Chapter 222 – Sun Meiwen’s Thoughts

When the news about the resumption of the college entrance examination was confirmed, and there were only two months left for review, the educated youth had no mood to continue working.

They all started searching for their middle and high school textbooks to begin their review.

The brigade captain understood how important this news was to the educated youth. Getting into college was even more important; it was a turning point that could change their lives.

So, when the educated youth stopped working to review, he chose to understand and support them.

Whether it was the educated youth or other children from the production brigade, the more who could get into college, the better.

After all, the Qinghe Production Brigade was under his management.

The more people who got into college, the more it showed his effectiveness as the captain and enhanced his reputation.

Moreover, Xu Changyi knew the value of a college student. He hoped more people would get into college and then return to build the Qinghe Production Brigade, making it better and better. That was what he most wanted to see.

It wasn’t just the Qinghe Production Brigade; today, the entire nation was boiling with excitement.

Xu Jinning, Xu Fanghua, and Fu Zhixu, among others, all knew that the news about the resumption of the college entrance examination would be announced today.

Even though they knew in advance, when Xu Fanghua, Cai Shumin, and Fu Zhixu heard the captain announce this news over the radio, they couldn’t help but shed tears.

They had waited for this news for so many years.

Now, it had finally come.

They were overwhelmed with joy and finally saw hope for the future.


When Sun Meiwen heard the news about the resumption of the college entrance examination, the snowflake cream in her hand dropped to the ground.

“College entrance exams are back, college entrance exams are back…” she murmured.

Sun Meiwen had thought that when she missed the spot at the worker-peasant-soldier university a little over twenty days ago, she might never have the chance to leave the Qinghe Production Brigade, this wretched place.

Unexpectedly, just over twenty days later, today.

The college entrance exams were back!

Almost anyone could participate, even those who were already married and had children!

As long as she got into college, she could return to the city!

Realizing this, Sun Meiwen felt an unprecedented surge of excitement, like a pot of boiling water that couldn’t be contained.

She wanted to go to college, she wanted to return to the city!

This desire was incredibly strong.

But she needed money to buy high school textbooks to review.

Although Sun Meiwen had graduated from high school, her grades were average, and over the years in the countryside, she had forgotten all the knowledge.

At this time, borrowing high school textbooks from others was impossible because they also needed them, so she had to buy them.

She had no money and could only ask Zhao Hongxing to buy them.

Moreover, her plan to go to college couldn’t be hidden; Zhao Hongxing would find out sooner or later.

So, Sun Meiwen decided to tell Zhao Hongxing and get his full support for her preparation.

“You say you want to take the college entrance exam and go to college?” Zhao Hongxing looked at Sun Meiwen, his expression unreadable.

“Yes, I want to go to college. Once I get into college, I can return to the city.”

Zhao Hongxing was somewhat sensitive to the words “return to the city” that Sun Meiwen mentioned.

As soon as Sun Meiwen spoke, Zhao Hongxing immediately guessed her intention.

So, Sun Meiwen still hadn’t given up on returning to the city.

“If you return to the city, what about me and Niuniu?”

Niuniu, the child Sun Meiwen had given birth to, didn’t have an official name yet. His nickname, Niuniu, was given by Mother Zhao, hoping he would grow as strong as an ox.

Sun Meiwen’s eyes flickered, but she quickly composed herself and said, “Of course, I’ll take you and Niuniu back to the city with me.”

“You are my husband, and Niuniu is the child I carried for ten months. Do you think I would leave you behind and go back to the city alone?”

Sun Meiwen’s voice rose, “Zhao Hongxing, I am your wife. Is that really what you think of me?”

Zhao Hongxing stood with his hands on his hips, his expression unreadable, silently watching Sun Meiwen.

But inwardly, he was sneering.

He knew exactly what kind of person Sun Meiwen was.

Sun Meiwen was selfish, vain, lazy, unfeeling, and liked to scheme…

Back then, she could harbor feelings for Fu Zhixu while entangling herself with several men, including him, to avoid work.

Holding hands, kissing, touching, even physical intimacy.

Sun Meiwen had done all these.

Even after marrying him.

But Zhao Hongxing knew that Sun Meiwen still had feelings for Fu Zhixu. However, as long as Sun Meiwen had no contact with Fu Zhixu, he could overlook it.

He knew that back when he married Sun Meiwen, he had used some coercive and enticing tactics.

But after marrying Sun Meiwen, especially after she became pregnant, he planned to live a good life with her.

His attitude towards Sun Meiwen had unconsciously changed, becoming better than before.

Even his mother had changed her attitude.

He originally thought that even if Sun Meiwen didn’t like him, she would stay for the sake of their child, but now…

He knew Sun Meiwen was lying.

If Sun Meiwen really got into college, she would definitely abandon him and their child.

‘However, Sun Meiwen, since you became my woman, you will never escape for the rest of your life!’

Lowering his head, a flash of resentment and ruthlessness crossed Zhao Hongxing’s eyes, but he quickly concealed it.

When he looked up again, his emotions were unchanged.

Instead, he pretended to believe Sun Meiwen’s words.

“Are you telling the truth?”

“Really, of course, it’s true.” Seeing that Zhao Hongxing believed her, Sun Meiwen immediately breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly expressed her sincerity.

“…Alright then, what do you want me to do?”

Sun Meiwen immediately perked up, “I need you to find textbooks for me. I need to study. There are only two months until the college entrance exam, and I don’t want anyone to disturb me.”

“No matter if it’s your mother or Niuniu.”

After saying this, Sun Meiwen seemed to realize that her words might not sound good and quickly added, “I don’t mean anything by it. I’m just afraid that taking care of the child and doing housework will distract me and affect my studying.”

“Hongxing, you have to understand, if I get into college, return to the city, and take you all back, you’ll be city dwellers too.”

“Hongxing, don’t you want to be a city person?”

“I, of course, want to,” Zhao Hongxing replied.

He did want to become a city person, but he was realistic. He knew how difficult it was to become a city person.

Even if the opportunity was right in front of him, Zhao Hongxing knew he might not be able to seize it.

Take the current opportunity to take the college entrance exam, for example.

If he could take the exam and get into college, he too could become a city person.

But Zhao Hongxing knew that with only two years of elementary education, he was almost illiterate. He didn’t like studying, and even if he had ten years to cram, he wouldn’t pass.

Zhao Hongxing knew he couldn’t pass the exam.

He also knew that Sun Meiwen couldn’t pass either.

In Zhao Hongxing’s eyes, Sun Meiwen had some cunning, but she was fundamentally foolish.

A person as foolish and self-centered as her couldn’t possibly have good study skills.

He was certain that even if given time to review, Sun Meiwen wouldn’t pass the college entrance exam!

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