are superb. He also said that previously Mu Lianping’s injury was cured by Ye Fan’s wonderful hands.

However, after he heard that Ye Fan was only a young man in his early twenties, he dismissed the idea.

“I heard that he lives in Beijing, can I visit him now?” Jiang He asked.

Xu Yuanqing shook his head and said, “I’m afraid it won’t work, I heard that he had already returned with a cruise ship this morning.”

“Returned?” Jiang He asked in confusion.

Xu Yuanqing nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master Ye is from Cangcheng. It’s almost New Year’s Eve, so he took Young Master Bai back.”

Jiang He frowned and said, “Is that so? Then I’ll rush over now. This man’s alchemy skills are so good, maybe there is a way to save Elder Jiang Zhi.”

Mu Lianping asked curiously, “Senior, is Young Master Ye’s alchemy skills very powerful?”

Jiang He nodded and said, “It’s simply divine and unpredictable, to be able to catalyze a spirit medicine to such an extent is really unheard of to me. The medicinal power of this pill is very balanced, it won’t produce side effects and there is no toxins. Young Master Mu, you have such good luck! You were fortunate enough to get such a precious medicinal pill from this master alchemist.”

Mu Lianping smiled, and a bit of gratitude flashed in his heart. Ever since he met Ye Fan, he seemed to be having good luck all the time.

Xu Yuanqing couldn’t help feeling proud. Before, he mentioned Ye Fan to the people of Shennong clan several times, and these guys always thought he was exaggerating. Now these people should finally know that he is not exaggerating.

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Ye Fan was driving a cruise ship, speeding across the sea.

“Young Master Ye, I didn’t even know that this cruise ship could go so fast. It shouldn’t have such a fast speed,” George said, puzzled.

Ye Fan nodded and said proudly: “That’s right, I have modified this cruise ship, so its speed is faster.”

George looked at Ye Fan and said excitedly: “Oh, this modification is really cool! Young Master Ye, can you help me modify one too.”

Ye Fan shook his head and said decisively, “No way!”

George asked inexplicably, “Why?”

“You can’t control such a fast speed, what if you hit a reef or an iceberg!” Ye Fan asked George with a glance.

George: “…”

Bai Yunxi came out with a glass of red wine, and said lazily, “Drive slowly, we’re not in a hurry.”

Ye Fan glanced at Bai Yunxi and said, “It can’t be slow! There are a lot of people waiting for me, it’s not good to keep people waiting.”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan puzzled and said, “Many people are waiting for you? Who is waiting for you?”

Ye Fan laughed and said with a strong spirit, “Yunxi, you should know that I am a talent from Cangcheng. Such a small place like Cangcheng has actually produced a great talent like me, how worthy of the people of Cangcheng to rejoice! So, I have long called my good friends in Cangcheng and asked them to prepare a welcome party for me. There should be a lot of people, who will be there to greet us at the beach.”

Bai Yunxi frowned and said, “There will be so many bored enough people who will greet you just for fun?”

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi unhappily and said, “Why would they greet me just for fun?”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and helplessly said, “I think you should not hold too much hope. When the time comes and there are no people on the beach, you will be embarrassed…”

Ye Fan: “…”

Bai Yunxi sometimes felt that Ye Fan was talking as if joking, but when he arrived at the scene, Bai Yunxi found that Ye Fan’s joke had come true.

As soon as the cruise ship docked, people set off firecrackers and beat gongs and drums.

When the firecrackers sounded, the gongs and drums also followed.

There were many people holding banners that said ‘Welcome back to Cangcheng, Ye Fan’.

There are many luxury cars of various brands on the coast, so many that the end can’t be seen at a glance.

Don’t know who came up with the idea, but they even invited a dragon and lion dance team. The dragon and lion jumping and dancing in the middle of the huge crowd.

Ye Fan stood on top of the cruise ship, proudly waving towards the family and friends group that came to greet him on the shore. Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan’s style of a successful person returning home, and had the urge to burrow into the ground.

This guy, Ye Fan, don’t be so flashy, ah!

“Why did you find so many people?” Bai Yunxi asked in confusion.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No! I just informed my cousin, Jiang Hailin, Qian Yu, and the others to prepare a simple welcome party for me. But they made such a big deal, it’s too extravagant! How can this be?”

Bai Yunxi: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, said it with his mouth, but he must be feeling proud in his heart.

“Boss Tang Yongjin and Boss Zhang Siliang are here. It’s strange, these two don’t seem to be from Cangcheng! Oh, could it be that they came all the way here to greet me?” Ye Fan said in confusion.

Bai Yunxi nodded, smiled bitterly and said, “Well, I think they should have made a special trip to welcome you.”

Ye Fan smiled embarrassedly, and said, “How embarrassing is this? They are so busy, but they still take time to come here.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“It’s strange, I don’t know so many people here! Tsk tsk, they must be my admirers,” Ye Fan said with some confusion.

“The mayor seems to be here.” Bai Yunxi frowned. Some of the people who came to greet him looked like government officials, and he didn’t know what they were here for.

George stood next to Ye Fan with bright eyes, “Young Master Ye, there are so many people who came to welcome you, you are so cool! I admire you more and more, my admiration for you is like a huge river, unending!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” This foreigner really knows how to write.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing, just a little thing. It’s because I have always been kind to others, so I’m quite popular.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”


Standing in the crowd, Jiang Meng looked at Ye Fan on the cruise ship, and said with some uncertainty: “Elder, the Ye Fan we are looking for is this Ye Fan? Is there any other Ye Fan?”

Jiang He frowned and said, “It should be this Ye Fan.”

When Jiang He got Ye Fan’s information, Ye Fan had just left. When Ye Fan was on the cruise ship, Jiang He and others were on a plane, so Jiang He and others arrived in Cangcheng before Ye Fan. And they also caught up with Ye Fan’s welcome party.

“Why are there so many people here?” Jiang Meng said in puzzlement.

The Shennong family is also considered to be an ancient martial arts family. In order to ensure that the spiritual herbs in the family is not coveted, the Shennong family is actually very low-key.

Seeing Ye Fan’s exaggerated welcome party, Jiang Meng had an eye-opening feeling.

Xu Yuanqing frowned and said, “These people, they all should be here to welcome Ye Fan.”

When Ye Fan got off the cruise, he was surrounded by people from all walks of life.

Jiang He originally wanted to say a few words to Ye Fan, but there were too many people who went to greet Ye Fan at the scene, so much so that Jiang He and others were pushed to the side.

Jiang He still wanted to push forward, but was scolded by a yellow hair, “Old man, don’t cut the line! I came here first, there’s no space inside. You’re old and your legs are weak, you’d better just look from the outside.”

Xu Yuanqing helplessly looked at Jiang He, who was blushing with anger, and said, “Elder Jiang He, we are now near Ye Fan’s villa. Let’s just find a place to live first, and find another opportunity to see Ye Fan.”

Jiang He nodded and said, “All right.”


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