Chapter 224 – Stifled

That day was destined to be an anxious and tense one. That night, for most people, was also destined to be a sleepless one.

In the Qinghe Production Brigade, many people were taking the college entrance exam this time, including educated youths and children from the brigade…

The exam location was quite far, in another county town.

The captain, considering everyone’s needs, specially prepared several ox carts to take the exam participants, so they wouldn’t be exhausted from the journey.

Everyone was very moved by the captain’s action and expressed their gratitude.

Finally, the next day arrived. At the break of dawn, everyone came out and got on the ox carts.

In the Xu family, Xu Fanghua and Song Yi were going to take the college entrance exam. Xu Jinning had to wait for the next one. Xu Xiangdong, Xu Xiangbei, and Wen Yulan were not taking it. They were not interested in attending college, and their academic performance had been average, only graduating from junior high school.

So, even though they had known in advance that the college entrance exam would be reinstated, they did not prepare for it.

Xu Fanghua and Song Yi were going to take the exam, and the Xu family members all came out to see them off.

Of course, they were not the only ones. Those families with someone taking the exam, even though it was just dawn, the light was dim, and the weather was a bit chilly, also got up early to send off their family members with repeated instructions.

“My son, you must do well. If you get into college, our family will be honored.”

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you don’t pass this time, there’s always the next. But make sure to take care of yourself.”

“Just give it a try. Although you’ve only graduated from elementary school, you’re smart. You’ve been studying for the past two months, so maybe you’ll get lucky and pass.”

“Did you bring your paper, pen, and documents? Don’t forget anything.”

“Take the exam without worries. We’ll be waiting at home for your good news.”


Each family’s words of advice differed, but all carried a sense of hope and expectation.

The Xu family, however, did not say much.

They had enough confidence in Xu Fanghua and Song Yi.

They got on the ox carts, and Cai Shumin sat beside Xu Fanghua. In another ox cart, she saw her ex-husband, Zhou Yinsheng.

Zhou Yinsheng was sitting with the educated youths, but his eyes were always on Cai Shumin, with a complicated expression.

Honestly, since divorcing Cai Shumin, Zhou Yinsheng had not been living well.

He faced ostracism from the villagers and had a mediocre relationship with the educated youths.

Even the young female educated youths and village girls who used to show interest in him avoided him because of his divorce.

When the college entrance exams were reinstated, he couldn’t get textbooks. He couldn’t buy them, nor could he borrow them.

In the end, he had to pay to borrow them.

Even when he first arrived in the countryside, Zhou Yinsheng had never felt this stifled. After marrying Cai Shumin, life had been better, but after divorcing her, things had gone downhill.

Did Zhou Yinsheng have to rely on Cai Shumin to have a good life?

Zhou Yinsheng was unwilling to accept this fact.

He had no one to talk to about his frustrations.

Fortunately, he still had his beloved, Shi Xue.

Even though they were separated by thousands of miles.

Only Shi Xue understood his difficulties and ambitions. Only Shi Xue was his true soulmate, sharing a deep, spiritual connection.

Previously, he didn’t know if he would ever have the chance to be with Shi Xue again.

But now, with the college entrance exams reinstated.

He was taking the exam, and so was Shi Xue.

They had agreed to apply for universities in Haishi together.

As long as they got into the same city and the same university, they could be together.

In fact, getting divorced was a good thing. This way, he could be with Xuexue without any burden and give her a legitimate status.


Zhou Yinsheng’s gaze fell on Cai Shumin.

The Cai Shumin before him seemed completely different from the one he had married. She had changed.

She seemed more beautiful and more confident, as if she was glowing, unconsciously attracting the attention of those around her.

Zhou Yinsheng had heard that several young men in the village were pursuing Cai Shumin.

Hearing this news made Zhou Yinsheng angry.

He couldn’t understand why Cai Shumin had changed so much since their marriage.

He also couldn’t understand. Even though Cai Shumin was beautiful, she was still a divorced woman.

How could anyone like a divorced woman? Were their eyes blind?

Moreover, Zhou Yinsheng didn’t expect Cai Shumin to overestimate herself and take the college entrance exam.

Could she even pass?

She was probably just joining in the fun.

From beginning to end, Zhou Yinsheng had never thought highly of Cai Shumin. The reason he married her was that he saw little hope of returning to the city, and he didn’t want to keep working in the fields. Among all those who had shown him goodwill, Cai Shumin had the best background.

In fact, this was true.

After marrying Cai Shumin, he had the easiest days since coming to the countryside.

He hadn’t expected Cai Shumin to discover his correspondence with Xuexue and divorce him.

At the beginning of the divorce, Zhou Yinsheng thought Cai Shumin would surely regret it.

He had sensed how much Cai Shumin liked him and couldn’t live without him.

He had been waiting for Cai Shumin to beg him to remarry. He was willing to reconcile, but not without conditions.

After all, only if Cai Shumin and her family agreed to his terms would he agree to remarry.

Otherwise, even if Cai Shumin knelt before him and begged, it wouldn’t matter.

When they divorced, he had lost a lot of face and had to work long hours doing hard labor.

These were debts that had to be repaid.

However, things did not go as he had imagined.

Cai Shumin seemed to be doing better and better, and she never sought him out. When he tried to see her, she refused, and when they met on the road, she would avoid him.

Zhou Yinsheng was extremely angry but helpless.

Moreover, in the cold expression Cai Shumin gave him, he realized that she seemed to have no feelings for him anymore.

The difference in Cai Shumin’s state during and after the marriage had its reasons.

In the marriage, Cai Shumin gave everything for love, almost losing herself. She was too humble.

Unhealthy love caused her constant worry and emotional turmoil.

Over time, these emotions and her disposition affected her appearance.

After the divorce, with no emotional entanglements, Cai Shumin lived for herself, freely and without much emotional distress, shining brightly like the sun and blooming beautifully like summer flowers.

That was why many people still liked her after the divorce.

She had become better, attracting people unconsciously and making them want to get close to her.

This was something Zhou Yinsheng, who had always looked down on Cai Shumin, could never understand.

He didn’t know her well, or perhaps he never understood her at all.

Therefore, he didn’t know that Cai Shumin had always been good at studying. He thought she was only taking the college entrance exam for fun.

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  1. Who are Zhou Yinsheng and Cai Shumin again? I can’t remember them… When did they appear?

    1. Me too lol
      It’s nice that it’s a well fleshed out world, but boy are there a lot of characters.

    2. Cai is mc’s older sister’s friend, she was suppose to die by zhou’s hands after the exam announcement with her child originally, mc’s vission & voice saved her. He has an affair with a town girl
      That’s all I remember now

      1. Ah, that’s right! Thanks for the reminder. Cai Shumin is the only daughter of the village head (or some other important village figure) and has multiple brothers who are very protective of her. Zhou Yinsheng married her so that he wouldn’t have to do the hard labor as other educated youth, but still kept in contact with his “true love” Shi Xue via letters (he hid them in a locked box in their bedroom). After Cai Shumin got pregnant and was soon to give birth, the college entrance exams were reinstated. Zhou Yinsheng left to take the college entrance exams and met Shi Xue in the city and got back together with her (I don’t remember if he passed he exam).

        Afterwards, in order to legitimately be with her, he tricked his wife to go up a mountain with him, despite her being heavily pregnant, made sure plenty of people saw his care and concern for her along the way, and then pushed her off a cliff while claiming it was accident. In the end, he became a widow, could legitimately married Shi Xue, and they had a happy family in the city. All in all, he’s a scumbag and hopefully will not get together with his “true love” in the city and suffer even more for his actions both in the past and current timelines.

        1. I kinda hope they do and make each other miserable. Then again, does any woman deserve to be trapped with such a man? Hmm

  2. Cai is mc’s older sister’s friend, she was suppose to die by zhou’s hands after the exam announcement with her child originally, mc’s vission & voice saved her. He has an affair with a town girl

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