Chapter 221 – The Resumption of the College Entrance Examination

A quota was given to Educated Youth Chen, and of course, others had opinions about it. Or rather, as long as the quota wasn’t given to themselves but to anyone else, they would have opinions.

However, they also knew that the way the captain chose the candidate was reasonable. And Educated Youth Chen was indeed outstanding.

So, even though they grumbled in their hearts and didn’t fully agree, on the surface, they had to accept the result.

Three days after the results were announced, Educated Youth Chen packed his bags and set off back to the city to attend the Worker-Peasant-Soldier University.

The recent commotion about the quotas for the Worker-Peasant-Soldier University was well-known, and Xu Jinning naturally knew about it too. Her mood was complex because she knew that in a dozen days, the news of the resumption of the college entrance examination would be officially announced.

At that time, everyone would have the opportunity to take the college entrance examination, get into university, and return to the city. There would be no need for such quarrels and disputes.

And if one could get into university, it would definitely be better than going to the Worker-Peasant-Soldier University.


With the resumption of the college entrance examination, getting into university became possible. This was fine for those who were single or for couples who could both get into university together.

But for those couples where only one could get into university while the other couldn’t, they might face the prospect of separation from each other and from their children.

This separation could be considered a lighter consequence.

More serious is the fact that the educated youth might abandon their spouses and children. This was destined to happen at that time and was not uncommon. It was unknown how many faithless individuals there would be, how many families would be broken, and how many children would lose their fathers or mothers…

“You, little girl, what are you thinking about? You seem so lost in thought.” Xu Fanghua came over just in time and saw her younger sister sitting there, lost in thought by herself for quite a while, not even noticing her coming in.

“Sister, you’re here.” Xu Jinning snapped out of it and immediately told her sister what she had been thinking about.

Xu Fanghua pinched her cheek and said, “Little girl, you’re thinking so much.”

“That’s other people’s business, what does it have to do with you?”

“In any case, our family will never have this kind of situation.”

“As for others…”

Xu Fanghua said seriously, “Everyone has their own most desired and cherished things.”

“We prioritize what’s important to us and let go of what’s not, it’s human nature.”

“But if you make a choice, you have to take responsibility for it.”

“We can help those in need within our capabilities, but we shouldn’t interfere too much in other people’s fates.”

“Everyone must take responsibility for their own choices and their own destinies.”

“Ningning, that includes you too.”

“Try to do your best, help others, go with the flow, and do what feels right.”

“Don’t burden yourself too much in your mind, or you’ll end up exhausted.”

After saying this, Xu Fanghua hugged Xu Jinning, patted her back to comfort her.

Xu Jinning leaned on her elder sister’s shoulder and softly agreed.

In truth, her mood was alright, it was just witnessing the changes in this era made her feel a bit sentimental.

She also knew that interfering too much in other people’s fates could burden her with their karma.

She was just a small figure in this world.

Living her own life well was enough.

As soon as the quota for the Worker-Peasant-Soldier University were announced, Educated Youth Chen left.

In the following days, life in Qinghe Production Brigade seemed to have calmed down, everyone’s hearts settled, and they resumed their usual lives.

But Xu Jinning knew this calmness was temporary. When the 22nd arrived, that historic day, and the news of the college entrance examination resuming broke, this calmness was destined to be shattered.

Time passed slowly.

Those who had heard about the college entrance examination resuming beforehand were restless, anxiously waiting.

Waiting, waiting.

Until the 22nd arrived.

On that day, when Captain Xu Changyi received the news, he was so shocked that the tobacco in his hand fell to the ground, and he double-checked several times.

“Alright, I understand, I’ll announce this news right away.”

From the moment he hung up the phone, Xu Changyi’s hands trembled, and his legs felt weak.

However, he didn’t delay and went straight to the broadcasting station to open the broadcast.

“Hello, can everyone hear me?”

“Everyone, please pause for a moment. I have an extremely important announcement to make.”

As soon as the broadcast began and Xu Changyi’s voice sounded out, it was loud, covering the entire Qinghe Production Brigade.

Everyone, whether they were working, busy at home, playing children, or even those arguing, all stopped involuntarily.

At this moment, the educated youth didn’t yet know the upcoming announcement’s importance to them.

However, some who knew Captain Xu Changyi well noticed something unusual in his voice.

“The Captain’s voice seems off, not as composed as usual, it sounds a bit shaky.”

“Yeah, I noticed that too.”

“Could it be good news? It’s making the Captain so excited…”

There were discussions all around.

Meanwhile, Xu Changyi didn’t delay either.

“The college entrance examination is resuming!”

“Comrades, the college entrance examination is resuming. All eligible individuals can participate in the college entrance examination in two months, in December, and enter universities.”

“Comrades, did you hear that? The college entrance examination is resuming, today, it’s back!”

Three sentences, three repetitions of the college entrance examination resuming, showed Xu Changyi’s excitement.

When he uttered the first sentence announcing the resumption of the college entrance examination, the listeners were bewildered, not immediately grasping the significance.

Or rather, it wasn’t that they didn’t hear clearly.

They were just shocked to the point of disbelief.

“The college entrance examination is back?”

“I-I didn’t mishear, did I? The college entrance examination is resuming?”

“No, you didn’t mishear because I heard it too.”

“So, is it true? The college entrance examination is resuming, and we can go back to the city?”

“Getting into university naturally means going back to the city.”


“Comrades, this news is definitely true. It’s an official notification from the Ministry of Education. I’ve confirmed it several times, it’s real.”

“The college entrance examination, it’s really resuming!”

“Is it true? It’s true! The college entrance examination is really resuming? It’s really resuming!”

The educated youths murmured, and as they reached the last sentence, their voices raised.

They dropped their hoes, running around the fields like madmen, their faces a mix of tearful smiles, murmuring, “The college entrance examination is back, I can go back to the city…” Their demeanor seemed a bit manic.

It wasn’t just one educated youth; many of them were in this state.

But no one blamed them.

Because the resumption of the college entrance examination, leading to the chance of going back to the city upon university acceptance, was indeed something worth celebrating.

After waiting for over a decade, they finally got what they had been waiting for.

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  1. I wonder if the government was aware head of time that many spouses would leave their families after passing the college entrance exams from Jiang Xiao, since she’s aware of these changes from her past life. It would be good if they could address the problem ahead of time because so many people were affected by their abandonment.

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    1. Going by other novels the problem was that many of these marriages were common law marriages without marriage certificate – meaning the left behind spouse had no legal claims against the one leaving. Dunno about the children though I doubt child support was a thing.

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