Chapter 223 – If you’re heartless, don’t blame me for being cruel

Since it was clear that Sun Meiwen wouldn’t pass the exam, there was no harm in letting her struggle.

His favorite thing was to watch people think they had hope, desperately strive, and end up with nothing no matter how hard they tried.

He wanted to see Sun Meiwen’s hopeful yet disappointed expression when she couldn’t pass.

That expression must be beautiful.

Zhao Hongxing was somewhat eager to see that scene.

But even if Sun Meiwen passed, so what?

Although this possibility was slim.

But even if Sun Meiwen passed, he still had ways to keep her from leaving.

Since she became his woman and married him, he would never let her leave.

Even if she didn’t like him.

Even if this wasn’t her home in her heart.

Even if Sun Meiwen was a selfish and ruthless woman.

He didn’t care about any of these anymore.

It had to be said that after understanding Sun Meiwen’s intentions and realizing she didn’t plan to live a good life with him, Zhao Hongxing’s heart also twisted a bit.

If you’re heartless, don’t blame me for being cruel.

“Okay, I promise you, I’ll go out now and help you find it.”

“Really? Hongxing, thank you.”

Sun Meiwen was probably really happy. She couldn’t help but move closer and plant a kiss on Zhao Hongxing’s cheek.

Zhao Hongxing held Sun Meiwen, his eyes dark and unclear.

Zhao Hongxing did not go back on his word. In the following days, he really did find high school textbooks for Sun Meiwen. Although these textbooks were a bit tight, Zhao Hongxing managed to get a set through his connections.

When Sun Meiwen received the textbooks, she was overjoyed and immersed herself in studying.

“Son, how could you let her participate in the college entrance exam and even find textbooks for her? What if she passes and doesn’t want you or Niuniu anymore?” Mother Zhao watched this scene with great anxiety.

Mother Zhao knew Sun Meiwen’s thoughts very well, and she understood Sun Meiwen’s character even more.

If this Sun Meiwen really passed the college entrance exam, she would definitely abandon her husband and child.

Mother Zhao couldn’t bear to see her son lose his wife, nor could she let Niuniu lose his mother at such a young age. That would be too pitiful.

“Son, how about we lock her up? The daughter-in-law of that Chen family in Chengtian Production Brigade, she was also an educated youth. The Chen family didn’t want her to take the exam, so they locked her up. Let’s do the same, we must crush her ambitions!”

After the news of the college entrance exam being reinstated, stories of educated youth daughters-in-law and sons-in-law not being allowed to take the exam could occasionally be heard.

They were determined to use all means possible to prevent them from taking the exam, cut off their path back to the city, and preferably have them stay obediently in the production brigade, settling down and living a stable life.

Actually, they didn’t want to do this.

If possible, who wouldn’t want to have a college student in their family? It’s a matter of pride and honor, even if that person is a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or granddaughter-in-law and grandson-in-law—they’re still family.

But they didn’t dare to gamble.

They were afraid that if this person passed the college entrance exam and went to the city, they would forget their rural home.

Then, if this person never returned, who would they turn to? They would have to resign themselves to fate.

So, to prevent this potential scenario, they would rather sacrifice a potential college student than let their family fall apart.

Mother Zhao also thought this way.

Regardless of whether Sun Meiwen could pass the exam, she wanted to cut off this possibility.

From the start, she wanted to lock her up and not even let her take the exam, so there would be no worries about whether she would pass or run away.

Zhao Hongxing naturally understood his mother’s thoughts, and he also knew she was doing it for his own good.

However, he had his own plans.

“Mom, do you think she can pass the exam?”

“How would I know?”

“I think she won’t pass,” Zhao Hongxing said confidently.

“You’re so sure. What if she accidentally succeeds?”

“If she does, she does.”

Before Mother Zhao could speak, Zhao Hongxing continued, “Who said passing means you can definitely attend university?”

“To go to college, you need an acceptance letter.”

“By then, we’ll get hold of that acceptance letter and destroy it, then she won’t be able to go.”

Of course, Zhao Hongxing believed that Sun Meiwen wouldn’t pass the exam.

Mother Zhao’s eyes lit up when she heard Zhao Hongxing’s plan.

“Yeah, we can do that.”

“Mom, let her study then. It’s only two months anyway. I want to see what Sun Meiwen is capable of. I really don’t think she can pass the exam.”

“If you don’t let her struggle a bit, how will she be willing to stay? She really thinks it’s you, me, and Niuniu blocking her path to success.”

“Only when she struggles on her own, tries, and realizes it’s impossible, will she completely give up.”

“Right, son, you’re right. Okay, since you have a plan, we’ll do as you say. I’ll fully support you.”

As long as her son wasn’t so infatuated with Sun Meiwen that he stopped thinking, or started blindly following her, she felt relieved.

Now that she had this conversation with her son, she felt that he was still her son.

As for Sun Meiwen, she was just someone her son had outsmarted.

“Alright, I’ll leave her to you. I’ll go take care of Niuniu. It’s about time he woke up.” With that, Mother Zhao briskly left.

As for Niuniu, since birth, Sun Meiwen had found him constantly crying and disturbing her rest, so shortly after his birth, he was taken to sleep with Mother Zhao.

Since then, Mother Zhao had been taking care of him, while Sun Meiwen only held him when it was time to feed him.

So, Mother Zhao could tell that Sun Meiwen’s affection for Niuniu was quite weak.

If even her own son was treated this way, then Zhao Hongxing was even less significant to her.


In the following two months, all the educated youths and the children in the production brigade who wanted to take the college entrance exam were studying day and night.

Not just the people from Qinghe Production Brigade, but also those from nearby production brigades and even people from all over the country were nervously studying.

Two months, roughly sixty days, to catch up on so many years of missed knowledge was challenging, and time was very pressing.

Everyone was racing against time to learn and review.

Although Xu Jinning was also studying, her mindset was relatively relaxed because…

She wouldn’t be taking this round of the college entrance exam.

Based on her current progress, the earliest she could participate would be the second round, which is next summer’s college entrance exam.

So, compared to those who had to take the exam in December, she was relatively relaxed.

Those who knew this news early, like Xu Fanghua, Cai Shumin, Fu Zhixu, Xu Ci, and others, were also relatively relaxed.

Because compared to others, they had been studying for several months or even more than a year longer.

Plus, they had strong learning abilities and had graduated from high school with excellent grades.

Therefore, facing the upcoming college entrance exam, they were less nervous and more expectant, feeling confident and prepared!

Time passed quickly, and before they knew it, it was the day before the college entrance exam…

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  1. Even if they were afraid of the possibility of the educated youth leaving their families, it’s still pretty messed up that many families prevented the married-in educated youth from taking the college entrance exam, especially because some of them might not abandon them even after going to college; this possibility is of course slim. At the same time, though, abandoning the family is just a horrible thing to do, so if they had that idea, it’s better for them to accept their current situation and leave their hopes of becoming city-dwellers to their children. In Sun Meiwen’s case, I hope she fails and accepts her life in the countryside because she could be happy by letting go of unrealistic ambitions.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. I don’t really care if the Sun girl makes it or not but I don’t agree with his attitude of intercepting her acceptance letter if one comes. Like I get the attitude but it’s not like keeping her is of any benefit. She’s not going to be a good mother.

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