Chapter 220 – The Quota Candidate Was Confirmed

There was only one spot available, but everyone wanted it.

Moreover, the spot was not limited to only unmarried educated youths; married educated youths were also eligible.

Everyone wanted this spot. On the very first night the news was revealed, someone secretly knocked on the door of Captain Xu Changyi’s house…

“Aci, I won’t go. Even if I’m selected, I won’t go.” As soon as the news came out, Fu Zhixu expressed his intention to Xu Ci.

There were two reasons for this.

Firstly, with his original identity and capabilities, he could return to the city immediately if he wanted to. Unlike others, he didn’t need a spot at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University.

Secondly, having seen Xu Jinning’s inner thought vision, he definitely wouldn’t leave Xu Ci for anything now.

He feared that once he left, Xu Ci would believe everything in that inner thought vision and abandon him.

This was the last thing Fu Zhixu wanted to see.

Therefore, he would do anything to stay with Xu Ci.

The final reason was that they were preparing for the college entrance examination. It was already October, and according to the information from Xu Jinning’s inner thought vision, in about twenty days, the news of the resumption of the college entrance examination would be officially announced.

In December, they could take the college entrance exam and attend university.

At that time, everyone would have a chance.

There was no need to fight tooth and nail with others for a spot at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University now.

“Yes, I understand.” When Fu Zhixu expressed his stance, Xu Ci also held his hand tightly, affirming him.

In fact, when they first got married, Xu Ci was indeed a bit afraid that Fu Zhixu would act as he did in the inner thought vision.

However, later on, Fu Zhixu’s various actions made her see the opposite.

Initially, she tried to trust Fu Zhixu, and now, Fu Zhixu did not disappoint her expectations.

As long as Fu Zhixu did not act like what was seen in the inner thought vision, she was willing to continue believing in him. After all, the two had a foundation of several years of feelings.

However, while Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci knew that the college entrance examination would be restored in 20 days, it did not mean that the other educated youths knew.

Desperate to return to the city, they were destined to fight tooth and nail for this rare spot.

Everyone coveted this spot.

Even Sun Meiwen, who was already married and had a child, was among those who coveted this spot.

Sun Meiwen lay on the bed in a daze, next to her sleeping child who had just been placed beside her.

She stared at the child in a trance.

After a moment, her gaze gradually became fierce.

Sun Meiwen could never have imagined that after getting married and having a child, suddenly there would be a spot at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University.

What did that represent? It represented an opportunity to return to the city!

Over the years, there had been spots at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University, but because there were few spots and many educated youths sent to various places, Qinghe Production Brigade had never been allocated a spot before.

But now, they had been allocated one. Although it was only one spot, it still represented an opportunity to return to the city.

Did Sun Meiwen want to return to the city?

Of course she did.

Desperately so.

The reason she initially liked Fu Zhixu, besides his appearance fitting her aesthetic, was also because of his family background—he could return to the city at any time.

If she married Fu Zhixu, she could return to the city with him as his wife.

But now…

She was married, and to a rural man, and had a child.

Both were burdens.

If she had known this information earlier, she would not have married Zhao Hongxing and had a child, even if it cost her half her life.

Sun Meiwen regretted her choices, but there was nothing she could do at the moment. Even though there was a spot available, she felt it was unlikely that she would be allocated this spot.

Therefore, although she regretted her decisions, it wasn’t a strong regret.


Meanwhile, the captain, Xu Changyi, had been very busy and tired these past few days. Ever since the spot at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University was announced, numerous educated youths had secretly visited his home, openly and covertly hoping to be allocated the spot.

Some even attempted to bribe him.

Some of the “sincerity” shown by these people indeed tempted Xu Changyi.

However, despite being tempted, Xu Changyi did not accept any bribes and refused every single person who approached him.

Nonetheless, this situation couldn’t continue indefinitely.

He needed to come up with a plan quickly and determine who would get the spot, otherwise, who knew what kind of trouble might arise.

So, within a few days, Xu Changyi announced the decision.

The allocation of the spot would be based on the performance of the educated youths over the past year, such as the number of work points they earned. The comprehensive assessment would determine that the one with the highest score would get the spot.

In the end, the highest score was achieved by an educated youth who had been there for eight years. He was a man with the surname Chen.

When Chen first came to Qinghe Production Brigade, he was only 15 years old. Although eight years had passed and he was now considered an experienced educated youth, he was still only 23 years old.

Originally, Chen had planned that if he couldn’t return to the city this year, he would look for a marriage partner and settle down in Qinghe Production Brigade.

As a result, he had a stable mindset and wasn’t restless. He was diligent in his work and took it seriously.

Over the eight years, he had almost become a part of the Qinghe Production Brigade.

Unexpectedly, this year, there was a spot at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University.

This rare spot ended up being his.

When the captain, Xu Changyi, told him the news, Chen was stunned for a moment, and then tears began to fall.

He covered his face with his hands and squatted down, sobbing.

No one knew what Chen was feeling at that moment.

For the past few years, he had been waiting and hoping for a chance to return to the city.

He waited and hoped, year after year…

Five years passed in the blink of an eye.

He had lost all hope.

The initial passion for waiting and hoping had been completely extinguished.

In the following years, he resigned himself to his fate and stopped waiting.

Now he was 23 years old, he had already reached the age of marrying a wife. In Qinghe Production Brigade, there were even some girls who had expressed their interest in him.

He had already decided that if nothing changed this year, he would start looking for a wife next year.

It was already October, and it was almost time.

But then, out of the blue, he was given the chance to return to the city.

It was like being hit by a pie falling from the sky just when he had no expectations left.

How could Chen not be excited and cry?

Previously, he thought he had no chance to return to the city. Now that he had the opportunity, he would definitely take it.

After his initial excitement and tears, Chen directly hugged Captain Xu Changyi, expressing his gratitude.

“Captain, thank you so much, thank you.”

“No need to thank me. This is what you deserve, Chen. You are a good young man. Study hard at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University, and contribute to the country in the future.”

“Yes, I will.”

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